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A similar thing happened to my brother. He was trying to buy land... 30 acres at a dirt cheap price. It was being sold by an old woman who apparently just wanted rid of it. Well, the old woman, God bless 'er, keeled over and died. Everything was left to her son who realized what his mother was planning to do and brought everything to a screeching halt.

He hemmed and hawed for TWO YEARS before my brother finally realized it was hopeless and went elswhere. Last I heard they were dividing up the land into several lots and asking a premium price for each.
Nope it's not the seller, I've been on the phone to her today and we've both kicked our solicitor's butt's. Her solicitor is going bust a week on friday so we've finally got a completion date the 6th of febuary. Then I've got the stress of moving all my junk, sorry valuble collection of detritus, from the eight floor of a block of flats. If I everr move again after this I'm leaving everything but my books!
Still, I get support postBodys every day, and all of my friends are in their exam period as well, so they know how I feel. It's good to know other people are even worse at something than you. Big Laugh Smilie My class would be a good example I think. We started off with about 30 people in September, and now there are about 8 or 9 people every lesson (it's an average, cause last week there were only 5). And only 5 people come regularly. Great huh? And I'm only sure of 2 people that they will pass the exams. And I'm not one of them. Cool Smilie

Oh well, I'm gonna do my best. Can't do more... Cool Smilie
I'm back! Waving Hello Smilie

Well the exams are over, but no holidays in sight yet. Very Sad Smilie Lessons have started already, and my first week of school's over. Cool Smilie Man are they going fast! I hardly have time to think! Chapter after chapter flies by, and you're supposed to be able to keep up. Yeah right.

Biggest luck: new week schedule: Friday's off! A three-days weekend! Big Smile Smilie
Unlucky: Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday: course from 8.20 am till 5.40 pm with only one break from 12.30 to 1.30 pm. And Thursday only one hour of class (the first our of the afternoon Orc Going Huh Smilie ).

Oh well, hope you're all doing well (as well as possible), and I hope to see you around folks! Cheers!

I hardly have time to think! Chapter after chapter flies by, and you're supposed to be able to keep up. Yeah right.

Oh man do I know that feeling...also, I'm so jealous of your 3-day weekends, Tommie Tongue Smilie Only 5 weeks till spring break though... Cool Smilie
This is sort of a combination brood and favor-asking...I on't know if any of you all remember but a couple months ago we were really worried that my mom had cancer, and it turned out that it wasn't, but she's still sick and they can't figure out what it is, so on Thursday, she's going for surgery so they can try and see just what's going on. I mean, it's not really major surgery but it's surgery nonetheless so if you all could just send a little luck or positive vibes or whatever in this direction that really would be wonderful...
Chikakat my dad got cancer a few years back and I just refused to belive he would die and he didn't and it was a really bad one, belive in your mum and show her your strong and not letting it affect you. She will find inner strength through this which is the best healing you can get if the mind want's to fight then the body will fight abd the meddicines will kick ass! Wink Smilie
On a sepperate note, I should be moving in to my first ever house next saturday and I get Sky free for a month Woo Hoo!
Plus on the 24th I'm going to france Yeh Tongue Smilie
There are a lot of minor things that go wrong with our bodies, Chika, that once we know what they are, are quite easily treatable. I hope your Mum's illness turns out to be something easily treatable and the doctors are able to quickly discover what it is. Thousands of people have exploratory surgery everyday. Have faith in your doctors. The US has some of the best hospitals in the world.

In case that is not enough, Good Luck, and Best Wishes too. I really hope everything turns out fine.
On a sepperate note, I should be moving in to my first ever house next saturday
Party round Ross's place next Saturday, then. Pary Smilie Smoke Smilie Cool Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Smoke Smilie Big Smile Smilie Dog Smilie Cat Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Shocked Smilie Pary Smilie Police Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Juggling Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Making Out Smilie Juggling Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie Smoke Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
so if you all could just send a little luck or positive vibes or whatever in this direction that really would be wonderful...

