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LA86 wanted me to come back for awhile, so here I am. Couldn't resist. Animated Wink Smilie Soooooooooo glad he hasn't left yet!!!! *gives a huge hug*
*gives a hug back* I'm soooooo glad that u're back. And as for me leaving, its inevitable.

Nil is an excellent girl. Oops! She's legally a lady now. A proper adult! She turned 18 a couple of days back. She writes very well and never fails to respond to my PM's. She's in the US and had been away for a while due to "undisclosed" reasons. But now she is back (with a vengeance?)
lord aragorn is only eighteen and hey why the hell does no one ever pm me?
marsh Sad Smilie
I'll PM you - watch. But beware that the favor must be returned....with an eager hand to help me take over!!! So you see, LA86, I am back with a vengeance - how could it be otherwise??

Anyway...Marshy (sorry, you need a nickname Wink Smilie I'll change it if you don't like it but it fits you.) is new and never gets PM's but will get one from me as soon as I'm done here.
Nilgaerien has an avatar that reminds Vee to use the toilet. She is a most exellent writer and are aspiring to become the textbook example of "fun".

She is a very cunning eighteen-and-a-bit year old girl, planning to take over PT. She does that by coming here and enrichen our lives by her very presence, and then go away! Shocked Smilie Leaving a bunch of pt creatures suffering from severe Nilgabstinence.. Very Mad Smilie The good fraggle should be afraid! No Gorg has yet posed such a threat to his position!
I don't know the person... but i love NEMO!!!!!!!!!

Thank you thank you Grev. Big Smile Smilie Do I seriously affect you all that way, though? That's weird. Pixie Smilie

Arwen has my respect for her love of Nemo - so many people hate that movie!!
Hmmm....lets c wat I haven't said about Nil yet. I wld like to meet her personally but I won't be ever able to do that. She's an awesome writer. Maybe she should thin about posting her poems around here if she has written any. (I'm sure she must have) Rest I've already said in the posts above!
Lord_aragorn86 assaults various innocent (as far as I know) membranes with wooden sticks. The induced oscillations create sound patterns of a type called retro rock. He also has the ability to make people far away happy, working as a radio DJ. Wiggle Smilie His sisters older sister apparently makes really good bacalao. Big Smile Smilie Pary Smilie
Grev helped me out with a problem, though he apparantly didn't feel he did much. Thanks anyway! Big Smile Smilie He's got one of the cutest avatars here and is excited I'm back? Wink Smilie
I responded to one of your threads. I dont really know but if I am wrong, correct me. You are 15 years old and u just started? Am I right?
Wooffy_iluvatar is a member of PT and has a cool avatar don;t know much about you sorry!
Woofy, I bet you got me mixed up with CC (Crystle Caves). I just turned 18 and have been a member of PT for a year but only just started with the posts a couple months ago. No prob though - it's all good. Big Smile Smilie

Randalllin....has way too many l's tp keep track of. Wink Smilie
Nil in my opinion is one of a kind! I am glad she joined as a member and saved me from some boring nights alone on this website. She is close with Erbie and CC and has been planning to take over PT. And she is doing such a good job of it too! Elf Winking Smilie Hehe..She recently had her 18th birthday and I hope she had a good time and will be blessed with many more Cat Smilie I also like her avatar and in no way do I believe it resembles a girl sitting on a,err, well it is a very pretty icon, no matter what LadyVee says Smile Smilie
I too want to wish the best to Nil: Happy Birthday and may your life be as beautiful as a Silmaril!
Lady Fea is the friend of my soul here on PT; she's always there when I need someone to talk, for which thing I'm very grateful! I think the only way to describe her would be by saying she is not Lady Feawen to me, but Lady Feanvanye!
Bugy's got one of the coolest avatars and is MALE for anyone who is wondering... Big Smile Smilie Sorry, been going back through old posts. Anyhow, thank you both for your birthday wishes!!!!! It's been fantastic and is going to stay that way if I can heal my heart of some of its worries. Sad Smilie No need to stay on a bad note, though - cheers to all!!!!!! Cyclops Smilie (Couldn't resist this guy - been waiting forever to use him)
I'm currently waiting for Nil to give me an overview of the story "Quest for the straight road".
Lord Aragorn's Avaitor likes to put his hands in his ears but sorry Lord Aragorn. I dont know much about u.
Wooffy_Iluvatar.... just kidding lol. Yes Randalllin, Thanku cause I drew that Avaitor myself Wiggle Smilie lol and sorry Nilgaerin, you avaitor looked the same as somebody elses lol
Wooffy is a female and is a very good artist! I don't know much about her as well.
LA86 is waiting for me to get the summary of Quest to him and I am so very very sorry I haven't gotten to you before now. Life picks the worst times to hassle me. I promise it will be in your inbox by tonight if not before.
Nil does keeps her promises! Thanks Nil, I got it! I'll read it up soon.
Of course I do!! LA86 loves me again now that I've got the summary to him. Big Smile Smilie
LA86 loves me again now

