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It is Rumil, I believed he was known as the father of the written letters, only to be bettered by F’anor... Your turn Thooorin...
Since Thorin hasn't replied (and I'm an impatient person) I'll give a question.

What reason did Frodo give as to why he was traveling abroad?
He told them he was moving to Crickhollow, rather than travelling abroad. Though to the hobbits around the Ivy Bush Tavern, Crickhollow and Buckland were a far cry from Hobbiton; many of them had never been so far from home.
Very true Grondmaster, but I did not err when I said abroad, nor did I say he was talking to hobbits. Try again, but good guess.
Ah, it must have been in Bree: Mr. Underhill said he was writing a book about the history of hobbits living in the hinterlands or outlands or outside the Shire. I can't remember his exact words. He was told to talk to the hobbits of Staddle.
Very good, that is what I was looking for. Also, I seem to recall him saying something about geography.
Right Happy Elf Smilie

Which three sons did Isildur lose at the battle of Gladden Fields?
That would be all of them except Valandil: Elendur, Aratan, and Ciryon.
Right again; Turin's turin. Happy Elf Smilie
What brief memory about his adventure did Bilbo bore his guests with at his 111th birthday party?
(Thank you very much)
his arrival at the long lake and he had forgotten that it was his birthday

Yes, good job and the quote I was hinting at is "thag you very buch." Your turn Golden.
what was the name given to the lesser ainur ?
not quite but its along the right lines Smile Smilie, any other ideas ?
yep thats the one i was after , your turn Grondmaster
Perhaps he has forgotten about this thread, I suggest you post another one Golden.
I didn't forget it, when I read the Ivy Bush menu it said Golden_red had made the last post, but when I clicked on it only my previous one showed. Maybe the computer's cat Cat Smiling Smilie ate it and later coughed it back like a hairball. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What what was Hasufel?
The horse that Eomer gave to Aragorn on the fields of Rohan.
Correct Turin, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
What did Aragorn insist be put into Bilbo's song about Earendil?
The green elfstone which he would later physically receive from Arwen via Galadriel as a sign of hope, and from whence he was to be given the prophesied name Elessar, the Elfstone of the house of Elendil?

I don't recall if it's the same, but yes a green stone.
Who sang a sad song as the Fellowship left Lothlorien after the gift giving?
Sorry about the double (and now triple) posting, either my computer or this website was acting up and I couldn't tell if it had sent or not.
Don't worry about double posts Turin; I often make them due to the slowness of the server and the ads; and I delete double posts when when I see them. Look at the bottom of one of your posts; do you have a delete button beside the edit post button? If you do, you should be able to fix the problem yourself; if not then I'll take care of it. Happy Elf Smilie

I knew about the multiple PSs, forgot about their format. Thanks.

Turin's answer is correct, so it is his turn once again. Happy Elf Smilie
What evidence was there to prove that the wolves that attacked the Fellowship near Caradhras were no ordinary wolves?

Hmm, although I deleted only one of my posts, both are now gone.
The lack of wolf bodies when the sun came up?

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie That's because I deleted the first one yesterday; and I'll bet you deleted the remaining one without looking to see if both were still there.


I think you deleted it when I was trying to think of a question, because I did check and we're frequently online at the same time.
Which river flowed from the Barrowdowns, through the Old Forest and into the Brandywine?
Is it the Withywindle?
Yuppers, it sure is. Thorin's turn again. Happy Elf Smilie
Well, it's been a week, so I'll throw one out there. What happened to Morgoth's Iron Crown?
Something about he's now wearing it as a tight collar, like a slave?
Yes, it was beaten into a collar and put around his neck.
Okay, Who was the brother of Gwaihir the Wind Lord?
That would be one of my favorite names in Middle Earth: Landroval.
Correct Turin, your turn again.
What was the action that Frodo was imitating in the song he was singing when the ring "accidentally" slipped on his finger? (In Bree)
I think it may have been the cow jumping over the Moon?
What were the names of M’m's two sons?
Khim and Ibun
Correct again, your turn Turin. Happy Elf Smilie
What are the names of the two largest havens in the Falas?
On the western side of Falas, Brithombar at the mouth of the River Brithon and on its eastern side, Eglarest at the mouth of the River Nenning. I had to look these up.

What flowers were planted on King Th’oden's burial mound?

What "unusual adornment" was one of the trolls wearing when Frodo and company ran into the reminder of Bilbo's journey?
A bird nest

Who stayed in the house at Crickhollow making it look like Frodo was still residing there rather than gallivanting around the countryside?
Fatty Bolger.
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