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Thread: Describe the person before u!

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Arwen is a great friend of mine and has just come back to life (on PT, that is!). I very much like talking with her; I really enjoyed our little chats we had some while back!

Oh and bugy you where supposed to say something about me but I guess its a good thing that you didn't!

I'm sorry, Erbalwen, but at the time I was writing in this thread, Vee was the last one who posted! I can say only that u're quite new to this site and that, togheter with Nilgaerian and Crystle caves, u intend to take over! hehe

Bugy is really cool and gives good advice...sometimes...I guess... Very Big Grin Smilie

Noooooo!!!!!! Amarie, don't kill the twins!!!!! I'll be right over to rescue them!!!!!
Bugy is a very sweet man from Romania. Smile Smilie I hope to get to know him better and read more of his proses and poetry. Believe me,they are lovely Wink Smilie
He'll be away for a week or so visiting his family and going back home. Have fun,Bugy,and take care! Smile Smilie (tell me how it goes,too.)

Ok,I just realized Nil posted last. Hehe..I believe her to be a very energenic and charming women. She also plans to take over PT (good luck with that,btwWink Smilie),with CC and Erbalwen. I dont know her too well..I think shes some where around 16 and knows Erb pretty well. I hope to chat with you in #PT,maybe I'll have more to say next time. ^.^
I'm only newish at this so bear with me, I been away for a while so don't really knnow you all Smile Smilie

ladyfeawen likes rabbits and cutesy pictures so I things she must be an alright sort of person, soft and kind. Looking forward to getting to know her better Big Smile Smilie...oh yes and she is a fellow resident of Lothlorien which means she is a person of great taste and discernment Wink Smilie Wink Smilie
Star-of-Hope is new and I hope to get to know you better. Welcome!!

Awww, Feawen!!! Wonderful new avatar - it's adorable!! Actually, taking over is going quite well - everyone humors me by pretending I've got them under control and wait till I leave to discuss the truth... Animated Wink Smilie I am turning 18 this month: WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I can't chat - the comp won't let me download the stuff I need. Sad Smilie
Nilgarien is 18 and drinks too much Mountain Dew!

She's not speaking to me because I was horrid about her avatar which I understand is wearing army boots and that's a good thing.

Sorry Nilgarien.

(she hates me.......)
Vee is a 'young' Lady of WoofWoofshire, a damn good Scrubber, and a fiesty harridan that'll show you no mercy in a proper byatch fight! Likes Cats, Kids n wimmin's stuff, like bubbles!

Hates me cos i'm a naughty dafty Welsh-Boyo... Well maybe she dont, but she could prolly kick my ass and i'm as hard as a hard thing...


Orc Going Huh Smilie
Crikey! You know me so well already!

I am really just a fluffy Cheshire cat.

As for Lord Aelric - he's a very naughty boy and shouldn't be encouraged.
Vee is awesome and doesn't like anime avatars. Nah, I don't hate avatar does. Animated Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Aaawww dammit, wanted to see a major Cat-fight before i had to go t'Pub.

Meeow Gals! Tigger Smilie

Have a lurvely weekend everyone...

And Nil, your avatar does look constipated!
Big Smile Smilie
Erbalwen is....Erbalwen. She writes well. So sorry to disappoint you, if you want a REAL catfight, you should be around when Erbalwen and I are angry at each other. Best friends - you love 'em, you hate 'em. Animated Wink Smilie
Nilgaerien is my psyco Canadian buddy who smells like herbal Essence shampoo, kiwis and strawberries, and has peaches and creame oatmeal on her breath! I love her smell, it's so befitting of her personality!
Crystal Caves likes to sniff her friends and that's all I'm saying.

Vee's not going into what she thinks of Crystle's...uhhh...unique habits. Big Smile Smilie
I like to analyse people. I like to know more about the person Im talking to than they know about me. I'ts sort of fun. Nilgaerien is lots of fun to be around, and I'm glad she desided to continue talking to me.
No reason not to. CC (you like that??) is cool, weird, and a fellow American. I've got some weird habits too, but Vee probably doesn't want to know about those.... Big Smile Smilie
Nilgaerien has weird habbits certain council members may not aprove of! Ha ha ha! Dido. Nothing about me is normal!
Erb is a little out of it today, because she didn't get a job she applied for. Sorry buddy. By the by, Sorry about calling Stonehelm a girl. If I hadn't seen him in the Girls Only Forum, I wouldn't have confused that.
CC isn't feeling happy right now but she has all of us taking good care of her so she'll be fine. What?! Erb didn't get the job?! Okay, there's a problem when "best friend" hears news through the grapevine. Just remember, I know where you live, girl.... Very Big Grin Smilie
Me or her? Either was, that's a scarry thought. I only know this because she and I have been playing message tag for a wile now. Nil is mad at me now, and I wonder if she's still gonna keep me from going suicidal. I hope so, because right now, these are my only friends.
Her. CC is still depressed and I'm not mad at her - I'm going to stay right here and keep her form going suicidal, guaranteed. Hey, I know how you feel and I'll be here for you, girl, don't worry.
Nilgaerien is watching over CC to keep her safe.
She needs it, too. Stoney has a big shoulder for when I cry. Though considering the condition of Aelric's now, I don't think you want to lend yours to me. Wink Smilie
Erbalwen is a newcomer who joined in while I was "away". Don't know much about her. She posts here a lot. (And that is good) She lost out on a job recently. Don't know wat else to say, I don't know her very well!
LA86 isn't here! He told me he wasn't going to be back for a year! And then he sneaks in behind my back....