Nil, it will take much, much, much more than that to make me not love you. I like u and that's the truth. Nil and I seem to have taken over the thread. I'm the "lord" and she is my queen!
Aren't you guys tired of posting 2 line long stupid posts about nothing?
When i started this thread (Yes, it was me who started this thread), that wasn't what i was thinking of. If you know about the person above you, you write what you know about him/her. And maybe later, once more. But look what you are doing, just meaningless posts which have nothing to do about neither the thread nor the website.
Now i know that i'm not a council member but i think you should think twice (and maybe even three times) before sending a new post. Use mirc (or the chat button over there) for personal chat or if your time zones don't allow you to do so, use PM for private chat. Don't post just to post.
Asteroth is making a good point. This thread used to be a good place to learn about fellow PT-ers and find out what the knew or thought they knew about you. We need more people to post in here! Asteroth is right on not beeing a Council Member ( Wink Smilie ). He seems to be fond of devilish avatars and has a devilish picture of himself as well (I helped make it). He has curly hair and was the first one to start this thread on oldPT.
Let's see..what can I say about Amari’?
Me and Ama go way back, I can't even remember when we first met, althoug I'm sure she will 'cos she got a really good memory! It's really amazing. She remembers song she heard when she was like 5 years or something!
She is truly a sweetheart and shares a love for all things, except spiders wich tend to make her a tad uncomfortable Wink Smilie
She loves the sun (she's sunbathing right now), likes going to caf’s, singing riddiculos songs to make me laugh and stand straight up and down for hours talking with me! Big Laugh Smilie
There's so much more to be said, but I'll have to come back to that later. I have to write a list first, it's impossible to remember all her good qualitys, I'll need days Happy Elf Smilie
Aww... Cleb is so precious!
We grew up in the same neighbourhood, played a lot together and I have envied her curls for years! And about the song in question, she made it and we had to be around 10 years old or more. Celebrian can't be descibed in a line or two either. She loves kittens and puppies and everything small and cute, she hardworking, beautiful both on the inside and outside, smart, polite and really funny! We really can stand for hours talking about nothing and giggling, still we frown at the teenies doing the same thing. *grins* We think alike in so many ways, she is simply a great person!
Amarie is wonderful!!! She is a GREAT writer and was nice enough to invite me into the Quest. She's a new council member (still trying to decide if that's a good thing Big Smile Smilie ) and hasn't done too much hacking yet. Wink Smilie
Nil went away recently for a while, and everyone missed her and were very sad and cried and cried and cried and cried until she came back, or until their houses flooded, whichever came first. She is friends with CC and Erbes. And ME!
Loni is an awsome person and nuts too!!! Ummmmm............Nil we need ta talk! I think you know what about *looks pointedly at Nil*
Ut oh! Lady Erb has a bone to pick!
Crystle caves and Lady Erbalwen have to learn that these threads are NOT for chatting or else Ama will have to get power mad and start deleting posts, and that can get scary! Super Scared Smilie
Use the chat room, PMs and e-mail.. Teacher Smilie

Other that that they are nice and funny girls and it is Crystles birthday today! Go to the Party Tree and celebrate! Wohoo!!
Aren't you guys tired of posting 2 line long stupid posts about nothing?.................But look what you are doing, just meaningless posts which have nothing to do about neither the thread nor the website.

Well, All I ever wanted to do was to eep this thread alive and going coz I've had a special attachment with it while it was on old PT. It was real sad to see noone posting on it and I had to keep it going if u know wat I mean. And since Nil was the only other person posting on it and I'd described her too many times already, I just had to post one or two liners to keep it going. Y if u notice the previous pages when everyone was constantly posting here, I hardly posted in this thread. I hope imake my point. Even I'm against pointless posts and I've raised the topic myself at a few places but I just cldn't let this thread die.

Anyways, Amarie is my sister and is an awesome person. I like her a LOT. And she's now a council member here (hmm...maybe I cld use her influence for my own selfish needs) She's a fun girl. We think alike and share lots of jokes. She has a very good sense of humour. We do chat a lot since she's always online whever I am. I'm soooooo glad that I found her coz she's simply the best of the best!
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear CC!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!
now here is something for everyone hee hee hee.............(no offense to the birthday girl!!!) Pary Smilie

Happy Birthday to you! You live in a zoo! You look like a monkey and you act like on too!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CC!!!! Love you tons!!!!
Lady Erbalwen is a good friend of Nilgaerien and quite recently acted as her messenger when Nil wasn't able to log on to PT. She lives in the same city as Nil so there was no problem for delivery. She's started posting on PT since a last few months. She does hang out a lot here. And as u can see, I don't know much about her so I have desperately tried not to make this one a two-liner.
LA86's avatar is a portrate of himself, and is beautiful.
CC has no avatar and needs one!!! She's really goofy and weird and insane and physcho and just about any word you want to put into that sequence. She's really cute and sweet despite all this ( Big Smile Smilie ) and GORGEOUS no matter what she insists to the contrary. Wiggle Smilie
Hmmm.......Nil is looking for a new avatar, and lets me dump on her!!!! I like that lol
Erbie is my best friend and always will be...she's the perfect secret-keeper and goofball to run around town with. And yes, I need to change my avatar...I think it's Vee that says she's sitting on a toilet and HobbitHomie says she has no eyes.
Hehehehehe.... Nil is *still* sitting on the toilet.

