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Thread: Describe the person before u!

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Sorry about the posts, everyone! We were on here all by ourselves last night and with nothing else to do, we messed up the threads.

Moderator Smilie That's what the chatrooms are for, folks. Not everyone wants to spend time downloading pages just to find idle chatter at the bottom. Please be considerate to other members. Thanks. Moderator Smilie
Humbly subdued. Erbalwen is just a nutcase.
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Erbalwen, I'm running out of things to say. She is sweet.
Nil is going to be 18 yrs old sooner or later. She does post a lot here, there and everywhere. She's a good writer too. She's been having problems lately. But I know she'll pull herself together and move on. Don't know anything else about her. I've been a bit outta touch!
I don't know alot about LA86 but he's a sweetie. Wink Smilie
I'm afraid I don't know too much about Nilgaerian at the moment, but I hope I'll stay and find out more! She seems to be a nice lady...
BugyFeanor is an Elf from Rivendell. BugyFeanor was the second person to enter The Forsaken Inn. (Aren't I clever?) Cool Smilie
Loni's with me on taking over PT.
Nil has reached 200 posts. (Congratulations!) She's an American and thinks of herself as a stereotype American. She's definitely enjoying herself at PT (who doesn't). And she thinks I'm a sweetie? Well, that's contradictory to my self. She likes posting and has posted in almost every single thread in this Forum. Mostly hangs out in the Taverns.
Lord aragorn is... getting very hard to say anything new about! Also, his next post will be his nr 500! Yay! Pary Smilie Birthday Smilie
Grev has an adorable avatar! Sorry, other than that, I don't know.

OK, so does anyone know what I am now that I've passed 200 posts?? Be nice. Animated Wink Smilie
I know what you are Nil! You are leaving! Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
Ok, I know what you ment, 200 posts make you a Ranger!

Nil is now the rank of Ranger and is leaving us, but hopefully won't be gone too long. I hope thing work out for you Nil! She is right about LA86 beeing a sweetie, 'cause he is. She is a good writer, that is true too.

I've got 173 posts? Where did they come from? I think I had over 500 on old PT, so 600 and something posts make me a... what comes after elf-friend? istari? Yes LA86 told me! Cool!
Need I say anything else about my dearest sister after my last description of her. I think not!
Lord Aragorn is a cool dude who i hope isn't still mad at me for my brother's last renegade on my account.
Alright, what level am I on and what is the next one, and how many posts do I need?
Loni goes to an all girl school! OUCH!!!!!
SO since I had 166 on my old account that makes 200!!!! Cool!!!
I've just met Erb on chat and I think she's a very nice girl! Also, I know she'll be taking over for Nil, while she's gone! Other than that... oh, yeah, Erb was a Tolkien fan before the movies.
Buggy's a super cool dude, although crazy, who liked my poem. Thanx again!
Crystle Caves is now a regular at PT. And she shares her account with her brother (!!!!!!!!????) And no I'm not mad at her now. Another fun girl. But posts a lot. Don't know anything else about her.
About Lordy... he has a countdown to something fun that will happen in 6 days, but it is a secret so he wont tell me what it is. Other than that, read above. Wink Smilie

I've just met Erb on chat and I think she's a very nice girl! Also, I know she'll be taking over for Nil, while she's gone
SUPER!!! See you in the Quest for the Straight Road, Erbie! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Amarie well let me see......she enjoys Quest for the Straight Road
Darous is cool!
WHAT!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I've never been on there I have no idea whats going on!!!!
How about this I tell her where you guys left off and she can make it up and I'll post it! Okay??
er.... I'm sorry to say I have not had the pleasure of meeting the above, but....

I know that 'she' is a 'she' (Come on guys.... that's gotta get me half a point?!?)...

She also thinks Darous is 'cool'...

Also, I believe that she is relatively new to PT - I'll go with less than 2 weeks.... Am I close?

If that isn't satisfactory then I'll add that Darous is in the capital city of Northern Ireland & is originally from Coleraine.... That do?

Big Smile Smilie Animated Wink Smilie I Wiggle Smilie

Yup that'll do!!!!
Legolaslass has a cute avatar!!!!!! (Sorry don't know much about her)
Erbie is a lady and visits "This is ONLY for girls" often, and is great pals with Nil.
Loni has a habbit of posting long and strange exclamations, with many smilies. That denotes a very joyful person! Dunno what else to say... at the moment!
Bugy is a funny lass who likes to write poetry... uh... too tired to think of much else... sorry Bugy
I'm reading a post by Andrea after a long time. She likes dyeing her hair now and then. She's crazy after Steven Tyler. Lives in the US. She likes going to rock concerts. And there is nothing else I know of her!
Bugy is a funny lass who likes to write poetry... uh... too tired to think of much else... sorry Bugy

Sorry, Andrea meant to say lad (I hope! hehe)... at least I was one the last time I looked!

LordAragorn left me little to say about him; well, he's a great guy, and though I haven't gotten the chance to talk to him 'til now, I hope that'll change! Oh, and there was smth about him leaving us?! (seriously, what's that all about?)
Yes, what is that about?

