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Well i hope you'll be able to resurrect Virumor, but i fear death is permanent... (:-|

I don't mind a clean sheet, but because 2 years of posting is now gone, i think some threads will be badly injured...
I thought he was joking when after recently finding he had errored on a fact, he'd threatened to commit sepu.....whatever it's called with the self inflicted knife to the gut Japanese style, but someone must have taken him up on it. Hopefully it was an accident and not a hacker or done just for spite. It ruins the continuity of many of our good discussions and while I didn't agree with some of his statements, most were topical, well thought out, and they formed the backbone of many threads. And while he can come back under the same or a different name, their loss is irreparable. Orc Sad Smilie
Now you mention it, it is indeed ironic that after i jokingly posted i'd commit seppuku, that my Virumor account disappeared... :-( I guess stuff like that happens when you jinx yourself.

I can assure you i didn't know about any of this until yesterday evening, and i was as surprised as you were. I don't know how my account disappeared, but i hope it can be resurrected or repaired somehow... (which is why i changed my nick)

Now i know how Sauron felt after his Ring was destroyed. Delightful.

Virumor is dead, long live Miruvor... (of course, if it turns out that my old Virumor account truly is gone forever, i'll switch back to Virumor)
And now it seems we have lost Loni, too Elf Confused Smilie

This seems too coincidental to be the random glitches of a database, and more like someone lurking in the background causing mischief. My condolences to both Vir and Loni, because I would be gutted if my own account disappeared. And to whoever did this... I hope you are happy (I'm afraid we don't have an appropriate smilie for what I think of you).
Whoever it is, it must be very hungry: it's not only eating journals and posts, but now members too! Glad to have you back, Virumor, now let's pray Loni turns up again too. It's definitely very annoying to lose all your posts, not only for you, but for everyone else too: most threads don't really make any sense anymore!

I was just wondering what happens when a community supporter's account disappears. What happens? lol

Seriously, I hope this whateveritisthing gets sorted out quite soon. Living in uncertainty is not very nice. And living without it is probably even worse... Wary Smilie
Orc Sad Smilie My Commodore 128 computer (manufacture July 1985) died Friday so I got out a spare (manufactured August 1985) that I had been using for spare keyboard parts and opened them both up and traded the good keyboard after cleaning up all the contacts on the printed circuit board to the guts of the newer computer and hooked it back up. It was still dead, so it must be the power pack.

I should have two more power packs, but my daughter did a too thorough spring cleaning of my apartment this year and either threw them out or boxed them and hid the box in a place I can't get my wheelchair to. Bummer, now I must wait until she comes back here maybe next week.

And today I found my Archive Silver Edition of the AD&D Games CD was broken in two when I tried to play the original Pool of Radiance. Bummer!!! I like those old games because you can have as much thinking time as you need.

At least I can still make my music for I have just now installed the VICE 1.16's x128 and x64 emulators on my PC, and found I had previously ported my music input progam over to the PC on a virtual disk sometime in the past.
I wish modern day PCs would last as long as your old Commadore, Grondy. Funny enough, last week I had a clear out of my shed and among other things I threw away a ZX Spectrum, a Commadore Amiga, an Atari Games Consule and ....... a Commadore 64 power pack. I never actually owned a Commadore 64, but someone gave me a power pack once to see if it would run my Specky when the power transformer had died on it.

Must admit, I looked at each game with loving memory as I reassigned them to the trash. Remember when you could get games for less than a quid?
My internet provider was down all over the county this evening from about 4 PM until about 11PM local time, so I'm not going to get to the taverns tonight, as it's almost 1 AM and I'm off for bed. See you all tomorrow.
GROAN... An expensive day... I came home from sea yesterday to find water flowing out of the bottom of my central heating/hot water combination boiler. One of my mates, who's a plumber has now informed me that it's not a burst pipe that we hoped it was but the main boiler heat exchange rotted out.

The boiler was fairly new when I moved in the house three years ago but it seems whoever installed it did not flush the system properly and have left bits of copper in the system that have caused electrolysis to occur. The cut and dry of it is that it's going to cost the best part of ’2000 to replace the boiler.

