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Sorry, I tried hard, (I really did!) but I don't have that much sympathy for the old cow. Smoke Smilie

The animal is destroying crops and this neighbor doesn't seem to care about the matter. If he won't take charge of his livestock and pay for damages them he deserves to lose his animal.

But you are a good person to feel the way you do, Fea. Wink Smilie
Maybe the cow's owner should be shot instead of the cow. It is hardly the cow's fault is it but it is the cow that suffers in the end.

What's Fea'a father supposed to do? Continue taking losses to his property because a lazy neighbor won't remove his animal?

And I hardly think that Fea's father needs to blow the neighbor's head off. Even if he does deserve it. Wink Smilie
in some places there are laws set that if an animal is on your property for a certain amount of time it becomes legally yours (im not sure about this so dont just assume im right,as a matter of fact never assume anything)and you can do whatever you want with it.i would sell it and were i live i could probably get $200-300 dollars from the dumb animal.cows are one of the dumbest,ugliest animals ever, i can prove this i am around cows often,they smell awful too.if you shoot the cow and it causes alot of damage you should have enough proof it was destroying your property in any court of law.(might i recomend at least a 30-30 for cows,anything smaller will just cause it alot of pain)
Stoney - you hoping for a barbeque?
Me,Vee? You mean good, kind hearted Stoney?? Very Big Grin Smilie

I can't imagine what gave you that idea.....

This afternoon after entering half the violin's notes for the Adagio of a Bach Violin Sonata and all the notes for the left hand harpsichord part, as well as all the nuance numbers for both, and listening to it once, I made the final save to disk and the computor and drive locked-up during the save and wiped out the whole piece. DIRTY ROTTEN SNAZZLE-FRATS!!! It was only 36 measures, but the violin part was mostly 32nd and 64th notes, and I'm not a happy camper. SHUCKY-DARN!!!

I had planned on starting the right-hand harpsichord next; instead I shut down and came here to work the forum. HUMPH!!!
Ooo wow I'm sorry Grondy! That really sucks that that happened, and I'm sorry to hear about the cow Fea ;'(
That really stinks, Grondy, sorry about that. 64th notes are always a pain.

I'm mad cause some clod tried to steal our truck this morning, this dunce was going to take a screw driver to the window (the door was unlocked...stupid criminals for ya) my sister looked out of the house window and banged on the glass and scared him off. But we got his liscense plate number and gave it to the police
Unbelievable Stony. I have had my car stolen before. Not a good feeling. It astounds me the way some people have no conscience!
I know just how you feel Grondy. I had just finished a chapter in a novel I was once writing when the power went off just as I hit the save button. It was in the days of the good old Amiga's when you had to save onto floppies. I lost about ten hours work because it cleared the disk as well as the memory.

I was so gutted, I went down into the garden, attacked a tree with a big stick for several minutes, and then went back upstairs and proceeded to write the whole lot again. Remarkably, I was able to recall the whole lot almost word for word.


Good job your sister saw them Stoney. At least you can say you still have your van. I hope the police catch them, although unless they have caused some damage, there may not be a lot they can charge them with.
Yeah, it is just really irritating. We have alarms and kill switches on our vehicles but that has not stopped them from being broken into. I think that we have had 9 total attempts to steal our trucks.
Yeah, it is just really irritating. We have alarms and kill switches on our vehicles but that has not stopped them from being broken into. I think that we have had 9 total attempts to steal our trucks.
If it wasn't for being against the law and all that stuff, it might be worthwhile to booby-trap them. You could use an indelible spray rather than acid. Or a cheap perfume rather than skunk spray. The problem is you don't want to maim them or damage your vehicle, you just want to embarrass them big time. Even a tazer trap could cause you liability. And you can't rig a camera to take their picture for they would steal that instead.
And you can't rig a camera to take their picture for they would steal that instead.

As well as, surely?
Oh yes, they love cameras.......and radios.
where i live it wont help having them on camera as here unless you put up a sigh to say your filming them it is unadmissable in court dont you think it is defeating the object if you tell them they are being filmed
Well that stinks, dude. Not even a security camera?

Put up a sign........I understand that if you were be tapeing law abiding citizens.......but criminals??
Shaking Head Smilie Mankind never needed a lawyer until after we got our first one! Deal Smilie
According to statistics, within 2025 there will be 1.3 lawyers per person in USA.

Deal Smilie
Not according to a report a heard on the radio a few weeks ago. It has now got so bad with doctors and hospitals being sued in lawsuits etc, many doctors are refusing to treat solicitors, their families and their associates.