Bugyfeanor is a guy from Rumania that likes to stay up after midnight. Good on him! He is often mistaken for beeing a girl.. (as I am, when people see my email address..) Wink Smilie He is a friend of Arwen and the cute rabbit (lady fea) Smile Smilie
Grev is a Norwegian. He's a great friend of Celebrian and Amarie. He's suddenly started posting a lot on PT and that is good. He's very good at making ppl laugh (which is very good). He seems to be a nice guy. Actually I'm sure he is. And he has a girly e-mail address?

And yes folks, I'm leaving PT and everything but there is still time. 1 month left! Don't worry, U'll have had enuf of me by the time I leave and that's my promise.
Lord Aragorn is an Indian fella. He calls me Turk (Or at least he did today) He's trying to find out the best route into the gaming industry. He took over my thread (this one) and seems to like it more than anyone. He's always leaving the PT but he's actually never leaving PT.
Asteroth is a great big yummy red devil and I want to hug him and squeeze him and burst him....

Too much chocolate....

Wiggle Smilie
As youre one (Vee) of the few folks here i actually know something about on PT, i feel only now i can join this thread (note to self: goto chatroom after work).

Vee, choco-fanaticultist, born n bred in Thorntown (BERKS), lives chocolate, eats chocolate, drinks chocolate, sweats chocolate and talks in chocolate tones...

Snowman Smilie
Lord Aelric is a fun fella. Incidently, a question posed by me led to a wild and stupid discussion in his office (which I wld have liked to be a part of). He seems to be a cool guy. (Actually, I'm sure he is.) Obviosly accesses PT from his office so I daresay he has a lot of time on his hands in the office (or is not a very hard-worker *sniggers*)
Lord Aragorn again huh? Let's see;

Lord Aragorn has an interesting combination of Avatar-Nickname. (I wonder what that "P" is for) 1/3 of the all messages in this thread belongs to him. Most of his messages can be found in the threads which are not related to Tolkien, mostly games such as "Who's next" or "Sound Charades". (And also, one of the next 3 posts will belong to him as well. Smile Smilie )
Asteroth used to have an avatar of a Satan-cartoon (at least that's what i think). Now i don't know what his avatar should be. Also, i think it was Asteroth who started this thread under a different name at the old PT, before LA took over.

He's from Istanbul, Turkey. 18 years old? He also seems to have a hate-love relationship with the LOTR movies.
And Mr V, the famous curmudgeon of the LOTR films, offers a great deal of comment and criticism of the Movies, the director and the cast, to which i am almost always sympathetic, though he gets slated for it...heh
Obviously a Brit, and judging by his posts a veteran of PT... besides that i know nothing!

Duck Smilie
Lord Aelric seems to be a nice fella. He has a good view of the movies (He doesn't like them) Seems like he's more than "just a tolkien reader". He thinks Virumor is a Brit (He's Belgian) He's having a hard time finding a suitable avatar for himself and finally, i think he's Irish.
Asteroth is from Turkey, but what's more important is that I've found about Blind Guardian and their Tolkien related music from him, which I'm really grateful for! (thx, Asteroth!!!!)
Bugy wants to have a chat with me but he needs to know its almost impossible due to my time constraints. He keeps posting here,there and everywhere. His posts are a bit hard to notice......they blend well into the environment. Don't know him very well so can't say more about him!
LA86 misses Nil!!!!!!

She says HI LA86!!!!!
Lady Erb is friends with Nil, and is for the moment being, her mesanger.
Crystle writes beautiful poems and she thinks I'm crazy (or was that 'nuts'?!)...
I have only been a member for about a month so i will describe myself.
I am a member of PT I have medium knowledge in the books of JRRT. I am a human being but on PT I think i'm an elf. I have less than 200 mithirl peices. I live in the wonderful world of Disney... actually i live in Lothlorien.
Randalllin has too many 'l's in his/her name. He/she is an elf in Lothlorien so I shall probably meet him/her at one of Galadriel's infamous parties.

It's my turn!! And, Oh happy day - I get to do Vee!!

Well, what can I say about our wee Vee?!?!

Vee is a fab gal who I am often associated with, in chat, for being either disruptive or just plain mad !! Very Mad Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie It's all good!

The Good Lady Vee lives in Berks, UK & has a 'cute' son & a daughter. Vee can wiggle 'bunny ears' like nobody I know - Fab!!

Vee likes long baths & Merlot wine.... She is at PT most every day - which is a good thing as far as the rest of us are concerned.

I don't want to give out anything too personal.... Data Ignore Smilie protection & all that! Big Laugh Smilie ha ha

But I will say that Vee is a credit to PT & has many chums here - Myself being very glad to be one in that list! Wiggle Smilie
Legolass is leaving us for a while Sad Smilie She's a great pal of Vee so I presume she should be as much funny as Vee. I haven't chatted with her much but she once thoght that I was blind. I hope she doesn't think the same now. She's Irish. But uses lots of French.
Lord _aragorn86 hasn't gone yet.

Wiggle Smilie

Vee's one of the funniest ladies here and is of course waiting very patietnly for me to leave this beautiful place.
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