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I think the best thing to say about Fea is that she's been one of my best friends here on PT since my first logins. Let her judge if I've been too short on my description...

Namarie, mellon!
Bugyfeanor writes great poetry. And is a real Silmarillion nut and and he loves the Noldor and Feanor.
Vee lives in England, doesn't want to move to Wirral (heh), seems to like Faramir (from the books) a lot. She also doesn't seem to be appalled by the LOTR movies.

Virumor is a great critic: he always has good arguments when debating with someone. He's not too fond of any movie made in Tolkien's world and he will make sure no one will ever touch the 'preciouss' Silmarillion and turn it into a no-hearted-money-maker... (which is good, though a man may still dream! hehe) Well, that's it for the moment!

Since I don't know very many people mine won't be that great but here goes:

A person who seems cool and funny. And can also describe Virumor very well!! Bugyfeanor can also type on a computer keyboard (I'm pretty sure at least!!!)!!!!

okay that's the best I can do!!!!

HobbitHomie05 is a 12 yrs old girl and lives in Minessota. She's stuudying in 6th grade. She likes to play Basketball and playstation2 esp the LOTR games. She has a bulldog who's name I'm forgetting and a cockateal. She likes to write poems and is the only person who has said anything good about my poems. I think I've finally found a fan. Smile Smilie
Lord_Aragorn86 is a 17 year old boy from India and is in his last year of school I believe and he also writes very good poetry and probably enjoys doing that. He likes to get his homework done on the bus ride home from school so he can go right to the computer and logon to PT (he mentioned that in one of his journals!!). He doesn't like Harry Potter and that's about it....... well I don't know if this counts but I just emailed him!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I don't know hobbithomie very well yet, so I assume she hasn't been around for that long. Could be wrong though, haven't been around myself for a long time. All I know is that she's 12 years old and a girl, and that she likes to use exclamation marks. Animated Wink Smilie
Okay, I've been part of Planet-Tolkien for awhile but just now actually began to participate. Ummm...I don't know Tommie, but he seems knowledgable and cool. How's that?? Pixie Smilie

Nilgaerien is new and doesn't know tommie.

HobbitHomie05 is taking over Planet Tolkien. Tomorrow the world!

Vee is an extremely funny English lady. She has a good sense of humour (and that's wat I like the most in ppl). She's very fun to chat with. U'll definitely come back with a huge grin on ur face. She's been on PT for quite a while now. Yesterday she had veggies for dinner.
OHHHH!! I feel important!!!!! Planet Tolkien your mine!!!!

Someone else can describe Lord_aragorn86 because I already have!!
HobbitHomie05 (HH),is a young girl whom I think lives in the US.She seems to be very energetic and sweet and judging from her Aragorn avatar she has a crush on him Elf Winking Smilie
I dont know much else about her but I hope I get the chance to get to know her better sometime! Smile Smilie
I am energetic and I suppose I am sweet!!! I do love aragorn!! I mean who doesn't he is the man!!!!
I do live in the US and I am quite young!! I would like to get to get to know you also!! So you got everything right except that today I am sick and my head feels like a bowling ball but I mean how would you know that!!!

Anyways, LadyFeawen is very nice and she has a really awesome avatar, at least I think it is!!! Nothing like it!!! I think she is a girl but I don't knowher age!! And I think she has been here for quite some time!!
HH05 loves me......oopes I mean Aragorn! (That's my girl!) She plays basketball. She's been nicknamed Gimli by her peers. Rest has been said before! She also writes good poems!
Lord Aragorn is an Indian Tolkien fan with an extreamly atractive avitar(only half serious). He is very good at the guess who's next game, and is as far as I know, a very nice guy.He actually reads the jurnal entries, and renembers them for the most part.
Well Nilgarien certainly didn't know me, otherwise (s)he would have known I'm a she. Animated Wink Smilie
I could have swarn that Tommie was a council member, but I guess she's not!
So sorry, Tommie!!!! Definitely didn't look around before hand!! Wary Smilie I stand corrected and ashamed... Shaking Head Smilie I'm just a nutcase - what the heck do I know?! And yes, I am a she.
Crystle Caves writes great stuff in journal entries and wants to talk to Erbalwen, but doesn't like the Aragorn/Eowyn thread. Better than the last one????