The problem is you don't want to maim them or damage your vehicle, you just want to embarrass them big time. Even a tazer trap could cause you liability.

We wouldn't have got away with it now days, but 20 years ago when us and several other fishermen were having new steel boats built in a local yard we were having a lot of problems with thefts in the night. One fisherman was so annoyed when he lost a ’500 propellor, he left the ladder up to his boat wired up to a three-phase welder all night. The next day we found the ladder on the floor and a lot of scuff marks in the ground all around that area. It did the trick though.
I wouldn't recommend doing it now days though, because you might finish up getting some quite serious charges thrown at you.
I have heard that there are more lawyers in school right now than there are out practicing. Scary eh? Think of all the new "rules" they will find for us. Exploding Head Smilie
Onewiththechainsaw Posted the following on Tuesday 2nd November 2004 (02:35am) in Guess the Heavymetal/Rock song!!

i kno this isnt the exact place for things of this sort, but ive been feeling really down these days, and my grades are dropping, and nothings fun anymore, and i dunno, does anyone kno how to make me better. i need help, cause nothings happy anymore.
Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
Grondy said 'helpful'.

Yes, Onewiththechainsaw, I know what you mean. My teen years were dark and stormy so I can relate to your current somber mood. What got me through was to develop my faith through reading the religious book which dominates it, plus sharing my feelings with my closest friends. By reading the stories of great men and women who lived before me, and how they struggled with (and overcame!) their moments of sadness and despair, I was able to look beyond the present. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we forget that tomorrow is a new day. As long as you keep reaching for that new day, you will make it through the current gloomy one. Take care One..
Prozac helps, Vee. Makes the dark thoughts go away.
Depending on what the problem is, and depending on proper medical supervision - it might help. It might also make things worse.

It is not a cure all for whenever anyone feels down, sad, miserable or even when someone is clinically depressed. It's a hell of a thing to get hooked on. Use with caution.
That's true, perhaps Edronax is safer. But anything is better than Adapin.
*looks at CNN*

Can I have some of those pills, Vir?
i kno this isnt the exact place for things of this sort, but ive been feeling really down these days, and my grades are dropping, and nothings fun anymore, and i dunno, does anyone kno how to make me better. i need help, cause nothings happy anymore.

I don't really have any advice on how to get out of this one, except to say often a series of problems have one common denominator. Falling grades, for example, can be the result of you having a tough time because you no longer feel able to concentrate on your studies. A knock on effect of falling grades then means you perhaps feel bad about them, which extenuates your whole "feeling down". In the end, as things become worse, you feel as though you are in a spiral.

What you really need to do is try to sit and down and think what could be at the root of all of your recent problems. It could be anything; family issues, school, relationship problems, boredom etc. If you can isolate the main issue, however, and then solve it, you should find the other problems will seem so much lighter.

I'm not sure of your age, but if you are in your mid teens, you will find you are not alone in how you feel. The majority of people go through similar problems at that age, and generally these problems miraculously improve (generally with the leaving of school) towards the end of your teens. It is a natural transition time in one's life, when your world is changing from being a child to an adult.

Often the symptoms you describe are caused by the frustration of being caught in a rut. You may feel as though your life is going nowhere, and you are bored with everything. If this is the case, try to break your rut. Do something dramatically different. Do something you have never done before. Go to places you don't normally visit. Try to meet some different people. Try a new hobby. It's like giving your life a spring clean.

Good luck
Sounds like good advice to me Val!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we forget that tomorrow is a new day. As long as you keep reaching for that new day, you will make it through the current gloomy one.

Very true Terrijayne, and I’ve been there (alot of us have)! I can remember some gloomy times for me about 15 years ago, and there were a couple of nights where I really just felt like ending it all. I was caught up in the moment, not looking toward the future, and not thinking about the promise of a new day.

Honestly though, the last 10 years of my life have been the best 10 years of my life so far, and I’m sincerely glad that I’ve been around to live em’. The point is that you can never give up hope, there is always hope even when it seems like sometimes there is nothing else, and there is always the promise of a new day! You never know what’s just around the corner in life, so like Terrijayne said, always keep reaching for that new day and you will persevere!
Elf Smilie
My life is a complete mess. I'm a waste. Kill me!!
Floyd_n_milan see post above! Elf Winking Smilie Hang in there, and heh, at least you have PT! Tongue Smilie
Cheer up it might never happen. Optimism is the nicest thing that ever hapened to me.
Nice to see you around, Plastic. Life still treating you well?
PLASTIC!!!!! Why are you invading this thread with your optimism!!!!! Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie THIS IS FOR DEPRESSED PEOPLE!!!!!! PEOPLE WHO LIKE WHINGING!!!!! TEENAGERS!!!!!!!! OLD PEOPLE ACTING LIKE TEENAGERS!!!!!!! But by the way, good point. GO AWAY!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!! Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

