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Try again, Mungo, you're on the right track (though it wasn't named Bob.) But, if it WERE named Bob, of what would Bob be made?
Sorry, Grondy, no. It was a little heavier than that. One more hint before bed, and if no one's gotten it tomorrow AM I'll smugly post the answer, one of the first things I remember reading in LT1: the substance in question was an alloy, it's name an acronym for its components. And I KNOW it can be answered without the need to look it up, 'cos I've known it for 'pert neer twenty years. I just know very little else.... ;-p
The name of the Chain was Angainor and i suppose that it was a material similar Iron as his Iron Crown was made into a collar when he was bound again by Angainor
Was going for tilkal which is an anagram of the first letters of tambe, ilse, lat’ken, kanu, anga and laure (copper, silver, tin, lead, iron and gold. ) You can find the quote of page 100 in my LT1 here:

LT1 on tilkal at TolkienWiki

There's also a note at the bottom of the page saying, "ilsa and laure are the 'magic' names of ordinary telpe and kulu. " How solid this remained I don't know; Laurelin is, of course, Laurelin, but Telperion is Telperion. ;-p

So what do I win? ;-p
you win the privilege of knowing that you know something that no-one else knows, oh and well done for putting the same question in 2 different threads, you're very clever........(English sarcasm Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )

but i was kinda right when i said Angainor
Well, it's better than "Bob" anyway. I mainly transferred it because 1) I wanted to use tilkal to start, 'cos I thought everyone would get angainor (I deliberately made the question about it vague so it wouldn't be a gimme) and 2) I realized when the discussion began that, once again, prominent though angainor is, it's never mentioned in TLotR. Of this I am certain, and since it was a Trilogy trivia thread I figured I'd disqualified myself. The whole episode is an interesting example of how different things grab different people; that one's always stuck in my head from the moment I read it, though I'm not sure I could name all the metals... silver, iron, gold, copper, tin... ... ... lead? Well, it's a good example of how much steeper the learning curve is at 31 than at half that, anyway. ;-p
And even steeper at twice that. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
[spams]I try not to think about that. Sooner or later we all get there, if we're not careful, and I have yet to make it back to school. So I know that WHENEVER I go back it's just getting harder and harder every day I'm delayed.[/spams]
So someone should give us another Tolkien Trivia Question to work on.
I'm game enough to throw out a new question:

Of the elves; What is the distinguishing factor that determines whether an elf is one of the Eldar or one of the Avari?
Whether they went to Valinor. Or started to, anyway. Though technically I still don't see why the Moriquendi aren't considered "people of the stars" anymore. And speaking of that trip....

By what name was Orome known to the Rohirrim.
They called him Bema, but with an accent somewhere?
Bema up, Scotty.
Yup, B’ma was the Rohirrim name for Orom’ according to Appendix A to LotR.

Your turn Elessar Loss’helin.
Hope you don't mind if I post a question Loss??

Who was Goldberry's mother
Mama Bearee?
isnt it like, Goldberry river daughter?
im gonna go ahead and say the river
but its probably something like ulmo or some random water thingy
but river it is (my guess)
Goldberry is River daughter - her mother is River Woman

Would someone else like to post a question?
Go ahead Elrose. Happy Elf Smilie
oh, goody
Smile Smilie



who was then father of.....................................Laila Clayhanger??
Sorry, I don't believe Tolkien ever told us the name of the maternal grandfather of The Took, Ferumbras III.
the nerve of him

ok fine

whos uhhh bilbos dad?
Was it Balbo Baggins?
Your turn Tin’viel. Happy Elf Smilie
As months have passed without a question, I'll ask one: Who is Geauanna? Heh heh heh...

Edit: Tolkien's Old English version of Yavanna in HoME.
I have looked through my sources and I'm at a loss. Honestly I have no idea; is it no one?

Elf Confused Smilie
It's most probably a name taken somewhere out of History of Middle-earth, or from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
It sounds like a female name for the race of men......was she a former queen of Gondor? Or something like that.
Geauanna was used in the pre 1930's 'earliest' Annals of Valinor, (possibly the first version of the Silmarillion?) according to a cached page I found via Google. I haven't the foggiest as to what Geauanna means or to what it refers.

Someone else may post a new question if they wish.
I guess I'll take a crack at it.

In order, name every person who bore The One Ring
I'll give my list in about 24 hours if no one gets it before then.
I'll try:

Sauron, Isildur, Gollum, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Frodo, Gollum?

Gandalf (I think he held it long enough to throw it in the fire, but wore gloves or used his hanky.)
Tom Bombadil

I didn't use the book to make this list so I may be wrong, but I think I have covered everyone.
I omitted the 30 second ringbearers from my list (not on purpose, I admit). I guess we will have to see what Inwe wanted.
Sorry for doubleposting but I dont think Inwe's going to post, or maybe he forgot about his question Sad Smilie , but I think someone else should go.
if no-one posts in the next 24 hours, you can post if you want to Aldaradan, its usually how it works here Orc Smiling Smilie
Prior to the Council of Elrond, how many times did a messenger of Mordor visit Dain trying to learn the where abouts of hobbits, specifically Baggins Question Smilie
That's how many I counted Eva, so it's your turn to give us the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Well I guess I'll go then:

name at least 5 different names for "Gandalf."
Ol’rin - by Valar
Mithrandir - by Elves
Thark’n - by Dwarves
Inc’nus - in the North
Grey Pilgrim - by Gondorians
Gandalf - by hobbits
Stormcrow - by Grima Wormtongue
L’thspell - also by Grima W.

Who was Iorlas Question Smilie
Lorlas was I think Beregrond's brother or cousin, more than likely brother, Beregrond was the man of Gondor who guided or escorted Pippin around Minas Tirith for a time.
Yes, he was either Beregond's brother or his brother-in-law, for he was Beregond's son, Bergil's uncle.

Your turn Loss.
Turin posted Wednesday 29th October 2008 (10:27pm) under Trivia: Barad-dur:

What's the name of the lake besides which the Elves awoke?

Answer Turin's question here and if you absolutly know you have the correct answer, pose the next one; however if you just guessed, or there is a chance you are wrong, please wait to be told if you have it and then post the next question. Thanks. Happy Elf Smilie
I havn't thought about this thread in an age! It seems I was very unpunctual with my asking of quesitons, that will have to change! Wiggle Smilie

I do know the answer, but the spelling will be way off but you'll get the idea...

It's written as Cuivienen I think>
So I'm right then? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Who originally created the written letters so all could communicate through postcards, letters and other types of mail, which, in turn, gives someone the occupation of Postman? Orc Smiling Smilie (Ignore the last bit, that was just for my amusement Wiggle Smilie )
Is it Rumil Lossy?
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