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you no its fun to talk about me!! :-P
(this isnt a real post...)
Elrose is also the one who starts a thread about writing a story and then never checks it again!
I just finished chatting with Gandalf and he is a good fella. He's much older than me and had read LOTR first in 1971 which is way before I was even born. He has a very light version of a paranoia about computers taking over the world and believes that will result in the end of literature. And well, before I could gather anything else, I got pinged out and by the time I logged back in, he had left. So, this is all.
Finally I get to have my say about LA86!!! Well, on the whole, he's a funny guy... I don't know his age or his location, but I'm guessing he's about forty, living in England, and loves children and also has a special liking for goofing around (now where did I get all this from?)Anyways, back to the facts. La86 is a humourous, well-loved, happy member of PT.
I'm guessing he's about forty, living in England, and loves children


now where did I get all this from?

Exactly what I want to know!

Anyways, Cloveress has got this avatar which gives me the butterflies by the way she looks at me. Cloveress is a lovely, young girl (about 15ish, I should guess) who is stuck in school (or so I would like to think). Apparantly, she doesn't go around PT much or she wouldn't have had such huge misconceptions about me. I'm afraid I don't know much about her since she likes to keep herself to herself.
Hmmm... you're not a forty-year-old "adult in body, child at heart" guy? Shocked Smilie Interesting...(I mean, at first, I thought you were an old friend of Grondy's from his 1970 tea party Ha Ha Ha Smilie )

I'm actually one of the newer members, since I joined up in May. I'm not even a year-old member yet, so I wouldn't know our dear LA86 very well (thanks to your long absence). I don't know how you guessed my age so accurately (I'm 14), but you hang around the Ivy Bush a lot and I'm guessing you read all the older posts too.

Just a few corrections there: first, I am not troubled by school, never been and never will be Dunce Smilie . second, I go around PT quite a lot(almost every day in fact) and that is precisely the reason why I got my impression of you.

Not a real post, next person just describe LA86...
I'm guessing LA86 is in his early twenties. He seems like a goofy guy who obsesses over Aragorn, poor guy, and I'm thinking he likes to see small children--cry??? I don't really know him that well, because we've never met in the chat, but that's all I can guess about him..........
hm im guessing that Icefangs is very forgetful as she hasnt desribed the person before her, but she seems very nice and you dont want to make her angry (shez part human part snow queen)) ice baby ice!
Elessar doesn't read people's posts carefully enough (I specifically told Icey told to describe me). But he's still a charming young man who has started many threads here. He's also a righteous lad who would rather work his way onto the council by being a goody goody member rather than by bribing the hungry CMs. He loves weddings and in his RP thread A Wedding Story, is about to get married. Congrats Elessar!
oh yeah i didnt rean that part, but anyway

Cloveress is very good at picking out mistakes ALOT well at me mostly hehe she can say what she thinks as i know from the wedding story,(well shez drunk in it so she does speak her mind or glare for no reason) very caring and say beautiful when needed.

(thanks for the congrats maybe you should get together with my evil twin ur begining to like him arent ya hez not so bad Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie )
Elessar is a elf from...wait a sec...Lothlorien! Aha! Betcha didnt know that ey??! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How the heck should i know so many people?? I keep forgeting what i had for lunch!!
i take it from his post that hez a clever clogs or hez a stalker!! anyway a fellow elf but from wait for it..............Beleriand!!!! WOW

um you should know me your in the wedding an usher arent you?
this guy got me into the website his nickname is losse in real life hence his name Lossehelin.

and if u think he is sarcastic on this site u should see him in real life(he just dosent stop). why wont he stop? whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy?

he is still a very funny guy though. and the highlight of his day is to get someone to try and spell his surname wilans. he uses clever wording to confuse his enemies and any other poor soul he comes across. now shall i tell u about the Elessar Lossehelin that u all know............
Turgon is the evil twin of Elessar that he talked about. He might not be a physical twin of losse, but he talks and acts in a very similar way and in my mind's eye they look alike too. He thinks Elessar is sarcastic, but hey, look at himself...

