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I still haven't found the any key.... Wink Smilie
The police are in big trouble over my arrest they comited three different offenses whilst arresting me plus four in the station!
Yeeey!! Justice for Ross!! I just love when the bad guys get what they deserve for once! Very Evil Smilie

I might be short, but so is my temper! Hmm.. That might be a great signature for me..
The exams are frighteningly (if that's a word) close. I think I'll go mad soon. I have way to much work left to be done, and on top of it all, I'm spending my time around here. Orc Grinning Smilie I gotta go soon now. Tongue Smilie Ok now. Tongue Smilie
The police are in big trouble over my arrest they comited three different offenses whilst arresting me plus four in the station!
Hopefully, in this case, you will see a better side of British justice then Ross. Be wary though for a while. There might be a few people out there now looking for a legitimet excuse to throw the book at you.
I still haven't found the any key....

Keep on trying, Plastic, keep on trying. Animated Wink Smilie

Ok I wanna join the club too...
What are you guys doing here again???

A very fond welcome to our little club, Asteroth. As a member, you're doing just fine. Nothing, that is. Big Smile Smilie Just talking about stuff that are on your mind. See what other people think. Or just to get if off your chest. Everything's fine really. Just stick to pt's general rules and enjoy!

The police are in big trouble over my arrest they comited three different offenses whilst arresting me plus four in the station!

Arrested, Ross? First thing I hear about it. Anyway, if we don't see you around here for a while, I guess we know why... Cool Smilie No, really, hang on in there, and like Val said, be wary. Look Around Smilie
Hi Asteroth.
If you read some older posts here you'll see this is the place where you can come and complain about everything from a mosquito bite to more serious problems. Nothing is to small or to big to talk about in here.

It is always good to get things of your chest and to maybe get another point of view on things or just get some encouragement.

And your avatar is from Soutpark right? Big Smile Smilie
I knew houses were selling like hot cakes in England at the moment, but I got a real surprise today. I've been renting my old house to my ex-wife for the past three years while I rent a place in another town. Three years ago when I first attempted to sell it, it sat on the market for five months fetching only one offer of ’28,000, which was ’12,000 less than the asking price.

Because the market has picked up somewhat since then, I decided to try selling it once more. It needs quite a bit of work doing to it, so with this current "seller's market" I figured it would sell easier than when there's a slump and people start getting fussy.

Anyway, yesterday I put it on the market, and today I managed to sell it for considerably more than I was offered three years ago. The estate agents haven't even had a chance to put a "For Sale" board up yet, let alone advertise it in the local paper, so they have earned themselves an easy ’1500. I don't care though... Their job was to sell it for me. I cannot complain that they have managed to do just that in only 27 hours.

The million dollar question is, do I now buy another place and save the cost of my rent, or do I hang on to the cash and hope the present housing bubble bursts in the next year and buy one of the inevitable repossessions?

I cannot see housing prices rising much more than they already are. People can only afford to borrow what they are doing at the moment because the interest rates are so low. An increase of just a few percent in the interest rates now will see thousands of people lose their homes. The whole situation is crazy at the moment. Okay, a lot of people are managing to buy houses, but they are walking such a narrow tightrope.

I cannot see housing prices rising much more than they already are.

Yeah, but we were all saying that a year ago as well weren't we? Buying a house is right out for me, and I'm having enough trouble trying to find one to rent at the minute, need a 3 or 4 bed house in town, you'd think it would be easy wouldn't you? No chance...

2 years ago when I moved in here, I couldn't find any 1 bed flats til this one, cos there were too many big 3 or 4 bed houses in there, guess what? Now it's swapped round hasn't it? Life is such a complete total.... at times.
Am I glad I don't have those problems yet. Orc Going Huh Smilie

My current brood: kids of my brother are here. They're staying till Wednesday. Lovely kids, but they're way too noisy to my liking. Good Morning Smilie (there's no real headache smilie, so I'll take this one)
If you can live with out the sea Val you could always move to Greater Manchester, Houses are cheap up here and the majority of Manchester is in a rejuvination area, I bought My house two mounths ago now and because the council are doing up the area it has risen by six grand. I however bought my house to live in it not to sell it on, so this means nowt to me!
If you can live with out the sea Val you could always move to Greater Manchester
Too late Ross. Talk about spontaneous.... On Tuesday I was undecided whether to sit on my money and wait for the house prices to fall, or to buy somewhere now. On the way to work I stopped off at an house that was for sale and an hour later I had made an offer, and am now buying it. It's wierd... I've just spent ’86,000 with less deliberation than I would have over parting with ’20 for a PC game.