Apart from that he is cool and funny but Iprefer his last avatar. Bring back Aragorn!

Very Big Grin Smilie
Vee's decided she likes my avatar... Very Big Grin Smilie
Hey LA86, glad your still with us! They told me that you would be gone for a year.
Stoney's ignoring the fact that I posted something.... Shocked Smilie Welcome back, LA86!! I agree with Vee, though - I liked the Aragorn avatar better. Animated Wink Smilie
Nil is not being ignored by Stoney. And she is also happy that LA86 is still here.
Stoney replied to Nil!!! Big Laugh Smilie She is happy she's not being ignored.
It appears that Nil and Stoney are the only ones on PT today!!
Vee's decided she likes my avatar...

I still think she's sitting on a toilet but at least I know she is wearing army boots.

Stonehelm ...... what can I say that hasn't already been said?

She is not sitting on a toilet, Vee!! She's on a tree stump! Paranoid Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Just hush...yes, I do.

Erb is gorgeous.
Erbalwen likes Nil's compliment. I'd love to be called beautiful, too, but nobody knows me.(starts to humNobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna eat some worms! doo de doo!)
CC is a diamond. Just from your posts, I can tell that you're gorgeous. (And believe me, I don't throw out meaningless or untruthful compliments.)
Nilgaerien is a peach for being so sweet to me when I need it the most. Thanks for finally showing up, I don't like being here alone.
Aww, thanks. And CC is wonderful for accepting the compliment without complaint. Neither do I - this place is creepy when you're alone.
Is it creepy because the only name on the far side of the forum sheets is mine? That is sort of creepy.
Hey LA86, glad your still with us! They told me that you would be gone for a year.

Don't worry Stoney, the day is not far away when I'll be gone really. I'm leaving next month.

As for my avatar, I admit the previous one was flashier but I like this one. I'm emotionally attached to it. It is actually a painting of the real me. That's exactly how I wld look if I was cartoonised. The right hair and everything. I like this one and I'm not takin it off! U have to get along.

As for Crystle caves, she seems to have forgotten wat to do in each of the threads coz she doesn't post wat she's s'possed to do. For example, no questions in "How random can u be?", no guessin the next person on "Who's next?" , no describing the previous person on this thread. U have to post proper stuff. Or else open a new thread where u can post watever u like. Thank u!

PS Don't turn every thread into a private conversation. U have the chatroom for that. If that doesn't work,u have ur e-mails.
Lordys avatar is part of a drawing made by me as a farwell present and I was very moved to see he used it as an avatar.

Well harsh as it may be I have to agree with Lordy here (on a general basis). Taking over PT is fine with me, active memeber is what we want! But destorying it is a whole other matter. There are plenty of threads suitable for telling how crazy you folks are, (we like crazy people, we adored Plastic!), there is no need to mess up a good, sane, usefull conversation or an harmless fun little game. I know you don't mean to, and I know you are having fun (which we also want you to have LOADS of!) here at PT, but messing up threads messes up the fun for the other members. Sad Smilie

Actually this post is also messing up the game too so hurry, describe me! Or wait till you are not so mad at me... Wary Smilie
Lordys avatar is part of a drawing made by me as a farwell present

That explains my emotional attachment.

Amarie is the best person I've met on PT. She's my sister, my advisor, my caretaker and my thought partner (for some reason we always think alike). She also dobles up as a great person to chat with. I'm so so so glad that I found her! Smile Smilie
The Boy's In Lurve! Awww sweet...

Man i'm away for a mere two days and no Cat-fights??? whatsa going on ppl?

Make WAR, not Love! So Angry Smilie
This is the Describe the person before u thread, Lord Aelric. If you want a cat fight, make a cat fight thread or start a discussion with great argue-potential.

Lord Aelric seems to be an ok fellow who just needs to learn where the correct places to post things are. He has only written one post in "The quest for the straight road" and should write more because it was a very nice post and we need him there, we are just two lonely girls aaall by ourselves...
Your right, i exist in a state of utter chaos and confusion... But i mean no harm, and thanks amarie, i will leave something on "the straight Road Quest thingy" thing is i havent a clue where that stories going to be honest, and i am not the biggest fan of loth-lorien... place makes me wanna sleep, unless Galadriel has had a divorce then, GAME ON!

Angel Smilie

Problem i have with describing the next person is that i havent got a scooby-doo who anyone is, 'cept Vee...

So i'll say the next person likes kittens, bubbles and rude jokes about Elf on Orc jiggery pokery? (will i get banned for that sort of naughtiness? if so i'll delete it heh)

Cat Smiling Smilie

You are confused - this is the thread where you describe who was before you not who is next.

Very Big Grin Smilie
Oh Cr*p! Well what can i say apart from...

You could describe the person before you. That should be easy now.
Vee is going to lecture Aelric until he gets it right.

Sorry about the posts, everyone! We were on here all by ourselves last night and with nothing else to do, we messed up the threads. Sad Smilie
She's always giving me a hard time... but hey i probably deserve it!

Anywho, gonna get it right this time...

Nil is a Chatty, Batty (mentalist), Whacky (utter mentalist) Yanky (Biggest Mentalists in the entire World) Bird - who apparently smells sweetly or somesuch, *sniffs own armpits* well she'll ceratinly smell better than lil ole me - SWEATASTIC!

Oink Smilie
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