And Cool Smilie to Elessar about the picking mistakes comment. I am considering falling in love with Turgon. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Then we can all be one big family!
Here's Cloveress again to give me the butterflies. Well, as far as I've gathered since my last description, she loves school (I wish I had that trait too) and is 14 years old. She seems to be a nice person for me to talk to. And she has that subtle sense of humour in her that I love. And I'm sure she is a great friend.
LA86 is a faithful ole guy who loves Aragorn, some would say too much but not me itz a crush not love hahahahhehehe. apart from that hez a good guy who adds comments when necessary and is strong against things that people say i cant wait to what he says aboout the Aragorn thing hehe

Cloveress: well good for you, youd be perfect for eachother but you would need to sober up if you want to get with him. oh yeah itz not that he thinks that im sarcastic, itz because i am sarcastic that he said it, and ps. we are completely different in almost every way Orc Smiling Smilie the only thing thatz the same iz that we are both members and that we both pretend to be the same hehe and we are sarcastic online when we need to be and offline we are always sarcastic (hope you got all of that im shattered!!!)
and good luck woth the Turgon love thing Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
From what my brain has gathered from the above posts, I assume Elessar is a young, jovial, amiable guy who likes to tease people. He claims to be different from Turgon, and I believe him. He probably thinks I'm going to come up with an absolutely wonderful post dripping with sarcasm, but the truth is I'm feeling really really exhausted now and my poor head is not whirring. So excuse me for this hasty and probably inaccurate description of dear Elessar.

Turgon, just be a little more confident in the RPG. Cloveress thinks you're cool and is drawn (shyly) to you. It's good that men make the first move... and Elessar can even play matchmaker if he wants, the sly dog!

Oh yes, and LA86, you do a much better job describing me than I do you. Shocked Smilie *jiggery butterfly looks to you* I'm looking forward to being friends with you! No what am I saying, I'm ALREADY friends with you!

Affectionately to all,
Dear Clover. She seems to be a witty young girl who likes to play pranks on others. In my mind's eye, Clover, I picture you as a small 14-year-old, like petit. I think if we met in real life, we would get along great! For some reason, my poor eye's mind also pictures you as a blonde.... can't figure that one..........
Icefangs is some crazy girl that lives across the street! lol no not really, move like a few streets over. She is an awsome artist and funny when she wants to be. She has 2 cute dogs and 2 cute cats, and has a thing for midgits in buttless chaps :S (hey, dont ask me, as her)
Ahh... Rane... Rane, Rane, Rane, Rane.... She's the kind of person you'd expect to run around outside, up and down the street, screaming "Teh eveal!!! Sporks are gonna get meh!" Yeah, she's a bit odd. I've known her forever though. She lives across the railroad tracks from me, and she'll be sixteen, soon. I am honestly worried about everyone else on the road when she does.....
Icey...the old snow queen, as mentioned above. She doesn't seem like a snow queen to me though. She's so full of warmth and vigour! She's an imaginative girl in her mid-teens (I think) and her mind's eye pictures are really really inaccurate. Blonde? Moi? C'est impossible. Shocked Smilie
Clover is one of those people I should know more about since she is quite an active poster, but sadly I haven't had as much time to be here as I'd like. But I know where her avatar is from, and it seems that not many can say the same. Very nice avatar, it makes me happy when I see it. Smile Smilie
I think of Amarie as a beautiful elf-maiden, somehow related to Galadriel, and giving evidence of that elf wisdom in her posts. I had better not get too carried away as Mrs. Gandalf might object! (HA!)
Mr. Gandalf is a respectable wizard of great wisdom here. He doesn't come in here enough for me to know him really well, but he participates in all sorts of threads and games. And now I also see that he's probably middle-aged. (Better stop here, in case I make the same mistake of mistaking a person's age again)
Clover is an intelligent 14-year old. I love reading her posts, for she is a wonderful writer and witty to boot! She likes to guess what people are like, but is often wrong...for example, Mir's age and Val's gender. He, he. She is often a breath of fresh air in the forums, and gets people to think about Tolkien and characters in different ways. I'm glad she joined PT!
Eurwen roleplays...possibly, she has a avatar that makes me think of Eowyn. and thats it...
I think Elrose is a mid-teen age guy. He seems pretty crazy, and reminds me of once of my real-life friends. He likes to roleplay and I picture him with a name, like.... Eric, or Joshua;

