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I just went to
I suggest you use either Opera or Avant Browser. Those are links, btw. Smile Smilie
I downloaded the freebie Mozilla Firebird which is also a link. I didn't let it be my default browser and as I only use it for, I made P-T my home page. I'm very happy with it.
Can't download squat. Luckilly, I have internet at all.
as I only use it for, I made P-T my home page. I'm very happy with it.
I think I might do that too, Grondy, as I only use mine for PT. I bet you feel a huge wave of relief now you are not getting logged out every time you do something. I know I did.
i had a rather bad day yesterday i was close to getting raped, i was walking home when a guy pulled up around the corner of my street, near the shops he didn't get out of the car so i thought he might be waiting for someone anyways when i walked past him he called me over and asked directions to anne street i told him i had no idea and stupid me looked down and saw that he was wanking himself, he then offered me a lift i politely said no and walked off, after that he drove off so he had no intention to go to Anne street and I was very lucky that the vet was right behind me as i turned to my street, so it looked like i was heading there and he didn't follow me. It was rather scary for me i thought he might have followed or at least get out of the car to grab me. But i had a lucky escape not like some girls, so please if this happens to you be polite then leave quickly to the nearest building whether its ur street or not, if he follows walk to the someones house and knock on the door if he stays put ask them to ring the cops and stay put in that house. and please if that happens to someone and they come knocking on your door let them in.
How horrible for you Elizabethevenstar. Thank the maker you managed to keep your wits about you, and get out of that situation. I’m so glad to hear that you got away safely, and the one positive thing you should take out of all this is that it should teach you to be even more aware, alert, and observant when you’re out of the house by yourself. No matter what, my advice to you in the future would be to never walk over to a strange persons car/vehicle when you’re by yourself, or even with others under any circumstances. You can never be too careful these days.

It saddens me, and makes me sick that there’s so many low life slime balls out there like that. Hopefully you’ve informed your parents, and filed a report with the police. Please keep your eyes, and ears open at all times, and be safe!

Now under a much more positive note, allow me to properly welcome you to PT Elizabethevenstar! I think it’s safe for me to speak on the behalf of some of the other regular members here, and say that we’re glad to have you.
Happy Elf Smilie
If you can sneak a peak at the car's licence plate without him knowing it, that would help too; however, if he sees you writing down the number, you might cause him to get out of the car with malice in his heart. and a baseball bat in his hand. So maybe it would be better to just run away.
I'd advise any young girl in this situation to just run away. While taking the registration number could assist the police in catching the guy, and thus stop further attacks, you must always think of your own safety first. If a potential rapist/killer knows someone has taken their number, they will be so much more motivated to catch that potential victim.

If while backing away you are able to remember such things as the colour of the vehicle or its make etc, great, but don't put yourself at risk by hanging around. Get out of there and get help.

It really saddens me to think how much things have changed for the worse in this respect since I was young. From about the age of eight my mother would let me walk the mile or so to my grandmother's alone. Her only concern was that I paid attention while crossing the road. Now I have a son of nine, I wouldn't let him do the same. I don't know whether things have got worse, or whether it's just a case that we hear of these things now days because of better news coverage. It does seem to be a sick old world out there though.

Harumph! I got a letter from Bank of America telling me " for my convenience", they were replacing my B of A Mastercard with their B of A Visa card. That really ticks me off, It is the only card I've had since 1967 and I always pay the balance so I don't have to pay their high usuary interest rates. When they pay me 0.5% per annum on my savings account, I'm certainly not going to pay them 10 or 15% per annum on an unpaid balance. Harumph!

Harumph! If I wanted a Visa Card I could have one years ago, ten or twenty of them in fact. I'm thinking of calling my local branch manager and if I can't get this reversed, I'll pull out my money and go to a still locally owned local bank. Harumph!
I am under doctor's orders to spend more time in bed and off my rear-end toward the healing of two pressure sores; therefore, I won't be here long enough to read and moderate the whole message board daily.

I will try to keep the Trivia: Barad-dur thead updated daily as well as the games I've been involved with in the Ivy Bush Tavern.
Get well soon, Grondy. We're all going to miss seeing you around here so often.
I'm very sorry to hear that Grondy!
Take good care of yourself and get better soon!
We will be lost here without your wisdom.
I've an aching throb at the base of my skull. I guess I shouldn't try to sponge up everything, and move on to selective soaking....
#%$!! Viruses.