My brood though..... SOLICITORS!!!!

I can understand why I need a solicitor to oversee things when I buy a house, if only to make sure I'm not buying somewhere where a motorway is about to built in the front garden next year. But why does it have to cost me ’500 to have a solicitor sell my house? Do I care at that stage if a motorway is going through the living room?
Do I care at that stage if a motorway is going through the living room?
Only if you have a friend named Ford Prefect who says he's from Guildford. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Yeah, solicitors... My brother will be tried for a car accident soon. He ran over a cyclist. I'm not going to tell you the story in full here cos it would take me ages, but anyway he's got a solicitor too of course. I'm sure the guy means well, but hey, when my brother had to appear in court for the first time, he was on holiday! Hellooo?
I think you all know how I feel about Solicitors, Not the women/men of the night the other kind. The women/men of the charging ’30 for a letter!
I think I am pretty lucky with my teachers, because most of them are ok. Part from the ones who teach history, Economics and one boring woman who has to know everything better (she gives English, which is a problem). But most of them are ok.

Most of those who teach in classes where there are over a 100 students really don't seem to care whether there are a 100 or 50 or even 10. On the contrary, the less the better, because that means they can get on with their course. One of the last classes we had last term was English grammar. There were about 10 people there. We started off with about 150 for that class. The woman who teaches it didn't seem to mind though. She got on with her class, and in two hours we had seen nearly 150 pages. Smile Smilie The others nearly fell off their chairs when we told them what they had missed. Big Laugh Smilie So that's how you can get punished if you don't go to class. Tongue Smilie
After doing exams every June from the age of 12 until I was 21 ingrained something quite deep into me. Every June after that, until I was in my 30's, I had the urge to begin studying again, picking up old dusty textbooks etc.

Talking about lack of attendance in classes reminds me of one of my chemistry classes during the first year at Uni. It was a big class with around 120 of us. The lecturer was so incredibly boring, however, you could see the attendance dropping off daily. He used to hand out printed notes of the lesson and then just spend the next hour reading through them. After a while a few of us used to just take it in turns to turn up to his lesson and take enough of the sheets for the rest of us. After a while, we also sussed we could just turn up, take a handfull of the sheets and walk straight out again without having to listen to him drone on.

By the end of the course he actually only had three people regularly attending his classes. 3 out of 120... I'm sure he must have noticed.
I am sure he must have noticed too. Wink Smilie I hope the classes in my new school aren't that boring.
The main thing with a boring lecturer to consider before skipping class, is whether or not their handouts cover everything that will be on the exams. For if the speak on some other topic and test for it you haven't learned all you could by being there. I lost an A in Bio-science because I hadn't taken notes on the classification of a flat-worm that were only given in class, not on the handout, nor the textbook.

Never take hard lecture classes first thing in the morning or right after lunch as your attention span is very poor at those hours. For some reason the powers that be usually offer their hard courses then to quite effectively weed-out the dumbkoffs.

I also hated courses taught by teaching assistants and also by lecturers who were more interested in their research projects and only taught to obtain grant money to get on with their real work. Wiggle Smilie
Lecturers who are more interested in their research projects seemed to make up the bulk of the ones I had at Uni. To be honest, considering they are teaching one of the highest standards of education you can have, it's surprising its the one place the lecturers do not have to have a teaching diploma of some sort. I found, with just a few exceptions, the lecturers at Uni were very poor teachers. They knew their subjects inside out, but they couldn't teach them to save their lives.
My brood at the moment is not feeling well. I am so tired of being sick and tired. I can't spend a lot of time on the computer anymore, because typing really does bother me. The only things that I can really do is if I can move the mouse. Well, I missed you all.

Mellie, I hope so you will get better soon! I am also now copying with a sickness and it is difficult, especially during the night when everybody is asleep and there is no one to talk with... We simply MUST be better, I'm with you!
I am so sorry you are not well and I do hope you recover soon. Take care.
Mellie; Have noticed your absence and must say I was really worried for a while. I hope you feel better soon, my thoughts are with you.

Eryan; I hope you will get better soon, I hate when a fellow PT'er is feeling ill. My thoughts are with you too.