Nilgaerien Pixie Smilie
Erbalwen is my fun-loving, insanely weirded out friend, who is currently still trying to figure out what I'm doing in all these threads. Big Smile Smilie

Nilgaerien Pixie Smilie
Play the game, darlin'. You need to describe me again or wait until someone else posts. Wink Smilie Erbalwen is sweet and caring. Better?? Cool Smilie

Erbalwen seems to know Nilgaerien fairly well, and is able to go on the chat sight so she must have downloaded Cuppa Java sometime....
crystle caves had a spider but then it crawled into his/her mouth and he/she doesn't like spiders anymore nor has one as a pet!! At least I think that was crystle caves!!!
Ewwww...that's enough reason to never allow another spider to live!!! Okay, HobbitHomie is very cute and charming, carrying on lively conversations and making everyone's days better or more fun (or at least mine Wink Smilie ).
Nilgaerien is a very talkative member who is so far the only other member who has admited that their crazy. Nil has an awesome sence of humer, and is a very hard nut to crack if I haven't managed to skare yet. BTB, that was my spider, and I stil cannot look at one without feeling long spindly legs on my tounge, crawling to the back of my throat, and spitting.And I am a girl, I just don't write like one.
Crystle caves is another 13 or 14 yr. old American girl! Does seem to have a good sense of humour (though she hasn't shown much of it here). She has acknowledged the power of my inner eye! I don't know anything else abot her!
Lord Aragorn is great to have along for the ride...humorous and makes good points...sometimes... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie And has to be good looking since Aragorn was picked as both name and avatar. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Nilgaerien's avatar scares me cause it looks like it's gots no eyes!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!
Be nice to the avatar!!!! She has eyes!!!! They're the white spots in the middle of her head, too faint to be picked up in this small image!!!!! Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie HobbitHomie freaks out often. Ah, and Crystle, yes I am a tough nut because you're not scaring me in the least... Smoke Smilie
Nilgaerian is from Japan. She is from Tokyo and likes to say "Kuro, kuro, kuro, kuro, kuro" because she is obssessed with the colour black. Or was it kiiro? No, that's yellow. She is weird and has long hair, which she makes clothes with, just like Luthien did in the SIlmarillion when she was imprisoned.
Interesting evaluation Big Laugh Smilie ...let me try....Loni has no avatar, loves to post on threads and is new.

EDIT: Oops, sorry, Crystle. You must have posted right before me. :S
Loni is MAD! MAD MAD HEIDI! By the by , thanks for writing me! I'm still trying to deside wether to kabob you or to grill you slowly over an open flaime on the range under the beautiful beautiful stars.... Big Laugh Smilie
Crystle is insane, phsyched out, and the coolest person I've met...hmmm, sounds like me.... Big Laugh Smilie
Hmm, do to my absences I don't know anything about Nilgaerien. But she seems to be a nice person!
Stonehelm is femail, and has a really trippy avitar. Where'd ya find it?
Crystle Caves does not suffer from insanity, she enjoy severy minute of it just like me!!!!! She has already corrupted the mind of Nilgaerian and I'm already corrupted so there's not much to do.
Stonehelm is femail

Woahhh there!!! Shocked Smilie Not at all!!! Not even close to any femalness!! Ole Stoney is a HE,HIM,SIR,MALE,LORD,KING!!!
I found the Avatar at a link that Fea sent me. I don't have the link any more, you'll have to ask Fea for it!
Hee hee...Stoney is male, proud of it, and hates to be confused with the feminine portion of this site....and don't worry, Crystle's weirdness just took a turn for the worst at that moment. She gets a bit confused. Big Laugh Smilie
Erbalwen is my best friend and just jealous.... Very Big Grin Smilie And I like Nil, so just ignore Erbalwen's protests - she can get a little keyed up. Tongue Smilie Smoke Smilie
Is 'Nil' really a good nickname? Big Laugh Smilie
Stonehelm is a bloke who has a shiny helmet
Darous has the flu.
Erbalwen just jabbers. Stoney, it depends on what way you look at it: nil on the brain (which is really what I've got. I kinda missed it when they were passing out all the brains so I've got to try to fill the empty cavity with something else), nil as in I have no hotdogs (don't ask me where that came from, I'm just giving examples)...there's all kinds. I like the Nil as in no saneness myself, but that's me. Big Laugh Smilie Which one could you possibly be thinking of, Stoney?? Very Big Grin Smilie

*Nil* Animated Wink Smilie
Erbalwen is probably young and has wayyyyyyyyy toooooooooo much energy! She doesn't like my name - it is the most acceptable abbreviation of Vivianne and she is welcome to call me Vivianne if she so wishes.

Erbalwen is also friendly with Nigiellliaiaiaian.
Vee is a great person, nice and understanding; she likes the book Faramir and, when she's bored, she wanders through the PT threads.
Bugy lives in Romania, is a friend of mine, and is a fine debater!!
Erbalwen is Nilgaeriens best friend, she claims to be insane and trying to take over the world, but so are the rest of us, so that only means that in here she is NORMAL!! Moahahahaaaa Very Evil Smilie

I have also noticed she and Nil and Elizabeth are quite good at writing stories and seem to like Elladan and Elrohir so I would like to invite them over to The Quest for the Straight Road story becauce the twins will die if we don't help them!!! Super Scared Smilie
Amarie is.... just very weird! :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but I can tell you Lord Aragorn is a great Hubby! Wink Smilie!!!!!!

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