Something jumped through my firewall a week last Thursday and convinced my C drive that it was full. It's taken me a while to get things sorted out, hence my absence for a while as I've been without a machine. Lots seem to have changed here in the past week, but unfortunately I don't have time to explore at the moment. There is still something wrong with my e-mail connection that I must fix.

Welcome to all you new members who seem to have joined in my absence too. I look forward to meeting you all once I get everything sorted out again.
Nobody else got anything to brood about? Must just be me having things go wrong, then.

My poor car Sad Smilie

There it was sat minding its own business in the car park at work, and then our secretary drives away with my bumper. I was just about to go home too. Two minutes earlier and I would have been safely out of there. Trouble is, it is in really good condition for its age, but that is not how the insurers will see it. If the repairs cost more than ’500 they will write it off, irrespective of the fact I'll never get anything else as good quality at that price.

Oh well, at least nobody was hurt.
Boohoo. Waaa! (This is why I'm never getting a car) I have problems. My homework is due Monday and I haven't brought home my stuff needed for it. So I went on the net and got to the site I got t form in the first place, and my computer has problems with going into it! And also my TOnga project research is on Monday as well, and I found the greatest book in the library. It's in REFERENCE!!!!!! (FOr all those who never go the library, you're not allowed to get out REFERENCE BOOKS!!!! You can't even take them off the floor!) And my ENglish WIde Reading REsponses need to be rewritten, and worst of all, I LOST TLOTR!!!!! HOW BAD IS THAT? AND I LOST TOLKIEN:MAN AND MYTH!!!! It was on my floor. I'm so sure it was. It's just so tragic.

Very Sad Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Dead Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Hmmm.... I think there were a few more messages somewhere around here but where? Serching Smilie
I think someone has been deleting... and it wasn't even me. Not fair.
Have you looked down the back of the sofa?

It's all in your heads boys. Elf Winking Smilie

I keep looking for messages I never posted, usually because at the time I wanted to post them I got logged off instead.

Bit moody today. Can't seem to get started on anything, while I actually really need to, because there are going to be exams in three weeks. Waaaah! Very Mad Smilie Wary Smilie
Elanamirkad Posted Tuesday 4th May 2004
took your advice Gnampie and Vee, and I decided to make this forum for anyone who needs some comfort. Right now I thopught I would start it since i now have another problem,my family has been trying to get residence custody of my little 7 year old step-sister Shawna, and they went to court yesterday, but we lost. So now she is going to have to move to Virginia and not see us until holidays. and the problem is, she doesnt want to go with her mother, but the only way we could appeal, is if she would appear in court and say that she wants to live with us. but we dont want to put her through that. im srry if i depressed any one but i was crying alot last night and so was my family. Sad Smilie

Vee replied:
Sorry to hear this and I wish I had the magic words to make everything right.

I moved these post here becaus we already have a place for everyone who wants comfort or just who wants to express big or small things that worries them.

I'm really sorry about your step-sister, Elana. Very Sad Smilie The courts often give custody to the mother, I hope she makes her a good home and that your sister will be happy. At least you get to see her from time to time, I am sure she appreciates knowing you are there for her if and when she needs you. That will be even more important for her as she gets older. These things are never easy. *Hugs Elana*
*hugs Amari’ back* thank you Amari’. we just dont knwo what to do. we are justing going to have to try and do the best we can for Shawna while she is still with us. We could appeal, but like i said, it would not be a great experience for her to go through. so we do have to wait until she is older. but we also hope that her mother, will realize she is better off here, not away from all her friends and family.
I missed out on a issue of Thanos and a issue of 1602 plus some other sh*t but too many youngsters around.
Let's see, where to husband and I are trying to purchase a new home and we keep getting rejected from mortgage companies because of our **** credit scores, but of course we found the perfect house! My daughter, who is six and also a huge Tolkien fan is being told by her classmates and "friends" that she is boring and that they don't want to play with her-she's having a really tough time of it. She thinks she is boring(she has the best imagination of any child I've ever met), and she's kind of going through a sort of complex.I'm so afraid she'll be an "outcast" like I was,
and I hope it's not my influence on her that is doing it to her.I don't teach her to be anything but herself at all times! So not only do I feel for her, it makes me question my parenting.Poor kid! Sad Smilie Another thing is our budget:we're barely staying afloat(now some of you may ask why we're considering buying a house in our economical situation, but we just want our kids to have stability and for us to not be throwing our money away on rent).This **** American Dream stuff is only for those with a high income and/or perfect credit-I guess all the "vermin" get weeded out that way-congratulations, "Upper Class"!