Just tell me how wrong I am, dude Elf Winking Smilie

Icey, from what I gathered these past two days, is terribly afraid of spiders. That surprises me because I always thought Icey was a hard tomboy who wasn't afraid of anything. I still guess that she hasn't got many other fears. Icey's our lassie!
Cloverness is a teenage girl and I get the impression from her threads, very mischievous in a nice way. I keep thinking of her as a little fairy and having a giggle with her friends (with whom she has a plenty). The threads also come across as being very intelligent and again full of fun. Big Smile Smilie
Marydromenion or something is...a girl...and likes rping and seems nice...
Elrose likes the RPGs. Sometimes he posts in some discussion threads too, but not too seriously. His current avatar reminds me of the Celtic Football Club from Scotland.

Hmmm. Tell you what. Whoever's posting next, post something not nice about me. I get so sick of hearing only the good (or not bad) things about me in this thread. Say something about me that you don't like. Hopefully this wish of mine will be fulfilled by someone other than LA86. Oh and as a sidenote, I don't get offended very easily, so don't worry.
Bad things to say about Floyd? Actually it's difficult... He even has the same favourite band as me. I could slag off his football team, I suppose.... Yes, Floyd... What's wrong with supporting a local team. You have to steal a European one! Oh, and Floyd's feet smell really bad, he bullies small children and is cruel to animals (I made the last three up, but he did ask for bad).
For some reason i view Valedhelgwath as a person i can turn for help (if i need help of course) a very wise person that is very rare to find in such times, elf of wisdom i name thee. But as i dont know Valedhelgwath that well i can only assume unless someone can vouch for Valedhelgwath Orc Grinning Smilie
Elessar obviously doesn't pay much attention to the previos posts and threads and hence has made the mistake of thinking Val is a female elf (LOL) which he's not. He obviously a Tavern person (like me) and likes to stay out of the serious discussions. Though his 420 posts are scattered around the taverns and a few other threads, they are very straightforward and serious. So, I've come to think that he has a very mild sense of humour. And hence I think that he's not exactly the attention-grabbing type of person and likes to stay away from the limelight. And moreover, he believes strongly in friendship though he's very careful in choosing them.
what a nice way of describing me!

(you know what i have made that mistake many a time assuming what gender people here are, i must look on that gender identification thread b4 i assume anything, ive changed it so that i dont put her, sorry Valedhelgwath, sorry!!)

Now on to LA86, HE am i correct? he is very quick in his thinking as we have plainly see and he is very clever with what he says, he doesnt want to be mean but can make the odd funny comment now and then, okay most of the time but never offends anyone. Kind to everyone as people have put on this thread a long time ago, that means he has pledged his allegiance with Tolkien and his fellow man aka US!! Overall a fine fellow who is good at picking out mistakes, which is good in some cases, i think, you can choose, afterall he is part of our big happy family.

(i hope that's enough to follow what he put after me, i tried LA86, I tried) Orc Grinning Smilie
i dont no ellesar cuz he rp's and i dont really. hmmm. i pretty posted cuz i want someone to point out the bad things about me cuz i also am sick of the good stuff. and im sick of my slang/chat lingo.,
Fair enough....Elrose can be cheeky sometimes and point out mistakes and takes pleasure in it. He needs to change his Avatar (WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE PANDA THATS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW) hmmm what else, he is fed u of all the good stuff that people put about him (see previous post) and comes up with the most randomest stuff you could ever think of (is that bad?)