Is a mail ok Chika? Sending some positive vibes your way right now then. (Thursday, was that yesterday?) In that case: hope it all turned out ok! ANyway, positive vibes comin' up! Thumbs Up Smilie

*checks refridgerator*
Yeah, I think I could to with a party. Ok if I come over tomorrow, Ross? Tongue Smilie
yeh sure the more the merrier! Big Smile Smilie
I just lost every mp3 and .avi file on my hard drive. Anyone know how to tie a noose?
I know but I'm not telling! Wink Smilie
I also know but as a member of the talentless lazy bones I'm far to lazy to explain how to do this.
I just lost every mp3 and .avi file on my hard drive. Anyone know how to tie a noose?
Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie And as they probably are still hiding somewhere on your drive and you merely need something like Norton's Utilities to recover them, I'm not going to explain how to tie a noose either, or to tell you the standard number of coils, or how long to make it for your body weight to ensure you snap your neck, rather than slowly strangle as you are dangling there, wishing rather that you had used the day to travel to Philadelphia or Trenton even, instead of hanging around there all day or night, and probably for the rest of your life. Elk Grinning Smilie

I bought the Norton Utilities for my computer when it was new two plus years ago, but never installed them or even opened the manual, but I understand they are usefull for finding lost data as long as it hasn't actually been over-written in the very same disk sectors.
ohhh no, Prog, I'm sorry...the same thing happened to me a while back ( that I think about it, it was your fault, wasn't it? hehe)...check through your recycling bin, and try and restore every little thing you changed immediately before you lost your files, even if it doesn't seem like it had anything to do with the mp3's, etc. Also, keep your fingers crossed. If all else fails, yell mean things at the computer.
Hot water on saturday, woo hoo!
I have to go with my boyfriend to a 4x4 offroad car trail training-thing, and I don't want to, it doesn't interest me at all, but he doesn't know anyone there. He wants to test out his car on a area made for this. And I get to see lots of boys playing in the mud with their toys. Yey. At least it's not a competiton today, last time we spent an (for me) insane amount of hours just standing there watching and watching. He was suppose to bring his friend, but his little son got sick. I was looking forward to stay at home, now I'm slightly depressed. Hopefully getting some breakfast now will make things look brighter. Sad Smilie

Sorry 'bout your ribs Andrea. *hugs carefully*
Okay, just for once, I have to brood. Last night, mid-gig my beautiful old vintage Sound City 100 all valve head, suffered major burnout. Leaving the song sounding terribly empty. This is of course fixable, but d@mnably expensive, so I'm going to have to trade it in for spares, along with a mid-60s Hiwatt cab (with the incredibly rare tweed front) and my Yamaha SG1000 (again an original '70s classic, though this ones a guitar) just so's I can get the readies together for a new amplifier (which basically is what all this stuff is).
Sometimes I wish I didn't have a hankering for classic tone, and could just settle for a nice new shiny solid state amp, that you can do anything to and never break, but I do love those old all-tube heads, nothing feeds back quite like it, so I have to sell everything, just for THAT perfect tone.... no fair....
I just hope my trip to London to see the Residents live on monday cheers me up a bit (already spent a fortune for that, otherwise an amp would be easy.)
Month Eight; still no hot water or electricity!

The git of a corgi engineer sabotaged my back boiler trying the hard sell on me, luckily for me for my dad's mate does the exibitions for Baxi so I got ’1500.00 worth of back boiler and new fire place for free. Woo Hoo!

Plastic If I knew what the hell you were wurrbling on about maybe I would be more simpathetic but I don't, so Bummer will just have to suffice!
I'm in here not to complain but to celebrate the fact I got a 9% payrise today! Big Smile Smilie
So as you can but I'm feeling like the rat's pajama's! Pary Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
I'm in here not to complain but to celebrate the fact I got a 9% payrise today!

Congratulations Ross!
Now remember to drink wisely Alcoholic Smilie when celebrating your raiseBig Smile Smilie
I'm having a moan about all the bad luck that seems to be occuring to our new research boat since we got it last July. Teething problems are one thing, but the list seems endless.