...must...control...bitterness...sorry.I am definitely brooding.And I am sorry to all of you good people that are also upset about something-may we all find terrible wealth and happiness and live in the countryside together someday(but for now, I hope all of our gripes resolve themselves somehow!)
Thank you for letting me vent. Exploding Head Smilie
LadyFeawen Posted Tuesday 4th May 2004

I just have the usual problems - My mom and dad alienate themselfs from the family. I know their only human, but its gone on for too long. And I miss my dad and our long talks Sad Smilie He is still around. Just not the same, loving person he use to be and I need him to be.

My mom and I dont have a mother/daughter relationship of any kind. She has always been too busy in her own little world. She has said so herself. I guess I'll soon get over the fact that shes never tried to get to know me and later it might be too late for her to.
But, I have a very loving sister and brother (I have 6 actually) Smile Smilie Who mean the world to me, and I am very close with.
Im so sorry for you! My parents are ok,except my dad is working in Nigeria now. Im not a very social guy so i dont have a lot of friends. Plus i dont smoke,drink or the like and that seems to be the only thing all the other people i know do for fun. So i spend my days reading, drawing,coming to PT ...fading out of the real world. And im not doing nothing for school so thats going to hell as well, but i really just dont care...
For CHristians out there or the plain curious, read Matthew 5:4, I Cor. 15:20, Luke 25:5-6.
Hope they help!
...i dont smoke,drink or the like and that seems to be the only thing all the other people i know do for fun. So i spend my days reading, drawing,coming to PT ...

Etharion, I know how you's miserable to be the only one in your group who can't come up with a better way to pass the time than to get trashed. There are other folks out there who think the way you do, though, and you'll find them. Don't feel like you're missing out on the real world because you spend your time with a book - the real world's what you make it. (Sounds sappy, but I mean it Smile Smilie )
Hi Chikakat, nice to see you back in town. How you doing, lass? How's the studying going?
Nice to see you again Chika! Big Smile Smilie
I feel really old today, its my little brother's fiftieth birthday. He was born on the day I graduated from the eighth grade; I remember being unhappy with my mother for not attending that graduation. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Nice to see you again Chika!

Nice to see you, too, Eryan. Waving Hello Smilie I've missed seeing you around.
do not feel that way! I don't think you will EVER be really old! You are too wise - and wisdom is ever you Animated Wink Smilie ng!
it's really nice of you to say that! I was simply very very busy. I was invited suddenly to prepare 12 hours of lectures for postgraduate students and I had only a few weeks to prepare all that. As I like to illustrate my lectures in a really perfectionist way, I had to make several hundreds of slides. It was great fun, but VERY time consuming!
Grondy as a once great man said "yer only as old as the woman ya feel" now if this is some Cleopatra type lady ye be buggered but ye aint old a wee bit wiser...not much like. And if ya feel yer gettin older funt it like we all do more than others it happens and as a great car bumper sticker said 'sh*t happens'.
Thanks people.

Today I'm back to enjoying my second childhood. Elf Winking Smilie Happy Elf Smilie
Well said Grondy! Smile Smilie
As for feeling odl and young, it has nothing to do with age! I have periods of sleeplessness and tehn during the day I feel good for nothing and very old. But right now since several weeks I am sleeping really well, and during the day I am a volcano of energy - I can work much quicker and during much longer periods than the majority of much younger oeople around me. And I feel so young! (Of course, when I look into the mirror and I see my funny old face, the illusion breaks l Wink Smilie Wink Smilie
I'm always brooding. Today I was brooding on something inapropriate to mention here, but here's something else.