Is that okay for bad points Orc Grinning Smilie

Elrose: im only in one rp, the wedding story im not any others haha

elesar longhosen. he wears long hosens. and thinks hes aragorn. and is getting married over the internet. :-P
An intelligent youth who knows a lot about Tolkiens books . Like being different caracters ? Makes me laugh a lot whit his funny answers in different threads.....Loves to make a joke or two
I dont know a lot about mellon, Ummmm... She is very nice from what i've seen in threads however I've never chatted with her so i dont know much,
tiger/aragorn estel is in chat alot. however im not sooo. it looks as if she/he is starting to post more.
cool name.
Elrose loves Flogging Molly. Though I'm not very sure how Molly likes being Flogged around. A nice, perky sort of chap who gets excited very easily. He has a sweet tooth and loves chocolates and all that sort of stuff. He wanders here and there through the site and prefers to leave his "Elrose was here" (though written in different words in verious posts throughout the site) notes all around. I guess this much should suffice for now for I am at a loss to figure out anything else.
L_A86...he is from India. i think, pretty sure. actually i only like m n m's.
hes funny.
wierd funny :P
Elrose is the recipient of the "Most yelled at" award dished out by Cloveress and I don't blame him or her. I would like to thank Elrose for being there to help us vent out our frustration. And, therefore, for making our lives less stressful. And actually, I don't have a darn idea what to type here but I'm still doing it for two reasons: (1) I'm bored and have nothing better to do. (2) I wanted to revive this thread.

PS Elrose, if you find faults with me for not describing you here, I'll make sure that you'll get the same award the next time too. Peace!
LA86 is quite popular around PT, because of his humour and activity, although he has been dormant for the last few weeks. He is the winner of the "most innocent" award sponsored by Cloveress (aka me), but anyone on who has been in an MSN conversation with him would know that the respected Miss Cloveress was just testing her sarcasm and trying to outdo Miruvor for the sarcasm award. Anyways, none of this stops LA86 from being a well-loved member of PT.
Aaah yes young Cloveress, very imaginative with her words and quick on her feet, she is very knowledgable and has a severe case of Tolkienitus, (along with all of us) i think i caught it off her...............
I think Elrose is a mid-teen age guy. He seems pretty crazy, and reminds me of once of my real-life friends. He likes to roleplay and I picture him with a name, like.... Eric, or Joshua;

Just tell me how wrong I am, dude

i never did.
im a teen (13) and i dont specially like rping. and my name isnt like Eric. or Joshua. thaose are some pretty ugly names. im hurt.

soo Elesar. someone said he is the next Tommie.

he thinks i should change my avatar. i just might.

Well I thought Elrose was a lot older but with a different name - maybe Matthew or Mark. I don't know much about you though your threads sound a lot older and mature!

You like the Flogging Mollies - coz you got them as your avitar - it looks good but I thought at first it was a Brownie or Guide badge - sorry :o/ Maybe our avitars should be a bit bigger for us all to see the details.

You do seem very friendly - keep it up.
Maydmarion is a wonderful, warm English person, whom I look forward to seeing around PT. She has had a surgery rather recently on her back, from which I hope she is recovering or has recovered. She also has a tatoo that looks just like her avatar -- very cool if I do say so myself! She is married, and we often can joke about our a loving sort of way Wink Smilie. I also believe she is a mother, but I can't quite remember how many children she has. I picture her as very fun-loving and full of laughter and smiles.
I havnt had a chance to have a discussion with Eruwen, but heres kinda what i know about her:

Shez a member of PT Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Birthdate: August 27th 'Party tree' thread

Seems a very nice person that would be good to have a normal discussion with but I wouldnt know because ive never had one with her hehe but can someone prove me vouch for her?!?

Elrose: please please stop getting my name wrong, call me Loss okay!?!
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