Not a happy bunny tonight.
I feel for you, mate. Last winter we had to replace all our water pipes for a similar reason (corrosion).. but luckily enough our boiler (barely) survived.
Cheers, Mir. I'm hoping I've got away with it with the pipes and radiators, but the thought that they might be close to going had crossed my mind. It's amazing how quickly electrolysis corrodes metals. Having lived with boats most of my life, I've regularly had to change sacrificial anodes that have shrunk from 20kg to 5kg in the space of a year. Now that we have an aluminium research boat, we are even more careful. Iron filings will cause corrosion with this one as well as copper.

Just got some bad news on my car too. I had a bit of a petrol leak which I hoped was just a pipe coming from the tank, but I found out an hour ago that it's actually the tank corroded. Seems like my savings are just going down the plughole this week.

By the way, I've just back from a few days at sea and should be in the shower now... I'm sat here at the moment though trying to pluck up the courage to stand in cold shower while I've got ice on the inside of my windows. I wish I'd had one on the boat now.
Some people say a cold shower is good for one Val; however, I'd just as leave modulate it with a little heat.

Yesterday my modem was cycling and every time I hit the forum's submit button, the darned thing would start hunting and a few times I lost my text, so I finally threw in the towel and started playing Dungeon Siege: Legend of Aranna. This time my third, I upped the difficulty level to 'hard' because previously I had ended up with a my pack animal carrying umpteen million unused potions, even when I was selling some at every store along the way.

Anyway, now I have even more posts to wade through today and the current version of the forum, doesn't have dates in the main menu to give us a clue as to whether or not we have already read the last post in each thread. This means we all have to open each major section looking for new stuff. Also as I post at the transition from one GMT day to the next, I can't use the 'today's posts', because after midnight GMT I always miss some of yesterday's. Such is life. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
I asked Grep if he could replace that function but I think it got lost among the heap of other things we have asked for.

Grep.... if you're listening
My modem died this morning.

So had I, I figured, and gone to heaven! Only one hour after I reported the problem by phone, the cable guy showed up at my door with a brand new improved replacement modem.

So by noon I was able to go online to order groceries for my Thanksgiving Day dinner on Thursday. Except, Safeway's server was clogged up with like minded shoppers, so I had to call a friend and impose on her to do my shopping. Never do today, what you can put off until tomorrow!

I would have done it last week, but my daughter who is coming here to do the cooking of it, didn't send me her grocery list until today and usually I can get groceries within two days of ordering online. Oh well, I have them now, and all is finally alright with the world, almost. Happy Elf Smilie
I was on the Safeway site yesterday too, Grondy! I was one of those clogging it up. I wanted to see what kind of turkeys they have. I have never cooked a turkey before, so I'm trying to find one that's already pre-prepped. One thing I can never do is prep a chicken or turkey (clean it out) and then eat it. I would be sick. I can't even touch raw meat, he, he. In order to make hamburgers or meatloaf I have to put on rubber gloves. Is that strange? I just can't stand the feeling or getting it on my hands or under my nails. Yuck! I really am not obsessive compulsive, well, not to a great extent at least.
I can't even touch raw meat, he, he. In order to make hamburgers or meatloaf I have to put on rubber gloves. Is that strange? I just can't stand the feeling or getting it on my hands or under my nails. Yuck! I really am not obsessive compulsive, well, not to a great extent at least.

Maybe you're repressing the fact you're a vegetarian.

Really, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Don't listen to the local carnivores chanting "You can't get friends with salad".
Maybe you're repressing the fact you're a vegetarian.

LOL...very true, Mir, very true.
I actually admire vegetarians for their restraint. How can you resist a plate of steak with a floating aroma that fills your nostrils and urge you to eat it? I've tried a day without meat and I think it was the worst day of my life! It really tested my self-control.
How can you resist a plate of steak with a floating aroma that fills your nostrils and urge you to eat it?

Perhaps by imagining that that piece of meat used to be a living being.
I once managed to use my imagination to pretend a piece of bread I was eating was a slice of juicy steak. By imagining the aroma, the texture and the taste I actually succeeded for a few mouthfulls. Cannot beat the real thing though.

Once, at the Stonehenge festival, I saw a group of bikers escort a young lamb from a neighbouring field and cook it over an open fire only a matter of feet from the vegetarian burger stall. As the veggies had been noisily critisizing everyone who had walked past with a real burger, it did make me smile.
Once, at the Stonehenge festival, I saw a group of bikers escort a young lamb from a neighbouring field and cook it over an open fire only a matter of feet from the vegetarian burger stall.