Again, I shall whinge about homework. I have Science to do, Social Studies, Music, and Drama. And you'd think for Drama dn Music it'd be easy. No. It's written stuff. EEEEW!!!!!!! DOWN WITH HOMEWORK!!!! So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie
Loni: You also are shouting a little too much lately, please tone it down. Happy Elf Smilie You could use Jumping Flame Smilie to show your emotion.
I don't often have a lot to brood about, but something did bug me the other day....

In the past year we have formed a new team at the top of our organisation, in which myself and my boss have tried very hard to adopt new practices with the fishing industry. We still have the same problems managing a sustainable fishery, and have a lot of Conservation issues to contend with, but our attitude to the fishermen and the industry has been totally different to the management teams of the past. Using my own experiences from when I was a fisherman myself, we now consult with them a lot more in the decision making, take into account their opinions a lot more, give them far mor e information than before so we cannot be accused of springing things on them. In a nutshell we are trying to form a working relationship with them. We all want to see a successful fishery.

What really get's my goat, then, is when at a meeting we get fingers pointed at us by someone accusing us of trying to put him out of work because we want to see him on the dole. Who then tells everyone we have stopped him having a mussel fishery for twelve years (how things get twisted.... one bed was closed 12 years ago for conservation purposes, not the whole fishery. And ironically it was me that opened that bed for the first time earlier this year as one of the first decisions I was empowered to make.) This person points out that there was a wonderful fishery until we began managing it and since then, there's been nothing (when the reality was we were given management of it when it reached rock bottom in the early 90's after being fished to death, and have had to use some pretty draconian measures to see it recover).

I'm not asking for a medal for what I do, and I can understand their distrust after some of what has occurred in the past, but it bugs me that some of them are so blind to the changes that have occurred in the past year. We are bending over backwards to help these people have not just a living this year, but also in the future too, and some of them just don't see it. I can spend an hour demonstrating to them why we need sustainability, only to have them strive for quotas that would take the stock recovery back ten years if we let them.

Oh well, it's only a few of them, and maybe time will tell, but it does bug when they blindly give this critism in front of a room full of people.
*hugs Val* hope everything gets better for you.

My only brood that I'm able to mention is that I have very little time for the PT forums anymore, and I miss it dearly! My computer isen't helping that problem either, it usually crashes, runs too slow or freezes up when I get enough time to be here... Haven't abandoned you all or anything! Smile Smilie
Life still treating me great thanks Val. Smile Smilie

Problems are only problems if you let them become problems. Really, it';s true
In response to Val's post...we unfortunately live in a "Mc Donald's...I want it my way and I want it now" mentality. You are right to advocate for sustaining a natural resource as the time to recover from over harvesting is disproportionate to the benefits. But some folks are too concerned about quick money and give little thought to the big picture. Keep up the good work, and when they criticize you in those meeting, picture them as characters in some of Plastic's more infamous parodies. Perhaps they will be so annoyed at your unexplained grinning that they'll forget to criticise your fishery management policies. Wink Smilie
Fieds87 Posted Friday 26th November 2004

Me and my girl have been going out for about a month now. We are very close and really like each other. I shared my first kiss with her. We never want anything to get between us. We usually do things about once a week and I call her every night. All of my friends and all of her friends said that we are meant to be together and we are perfect for each other.
Yesterday, I received a call from my girl. We started talking when all of a sudden she said there is something we need to talk about. I thought to myself, o crap, here it comes. Well, basically she said that she wanted to break up. I asked her why. Then she said because I need some space to sort out some personal issues. I told her that I respected that. Then she also said that she wasn't a very committed person. I didn't really get that. We talked for about a half an hour and then it was over. I went to my best friend for advice first and then I went to my sister. They both gave me really good advice and I told them what I plan on doing. In a couple of days, after she gets over whatever she was angry about, I am going to try to work things out. I am going to tell her, "I like that you want to work things out but we shouldn't break up because of that. I really like you a lot and want to be with you because it's like air. I can't live without air, and I can't live without you. I think that if you do want some space to work things out then maybe we should slow things down. I just don't think that it is the right thing to do. And if you need advice then I will be there every step of the way. But if you don't want me to get involved then I won't." I'll see what she says and if she doesn't think that, that is a good idea then I will say, "Then I still don't think that we should break up. I think that maybe we should just put things on hold for a little bit. That means that promise each other that we will not date anyone else and we are still considered going out. But since this is what you want then you have to promise me that you will come back and call me to take things off hold and resume our relationship. But until then I will give your space and I will check up every once in a while on you to make sure things are going alright." Does anyone have any advice on if this is a good idea and if there is anything else I could say to her? Please, I need some help, because I don't want to messup this relationship. Thanks.
She's being a typical girl. Trust me, I know. I reckon your theory will work. Especially the bit about air. She'll really go teary over that and will want to come back. Girls like romantic talk. Always remember that. That's the most important rule with girls. They like romantic talk. I think you've got it sussed. Don't worry about it. She's just going through a little something that she's getting all stressed about, that's all. (And if I'm wrong, don't bite my head off)

