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correct your turn Turin
Who was the first Noldo to encounter men and what was the name of their leader?
Finrod Felagund lord of Nargothrond and B’or the Old?
Did Gollum swallow Frodo's finger; did he spit it out; or did it also go into the lava pit?
Guess: He spat it out.
I think so too; with all the crawling and climbing around in waterless Mordor, Frodo's fingers couldn't have been very "finger-lickin'-good". Of course Gollum wasn't much of a connoisseur as far s to what his protein dishes were and where they came from, so maybe he tucked it under his belt for a snack later, meanwhile he was so happy to have his precious back that he danced a little jig...

Ask another question Turin.
Which ancestor of Pippin's did Pippin want to try to out do?
Bandobras (Bullroarer) Took, a giant of a hobbit at four-foot-five?
The Old Took?
Uh-huh means yes (at least where I'm from).

Not a problem. I read it as un-huh which means no in this neck of the woods. So it wasn't the Old Took, it was Bullroarer.

What gave rise to the foolish opinion among Men that there were no Dwarf-women, and that the Dwarves 'grow out of stone'?
I believe that would be the beards they had, and that there were relatively few.
Okay, Turin's turn again.
Which grandson of Finwe was the first to be killed by Morgoth's forces?
I haven't the foggiest, but if no one has answered it when I'm here tomorrow, I'll try to look it up.
Still couldn't find it today. Orc Sad Smilie
That's because it's a trick question, as far as I know, it never specifies if Aegnor or Angrod died first.
I'll let you have it on the basis that you were the closest.
Okay. Elf Confused Smilie

What became of the three Silmarils?
The one taken by Beren ended up being worn by Earendil when he sails his ship across the sky.
The other 2 were retaken by the Vala when whem Morgoth was overthrown. However they were then stolen by Feanors last 2 sons Maethros and Maglor but they both perished in the upheavals and one ended up in the Earth the other in the sea.
Correct Gwindor, your turn with the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Actually I'm not sure it says Maglor perished, is there a thread on this somewhere Grond?
No, Maglor didn't perish after the tossed his Silmaril into the sea; he was said to have wandered upon the shore singing in pain and regret against the waves until his return in the second post of Story Game.

I searched through the two pages of Character threads and didn't actually find a Maglor listed there.
True, but since Beleriand subsequently sank into the sea upon what shores did he(Maglor) then wander. Certainly not Aman. One way or another we may assume he "sank without trace", the Story Game assumes he was in the Halls of Mandos so he did presumably perish.

So then, how did Maeglin die?
I think he was jealous of Tuor over Idril's love and charged at him, but Tuor stepped aside and Maeglin went over the edge into a chasm/gorge. Or maybe Tuor wasn't so nice and just tossed him over the precipice.
Quite right, since they were fighting Tuor tossed him over I believe - but still Maeglin's fault
Right, because Maeglin started the fight.

What does Merry's following description describe? '_________ is a sort of ring of rocks or hills, I think, with a flat space inside and an island or pillar of rock in the middle, called __________.'
Haven't checked, but it sounds like Isengard and Orthanc
Yes it is Gwindor, your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
Can't think of anything interesting right now, so here's a really trivial one.

Who dumped me?

What was the name men had for King Felagund?
Who was the mother of the Dwarven brothers, Fili and Kili?

Where did Legolas build his ship to sail over the sea?
Yes, Thinker's turn to ask another. Happy Elf Smilie
Yeah, you're right Thinker.
What was the name of the Land(west of the shire) that was given to Hobbit's by King Elessar?
The Westmarch, the land from the Far Downs to the Tower Hills.
Correct ......... Big Smile Smilie
What was the name of Fingolfin's horse?
What village did Gildor Inglorion's camp overlook the night he met Frodo?
I think so, near as I can tell. Happy Elf Smilie Turin gets to ask the next one.
What house of Gondolin was Glorfindel the chief of?
House of the Golden Flower
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