My sentiments too. Get well soon the pair of you, Mellie and Eryan. Wiggle Smilie
Eryan, I can empathize with not feeling well. I hope you recover very soon. My problems are chronic and will be with me most of the rest of my life. Some days are much better than others. I will be here as often as I can. So far, today is a Great Day.

Thank you to everyone for your concern. I do appreciate it, and it means a great deal to me. I will be in and out, but I am always here in Spirit. I love it here too much stay away for any length of time. This place is my 2nd home I could never leave it. I have missed everyone so much.
Mellie: I am very sorry for you. Having some problems myself lately that will be with me forever, I can empathize in a way. I miss you very much, enjoyed seeing you in chat tonight, and wish you a speedy recovery! PT would not be the same without you. Wiggle Smilie
Eryan: I am sorry you are under the weather as well. I hope you get well soon. I enjoy reading your posts a lot.
And Tommy, my fingers are crossed! Big Smile Smilie
Melllie, I really hope that life will bring you much, much happiness in spite of all! That you will have many great days when you will feel well! Remember, we all love you, we are with you! At least, I am with you!
My problems are of similar, chronic nature, I am having cardiac arrythmia, and I have months when all is quiet and then periods when I am having nasty fits practically every day. Right now I had a very troublesome period and I even landed in a hospital for a few days, but the things seem to calm down right now, let's hope I will have some respite on my new drugs!
Samwisegamgee, I hope very much that your problems will not trouble you too much and that you, too, will be able to enjoy life and this beautiful spring!
Rednell, Celebrian, Val, Ringfaxwen, Samwisegamgee - thank you a lot for your kind words, they provided me a great support! As lately I did not submit many posts, I wondered whether I am still remembered at all by you? Nice to see that I am still not entirely forgotten! Elf Winking Smilie )
Hey Mellie, I hope you find a way to controle your illness and that despite those dark days you have many joyfull, sunny moments. I almost never visit this thread, so I didn't know you had problems. I'm sure whenever you feel down you will find comfort here. We all are a bit like friends here and you can count on us!

Eryan, of course we didn't forget you! We really missed you around here. I'm so glad to see your back! If we would live closer to each other I would give you a big hug right now! You know I will always be there for you.

You see Sam, I lost people who were dear to me in the past. But I'm glad I didn't gave up because about one year ago I met this wonderful person, who now became my best friend. To loose that friend would hurt me again, but all the touching conversations and wonderful things we've been through is worth the risk of getting hurt. I hope you find such a friend soon, too.

Sweet dreams everyone! Fast Asleep Smilie
Yes our membership caring for one another is what makes this a nice website to visit. I was going to say that is what makes P-T a great website; however, it isn't the website that's great, it's our caring members.

Thank you all for your kind words. Grondy I agree with you, all the people on PT are constantly impressing me by your empathy and intelligence. Big Smile Smilie
I've not been a member of PT for long, and i'm amazed by how friendly and family-like it is! i think its great that everyone is here for everyone else to offer support and kind words! Big Smile Smilie i know how much it can help!
To anyone suffering at the moment, i hope things get better Smile Smilie
I dont think brooding is good for the mind.....It always makes me feal worse then before. Sad Smilie
Bottling up a problem in ones mind and brooding on it is what is unhealthy. By brooding on a problem or non-problem here, one can get it uncorked from their mind and can find commiseration, if not outright help towards overcoming it.
Had an exam yesterday...I and another guy in my class picked the same theme, was about Sql,HTML blablabla.

I explained it so thoroughly that they gave me friendly laugh and told me that wasn't necessary, they heard I knew what I was talking about.

The other guy had no idea what he was doing. He didn't know what the theme was about, but still he managed to eel his way out of it..and he got a better grade than me!!! He told me he has been doing this for years, fooling people to get his grades up, he twirles them around his little finger!! He walks in the room seeming confident, telling a joke or two when he is in trouble and this actually works..this ******* fails every subject but manages to pass this exam in a subject he knows nothing about Angry Elf Smilie

I am so angry that my heart litterally hurts...tea? Yes that would be nice now...calm me down..Tommie, my fingers, toes and tounge is crossed for you! Good luck! Wiggle Smilie
Hi all.

I haven't visited this thread in a while either, so I would just like to add my best wishes to all those who are feeling poorly. And good luck with your exams Tommi! Not that you will need it, since you are such a bright and clever young woman.

