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Right there with you Arcorma! I HATE IT! I spend 5 hours at school, I really have better things to do after school than more school...
Today in bio we had to take our 16 vocabulary words, stupid longs ones too, like endoplastic reticulum, and write them out 10 times each... that's 160 words. Of course my teacher didn't like the way I wrote mine out because my writing looks like chicken scratch. She wanted me to redo it, except neater (and I thought what I did before was neat!) and 20 times instead of 10... Of course I said no and turned it in the way it was... then she gave us 8 pages to review and pages 60-79 to read and do a 2 page-report on over the weekend
Grr!!! I'm going to get started on it soon otherwise I'll put it off till the last minute and never do it
What on Earth can be the purpose of making anybody write such words as endoplasmic reticulum ten times or more???? To make you remember these terms? How very silly!!!
like endoplastic reticulum, and write them out 10 times each
Maybe if you'd written endoplas mic reticulum she wouldn't have made you write it out again.

Funny enough, I once came across crossopterygionlewisi in a vertebrate paleontology class. At the time I thought I'd never remember the name in a thousand years, but of all of them, it's the only one that I have.
What on Earth can be the purpose of making anybody write such words as endoplasmic reticulum ten times or more???? To make you remember these terms? How very silly!!!
The only reason I can see, would be towards learning their proper spelling. I doubt if many spellcheckers will recognize such high caliber scientific Latin words.
I don't memorize like that, I don't think it helps me much, when I wrote those out I wasn't really paying attention to how I spelled it, I can't do that. It's weird, and if she thinks making me write those over would have helped she would be wrong... I still haven't started on my homework either, it's all spread out and in order and ready for me to do...but... Boring Smilie
Andrea: Just try to remember that by refusing to do it, or that by delaying doing your homework, the only one you are hurting is yourself: your not doing it doesn't hurt your teacher one iota. Elf Winking Smilie
Now I'm pissed.
I play the clarinet in a concert band at high school. Today, my band teacher annnounced we'd be playing a suite from The Two Towers. I was all excited and everything. Then... I got the music which was passed out. It's ALL whole notes! I have none of the melody, not even a scrap of countermelody either! It's all whole notes, with an occasional half or even quarter note here and there. And he's talking about how excited we all must be since we're playing the LotR music, everyone knows it, etc. I like the music, but how am I supposed to enjoy or even tolerate playing 7 and a half minutes of whole notes? Sad Smilie I know it's probably essential to the arrangement, but it's SO BORING! Almost everyone else has pieces of the melody - it has parts from Forth Eorlingas, King of the Golden Hall, March of the Ents, Isengard Unleashed, Evenstar, Breath of Life, Gollum's Song, etc. And I have whole notes! I was looking forward to playing LotR music, too. I've been playing it outside of class for years. Mad Smilie Whole notes! Honestly... Very Sad Smilie

(Btw I don't know if things like whole notes are called 'whole notes' in other countries' music systems, etc.)
I don't know a lot about music Arcorma, but from the way you describe I'm guessing that's not good.
Just think that your playing LoTR music, don't think about the whole note thing, and you'll do fine! Picture Tolkien himself there, or PJ seeing if your good enough for the movie and those whole notes are essiential otherwise you wouldn't have a whole song! Wink Smilie
Arcormacolind’va: Figure out which of the other instruments has a melodic part you want to play, borrow the music long enough to run it through a copier, then learn to transpose it in your head or on paper and play it at home. What is it? A B-flat clarinet is written two steps below that for an oboe or violin (an E-flat is three above)? While a French horn is something like seven steps below the notes written for it. Go for it.