I was supposed to be at sea all this week, but on Monday we went to Lowestoft to fetch the boat back from where it had had some repairs done on a slipway. As soon as we pulled away from the moorings, however, we got a terrible rumbling and vibration from the starboard propellor. There was obviously something in there, but to get it out we had to pay ’600 to go back up the slip that we had just come off. To make matters worse, lifting her out of the water freed whatever was jammed in there, making us all look like idiots.
Yes yes yes!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!Big Smile Smilie

......oh I am sorry Val I am not being happy about that misshap you were out for but that this is my 200 post and that makes me: A RANGER!!
Well done Aule. In a way you've boosted my own score by at least fifty posts by answering questions you've raised elsewhere around here. Tongue Smilie

Good to have you around, mate. Smile Smilie
Thanks everyone, sory to here that Val, just hit it until it works, that's what I'd do. Congatulations Aule!
sorry to here that Val, just hit it until it works, that's what I'd do.
When I was a fisherman, that's what I used to do too. I think if I started laying into this boat with a 2lb hammer, though, I'd pretty quickly find myself out of a job. I do know one local fisherman though, who has a picture of one of us on his bow, and when anything goes wrong he hits that.

We finally got the boat back home today, but not without more problems. The radar screen was showing a mirror image of what it should have been for some reason, and the main plotter kept crashing. On top of this, half way around the coast all of the starboard engine guages stopped working for some reason.

Fortunately our other boat's been fixed (a sensor malfunction in the engines was stopping it from firing up) so I can still do my survey tomorrow.
Yeh for Val!

Maybe you should start hitting the Radar screen? Tongue Smilie
I'm not at all happy, in fact I'm quite pissed!

Yesterday when leaving work I noticed a dumped car in the middle of the road, so I rang the police to inform them. when six thugs yelled "Oi" and started to follow me and throw metal bars at me, I toldd the copper this. Then they mugged me and stole my phone. So I went to the nearest phone box and called my friend and the police who turned up ten minutess later even though they knew they were throwing metal bars at me!
I asked if they were here for me when he swore at me "shut the **** up!", so i asked why they do't patrol the streets anymore, which annoyed him, resulting in him threatening me with a torch, we argued then I decided to walk away, walked ten yards then he decided he was a rresting me for disturbing the peace! They arrested me roughly even though I didn't resist threw me to the florr and told me, "you're ****ing being charged", then my friend appeared in his car, he was abusive to him and wouldn't even tell him where they were taking me! They didn't ring my parents my friends did that, they didn't belive me about my phone or the stolen car. They only decided to see me once my parents had demanded to see the insppector and told them what happened, I got a forced appology, puched, thrown to the ground, phone stolen and cautioned for trying to help the police! My advice to any brits in future don't bother!

They complained about being short staffed and this was why they were funny with me. they told me that they only had eight officers in that night, yet in all the time I was in there, six of them were watching the celtic football match. Then they wonder why vigilantism is on the rise! Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Mad Smilie Mad Smilie Mad Smilie
Notice anything different? Big Smile Smilie
Notice anything different? Big Smile Smilie

You mean like maybe you became a Steward. Congrats Ross. Cool Elf Smilie
Cheers Grondy!

I have spoken to people and we are making a complaint of unlawful arrest and police brutality, we are aiming to have the caution removed and a written and spoken appology, plus the Manchester evening news are very intrested in the fact that I was arrested trying to help the police with their job!
That's a pretty bad day for you Ross, and unless you are forgetting to tell us something like how you perhaps punched one of the policemen because he was a PJ fan, I would say you have really good grounds for complaint.
we are aiming to have the caution removed
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this Ross. The caution is the statement which is read to you explaining your rights. While under caution, anything you say can be used in evidence. While someone will normally tell you that you are no longer under caution, if they have failed to do this, it is not really something to be worried about. Nothing you say will stand up in court unless it is said under a fresh caution.

I have been trained to recaution my suspects frequently, and at least every time something changes (ie. I leave the room and then go back in, or I begin writing a statement, or a third person interrupts the interview etc) The reason for this, is it is so easy to lose a case now days unless everything is done by the book. Most good solicitors would be able to argue that you are no longer under caution once you left the station even if you have not been formally told.

The fact that you have been cautioned, however, is something that cannot be changed and something that cannot be retracted. It doesn't mean you have a mark against your name though. It is just police (and in my case Fishery Officer) procedure to caution someone the moment thay feel something might be amiss. The caution is afterall for your own benefit, letting you know what are your rights.