Here is my brood (not a very big one, but it is on my mind a lot): The price of houses and economic rationalism. A typical house in my suburb is about $250K. How is any ordinary (or in my case, sub-ordinary) person supposed to afford that? Rents are also at an appalling all-time high. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and the people most in need are supposed to live...where exactly? And on top of all that, Uni fees have gone up again, by about $2000 per year. Soon, only the rich will be able to afford an education, hence a decent job, hence property...and so on. Mad Smilie

Guess I better start buying lotto tickets...
You needn't worry Allyssa, house prices cannot support them selves at these rates for a long period of time, so eventually the prices will drop, as for your uni fees, the goverment will begin to notice a drop in attendence so cut the fee's. The house prices will probably drop as well due to the people whom rule westernised countries, solicitors and banks. They will complaign about lack of people buying houses, the national treasery wil drop the intrest rates and you will be left with cheaper houses and mortgages. As for the rich getting richer, use the old saying if you can't beat them join them. This year I have gone from being homeless to owning my own house in seven months. Just knuckle down and work your @$$ off, it will pay off! Wink Smilie
Just knuckle down and work your @$$ off, it will pay off!
Ross: That's very easy for you to say, being a single male; however, it is very much harder to accomplish when you find yourself a now single mother with young children to raise and their father refusing to provide any support. Orc Sad Smilie
Ross: That's very easy for you to say, being a single male; however, it is very much harder to accomplish when you find yourself a now single mother with young children to raise and their father refusing to provide any support.

I don't want to turn this into an arguement, but my Mum managed that in the seventies when it wasn't a particularily femine friendly working enivoroment in the UK!
when you find yourself a now single mother with young children to raise and their father refusing to provide any support.
Better that the father keeps away and leaves them alone, than him terrorising her new family and make new hubby send his parents to pick up the child from the fathers house because new hubby is scared what the father could do if he showed up.. And then a late saturday night the father calls the police and says he is "going to get him" (the new hubby), throws brick trough childrens bedroom, breaks in with a knife and gets shot and killed by new hubby fearing for his life. And so he got himself killed and destroyed the life of new hubby and his ex-wife, and family and friends and the entire little community they live in...
Can you imagine trying to tell this to the little girl in a few years befor she hears about it in school? Your first daddy went ga-ga and tried to murder your new daddy, so your new daddy had to kill him?

Funeral was thursday, and I couldn't come because I had an exam. He was my second cousin on my mothers side, 24 years old I think. Didn't know him, but the story is so sad and awfull because I feel for those left behind by this psycopat, just had to share it with you.. Don't think the ex-wife and children where home, I pray they weren't.... Sad Smilie

Does put things in perpective doesn't it?
I'm very sorry to hear that, Amari’. I saw it on the news, awful story... Everyone is a victim in those cases. Sad Smilie

I had an exam on the day my grandfather was buried. Didn't do to well...

As you say, it sure does put things into perspective. Someone my age doing something like that. I must have a wonderfull life really, compared to many others!

To all of us; Someone clever ones said life is not so much what happens to you, as how you take it. Optimists live longer and happier lives than pessimists. How to become an optimist? Well, for me it took a lot of tea, Freecell and a German girl to learn from.. Smile Smilie
Sadness Amari’, I'm so sorry for you and yours. Sad Smilie

Gosh, Amarie, you hear about things like that on the television, and if makes you feel sad. It must be devestating when it happens to someone close to you.

I am sorry for you and yours too.
That is tragic Amarie. I am sorry for you and yours as well. I can only hope things get better soon for everyone. Sad Smilie
Amarie, that's a very sad thing that happened to your familly. Strong emotions can be very dangerous sometimes.
A friend of mine lost her brother in law last year. He discovered he was suffering a mental disease. There is no medication for this disease, not yet. Now he still was in an early stage, but he feared so much turning into a mental patient. And out of fear that he might hurt his wife and child one day, he killed himself. He didn't talk to his familly about this fear.
Every loss is hard to bear, but the way you loose them, can make it even more painful.
Thank you so much everyone for your kindness, I really do appreciate it. Tommie, please let us know how you did or do on your exams. Like Amarie, all my fingers and toes are crossed. (sorry I can't cross my tongue, though I did try!)

OMG Amarie, I am soooo sorry for your loss, that is beyond horrible. My prayers are with you.

Three years ago, we had a similiar situation in our family.