Well, I also have something to whinge about. I have an exam on Tuesday morning. Who cares? you say. Now let's get this straight. I never worry about exams. The ones I don't care about I don't study for, the ones I do care about I study for, and then I'm all sweet. I'm an intelligent kid. I'm in Science extension, Maths extension, and English extension. I've skipped two years of school. I'm in all extension class I can be in. I got a Drama award yesterday. (bragbrag, yes I"m getting to the point, be patient) It's a Music exam. I'm good at Music. It's good that I'm doing this exam anyway. IT's a Level 1 NCEA exam for seniors, and I'm a junior. I shouldn't be doing this exam. But I am. THe Head of Department said I could. But the trouble is... for the first time..... I think that I won't pass. It's a THeory and AUral test, for those who understand Music. THe theory I can handle. I'll pass that. It's the Aural I'm worrying about. I can sort of do intervals. I can understand whether something is major, minor or augmented, but My Dad can od that, and he has never touched a musical instrument in his life. But I can't do chord progressions. And I can't do writing down a tune when they play it to you. I can recognise basic rhythms and write them down, but not the complicated ones. I seriously think I'm going to fail Aural. THEN what am I going to do? THE VERY FIRST TEST I CARED ABOUT AND FAILED!!!!!!!!!! I'M STRESSING!!!!!!
Fieds87: Advice is worth what you pay for it. A lot depends of course on the age and experiance of the couple in the relationship. Regardless of which, you must give her space, but not so much she forgets about you, yet you mustn't be too pushy or you'll really turn her off. And then again she already may have told you to get lost, but did it so nicely that you didn't get the message. For your sake, I hope it isn't so, but you must keep that in mind and not make a fool of yourself.

What you actually need here is the input from some females, for we males have trouble understanding the female mind and the signals it sends.

Loni: Just do your best. We can't pass every test that is put before us. When we don't, we shouldn't worry about it and beat ourselves up, but rather we should consider it an oportunity to learn where we are weakest and study that area harder.

The only failure is the failure to learn from our mistakes so we don't make the same ones again.
Very nice advice Grondy! Well said!
Couldn't have put it better myself, Grondy. All the way through reading Fieds post, I kept thinking to myself, "okay, unless she has just tried to let you down gently". Try a bit of romance in offereing her space... it shouldn't make anything worse. If she has just tried to let you down gently, however, you should accept that and try not to push things any further. She will respect you more for that, than if you cannot let go.

Loni.... It's hard when you fail things you are particularly keen to pass, but if you are doing these exams now, far younger than would be expected, you will at least get another chance when the time is right. By then you will have learned more and will breeze them.
...but if you are doing these exams now, far younger than would be expected, you will at least get another chance when the time is right. By then you will have learned more and will breeze them.

I thought that once. To be frank, what you're saying there is correct Val, but from my experience, I wouldn't count on things happening for me in the future now.... I said that to myself once, when I only got a B from the Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination. And now, the chance is gone forever to improve on that, because I just couldn't get "time" to practice again and appear for the exam. That college has ruined my life. Now I'm left with nothing in my hand, not even a Diploma; where, when I was studying in the college, was expected to top in the state merit list. Now all I have as "certification" is an SSC certificate. No wonder I feel completely useless....
We've lost all Virumor's posts. I hope this is just a temporary glitch and that someone hasn't been hacking us. Virumor is a necessary part of our membership.
I want him and his previous posts back. Jumping Flame Smilie
.... as well as future posts.
Orc Sad Smilie
Ditto, on that Virumor. We are doing what we can to find you and your missing posts again.
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