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it seems like nobody can find the answer... You can say it
JRRT says the gems were white and nothing more :-)
post the next wuestion then. we're waiting Elf Smilie
What was the name of the third war of Beleriand?
Dagor Aglareb or The Glorious Battle
So my turn! Who is Aegnor's lover
Andreth, didn't we have this somewhere else?
K. Then your turn to question us.
Who is the grandfather of Bergil?
Baranor. Bergil was the son of Beregond, son of Baranor.
Didn't Baranor live during the first age? Wasn't he the father of Bereg?
Nope Baranor is found in the LOTR. He is the father of Beregond, the Captain of the Guard of Faramir, the Prince of Ithilien.
Full marks for Undomiel, who got a tricky question right.
Your turn, then.
Who/What is amlach??
Amlach was a man of the first age of Middle Earth who came there during the wars of Beleriand. During a concourse of men held to decide whether they should aid the elves in their wars he appeared and was said to have spoken bitterly against the elves. Yet amlach later said that he was never present at that meeting and took service with Maedhros saying that he had a personal grudge with Melkor the master of lies.
So is he right, Undomiel, or not?
Sorry, didn't see the post in a long while. Yes, Thorin is right as always. It is his turn to question.
Who spoke the words concerning the door in Dimholt?
A guardian from the army of the dead? He said "The way is shut ... It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it, until the time comes. The way is shut."... But I can't remember wether his name was given or not.
Is the Door of Dimholt the one in Moria? It was Frodo, to Gandalf.
No Eruheran. Beren is on the right track!
It's beleg! I think i'm right... It was a dead warrior.
Yes. But what was his name?
Hey Thorin, there seems to be no mention of who says it in the book. It just says a voice says it so in the Westron tongue to Baldor. Maybe it is their King or one of the cursed people of Dimholt..??
A friend of mine said that his name is Morthec, but i've never seen it before in any of Tolkien's books.
I checked it over the net just now that you mentioned it Beleg. Seems Morthec was the King of the Dead, the last to be seen near the Dimholt Road. But I wonder how could that have been, when it was Isildur who cursed them and the last to see one of the Undead as living was Baldor, son of Brego almost a two thousand years or more after Isildur.

It looks like we have to wait for Thorin to shed light on this. Until He returns, wait we must...
Actually It's Malbeth The Seer

Over the land there lies a long shadow,
westward reaching wings of darkness.
The Tower trembles; to the tomb of kings
doom approaches. The Dead awaken;
for the hour is come for the oathbreakers:
at the Stone of Erech they shall stand again
and hear there a horn in the hills ringing.
Whose shall the horn be? Who shall call them
from the grey twilight, the forgotten people?
The heir of him to whom the oath they swore.
From the North shall he come, need shall drive him:
he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead.
Hey when you said that Beleg was on the right track, I was thinking along the lines of the words spoken by the last of the Dimholt people.

Anyways, the next question??
You can take the turn to ask the trivia Undomiel!
Oh no! What are the names of the Blue Wizards?
Easy. Their names are Morinehtar and Romestamo!
I should have asked what were their names in Valinor??
Pallando(=Romestamo) and Alatar(=Morinehtar).
Right-o. So it is your turn to question us, Beleg.
Who was the last man born in Numenor?
Nope....Try again. Or do you want me to say it? I guess it's a little more difficult than i expected Teacher Smilie
Isildur's brother whatizname? Anarion?
Meneldil ? isildurs son i think, although ive probably horribly mangled the spelling
Actually, he was Anarion's (Isildur's brother) son. But you got the name right. It was Meneldil. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
So, ask your question!
Smile Smilie yay

so who was Iarwain Ben-adar ?

and il hopefully remember to come back and check Smile Smilie
I think it meant 'oldest and fatherless' in some form of Elvish, and referred to Tom Bombadil, though I might be getting him mixed up with someone from the First or Second Ages.
I agree with Fornac.
It IS Tom Bombadil as Fornac says.
yes thats right Smile Smilie and Fornac got the answer first
I think it meant 'oldest and fatherless' in some form of Elvish, and referred to Tom Bombadil,...

For a long time (and still today according to some 'outdated' sources), Iarwain was thought to mean 'oldest' due to its seeming translation in the book. But today we have a statement from Tolkien himself: 'Iarwain = old-young, presumably as far as anybody remembered, he had always looked much the same, old but very vigorous.'

Compare Narwain

Grondy's back! Huzzah!
Ok, here's my question:

Give the true names of Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took.
Frodo Baggins = Maura Labingi

Samwise Gamgee = Banaz’r Galbasi (also spelled Galpsi)

Meriadoc Brandybuck = Kalimac Brandagamba

Peregrin Took = Razanur T’k
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