First time i read this, i took 'lamb' for 'lass'. Quite fitting, anyhow.
Hmmmm. Quite an interesting day and possibly the longest day of my life... Quite literally.

(Note: My day starts at noon, when I wake up and ends at somewhere around 5-6 am, when I sleep.)

Firstly, I wake up at noon on 5th December with the thoughts about the new X server in my head. (X server is what is responsible for the graphical display on a Linux system.) It was a painful process, because what used to be one single package now exists as a kazillion smaller packages. It's like having to install Notepad, Wordpad, Calculator, Internet Explorer separately everytime you install Windows. Anyway. Somehow, I manged to sort it all out. Compile, install, uninstall, recompile, install... test... duh! Repeat all the steps all over again!

Once that got sorted, I needed to sort out the dynamic linking that had got messed up due to me replacing a single software with 100 different ones! For the non-geeks, this is something I did to fix the Linux equivalent of "dll missing" errors you get on Windows. You know, just one message telling you that some program can't start because some file is missing and slams the door on your face... Quite annoying you know. Breaks the whole system!

Anyway. All that sorted, I finally felt elated and started the graphical display. Bam! It couldn't find the drivers for my nvidia graphics card. That wouldn't be a problem had I not installed the drivers in the first place. But, I DID have the drivers installed. So I took a trip to the nvidia website and looked for the solution. I searched various mailing list archives. No go. *sigh*. I did the worst thing one could do on a Linux system... I rebooted. Guess what, drivers got loaded just fine. Graphical display back up again! *phew* Suddenly, I realised why it hadn't worked before... Well done laddy, well done. You're so great at figuring out the solution after the problem has been solved by something or someone else!

Then my mom came home. I asked her to make me a cup of coffee. As a response, she silently walked into my room. Now at this point, I'm wondering if we're going to have a continuation of the fight we had had the previous day. Turns out that I was wrong. Mhmmm, I think.

"Your so and so uncle has been admitted to the hospital", she says.
"WHAT? Why?"
"He has blood cancer, at the second stage."

Yes! She finally figured out a way to keep me quiet!

A little something about this uncle of mine. He is probably the only person, whom I've never seen do or say anything wrong in his life. He's one of the best doctors in Mumbai. Respected and well known world-wide. I know so many people who literally worship him. But if you were to meet him somewhere nowhere near the hospital, you'd think he's a just an ordinary fellow. One of us mortals. So god damn modest and down to earth.

Quite amazing is how life shows our mortality. And duh, I should watch what I say... god damn, mhmmmmm. If I've known one person who deserves to live a great life spanning atleast a couple of centuries, it would be him. Riiiight. One of those occasions when I wish I knew magic.

I hope the doctors who're looking after him right now DO possess some magic. They probably do too. I mean he's in the best hospital in Mumbai, with the best doctors looking after him and an entire floor of the hospital reserved just for him.

One can never be hopeful enough.

How unfair is life?

Fine. So that passed too. I went to a website to amuse myself with some nonsense. It did the trick.

At about 10 pm, I received a call from a friend of mine, asking me, if I knew where Sam was. I said, no. I asked him if he had called at his home. He says,"No, I just thought I'd check if he's at your place first."

Mhmmm. I smell something fishy. "What's the matter? Is everything alright?" "Yes", he says. *cut*

Back to the website then.

Finally, at about midnight, I opened the book and started studying.

At about 6:30 am on 6th December, I felt sleepy. Righto! Close the books, get to bed. Oh the bed looks soooooo comfy!

Hmmm, what's this? A message on the mobile phone at 6:30 am? I wonder. *click* *click*

"Call me when you're awake, it's urgent. From Charu", it read.

Blah. I checked the time and the date of the message. Yeah, it was 6:30 am on 6th December. Eh, what does he want at this time of the morning? When was the last time we spoke? 3 months ago? Whatever, I'm sleeping.

So I did, only to wake up in under 5 minutes. It said "urgent". I should call. So I did.

"Charu, Mrugesh here. What happened?"

At this point, I was still feeling that I had received that message by mistake. I mean, we must have talked about twice for a few seconds in the last 3 years.