Of course you should still practice your written clarinet part so you hold up your end of concert. Don't forget the story of 'Gossamer Womp' he played triangle and only had one note to play in the whole concert, but it was a very important note.
I understand how you feel Arcormacolind’va, I remember playing 3rd cornet in the (adult) brass band and eeeeendless lines of long notes and "after-beats" or what ever it's called, while the musical part was played by others. In addition there sat a annoying lady next to me on 2nd corenett who saw it as her duty to piont out every mistake my friend Bea and I did, particulary since we played a lot better than her. "That there is a b" "Yes we HEARD it was wrong, that's why we are writing it down as you can see!" So it was quite amusing as we kept getting repiano-notes (between 2nd and 1st cornet) and she didn't. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Good thing I sat between the annoying one and my friend or my friend would have ripped her apart.

Just remeber that no matter how boring it is and how disapionted you are, the song will sound flat and dead without you. Be brave. Hang in there. At least you can sit in the band and hear the others make mistakes and think "Hah! I can do much better!" or just think of ents and eorlingas. Soon some new kids are comming and you will be moved up. And then it will be your turn to play the good parts. It can't all be fun. I (eventually) played lead 1st cornet in the school band too (this was a brass band as well, no woodwind instruments) but it wasn't all fun that either. If I took a break playing everybody noticed cause the three others stopped playing if i did!! *sigh* But I sure miss playing cornet..
In China people are starting to eat human babies, makes you think where this world is going to. Sad Smilie
Me thinks thee had better come up with a source for those strong words.

I know Johnathan Swift published (1729) the concept in his "A Modest Proposal", but I really doubt if one can find more than a micro-smidgeon of this in modern China, certainly not enough to denote a trend as your post implies.

It is very warm and I had a hard time sleeping last night, I had my bedroom wind wide open and it never cooled down inside. It was in the mid 50s F. outside at night and has been in the mid 60s in the daytime. My TV and computers have been heating my apartment to about 75 F at bedtime. Next month I may have to turn on the heat; however, tonight I will also open my kitchen window and try to draw a draught, seems like setting up my fan at this time of year would be kinda silly.

Everybody thinks we get a lot of rain in Seattle. Well normally we don't; only about 36 inches annually. The thing is, it is often cloudy except during two or three months of high summer’which usually doesn't start until July 12th’and the rainfall is usually light in any one day. Except for yesterday when Seattle had almost 6 inches, we got 6.5 inches and across the Hood Canal the had 7.5 inches, all this in one 24 hour period.

These were records amounts, the old record here was just under 5 inches and was set in January of 2002. Of course records have only been kept for about 100 years, and Lewis and Clarke made their expedition to our West Coast and back 200 years ago. Global Warming is for real! So Angry Smilie
Global Warming is for real!
The sad news for any Brits hoping that Global warming will mean we'll be able to enjoy Mediterranean heatwaves is that Britain will actually get colder. At present the Gulf Stream, which passes up the West Coast of Britain, warms us up like a radiator. Other countries on similar latitudes to us are on average 10C colder than us.

As Global warming melts the polar ice caps, however, the streams of cold fresh water will divert the Gulf Stream away from our coast and cause us to chill.

My gripe for the day, is that my research boat is broken again. It will need hauling out on a slip somewhere to have the stern gear fixed. I was just three surveys away from completing this year's mussel surveys too. Now I will have to make a presentation to the industry with three of them missing and they will be able to make outlandish claims to how many mussels they estimate to be on those three beds. Sad Smilie
I broke my rib. Well the cartilage in my ribcage. Ouch. I walked into a podium. No more comments.
I'm sorry to hear that Andrea, I'll try not to crack any jokes because I assume it only hurts when you laugh or breath.
Ouch Andrea,I hate when that happens. Wink Smilie *hug*
We have nothing to eat,my mom does not go out to buy any food and when she does it's health food,no wonder I'm so short.I should put an add in the paper that says "will work for food".
Good one grondy Crack.

