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I somehow always get confused between Elrose and Elessar.. I have no idea why. But apparently Elessar is the person of choice of Elrose, to describe. Now apparently, Elessar is sick of having himself described by Elrose. Also, from what I gather, he's just in the one RPG.. Wedding Story. I cannot confirm this because I don't visit the RPGs. Elessar apparently has a problem with identifying peoples' gender. Oh and apparently, his favourite emot is that Orc one, with the horns moving.

Hmmm apparently, posting about Elessar makes me over use the word apparently.
i would never have thought of a better explanation myself.... well of myself!! I am tired of Elrose describing me, most of the time he is wrong (like my name) and other things but you got my smilie thing right Orc Grinning Smilie

Now on to you: I have talked to Floyd_n_Milan on the chat and he is a friendly person to talk to, i think he is around 18 or 19 from what i can remember i vaguely remember he gave me some advice about someone??? oh well a pleasant guy Elf With a Big Grin Smilie im swapping to this one!!!!!!
longhosen is the person who always posts right before i do so i can describe him :P
he also seems to be delusional, he thinks his name is Ellesar Losse something. but we all no its Elly longhosen.
He is a funny little ( ? ) man that I havent seen around for a while Smile Smilie likes to open old threads like meSmile Smilie
oh yeah i forgot about this thread, um um um Mellon (ill give it my best shot ok), well she is a cool kinda gal who always visits the games thread, as im forever seeing the Gate Of Moria avatar, which i think is very coincedental to her name hehe, um she has a wide imagination as i have seen from the games threads, and she is one of the first people to post in the 'Psychological Wording' thread created by yours truly, and ......... hmmm ........ let me think.......... oh yes she is humble which is uncommon in this day and age, as if i can remember correctly she gave up her option of posting a secret word on 'Wheel of Tolkien' .... um overall a good ole pal to talk to and have a joke with Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (i hope that was good enough)

thank you for saying that Elrose is a little ( ? ) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie he keeps calling me Longhosen, Loss is simple aaarrrggg
Well, I don't talk to him a lot any more, but Losse seems like a cool guy. He's a bit off the deep end (currently floating in a rubber duck at the 45-50 feet water line, I believe ^_^) I have the feeling that he's around 17 or 18. He likes to post in RPGs, and used to open new ones quite often. I get the feeling that Losse is joker; seems as though he loves zeh trickery!
Icefangs, I think is a young girl, in her teens and I get the impression from rp that she has a thing about Etharion and visa versa!!! Her avitar is cute - anamie (have I got that right?). Again I think, very nice, clever and bright, along with Cloveress (I keep thinking they are the same person - but that happens when you get older - do you know each other??) - good to see young blood keeping JRRT and PT going "remember to pass this love of Tolkien onto your children" l o l. No matter how much I try my daughters are not into JRRT :o(

Well Maydmarion is obviously not a young girl anymore, but she can act like one sometimes and she is still quite cute. I think I might even brand her as a child at heart. She is such a mother to us that sometimes she even forgets our names and who we are and if we're the same person or not. But of course all that doesn't matter. She is caring and understanding (just please don't make her a CM) and I think I'll always keep her on my list of people not to poison.
aaah yes dear Cloveress, well she is a very intellectual for a 15 year old, which is uncommon, she likes to have a stab at arguing a point, and she does get it right and can twist things to make her right, so a Clever Lass Elf With a Big Grin Smilie she cool and fun to talk to
Loss lives in the UK - not too far from myself. He is very nice and when my daughter's friend died, his words were kind and helpful. Not sure about his age but I think he is at Uni ??

He likes to enter into all things fun and doesn't offend anyone - an all round fun and very likable person. Waving Hello Smilie
Maydmarion...hmmm...she is a mother of some amount of daughters...maybe...she is a thankful person who is around 40? (dont get mad if im wrong) apparently she is like the mother of all us youngsters at PT and gets our names confused (typical mother [lol]) i cant think of anything else...
Rivendellelf (I can't remeber the number) is a longlost member who has recently decided to return to our happy little community here. I will admit that I've missed him, even though he didn't rally do anything for me or anything. He's just a presence that lingers around and can be felt if lost.
Cloveress is a charming, green, little girl who wandered here "Once upon a day" and has planted her firm roots in this forum and has contributed in making this place a bit more fun. She (dis)pleases everyone monthly with her award giving ceremonies in which she gives away to anyone and everyone she knows to keep all of us happy (even though the awards given are arbitrarily thought of).
arrr y cant i describe longhossen?
well, i didnt rreally look at the name but i think that avatar is lord aragorn or possibly some number and aragorn or something
hes a cool guy
A member who hasn't been around for a while Smile Smilie He is indeed a joker and a happy person as far as I know Smile Smilie Hope you'll come back Happy Elf Smilie
A fun person, who is a mother, and very apt at describing people! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
And above is one who is even more apt at describing people, our hopping Fionwe Urion. He is a brave young man (or should I say, a brave young Maia), loves to throw witty comments on people, and ever eager to win awards from me. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Aaaaah yes, Clover, a bright young lass who thinks deeply and doesn't shy when she has a point to make but doesn't hold a grudge (maybe on Vir). Which is of course a good thing Orc Smiling Smilie Although her personality has split for the holidays, Clauseress??? It won't matter what I put about her, as I read the she can't read. So, her other half is absolutely horrid............. of course I'm joking Orc Grinning Smilie But, if we all know Cloveress she won't hold this against me, as she's too nice to do so Elk Grinning Smilie
Oh, yes, Loss, Elessar Loss’helin, a bright laddie, with a quick tongue, but apparently somewhat inept when it comes to sarcasm. A very long-winded fellow, with a bit of Entish in him Christmas Tree Smilie , possibly related to Treebeard. He obviously likes difficult names, with somewhat debatable nicknames... Orc Grinning Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oooo, what fun! Fionwe, I get to describe you again!