My sister, got pregnant very young, and before my niece was born, the father went to jail. While S was in jail, my sister started dating his best friend M. She and M got married about a month after she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. (Kari now has 3 kids, the last two are both boys from M) After S, got out of jail, he had started dating someone else, and the 4 of them kept in contact on a regular basis. (My niece never knew S was her father, but a friend of the family) Well, S's new girlfriend left him and started staying with M's aunt and her boyfriend. S went over to see her and long story short was killed my M's aunt's boyfriend) Recently my niece started asking why she has grandparents that are just hers and not her brothers. How is my sister going to explain that her step-father's aunt's boyfriend killed her father?

So, Amarie, I really can empathize with you. I pray, that the children in your family are not too traumatized by this horrid event later in life.

Monday I found some beautiful, little kittens under the steps of a friends house. They had just opened their eyes and was slowly trying to move their tiny little paws. They looked peaceful, drinking milk from their mother and I didn't want to disturb them or her,so I left them alone and decided to come back the next day to see if they were ok.

Tuesday my friend called and told me the kittens didn't move and didn't respond to sound. I rushed over, and just before I arrived I saw a huge, black cat leave the place where the kittens laid and I knew that wasn't the mother.

A terrible sight met me...all four kittens were dead..and the cat that had just left killed them..paws were chewed off, throats were ripped open, blood was everywhere..(for those who don't know; I love animals, so this was a terrible experience for me. Ppl often tell me that I have a silly love for animals, that it is not possible to care for them as much as I do). So small and defenseless! Imagine the terror they must've felt! No one to hear their stifled squeals! I can imagine how it happened; total chaos, no mum to protect them, pain, fear, rage, silence...

I felt sick and tears whelmed up in my eyes (told you I loved animals). Friends tried to comfort me by saying this was natures way of creating balance, all can't live, some must die. I see what they mean, but if this were humans, it would be like an adult killing small children that had just figured out how to use their feet and arms and ppl would call it murder...this is how I see it, not as a balance in nature, but as a murder.

This is a sight that will stay with me as long as I live, and in some way I do blame myself for not getting there sooner, maybe I could've saved them? I did mean to go back, but it was to late when I finally had time..they were so beautiful and now they are beautiful Very Sad Smilie
Oh the poor kittens... Very Sad Smilie *hugs Celeb* Sad Smilie

I will now try to distract you all from this awfull story by telling you about my catlady Blackie who have two male friends, cute as can be, who sneaks into our flat when they can, walking about like they own the place and eating Blackies food and she doesn't seem to mind. We try to tell them that they don't live there, but they just don't listen. The most frekvent visitor is the houseowners cat. They call him Tassen, we call him Rent-a-cat, cause he comes all cute and cuddly and has a wonderfull purrrrrr and we pretend he is ours for a while.

That was a cute storyright? Do we all feel a bit better now? Hope so. I was worth a try. Nature has it's ways. At least aminals don't kill for fun like humans do, but that is a whooole new discussion that don't belong here.
Very Sad Smilie for Cel's kittens. I have heard of this kind of kitten-ocide before, usually by a tom-cat. This kind of thing can be very upsetting if you have formed any kind of emotional attatchment for the animals.

I used to live in a semi-rural area, and we had a (one!) fox that used to roam about. He was gorgeos! Shiny red fur, bright eyes and a magnificent brush of a tail. I loved to watch him from my lounge room window each morning, he was so full of life!

I never saw him during the day, only very early in the morning and late at night. We had a huge ferril rabit population, so I imagine that is what he lived on. I never heard of him causing any problems. I called him "Cobber" - it seemed to suit him.

Then one day (in the middle of the day) I was out walking my babies when Cobber suddenly appeared out of the undergrowth at the side of the path in front of me. This surprised me, because as I said, he never usually came out during the day. As I turned around to go back the other way (just to be careful, he was a wild animal after all), Cobber looked at me, then collapsed onto the ground and died. He had been poisoned. Most likely by one of the local hobby farmers.

The memory has always stayed with me - maybe partly because no one bothered to clean up his remains (I think if you are going to poison animals, you should at least clean up the mess you make), but just left him there by the side of the road for the magpies and other dogs to worry at.

[Edited on 15/6/2003 by Allyssa]
In my home town (population 640) we had a spate of cat poisonings. We couldn't believe anyone would deliberately poison cats.

Turned out the two local grain elevator operators were putting out poison to control the mice and rat population and the cats were catching eating the poisoned, but not yet dead mice and rats. We lost Smokey, a big grey tomcat this way. Soon after, they started using a quicker acting poison and the problem disappeared.
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