Sorry. Get better soon Andrea.
Thanks all, I'm all better now, it's just sore. All well, I'm stupid enough to walk into a podium and tear cartilage.
My gosh, I went to the doctor's twice in one week. I think I'm too frail and I need some healthier food or vitamins. Trade you dinners Fea!
So, I suppose it looks like I only stop by when I want something from you folks, but I swear that's not true Smile Smilie

With that being said, I have a bit of a favor to ask. My mom was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially, we were told that it was no big deal, she'd have surgery and some radiation and it'd be all ok, but we just found out that the cancer has spread and she's a whole lot sicker than we originally thought. So, if you could all send some luck her way, keep her in your thoughts and prayers, I'd be really grateful.

And as a PSA: girls, please, please check yourselves regularly. My mom's lucky; we caught it early, and though she's sick, it's not nearly as bad as it could have been. Please don't think it can't happen to you...just check every few weeks - cliched but true, better safe than sorry.
Chikakat,I am so sorry about your mother,I hope she gets better soon! She'll certainly be in my prayers. *hug*
Mine too, Chikakat. I hope your Mum gets well soon.
I'm with you and with your Mum! Please hope for the best! I do not know what to tell you more save that modern oncology made great progress and can master these problems in a much more efficient way than still some years ago! I will think about both of you!
My prayers go out for your Mum also Chikakat. When they catch it early they can do wonders.

My mother also contracted breast cancer in the 80's from which she successfully recovered from surgery at the NIH, where they radically removed both sides. Since then, the medical profession has made great strides using non-surgical procedures. She lived on into her eighties when she died of congestive heart failure due to her diabetes.
Hello Chika, nice to hear from you again! I'm very sorry it had to be with such sad news. Sad Smilie
I hope your mother will get better soon! I agree with Eryan, medicine did make a lot of progres the last years.
Have faith, support your mother the best you can and make her believe in healing!
I lost my door keys this afternoon so couldn't get in my house when I got home from work. Fortunately one of the lads at work had borrowed the spare so he could do some work for me the other week. It was an hours drive down to his house, and knowing he was on the boat at Lowestoft at the time, I was dreading that he had perhaps put it on his keyring with his own keys.

Luckily he hadn't and his wife was able to find it for me.

It was quite a relief to get back in. For a while there I was feeling quite lost, unable to get into my own home, knowing all of my possessions were there a matter of feet away but unobtainable.
My brood today is about a minor inconvenience that occurred today in the middle of our #Bilbos-study chatroom discussion, where we were discussing 'The Taming of Sm’agol', Chapter 1 of Book IV found in the The Two Towers. Anyway my broadband connection to the internet failed for a half-hour and I missed a lot of the fun. Orc Sad Smilie

If anyone is interested, we will holding another session this Saturday, November 8, 2003 at 2130 GMT, when Rednell will be facilitating our discussion of Chapter 2 'The Passage of the Marshes' from the same book. You are all welcome to join us. Cool Elf Smilie
My brood is that i had to leave an interesting discussion in bilbo's study thursday night.

my kingdom for a saturday!
My recent brood actually turned out good in the end.
A friend of mine that I've known since 3rd grade moved to Louisiana a year ago. We've kept in touch through the wonderful world wide web.
About a week ago, I talked to him (or who I thought was him) and he was really upset. He threatened to kill himself, then got offline.
I told my friend Leah, who has been friends with Kenny since they were born, they lived next door to each other since they were each 1 month old babies. She bawled her eyes out.
So I get online again, and Kenny is on. I throw a fit and yell at him, as did Leah since she was online.
After a weeks worth of suffering and crying, and 2 hours spent online crying, we figured out that Kenny's friend down there was mad at him. Jake, or John or something like.
Jake had gotton on Kenny's name and told everybody all that suicide stuff. Kenny happened to be grounded from the internet at the time too.
So now it's all worked out, and I can stop fretting. But these pass two weeks really sucked!
BOATS!!!!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie ARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie

BOATS and TELEPHONES actually Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie

Today I spent all day on my boat messing about helping the crew with the weekly maintainance list while waiting for a guy from C-Map to ring me back with the access codes for some digital charts we've just paid ’600 for.