Well, he is, apart from being what I said above, very humourous, somtimes that child in him comes out and charms everyone out of their wits. And somehow, from his posts, I think of him as American.

Oh and I haven't seen Losse around lately, so I'm glad you're back now, Loss.

And thanks for the very very complimenting post.
Again she has posted ...Our green loving fairy and nowadays also as the good fairy who makes our wishes for x-mas comes true.She contributes with her monthly awards as well ,which we all look forward toSmile Smilie Most of all I'm proud to call her my friend at PT (among others)
I get you again! A sharp minded woman who always knows what to say. Her energy and wealth of knowledge are a very nice thing to have around...

It becomes increasingly difficult to get on now, which is quite upsetting, considering how much I love getting on. Hopefully things will start calming down in the next few weeks, I'll be back to my old rate of posts (20-40 a day) as soon as they do down.
Well, no need to fret Clover, for I have returned Orc Smiling Smilie oh and no problem

Well, Fionwe likes to Roleplay, but when he wants to be blunt he does what he wants. Although I'll ignore the inept at sarcasm comment..... Apart from Roleplaying, he enjoys the games here, hence why he put 20-40 per day Orc Smiling Smilie Although I don't see him around the "Tolkien" threads, and by that I mean the discussion/debates. Seems like a nice guy, I would think about 15-25 years old, but I don't know for sure as he is not in "The Party Tree". Also, I get the feeling he wishes to be an elf, well you never know theres always Next Year's Christmas Orc Smiling Smilie

oh yeah, What's so debatable about Loss??? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I think of Loss as a dear brother across the Sea(England -Norway)) He is known to help PT members in any way ,being the kind person he is Smile Smilie He knowns a lot about Tolkien and is often to "see"in different threads in the forumSmile Smilie He started one of the threads in Current Games Smile SmiliePsycholgical Wording
Haha, I get you again!

A very nice woman, very "friendly". Doesn't take offence, and quite forgiving if she does. Always knows what to say, and very polite.

I have posted many times in the discussion threads, just most of the time I don't because it would take me a while to type sometimes and so I might not be able to finish. 16.
My feet are not yet firm on the earth of this planet and already I've caught the tail of amusement.


Well, let's see about this Fionwe character. He's like a long-lost cousin of mine or something. Haven't seen him around during hibernation. Glad to have caught him at this thread. He loves bows and arrows and if he was a Man (as opposed to an Elf) he'd most certainly be a rough-looking Ranger. He's got a soft spot in his heart, though, so I wouldn't say he's barbaric or anything. He's the kind of guy you'd wanna have on your team for an expedition, tough to your foes and gentle to your friends.

Cloveress is someone well worth getting to know. She is sweet and kind and I feel I can trust her and I much enjoy her company on PT Smile Smilie
Sian, a mysterious member, is... mysterious Elf With a Big Grin Smilie, not very talkative, but is very willing to show her oppinion (of which is always pleasant and smiley Orc Smiling Smilie ) I would very much like to know which 'green' she is of Orc Grinning Smilie
Loss is very pleasant and kind. his like to help and welcoming!! Elf Smilie Pary Smilie
Samadhi is 12 and is from Sri Lanka. She's also one of our newest members and a fun little lass to have about!
Thorin is from Mauritius.he is 19 for this October 30. he is a good friend. changing with the time Orc Grinning Smilie is very helpful and very funny Jumping Flame Smilie
Samadhi is very pleasant and fun to have on PT! She is from Sri Lanka and speaks English well and I'm glad she can spend time here.

Sian is someone who I've never actually talked to but I've read a lot of her posts and she seems like a great person.

Arwen is a diligent administrator, consistent on this website unlike most of us. She is always willing to help and although I have never spoken to her, she seems like the kind of person who derives enjoyment from assisting others. Planet Tolkien would not be the fantastic community it is without her.

 -Gror Falkbeard Gror is a good mate, a fellow born and raised and now lives in aussieland. Unlike me, he's very well mannered and jovial. He is a good guy to confide in and has a big heart. You're a great dude gror.
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