"Mrugesh, do you know where Sam is?"
"Errr, no. I also got a call from Ashish asking me about him yesterday. What's going on?"
"Well, he left his place and we don't know where he is."
"What do you mean?"
"He just left. Yesterday night. He left a note in his notebook not to look for him. Didn't say where he was going. He's been gone since yesterday night at 9 pm"
"WTF? Tell me the details..."
"I don't know!! I'm out of station myself, I'm not in Mumbai."
"Duh. Ok, I'll call you back."


*ring ring*

"Hello auntie, Mrugesh here. What happened?"
"He just left. Yesterday night. Left a note. Took a bag with him. We don't know where he went off to. He hasn't come back or called yet."
*sob sob*

She had figured out a way to keep me quiet as well, it seemed.

"Ok, I'll call you back. Let me know if anything happens..."

So after that, I made a few phone calls to a couple of friends and decided that I should go to Sam's place.

So I ate the breakfast at 7:30 am, which I normally eat at noon, as brunch, got dressed and left the house. I reached Sam's place in under 2 minutes, walking. Some girl whom I had never seen before opened the door. For a few seconds, we looked at each other stupidly and just blinked instead of saying anything. Finally, Sam's mom came out and invited me in.

Then I got to hear the whole story.

This Sam fellow is just as big an idiot as I am. Actually, after today's incident, an even bigger idiot. He failed in his first year of Engineering. So had to sit out a year at home. He'd been giving us all an impression that he'd been studying and giving the exams and stuff. He even took a DD for paying his college fees from his mother. His dad had expired some 5 years ago, mind you.

Anyway, he never used that DD. All that money had never left the house. He never went to college. He gave no exams. No one know what he had been doing the whole year.

Now see the beauty of the human mind. He's a bigger idiot than me, but is wiser than me too! Why? Because he didn't waste his parents' money, that's why. He took the money and kept it in the house. I, on the other hand, paid the college fees and nver attended the college. That was a couple of years ago. I still haven't completed college mind you. Now that's what you call brooding!

So, how do we find Sam? For one thing, we knew that he left the house with a couple of bags. One of them had all his football clothes and the other had a box in it. I guessed that it contained the shoes. So, is this guy out playing football or what? I think yes.

Over the year, he always used to talk about how he never wanted to do Engineering and make a career as a footballer instead. He used to fantasize about going to Goa, working in some hotel as a waiter or something, earning money and playing football for a football club in Goa.

Exactly! I was pretty damn sure that he had run off to Goa. It all suddenly started to fit together. A couple of days before this, my friend had found out that Sam had saved up enough money to get himself to Goa and back. Two weeks ago, he had come to my place asking me how to book tickets for Goa over the internet. He had enquired about a particular train. The train leaves at around 11 pm and he left home at around 9:30 pm. Work of a genius! And the best part is, that the idiot can't even play properly! I wouldn't mind him running off like that if he was brilliant... but, he can't even control the ball properly! Genius!! Absolutely!!!

His brother was at the airport in the morning, about to leave on a flight to New Delhi. He cancelled it and came back home an hour after I had arrived there.

So what do we do now? Me, his brother and another friend of ours ran off to the Railway Police. You see, the train takes atleast 12 hours to reach Goa. We still had atleast a couple of hours, since it was only about 9 am.

Now comes the part where I experienced first hand why all those people wish to kill the Policeman. We explained the 3 Policeman the situation and told them that it would be best if they contacted their Goa office and asked the Policemen there to look out for him in the train. The fellows just kept looking at each other with the expression of utmost dumbness on their faces.

"You'll need to launch a complaint at the local Police station. Railway Police don't deal with such issues."

Oh, next I see you, I'll kill you!

So we ran to the local Police station. I told this inspector that a friend of mine had ran away from home and that if they hurried, they might be able to catch him when the train reaches Goa.

"Why? Let him go if he wants to. What problem do you have with this?"

Right. Remind me to stab you in the eye with that stupid pen you're holding, next time.

"I'm his brother. He ran away from home yesterday."

After this, it took us three, 15 minutes to explain the situation to that inspector. Finally, he agreed to note down a missing person complaint.

So it went on and on for half an hour. After that, they needed his brother to tell them some more details and stuff. In the meanwhile, I had a few sparks with the Inspector, which I won't sprinkle here, because this post has got waaaaaaaaaay too big already.

Anyway, so after a while we left the police station and walked home. Informed a couple of friends what had happened, on the way too.