At 4pm we finally had enough water in the river to leave, so we cast off to do my cockle surveys. As we were passing the quayside a ship cast its ropes off just as we were about to go past, so we had to wait for him to finish messing about. We'd just reached the end of the river when the engineer comes running up to let us know water is pouring in through both stern glands (the bearings through which the propellor shafts go). Apparently, the supplier had given us the wrong packing and it wouldn't tighten properly.

Okay mini-emergency and an end to my surveys before I even reach the first sandbank. So what happens while I am running around trying to stop this water coming in. Yep, the guy from C-Map finally rings up and says he's in a hurry Jumping Flame Smilie
All right,my brood is about my relatives (My mom's side). I can't understand why we should have them over for the holidays,go to all the trouble of cleaning and cooking,when they are so rude and neva have us over! My mom won't just tell them they aren't going to be invited over here anymore until they start treating her with respect and love,they are ignorant 'n' I don't want to see them 'till they start treating my folks like they should. Sad Smilie
LadyFeawen: That's part of the joys of 'The Holidays': doing unto others like you would like to be treated, not like they treat you. Rude relatives is another reason why 'The Holidays' are the most stressful time of the year.

I have had problems with 'The Holidays' because my father died on Christmas day; the next year at that time I found I needed major surgery, which didn't lead to my maintaining the use of my legs; the following year my wife decided she wanted out of our marriage of seventeen years.

If I hadn't had ancient memories of Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving Day gatherings with family and friends, I'd say Bah-Humbug! However, since I do, that has helped moderate the bad history.

So I suggest we all try to make the best out of 'The Holliday's and if our rude relatives start pushing our hot buttons, that we nicely tell them "they have hurt our feelings and that since we can't take our fruitcake and go home, because this is our home, that we are going to our room and read The Lord of the Rings." If that doesn't lead to their apologizing for their actions, then to H-E-double-toothpicks with them. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Thanks Val and Eryan. I have missed coming here VERY MUCH and will try my hardest to get here from school now that the whole adjusting-to-being-away-from-home thing is over (sort of).
And while in H-E-double-toothpicks they can stay at the Rica H-E-double-toothpicks hotell and be far away from Feas home.
Hehe,thats some good advice,thanks..Cat Smiling Smilie
The worse thing I find about Christmas holidays is everyone seems to want to have a slice of me. My parents gave me some wonderful Christmases in the past so I feel obliged to do the same for them now, while I also have to fit in my son, plus my girlfriend and her family.

Juggling everyone without hurting any feelings is difficult at times.
Eat icecream Val! Lol
I know exactly what I'm doing for the holidays, having the whole family over...
Just remember what it's really about though, family and friends and celebrating good times with those you care about.
Fea I'm sure they love your mother very much, just don't know how to show it. And if not that looks like a great hotel to send them to, faaaarrr away from you!
Good to see you back, Samwise. You've been missed.

Yes indeed Samwise, we missed you! Let's hope you will find some means to come here even after the holidays!
Yes Andrea, I agree that it is about celebrating good times with those you care about. I am happy to be doing just that, having just come back from boarding school for the first time in nearly four months. It feels like forever, but I'm glad to be back. Anyhow, I forgot where I was going with Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Good to see you back, Samwise. You've been missed. Have a great holiday. Smile Smilie
I've got an exam today and I'm nervous. Haven't studied as much as I should, but unless my brain gets a serious malfunction I should manage to do ok if the questions aren't to bad.. I think? I've got two hours left now. Gonna go read on my notes. Wish me luck!

But the exam dec 4th... would take a miracle to pass, but I'll try.

Good to have you back Sammie!
It went ok, I know I passed at that is good. I could have known more, but we had very little time, even if I knew how to calculate the pipe-sizes on the last question (which I didn't so I hardly looked at it), I wouldn't have had time to finish it!

