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What was the name of Aragorn's mother?

Correct. Thorin's turn once again. Happy Elf Smilie
Which Rohirrim Lord was lost in Dunharrow, The Path of the Dead?
Baldor son of Brego?
Correct Grondy! Your turn Orc Grinning Smilie
What does "Gilthoniel" mean in Sindarin?
i think it means star kindler
Yes it does bowman, your turn to post the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Right. Name the three rings that were given to the elves by Sauron
Presumably you mean the 3 Elven rings
The 3 Elven rings were Narya, Nenya and Vilya - but 'Sauron never touched or sullied them' - they were hidden by the Elves and made only by them.
I agree with Gwindor's answer; he should pose the next question for us to answer. Happy Elf Smilie
What was Gandalf's dwarvish name?
Quite correct,

Your turn then
How many times was Master Samwise Gamgee elected Mayor?
I am not good at this sort of thing unless I write it down. So I will guess that Sam was mayor seven times?
Seven is correct, he was 96 when he finished his last term in that office. Leelee gets to pose the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Who was the last elf who had seen the First Age to leave Middle Earth?
Celeborn - He didn't leave with Galadriel
Neither did C’rdan, who sailed into the West on the last white ship in the Fourth Age. When and how did Celeborn sail? Did he go with Legolas and Gimli? Or did he and the twins hitch a ride on A Slow Boat to China, commandeer the ship, and set sail for the third star on the left?

I'm not saying Gwindor's answer is wrong, I'm just asking if there is a basis that Celeborn was actually the last, because C’rdan was the Lord of the Teleri near the mouths of the Sirion at the end if the First Age, and also left after Galadriel.
The basis is that in my head I know I read somewhere the story of Celeborn. And after it tells about what he did after Galadriel left it describes him leaving and says something along the lines of "And with him went the last memories of the Eldar Age." Come to think of it, maybe Cirdan was still there and he just had Alzheimer's.
Okay, I can live with that.

Gwindor's turn.
I think we're both right. Cirdan must have left on the last ship out of the Grey Havens along with Celeborn, otherwise Legolas needn't have built his own ship. One of those conundrums that can only be assumed - not definitely proven according to my researches.

Anyway, here's a knotty one:
What was Beren in one of JRRT's earlier draft of the story?
I assume the answer lies some where in The Letters of JRR Tolkien, but as there are quite a lot of entries there under Beren, I don't think I'm going to hunt for the answer today. Maybe latter. Of course perhaps there is a note somewhere in Silmarillion. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Not in the Silmarillion, Ifound it in a HOME story , quite an interesting alternative and quite detailed. It also tells of the origin of cats as we know them.
Well, I found an area in the Commentary on the Prologue and Part I of 'Turin's Fostering' of the Lays of Beleriand (pg 27-28) where Beren had been considered in earlier versions to be a Gnome (a Noldor Elf) known as Beren Ermabwed son of Egnor. I haven't read all the way through the Lays nor any other of the Home series, though I do own the first six of the twelve, but I haven't felt it was worth the bother. Nor have I read The Children of Hurin, for I knew enough of that sad tale from UT to last me a lifetime. I don't like to read tragedies, there are enough of those in the real world; I read to escape them. But that is just me; and I don't hold against those who do, but consider them more academic than I care to be. Happy Elf Smilie
You've got it Grondmaster.
I liked this one since it was an interesting alternate where Beren was taken prisoner and spent some time as a thrall in Angband. Angband at the time was mostly guarded by lion size? cats who were Morgoth's inner guard. Having the poor judgement to let Beren escape they were reduced to domestic size which is why they're always wailing and crying. Got the feeling JRRT wasn't too keen on cats at the time. So, still a happy ending for Beren, but not for the cats.

Your turn then.
Where did Tom Bombadil get the feather for his hat?
From one of the eagles? I'm just guessing...
Nope: try again.

Hint: The source for this blue feather can be found in Tolkien's poem, 'Bombadil Goes Boating' published in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. which is included in Tales from the Perilous Realm.

(I am thinking of buying the new Easton Press leather bound edition of this volume to supplement all my other (non-HOME) Tolkien editions from this publisher.)
A Swan? - my interpretation anyway
No, his old feather came from the silent, haughty swan, but it became weathered, so he had received the new blue replacement a few stanzas earlier in that poem. So what bird did that blue feather come from?
Looked it up: The King's Fisher bird !
Correct Sian, your turn to ask us the next one. Happy Elf Smilie
OK, probably sian doesn't log in too often. Is anybody going to ask a question?
Anyone may ask the next one unless, she gets back beforehand. Happy Elf Smilie
Grondmaster, you answered the previous question. I think you should make the next one...
Hokay then: Whose belly was crusted with gems and fragments of gold?
How did Bilbo offer sting to Frodo?
Smaug, to answer Grondmaster's question
My apologies to all. I think this morning when I replied to this thread the page had not completely loaded so that I missed the 2 posts preceding my question
Not a problem Thorin, Your answer of Smaug is correct.

I'll guess the answer to your question is: 'Point first, demanding the return of his silly old ring'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Of course this is completely wrong headed, but it is less scary than Bilbo's monster face in the movie.

Was it wrapped in Bilbo's mithril shirt?

I might have to look it up if no one gets there before me tomorrow.
Nope Grondy! I wasn't wrapped in the shirt Wink Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Bilbo stabbed a wooden beam with Sting, killing it outright. And then he explained, 'Whomever can withdraw ye olde sworde from yon stone will be proclaimed the King' of the Britons'’oops wrong story’'can carry this sword on his journey to Orodruin and back. Especially young Frodo, as I never got around to having the shards of your broken sword reforged; so I figure you had better go ahead and wield Sting as its replacement. Have I ever told you the many spiders I killed with Sting when I went a adventuring with Thorin Oakenshield and Company? Well, we were in Mirkwood on our way the the Lonely Mountain, and had run out of vittles...' Sleeping Smilie
Hahahhaha! Nice story Grondy!

Your turn!
What color were the gems that studded the rim of the light helm that Thorin set upon Bilbo's head after he gave Bilbo the mithril coat and belt of pearls and crystals.

I don't think Bilbo was wearing that helm during the Battle of Five Armies, else he probably wouldn't have been knocked out.
No, I was wrong in the above post, Bilbo was wearing his helm when he was knocked unconscious during that battle.

Hint: The gems in that helm were probably crystal, but I doubt they were actually diamonds, though they could have been.
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