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Now, Terrijayne has been around for quite some time but it amazes as well as distresses me (or does it?) to find that my knowledge about her(?) is quite a zilt. Anyways, she seems to post here and there and everywhere else she can lay her fingers upon. I haven't discenred the humourous side of hers yet but I am inclined to believe it lurks somewhere out there. I feel that she might have the British sense of humour. Rest, I'm afraid, is out of the grasp of my knowledge.
Lord Aragorn missed the rain yesterday. In India where he lives it is summer at the moment, and hot. For some reason, maybe Global Warming, it rained where he is when it shouldn't have done. LA was stuck inside, browsing PT, being bored because no one else was around, and consequently he missed the rain. Over here in England, that wouldn't be a bad thing, but LA doesn't get to see too much rain in summer, so I think he was a bit disappointed.

There's more I could say about LA, but as he contributes a lot to this particular thread, most of it has already been said.
Valedhelgwath has obviously read my journal and survived it which would give him the honorary quality of being a nut. Seeing that he's here, he's obviously not on a marine trip on which he spends most of his time nowadays. He had been writing a novel quite a while ago which still remains unpublished (and unfinished?) He has obviously been having a lot of rainy days up there in UK. And yeah, he's quite a gaming freak specially of RPGs which he spends time playing with his son.
LA86 is from India ( Cool Smilie ) and is sitting some exams, which he WILL pass as he sounds very very brainy Genius Smilie he has stated he is depressed and I aksed what we could do to cheer him up so...

Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Winking Smilie Kiss Smilie Scrolling Eyes Smilie Super Wow Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Juggling Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Juggling Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Genius Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Wiggle Smilie

Thinking of you and all PT'ers taking exams good luck >^..^<
Maydmarion likes smilies. She has 2 daughters named Gemma and Kirsty. She's an affectionate person, and hates it when people are down in the dumps. Big Smile Smilie
I don't know much about this PTer.. hehe sorry.. but I hope to get to know them better!! Big Smile Smilie
Inwe (or the previously known HH05) has rejoined PT under another name. She has had troubles with her passwords be it of PT or of her e-mail addresses. She's a lively little girl and used to be my e-mail correspondent a year back. She is one of those girls who will have fun no matter what. She lives the moment to its fullest. She's very jovial and energetic. She's 16(?) now and I've forgotten where it is that she lives (though the name of the place starts with a P or an M). That's all I can remember about her at the moment.
yeah 16 hmm a little off! haha I'm only 13!

Okay well Master Lord_Aragorn is a fascinating guy who i really need to email back (sorry). He is VERY smart and he lives in India I believe. I think I remember you telling me you took up the drums when I told you I got my guiter. And yeah now I'm going to go email him a little email so he feels important!
well, incedently i dont no the person above me but i like this threads idea so can i just "nudge" it? mind u not bump
Elrose is a cool guy who cares about other people (sometimes). He is 26 and lives in California. (totally just made that He likes to joke around.

(as u can not very good at this game) oh well ill still play it
howd u no i live in California? acyually im 13 so yeah...

i stalk Rivvendelelf so i no alot bout her jkjk Wink Smilie shes 14 ish and swims alot? and lives in in northern California? mayb...
Elrose is a community supporter. He likes playing the games we have scattered around the site, writing in text speach (either that or he's an appalling speller) and doesn't seem to have heard of full-stops.
Let's see...even though Val has been a long-time member, and I have been here quite sometime, I have not gotten to know him that well. I know that he enforces fishing industry laws, and that he is very knowledgable of Tolkien, and always gives a wonderful, informative argument when he discusses texts. He has a good picture on The Council page in which he looks very friendly and outdoorsy in his flannel.
Eruwen is always friendly and has always been nice to me and made me feel welcome when I joined PT. Eruwen also has a really beautiful name, Anatasia - I wouldn't change a name like that either. She is also very clever and lives in America (I know - America is a big place!!!) I have been in RP with her she is good at that - don't know why but I imagine her as fair haired (?).

An all round nice person Angel Smilie
OOC: Awww...that was so nice! Thank you, Marion, and you are right...I'm fair-haired. Smile Smilie I have all kinds of nice things to say about you too -- especially surrounding the great energy and personality that you bring to this site -- but I think I'll let someone else say them so that I don't get described again.
doesn't seem to have heard of full-stops.

umm wots a full stop? seriously. and yes i suck at spelling. i fo try though. Cat Smilie mayb not.....