Back home, I saw no point in sleeping as it was around 11 pm. So I turned on the computer. Great! Drivers got loaded fine! Good, atleast something went right.

I connect to the internet. Sign on on the messenger and guess what, someone was online. Someone special, whom I had not talked to, for a while. Someone, with whom I had shared quite a quirky relationship, which nevertheless, meant a lot to me. Time to settle the score. I apologised to her. She didn't understand what I did that for. I knew what I was doing though. Some things I should have said a while back. So I tried to say them now. At the end of it, she didn't know if I'm her friend anymore. She didn't know if she'd want me to be her friend anymore. She didn't even know if we should talk anymore.

Tell you what, I'd have been very very happy had she said,"Bug off sucker!" to me instead of the "Don't know"s. Mhmmm. Outright denial can be easier to take.

Oh well. Once she got busy and the conversation was left unfinished, I decided to waste some kilobytes of space on the PT server with this post. You know... to let of the steam, if you like. I guess I have done that now. So at 12:30 pm on 6th December, I'll stop torturing you and wish you a good day!

Goodbye! I'm off to watch Blade Runner Director's Cut. I think it'll do my brain some good right now.
What a day !! I really understand you ... Hope everything goes well with your uncle an d your friend Sam .. When your other friend comes to her senses maybe she will see what a nice man you really are !! Enjoy your film and I hope your day will be better Waving Hello Smilie
Finally got some sleep! My head is buzzing!

Anyway, it was no fault of hers. She DOES have some sense and I can totally understand her responses. The afternoon went rather well actually. We talked on the phone and got the matter settled.

Do things always happen for a reason? Makes me wonder. *sigh*
Awww... not a good day, Floyd. {{hugs}} Hope Sam is OK.
Has Sam reappeared yet? Hopefully he is safe and sane with the only problem being the rest of you not knowing where he is.
No luck. I don't think I'm going to see him again. I might be the one to blame if he does something stupid though Sad Smilie
Well, Sam has been found. Our guess was perfect. He was found by his brother in Panji, the capital of Goa. I don't know the details yet, but he's alive.
Good to hear he's alive, Floyd, and the fact he's where you all guessed he'd be, it sounds like it's where he wants to be too. If things haven't worked out as he'd hoped, he's now got the option of returning, having had an adventure, or if things are going okay for him, he's the option of staying where he is. At least he's okay, and the choice is his.
Well, I got a new (to me) power pack from a feller I know in Colorado. I hooked it up to my 1985 vintage Commodore 128 and I'm back in business for the first time since last fall. Now I can get to my homemade music hiding in my CMD HD-200 harddrive. However, I found have to take the keyboard apart to again clean the printed circuit board in the area of the cursor keys' contacts. That entails removing a gazzilion tiny screws and unsoldering six joints after getting the keyboard out of its case. I've had to do this just about annually for the last five years, but it still remains a pain.
I knew this date of 09/09/2006 meant something to me; my son was bourn on 08/08/69 and my daughter was born on 10/10/72 and this date was sandwiched beween them. Then I remembered what it was: I extinguished my last cigarette at 7 PM on 09/09/69 when I joined a week long program sponsored by out local chapter of the Washington Lung Association. I only had a problem for that first year: I felt like I should have a cigarette when I had the first cup of coffee in the morning or when I went out drinking, but slowly the desire left me and now I'm a fanatic anti-smoker. If any of my visitors want to smoke, I hand them an ashtray and show them to the door, whether its raining or shining outside. Smoke Smilie
I've got to quit for the day: The temperature in my apartment is about 73’F, I'm wearing a sweatshirt, and I'm still shivering. So I'll go to bed and take my temperature; I'm probably running a low grade temp. I don't feel bad otherwise, so I'll just call a time-out and maybe come back tonight, or else tomorrow. Orc Sad Smilie
Yup, got a fever. 101.2’F before taking more Tylenol this morning. If it gets up to 102 I'll have to turn myself in. Don't have chills or any other symptoms now, so will probably just tough it out.
I cannot believe that nobody has had a brood for 15 months...

Mine today is cars... my cars.

My old faithful 17 year old Sierra died on me last May and we couldn't find parts to get it running again. Some people love getting a new car, but I hate it... you never know what problems you are buying. Well, to try and limit the damage, I bought a reletively new car by my standards - only 6 years old. Well in the past 8 months that I have had it, it's spent almost as long off the road as on it. It's had a cracked head, two new front shock absorbers, then a core plug went, causing the engine to overheat resulting in another head gasket. Then I had turbo problems, and last week needed a new clutch fitted... now I can hear a wheel bearing starting to run dry.