Please keep the avatar, Nil - makes me smile!

I'm having lots of fun with Nil and others in Another Story - The Quest blah blah blah.......

We need more writers....... anyone interested? GrevRevMCBev?

Nil - have you tried syrup of figs - great for those toilet moments.

Oh and she loves my line dancing....

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Vee has flipped suddenly. She seemed quite the "character" (ha ha) in Quest but something has happened - she has morphed!!!!! Other than that, she's great to talk to and line dances often.

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
The rev. Mc Beaver is sadly not as talented at arranging words into something worth reading as the two previous posters. It is therefore in the interest of the greater common good to keep my misspelling fingers away from the straight road. (Which, come to think of it, is a very unfitting name. You peeps has not done anything straightforward so far)

Nil has an avatar I like a lot. (Hey, I'm on topic! Yay me!) She shouldn't change it and cause confusion and headache for the male population of P-T. Yes, that is all it would take. Big Smile Smilie She also has trouble finding clothes, apparently. The very stereotypical "I don't have ANYTHING to wear" while standing kneedeep in clothes comes to mind, but.. Tongue Smilie She also find snow in Easter very... eh... un-Eastery, while here in Norway Easter is all about skiing. While we are breaking bones skiing/falling our way down mountains, she is breaking speed records ascending them on bicycle. *looks at thermometer - 8C.. Brr! Summer please!*
The RevMcBevMcBurger writes OK and should give the Quest a go. We can always kill his character off if he gets fed up with it. I've never seen Hunting Nemo so I have no idea what the fish is all about but someone I know keeps shouting "Mine Mine Mine" and saying it is from the film.

GrevRevMcBev has a strange name. It means 'He who will write in the great saga of the Straight Road".

Vee has the coolest avatar in the world and I want to know where she got it from. (HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT)

Mine mine mine is from the seagulls in FINDING Nemo, not hunting him. And its real cool, you should see it. mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! MMine! iMiMine! ne! ne! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Wonderful stuff, copy and pasting!
Loni is just plain wild, invading threads at random, creating havoc for my careful plans of taking over. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie She;s great fun to talk to but doesn't have anavatar yet (not good, girl!).

Oh my Grev!!! Wow - was most of that guessing or are you just really good?? I LOVE breaking speed records in hot weather on my bike (and generally in the spring), I do have plenty of clothes but I need more ( Angel Smilie ) cause there's nothing to wear!! and I think Easter should always be warm. Okay, so I'm done and please no council members come through and reprimand me - I've described Loni aptly, I think. Big Smile Smilie
Loni: Milambar did my avatar for me in a choice of colours.

It might be Finding Nemo for you but for me it is HUNTING Nemo.

I can't say any more about Nil...... so ignore this post as it was a reply to Loni and someone else can talk about Nil.
No one wants to describe me!!!!!!!!! *Cries inconsolably*

Vee doesn't have anymore to say about me because she thinks she's said it all. Pretty much what I'm thinking about her now... Wink Smilie Anyway, she is really great to talk to and is on chat just about 24/7, it seems and I don't have anything left at the moment.

No, let's try again, shall we?? What is Nil like??? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
She;s great fun to talk to but doesn't have anavatar yet (not good, girl!).

T'ain't my fault, Nil! Tell me where there are good avatars, and I will go searching! Where did you get yours? I am constantly looking for one, but I can't fin d agood one that resembles the insane maniac I am!

Alright, I'll describe you.

Nil thinks I should get an avatar. I agree. She is insane, and is a good friend of mine, cause I'm insane too! She resembles Princess Fiona from SHrek in her ogre form, and spends hours and hours trying to bleach her skin to normal colour, not green. That is why she makes friends on the net. They can't see her green skin. Oh, dear. Did I say that out loud?

Oh well, I suppose it's not as bad as my purple skin......
Loni is a purple skinned dwarf - very rare - skin colouring due to sucking the rocks in the Glittering Caves. She's dreadlocked her beard and spends her weekends mud wresting with Nil. She likes hangliding and her favourite meal is deep fried sprogget of Orc with white sauce and roasted hazlenuts. Loni drinks too much full caffeine Coke and LOLs a lot. There is a warrant out for her arrest for abuse of pipe-weed and riding an ent while under the influence. Apparently she also scrawled graffitti on the walls of Minas Tirith saying something about Aragorn and the Mouth of Sauron being buddies.

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