and as i dont no either of the ppl before me ill just leave it like this and the next can describe whoever bloody well pleaaes.
Elrose cares enough to read this thread's past posts towards finding enough info about the previous posters to make his own post about one of them. He also enjoys dredging up old dead threads to drive the better ones from off the first page and into oblivion which was where the old dead ones were best left. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(A full stop is the period normally found at the end of a sentence.)
hahaha when i grow up, i wanna be a trash man! Wink Smilie
Elrose is the culprit who resurrected this therad and brought it back to the first page of the "Ivy Bush Tavern" so that more people might take notice of it and then post. He also writes in the sms lingo which, if he (and others) doesn't know, is too hard to understand for retarded people like me. He doesn't seem to be one having high ambitions if he wants to be a garbage pick-up guy but then that shows his quality of not judging happiness by money and material comforts. And as you might have guessed, I don't know much about him.
I'm gonna cry right now Very Sad Smilie I wish I knew some interesting facts about all you guys and wrote them, but I don't... perhaps it's my fault... I wish someone wrote something about me, but such person doesn't exist, I mean, doesn't exist on this site... and it's again my fault... well, as I'm very modest, I've decided to write something about myself... perhaps this will help...
Well, my real name is Polina, I'm 20, I was born in Moscow (Russia), but now I live in Paris cause I'm having my 2 year in a business school. Actually I'm also a student at the International Business School in Moscow, I've already made 2 years in Moscow and now I'm finishing my 2 year in Paris, then I'll come back to Moscow to study one more year, so at the end I'll have to BBA diplomas from two universities at 21. About my hobbies... horseback riding for about 6 years, tennis and other different sports. I used to play piano, but, shame on me, I didn't have enough will to continue (I was little). I speak (I'm trying to speak) English, French and Italian (I don't count Russian), and I also want to learn Germain, Japanese and Latin (ah, dreams). I like very much travelling, listening to music, especially classic and operas, reading books, Tolkien is the best, but I also like english and american authors like Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dreiser, Wilde, Conan Doyle etc. In fact I read a lot. Well, I have a persian cat in Moscow, very fat and very nice. About my personality... hm... it's hard to say, in one word, not very nice, but it's ok. So...I think that's about all, I think you're already too tired and bored with my... memoires... So, that's me...)
Nimrodel amarie has a very good taste in choosing nicknames and she has a very interesting and busy life. She is also a bit too hard on herself, she is smart, eager to learn and she is very active. She likes animals and she's a cat person, so she is ok in my book. Happy Elf Smilie
I wish someone wrote something about me, but such person doesn't exist on this site... and it's again my fault... well, I've decided to write something about myself... perhaps this will help...

Sure it helps a lot. The next time I have to post in here after you, all it'll require is a bit of copying and pasting from the clipboard.

I should be describing Amarie here. She's a Norwegian female in her early twenties who shifted her location a few months back. And yeah, not to mention her family recently increased by one when she became an aunt (Congratulations, Amarie). She's a very bubbly girl, ever full of humour and charm. And yeah, she's now a certified civil engineer and that's a good thing too. There are many other things I can say about here but I'll leave them for the next time I'll have to describe her. Rock on!
Ahhh, old LA86, been a member for a good long while, lives in (I think) India. He is a regular poster and as friendly a fellow that you could ever meet.

Stoney has been here almost has long as myself, but occasionally graces us with long absences. He's from USA, and the last time I spoke to him, someone had just broken into his truck (was it that long ago?)
If I'm not mistaken Valedhelgwath is one of the Moderator Smilie s and lives in England.
Unfortunately I can't say much about him, but I beleive he's a goog person.
It's impossible to invent such a username not being so Big Laugh Smilie
a goog? i think Elens insulting you Val....once again i dont no much about the person before me so mayb ppl should do wot someone else did and if u want to play this game and u r newer (like me (and Elen for that matter)) u should post something bout urself o ya, when reading my posts, when in doubt go for foo-net-ticks Cat Smilie
im young, 13 ish and live in California, Santa Barbara ish (near Las Angeles) and i used to be bloody obsessed w/ LOTR but now i like games like this more fun....o a, i ride horses, bikes, and im big enough to give two ppl a piggy back ride at once. think 6 foot 2 ish. and waying 180 lbs. sry im not that good at metric so ill just leave it like that. i love playing soccer more than any other hobby and im preety good (im usually on all-stars if u no wot that is) o ya, all though i live in the USA i was born and raised (untill 9 ish, mayb 10) yrs old. next year high school Wink Smilie
He's young, 13 ish and lives in California, Santa Barbara ish (near Las Angeles (Is that between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, by the way?)) and he used to be obsessed w/ LOTR but now he likes games like this more fun....oh and, he rides horses, bikes, and he's big enough to give two persons a piggy back ride at once. He thinks he is 6 foot 2 ish. and weighs 180 lbs. He's not that good at metric and is very sorry about it. He loves playing soccer more than any other hobby and He's pretty good and all though he lives in the USA, he was born and raised (until 9 ish, maybe 10) yrs old. next year high school