If it's not bad enough my car being a money sink, in the past year my wife's car has cost me four new tyres and an exhaust pipe (acceptable wear and tear items), a shock absorber, and last week a new starter motor. We just got it back from getting the new starter motor fitted and now the gear box has gone. It just seems to be one thing after the other at the moment. I could understand it if both cars were wreckers like I used to drive, but arggghhhhh!!!!! I'm pulling what hair I have left out at the moment.
Sorry to hear that Val.

I haven't been driving long enough to experience such problems, or to have purchased my first car...*sigh*.
And here I've alsways thought only boats were holes in the water that you fill with money. They don't make anything like they used to Val.

Oh Shucky Darn! My grown-up daughter caught her boyfriend cheating on her and now instead of her moving in with him next month, I've got to come up with her next month's rent.
Ouch... not good, Grondy. At least my problems are only lumps of metal at the end of the day, not flesh and blood. I hope she took suitable revenge on his silk shirts and sowed grass seed into his carpet.
That's too bad, Grondy. Well, the good thing is that she caught him cheating BEFORE she moved in.

Val, if it makes you feel any better, I bought a brand new Nissan last year, thinking that it would last me forever, and it already is having issues starting. My Toyota lasted me for 13 years, but I thought I needed a more solid vehicle now that I have a baby. In any case, when I took the Nissan into the shop, they said they are having trouble with all the Altimas, and people are flooding the engines trying to get them to start. The best part is they said they don't know what the problem is (yeah right!); I'm sure they'll figure out exactly what the issue is as soon as the warranty is up.
Eruwen, document when you had the problem, when you brought it to their attention, and your odometer reading; then when they finally come up with the fix and say your car is out of warranty, you can refute it.
Thanks, Grondy. That's a good point. I will do that. They even called to survey me after I took my car in to see how their service was, and the minute I said, "Okay, but these issues weren't addressed with my car," they said, "Thanks," and hung up! Crazy!
Well I can finally say that the problems with my Mondeo have come to an end... Last week, in addition to the other problems it had suffered, it blew another head gasket. Rather than having it fixed, and throw more money down the drain, I took it to be scrapped (even though it's only 7 years old). Good bye and good riddence!!!
Tis a fine shape the world has gotten itself in when our commercial masters and their 'planned obsolesence' force us to throw away goods that in the past would have lasted for more than a decade or two. My working Commodore 128 computer is going strong after twenty-two years, while this tired eight year old Dell Dimension XPS T700r is on its last legs.
A Commodore, wow, that's impressive. What do you use it for? Hey, my Atari 2600 is still going strong Smile Smilie. It's funny though, the pixels make everything look square...especially, Donkey Kong. He just looks like a big brown blob. Pretty funny.
A Commodore, wow, that's impressive. What do you use it for?
As I wrote yesterday under 'What are you listening to?' under the Ivy Bush Tavern:
My 1998 rendition of Beethoven's Second Symphony in D Major, Opus 36 written in 1801-02 and entered in six-voice stereo via Commodore 128 computer for playback in Commodore 64 mode using a SID Symphony Stereo cartridge and ported to the PC for playback via SIdplay2 for windows.
I read the musical manuscripts and input their notes into the C=128 with adjustments to volume, sustenance, etc of the various instruments, only six of which can be playing at anyone time, so in the case of a work for a major orchestra, I must minimalize and choose which instruments aren't necessary to be playing at any given moment in order to maintain the essence of the composer's music. Vivaldi and JS Bach concerti are my favorites as they make great music that is easily input with losing any notes except for the harpsichord chording that is coded rather than all notes being printed. Guitar concerti ie Rodrigo's Concerto de Aranjuez are especially difficult to get the six string arpeggios to sound while having room for its haunting oboe solo playing at the same time; but I was able to make it work. IMHO. Happy Elf Smilie
EDIT: I just received yesterday, Issue No. 248 of LOADSTAR the (almost) Monthly Disk Magazine for the Commodore 64. This issue was delayed for eleven months because the editor's, the Rev. Dave Moorman's, town, Holly Colorado USA was devastated by a tornado in March of last year. Of the fourteen houses on his block, his and one other were the only ones left standing and his still suffered major damage. Miraculously, only two lives were lost out of the town of 1000.
But this wasn't a brood, merely the taking advantage of an opening to give my readers something boring to brood about. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie have designated yourself as the editor of great composers. How could you, Grondy? How could you? Wink Smilie Really though, that seems like a lot of work when you could simply plug in a CD.