Oh, and congratulations on joining the thousand posts club... Our eighth member.
Yeah Ross, you go to the media! Make 'em squirm.
Cheers Amarie and Val
I know EXACTLY how you feel Tom!! It really is scary! So much to do and so little time! And so little motivation to do it.... Very Mad Smilie
it's happened again. When I was a lad, my mother gave my comic collection away to a jumble sale. There were some real classics in there, including the whole Spiderman/Venom saga, with the controversial black outfit thing. I've never quite got over it, and neither has my collection However, that's by the by, as today, I've been putting my comics into the online comictracker resource ( in case you're as big a geek as I am) and I've discovered that some git has nicked all my Simpsons comics. Now they're not worth a lot yet, but if I had to bet on it, i'd say that they were no 1 of most likely to go up in value over the next few years or so. You can't find old issues for love nor money. If I find out who's nicked them, there will be blood.
Thing is, I can't work out who it could be, practically nobody ever comes to see me here, I tend to go out and not let people know where I live. So either I'm just misplaced them, or people I consider really good friends are stabbing me in the back. Everyone knows what I'm like about my comics, and everyone knows the story of what my Mum did, so somebody's a **** here, and it ain't me.
Bummer Plastic, I do have issue 1 of the simpsons comic but I promise I didn't knick it. I know how you feel though, I once caught my mum trying to give away my judge dread comics with the old "well you've read them!" line, do you throw books away when you've read them, do you *******!
Okay, four theories Plastic...

1) You'd better start paying your girlfriend more attention or you'll lose even more of them...

2) Rambo's eaten them because you didn't take him walkies...

3) One of your mates knows you a little too well and is playing a prank on you...

4) Ross has already half confessed to the crime... Tie him up with burning candles beneath his pinkies to find out where he's hid them.
So either I'm just misplaced them, or people I consider really good friends are stabbing me in the back.
How many boxes remain unpacked after your last move? "But they couldn't possibly be in one of those because I know everything single thing that's in that/those box/boxes." Were you sober when you packed them, or when you last looked in them? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I hope you find them Plastic Man!
Oh, my, I am sorry to hear that Plastic. I hope you find them. I know if I ever got rid of or mis-placed any of my hubby's comics, I would be seeing divorce papers within the hour. lol So that is something that I am will to do.
4) Ross has already half confessed to the crime... Tie him up with burning candles beneath his pinkies to find out where he's hid them.

That's nice Tongue Smilie
Does this mean my feet will remain intact?
*sheepish cough* You know that big pile of Star Wars magazines I have? well, guess what, my Simpsons Comics were in there... lucky I hadn't pointed any fingers really. And new gripe, why are there no UK comic collectors sites? They're all american and the numbering's all knackered up, and I can't find out how much they're worth in real money. Oh well, not like I'm gonna sell them.

On the plus side, I did trade in one of my guitars (Yamaha SG1000) and my Hiwatt 4x12 speaker cab for a shiny new 150 watt Ashdown Amplifier this morning. Brand new, I never had a brand new amp before, I'm so excited... did it the only way I knew how, picked it out and bought it without testing it at all, still haven't plugged it in, but my mate has a similar one, and his sounds nice....
Dohhh... my broadband connection went down about half an hour ago and I've had to resort to using my old dial up connection.... Arrgghh... It's slow.... All this hanging about waiting for things to download.... How did I manage before?

Hope Onetel sort out their problems soon.... That's if it is their end.... Maybe I should begin dismantling my modem.... Oh I hate it when this happens.
I wouldn't know what you're experiencing Val, as I've never known the joys of broadband. Should be getting it soon though.
Yippeee!!!! I'm back. Don't quite know what was wrong.... the system didn't seem to be recognising my modem for some reason, nor would it reinstal the software, but suddenly something seemed to kick in and it took care of itself.

I think my PC's a bit like Chaos Theory... I don't know how it works, but as long as I can get it going somehow, that's fine by me.
I must say that I don't have a lot of experience with exams, but I know how it is to be overloaded with work. Sad Smilie I'm sure you'll do great. And I'm glad you steal some time to come to PT! Wink Smilie
I think my PC's a bit like Chaos Theory... I don't know how it works, but as long as I can get it going somehow, that's fine by me.

Could I agree more? I don't think so. My PC's a bit of a mess. It goes on crashing when I don't want it too. It's like that postBody on that irritating blue screen you keep getting whenever you "do something wrong": "If you want to go on seeing this screen: press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. If you want to go on seeing this screen: press any other key." Microsoft logic?
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