Well, I basically just copied and pasted the information given with a bit of editing that I thought was necessary. I hope nobody minds this.
Lord Aragorn is a smart mouth who likes to make fun of ppl. i assume. and i am probably right.
elrose thinks he is always right...hints the post before mine!!!
I don't know a lot about Rivendellelf1977..... I think she's a she, although I guess in the next post or two I'll find out if I am wrong. She seems to get on well with Elrose, and she likes playing most of the games around the site.
Valedhelgwath is one of the council members and a long-time member of PT. His knowledge of Tolkien's work and the layout of Middle Earth is due to his life-long interest in Tolkien and his many years at role playing games. He used to spend the majority of his time playing RPGs, but now focuses on saving fishing habitats somewhere off the coast of England. He used to post alot when I first arrived at PT, but I haven't seen as many this past year. Perhaps married life and work have asserted their rightful spot in his life. Val really knows his stuff when it comes to Tolkien, and you will see that if you read the old threads about the characters. I believe he has a special affinity for The Sil, and is an elf at heart. Nice to see you post again Val! Smile Smilie
Terrijayne... ummm... errmm... hmmm...

She is a little child twice my age. She buys music cds for herself and ends up losing them to her sons and eventually ends up not listening to them. She thinks she blabbers too much, but I think it's a good thing to do when chatting with someone, rather than being quiet and boring Wink Smilie

She's about to become a qualified teacher in about 4 weeks' time I think. Wish her luck for a new job. She deserves it! Smile Smilie
Floyd_Millian likes Pink Floyd. and Millian. and soccer (dont flame me, wait im at pt, ive never been flamed here....)
and he has a cool avatar.
Elrose has a special affinity with squirrels (and I believe other creatures who have a special affinity to nuts). Though I haven't had the pleasure yet of a chat session with him but he seems to be lively enough to make a good person to talk to. I've been seeing a lot of him around here lately (even though its just the game threads he visits most) and he seems to have carved quite a niche for himself. And yeah, if my previous description of him hurt him in any way, I apologise to him for that.
Lord Aragorn, whom I do not know yet, seems to be a very kind young man who apologizes when he is aware that he might offend someone. That must be a very desirable trait on the net! I think he has been a member here for longer than I have--which is about 10 months now.
Gandalf-olorin is a very kind gentlemen who offered friendship at first meeting and hasnt tryed to decieve me yet like most people in the real world (not the net).
Plenty of experience in LOTR and is not a person to doubt as he clearly knows what hes talking about (LOTR of course)!
i dont really know alot bout (i cant spell your name sorry) Ell...something but he seems like a nice guy who likes lord of the rings.
And yeah, if my previous description of him hurt him in any way, I apologise to him for that.
not at all Wink Smilie
i do have an affinity for elephants and Lord Aragon (only joking you)
Elrose spends a lot of time at PT, albeit mainly in the Taverns. His spelling has improved greatly in the past few weeks Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Val is a prim, proper missy CM who propers mainly in the book-related discussions, although she also drops by the Taverns occasionally. She is known for being touchy about Elrose' posts (like all other CMs out there of course)
Aha! Another one bites the dust! Val is a he, my dear! And I'm assuming that you're a she.. correct me if I'm wrong, you should!

Cloveress (Hope I spelled that right!)... her name seems weird to me. Her avatar I have seen before somewhere else... probably on someone's MSN... As a PT member, looking at the number of posts, which are over 700, I'm puzzled as to whether she is an older member than I am... Because I don't remember reading her posts till about September 2005. Anyway, the good thing about her posts is that they tend to bring up some books related discussions! "That's all I have to say about that."

Oh and when two people are involved in a serious conversation, she finds it funny Wink Smilie

P.S. My observations also show that she doesn't read the PT homepage and the Council info page.
Floyd_n_milan is a fellow countrymate of mine and is quite a decent fellow. He's mad about football (even more than me), music and computers. He has joined college and is finally into some serious education while he's at it. He has quite a good sense of humour and is one person I enjoy having long talks with (although it quite damages the credit on my cell). He's very talkative (unless a sour mood is upon him) and can get quite chatty about everything.

I guess this much is enough for now.
LA86 started this thread long ago, and then resurrected it when it became lost in the transition from the old PT. He has graced us with a couple of long absences, but it is good to see he is back with us once more.
Val is just this guy you know?
I knew something about her!!.... but i forgot... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Etharion is someone who thinks Elrose is a girl!
Vee is a mod. she cant take RPG'ing as seriuos as others can, where did i read that, and she is in the chat room sometimes, i never am, just a few times and she is a frood who really knows where her towel is.
Elrose just loves changing his avatar. He just loves changes of any sort.
Cloveress is very cool and very good with her words and taking what people say and twist it around (it shows dat she is clever) Wink Smilie
elassar made the phycological wording thread and i think someone said hes the next tommie...
Elrose seems to have developed a taste to post in this thread. He has another new avatar at his disposal currently having seemingly said goodbye to the squirrel. He does seem to be checking his posting here in the quick chat lingo and is succeeding in it. And most people still seem to confuse him to be a female. As for the rest, since I always seem to find him posting before me, I'll have to leave it for the next time.
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