Let's see, what can I brood about? Well, I'm sick for the second time this year, which really sucks. I hardly ever get sick, and somehow, I got my second cold of the year already! Also, I'm supposed to have shoulder surgery in March, and I won't be able to pick up by 5 month old for three months...that also really sucks.
Well it has been over a year since anyone posted in this thread; however, what occurred this afternoon deserves being added to it.

My power wheelchair quit this afternoon while I was sitting at the computer having just beaten the original Dungeon Siege for the second time in hard mode. All the chair would do when I turned it on and moved the stick was for the indicator light to flash yellow and just sit there, no solenoid noise, no groaning pre-movement; no nothing. So I called repair outfits in Bellevue and Seattle, but they don't do pickups here; and I finally found a local outfit that said they could repair it and would call me when they had a truck available to pick it up. Okay, the hard part was done.

Next I had to find someone to unlock the power train and wheel me to my manual chair so I could transfer to it. I don't have my next door neighbor's of my 85 year old friend's phone numbers on either of my phones, both of which I could reach, but not the directory. So I guessed at my friend's land line phone number that I used to have memorized ten years ago when I did church work with his late wife. Luckily he was in and he came over and got my neighbor and between us we got me into the manual chair.

Now I have to relearn how to transfer in the bathroom and to and from my bed all over again. Well at least I am no longer sitting high and dry, the Good Lord took pity on me in my adversity, even if this chair is about four inches lower and cooking will be harder. I have since entered their phone numbers into my new cell phone that my daughter said I must carry at all times for just such emergencies. Wiggle Smilie

Later...All is better now: the UPS man just delivered my new Kindle 2 from Amazon that I bought myself for my birthday present. I'm now listening to it read me its instruction manual. Happy Elf Smilie
I've been brooding all day today about my weight. Every semester after finals I become sick. It has literally happened after finals every godd***m time no matter how much sleep I get and how easy I take it. After spring finals last year I got bronchitis for six weeks and couldn't go to Marine Corps OCS. This previous winter break I got food poisoning and the flu simultaneously (or maybe I became sick with the flu while my body was weak from the food poisoning) for about seven days. During those seven days I ate just one roll of bread. Anyways, I knew I had lost a lot of weight (weight = muscle and fitness to me) and was irate because I had spent the previous five months getting up to 190. So I get back to school after break and a couple of weeks of physical training and was at .....175. But today I weighed myself again and just broke the cusp of 190 (with the help of a voluminous lunch). So now I'm back to where I was two months ago..yippee.
I my problem is pretty trivial compared to a lot of the things on here, but I just felt like whining a bit and maybe you got a laugh out of it.
When someone suffers like the above it is time to get very serious and see a regular doctor first. Sometimes medications even over the counter, or the flu or a terrible cold, a shock like a death , can alter the chemicals in the brain or affect hormones. A thorough checkup, being careful to tell the absolute truth about everything, including the taking of drugs and alcohol is a crucial first step.

After that your physician will probably suggest a couple of things. DONT TRY TO SELF DIAGNOSE nor help yourself, when you are at this stage it is very very serious.You need the help of caring professionals.

And if there is any abuse against you from family or boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, whatever, be sure to tell that as well. You can only get well by a physician if that one knows what is the underlying problem.

I myself will pray for you with all my heart.
Perhaps I made that sound more serious than it was.... I really am fine and the only reason I even mentioned it was because I was having a bit of a bad day.

Oh well, it never hurts to be prayed for I suppose.
I haven't visited this thread recently and want to say that I'm glad you have wheels again, Grondy. Is your power chair repaired now? My father in law struggles in his manual one so I know how much better the motorized version must be.

Turin, I'm glad you're not seriously ill but that does sound like a serious weight loss. Hurrah for your success in gaining your muscle tone back!

I don't really have anything to brood about except that I'm exhausted from running errands to prepare for my daughter's wedding. We're all very happy and excited about the event but it is a lot to prepare for.
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