We JUST moved here last summer. Now, for reasons that would take forever to explain, we have to move again, so our house in up for sale (anyone wanna buy a house?) so mom is making me scrub, clean, etc. Last night we had a dinner party and so this morning, I had to put away 12 sets of dinner ware in this order: dinner plate at the bottom of a box, with salad plate on top, with saucer on top, with bowl on top, with cup in the corner. And my snotty bro is being EVIL today. I SWEAR he's got orc blood in him. The disgusting jerk is always trying to break into the bathroom when I'm showering or bathrooming. It's so wrong. And now I'm done brooding so I wil just shut up.
What a wretch. You need to delete his e-mail account, or change his passwords. Maybe drop that computer game he plays into the Recycle Bin and click empty.
Brooding? I think I can do that.

I have this really huge Social Studies project to do, and it's going to take 7 weeks, and I'm in my second week, and I've only just started taking notes, because on Monday after school, my time is taken from bussing to piano lesson, doing piano lesson, and walking all the way home, real slow cause I'm with my mum. And on Tuesdya, I have to go to my friend's house and I can't do my homework there becasuse they always have the TV on and the computer going and are all making so much NOISE and watching rubbish cuase it's on the box and then we go to bellringing at the cathedral and I get home and it's 7 and there's no time at all cause I have to practise my piano and my guitar every day and that takes a couple of hours at the least, and on Wednesdays I have to go to the library with my friend and on Fridays I have to wait outside school for 3/4 of an hour and I can't do my homework there, there's so much noise and you can't get comfortable sitting on the concrete, and the acorns always falling on your head and the birds dropping their stuff on you, and then I have to walk to guitar and I have to do my guitar lesson, and then I have to walk allllll the way home and it's even longer than piano, and on Sundays I don't work cause it's against my religion and THURSDAYS AND SATURDAYS ARE MY ONLY FREE DAYS and AS FOR THURSDAYS, THAT MOSTLY GONE WHEN I'M DONE WITH MY MUSIC PRACTISES AND IT'S ANNOYING CAUSE I CAN'T DO ANY WORK AT 6 - 6.30 ANYWAY BECAUSE MY BROTHER IS WATCHING TV AND LAUGHING REAL LOUD LIKE THAT EPISODE OF MR. BEAN WHEN MR. BEAN WANTS THAT DUDE TO SHUT UP AND HE WON'T AND I'M SO JEALOUS BECAUSE MY BROTHER DOESN'T HAVE TO DO HOMEWORK AND HE'S ALMOST 16 AND HE'S DOING SEVENTH FORM!!!!!! HE HAS NO HOMEWORK AND IF HE DOESN'T WANT TO DO WORK CAUSE 'IT'S YUK' THEN HE DOESN'T HAVE TO CAUSE MY MUM'S HIS TEACHER AT HOME AND HE'S ALWAYS JUST SITTING AROUND PLAYING HIS HANDHELD NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I'll shut up now. I've let off my steam.

Man, that was a long post!
Man, that was a long post!

And in the time you took to write it, you could have cracked on with your homework Tongue Smilie

I can understand how you feel, though Loni. It sounds as though you have lot on your plate with music lessons. Can you not do your work in your bedroom, though, if people are watching TV. And instead of waiting outside of school, would the teachers not let you sit in the library for a while. Large projects and deadlines are things many people have to deal with. Part of getting them done, however, is planning on just how you are going to do it. In your case it is a matter of making arrangements whereby you can have somewhere quiet to do your work in.
Homework's a bear, I know...if other people's ambient noise bugs you, try wearing headphones - your own noise might not bug you as much. If you've got to have it silent to work, though, it might be worthwhile to carry around some earplugs. Learning to covertly do homework during class is another valuable skill, I've found Wink Smilie
Learning to covertly do homework during class is another valuable skill, I've found

As is trying to input data aboard a boat that's being tossed around a bit. Quite often I find myself hitting the wrong keys because everything is moving. When things get really bad I also find the drawers on my filing cabinet fly open and try to take my knee-caps off, while the printer and monitor migrate across the desk.

Mind you, I find my task easier than those who are trying to cook at the time.
Can you not do your work in your bedroom, though, if people are watching TV. And instead of waiting outside of school, would the teachers not let you sit in the library for a while.