Oh well that is over, now it's mathmatical metods II next. *Blahhh...*
Thank you all for your kind words, but it wasn't a good idea posting it here. It seems to have burned even more bridges. So I deleted the postBody. Maybe it will help, but I'm afraid it is already too late.

I just want to add I never had a problem with writing so often. She didn't made me to, it just happened. It's nice to talk about something else for a while when work is boring you. And we just seemed to have a lot to talk about. It's just that I wanted the weekends for my family and my other friends.

I also never meant to blame her, I just didn't understand.
That's really sad Gnampie. I really hope you and your friend can overcome this get back what you once had. It seems like you had a wonderful friendship, and were really close. I have friends I consider to be close, who I contact less than half a dozen times a year. Being able to write to someone everyday astounds me. I don't know how the pair of you managed it.

Unfortunately, conversing by mail can have its problems. There is no body language, and it is thus easy to upset someone unintentially without ever meaning to. I really hope that when your friend reads your post, she sees how much she really means to you and that you are able to resume your friendship.
Val, I think I will follow your advice.
I cannot remember quite what I advised, but I hope it was good, and not something which has made the situation worse.
So if you don’t see me around anymore, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and the bst of luck in 2004 and all the years to come.
I understand how you feel Gnampie, but PT will be a lesser place for not having you around. I for one, look forward to opening threads when I see you have posted in them. Keep in touch, whatever. Sad Smilie
gnampie: Don't burn the bridges with your friend. I'm not a physician, but it sounds to me that possibly your friend has not been taking her medication’I don't mean this in a bad way, just that it may explain her mood swing. Send the Christmas present; it may change her mind.

Personally, only close friends should get away with what she has pulled; however, a close friend needs to be given a little slack in case she changes her mind tomorrow. But she shouldn't be so selfish as to require so much of your time and should realize that she is doing so. Yes, you did spend a lot of your time for her when she was ill, but now she has recovered, she shouldn't need so much. She should be able to offer you a little slack too.

I hope things work out for you and your friend, and however things turn out, do not feel guilty, I don't feel that you are at fault. Happy Elf Smilie
Aw Gnampie,just give her some time. One of my friends does this to me too often,calling me up in the middle of the night to yell about how I don't treat her good enough,rude e-mails,and so on but I realize she is just going through a hard stage in her life and for now that is her way of venting some anger and dissapointment.
Don't be scared away from PT, we will all miss you too much. Smile Smilie
Yes just give it some time and see what happens. Your friend might be mad at you now, but in time you both might get a different perspective on things.

One letter/e-mail a day is amazing. But love isn't meassured in the amount of e-mails you get.. Well, we don't know what her reasons are and maybe we should just keep our opinions to ourselves so we don't hurt anybody? All we can do is hope things will work out. Bridges are hard to build, but easy to burn. Leave a door open if she wants to come back.

Don't leave! I'll miss you too!
No broods today.... Val's got a great big smile on his face Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie because he's just fixed his logging out problem. Because I spend so much time here, getting logged out every few minutes was really beginning to get me down. As it appears to be a problem with Internet Explorer, however, I downloaded Mozilla a few minutes ago and have accessed the site with it.

Well, so far so good. I don't want to count my chickens, but it appears to be working. Yes....yes....yes. My Precious.... It feels so good to be able to click around at will without having to keep re-entering my password.

Good times are here again.... the sun is shining etc.... Pary Smilie
I have just downloaded Opera and it is working great too! It feels good to click where I want to and still be logged on. Best of all: It is Norwegian! Yeey!

I also found out that I now wake up the annoying, grumpy neighbours when I start the car in the morning (at about 5.25 am). I don't feel sorry for them at all, they have complained so much over where we park our cars in a very undiplomatic and rude way while we have been as nice as we can, now we have moved them like they want to, and now they have to deal with the result it brings! What is wrong with people in this town?! Exploding Head Smilie
I keep getting signed out,too. Where did you download yours,Valen? Smile Smilie
Opera : if anyone wants to know. Available in 20 languages.
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