My bedroom is right by the room where the TV is. It's about two metres away. Besides, my room is so small with my bed in it, the only floor space is a metre wide aisle. i need room to put all my papers and stationery and stuff. And I can still hear the TV AND MY BROTHER LAUGHING HIS HEAD OFF AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can't sit in the library cause this is after school and it has closed and the librarian doesn't like me cause I used to sit with these noisy friends of mine in the ibrary and she doesn't like them.


I've finished my project! I finished it before the bell rang just before school. Social Studies was second period. It's the first day of the holidays today and one the first day back I'll find out my mark! That's over!

But guess what. This holidays I have to swot for a huge end-of-term Maths test which the teacher put off till next term, and finish Science Fair (In the Accelerate Class it's compulsory to do Science Fair, whereas the others don't) and do a practise Australian Maths Competition Paper (It's also compulsory to do all Australian Competitions, Maths, English, Computers, Science, Writing, whereas the others don't) and also a Science project which I've already had an exntension on thanks to my Mum writing a note to the teacher. And my topic is harder than everyone elses (now I realise it) and I can't change cause I've already started.

And please don't say I could've been doing my homework just then because I haven't been on PT for at least two weeks and I think the first day of the holidays should be a free day, cause it's the FIRST DAY OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in between of all this I have to finish my pokerwork runes on my wooden sword and finish sanding it and make that horizontal bit at the otp of the hilt and and carve the hilt, but that's a hobby thing so I do that on Sundays.

And I'll stop whining now and do something constructive.
I've finished my project! I finished it before the bell rang just before school. Social Studies was second period. It's the first day of the holidays today and one the first day back I'll find out my mark! That's over!

Good job, Loni. Smile Smilie I don't have any school to do for another month or so - I miss it but love the Summer season.
My brood is about a neighbor's cow who keeps coming here into our land including the back and front yard - chewing up our plants and trees, which isent the biggest worry but the fact that my dad's very expensive bulls are taking interest in her and will jump the fences once she comes into heat and we can't take the risk of them damaging themselfs in a way that would make it incapable for them to breed our cows. The owner of the reckless cow will not come and get her but wont allow his son to tranqeulize her (fearing that she'll die) so we had the deputy out to see what we could *legally* do about it. The deputy couldn't do anything about it until she entered a public highway and put another person's well being in danger... But it wouldn't be a criminal act to shoot the cow so that is exactly what my dad is going to do. *meh* It has to be done but I wish that poor old stupid cow didn't have to die. Oh well... Very Sad Smilie
A friend had same problem with animal. We had to kill it It was not fun but times it must be.
So worry not little one it will be for best.
LadyFeawen: If your dad shoots her, then he will have to call the rendering truck to get rid of the carcass. Can you not catch the cow and tie her up to a fence post or something and then tell your neighbor if he wants her back he'll have to come and get her. It isn't rustling if you capture her on your property.

We used to stake our cow out in the waterway on a twenty foot chain and a steel bar pounded into the ground. I'd bring her back for a drink at noon and late afternoon. I'd move the stake every couple of days depending on the condition of grass and alfalfa. Of course this was after we got one good cutting of hay from the waterway. Ours was a dry land farm, so one cutting was all we could expect. Dad did the morning milking and I did the evening, except in the summer when I did both.
I honestly didn't want my dad to shoot the cow and said I would take time to try again to get the cow into it's proper field, Grondy, and expressed my feelings to him but it didn't stop him... I try to tell myself "It had to be done.." but it still upsets me. Maybe someday I will be less affected when thing's like that happen, but I doubt it.
Poor cow. I suppose it is worse because you have seen the cow as a live animal whereas most of us don't see them until they end up on our plate.

My son tells me about the baby birds he has tried to save and it takes me right back to when I was his age and desperate to save these poor little things when they fell out of nests or were attacked by cats. It was so unfair that no matter what I did they still died. I am usually able now to accept that it is part of life but listening to him reminds me that at one time it was the saddest thing to see something helpless die.

I am glad he has the compassion within him to feel that way.

It's the same with your cow.... only bigger. You want to help but you can't.

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