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Yes i am a person, but i dont get that part about the A and E. And im from Croatia. Your from USA, and you like that chainsaw guy.
I meant that your username is spelt with an A, Etharion not with a E, Etherion. And you live in Croatia, I don't know where that is!! Oh well that is where you live!! and you are a person and I don't know whether you are a male or female!! So I guess I'm done!
HH05's name is Megan, and she is a 12 year old resedent in Michigan. She talks a lot, just like me, and loves Viggo Mortesen. ( by the way, you never wrote me back.)
I didn't!!! Well I will as soon as I finish this post!! CC had a spider and while she was taking a nap (you were taking a nap weren't you?) it crawled into her mouth!! I love that story sooo adventerous!!
Hehe. Croatia is next to Italy HHo5. And im a he. I think i said all that i know about you.
Etharion is a Rivendell elf and they have no idea how to Party! He is a he, and he posts in the Quest thread but not enough. I've met him in chat and he is currently supposed to be studying for exams. Good Luck for them!
Vee is a She, She got a Big Posh House in the Country of Engerland and really doesnt like her peasants begging for work, money and other favours - She is Queen of PT, but with a small q. as SHE doesnt like the attention, being aloof and detached from reality almost all the time, but thats another story. Wink Smilie

Bad! Smilie
Close except for the big posh house bit!

Aelric has delusions of grandeur and thinks he should be King instead of Aragorn. He says he is Welsh but he sounds Geordie! He is a real blokie lad and loves fast bikes, beer and women probably in that order.

And he doesn't have an avatar anymore - nyer nyer nyer!
Let us see if I remember correctly.
Vee is 27+ x years old, married and has two kids (that i know of). A son who lives at home with mommy and a daughter she doesn't talk about about much, 'cause then we might figure out how old she is. Wink Smilie Her husband travels a lot and brings her vanilla coffee when he is in Oslo. She is fun and playful and she is often in chat. (bunny ears anyone?).

She should now go and write for the Quest.

She is a community supporter (duh), but has also 'adopted' a PT member (no not me) so that member could have an avatar too. Isn't that nice? All together now! 1,2,3.. Awwwwwww!!

She loves this smiley Wiggle Smilie and who can blame her? Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Hmmmm ... Lets see.

Amarie, Oh Amarie! A Norwegian lady, that takes her PT responsibilties and role very seriously, would make a good schoolteacher - headmistress sorta thing. Methinks she doesnt like to be teased or wound up as she has a frightful temper and a big SWORD! Not a good thing to allow ladies to wield IMHO. A fellow writer in the Straight Road, and a good one.

She has an avatar, Vee has an avatar, everyone has an avatar - I DONT? Ah well nevermind


Sleeping Smilie

he is a he (right?) and supposivly evil or likes evil things!! That's all I know!! SORRY!!

Ok - Not had the pleasure as yet, but as far as I know - 'she' is a she... One of PT's younger members... A maniac in the making Big Smile Smilie !!

Loves to post - a good thing, btw!

That's all I have, I'm afraid!

Big Smile Smilie
Legolaslass...... aka Looney-Lass and with good reason. She is a nutter. Lives in N. Ireland although born in Greenwich. Likes to stay up all night for a bet. Loves Tolkien. Apparently PT was responsible for getting her off the streets. So she said. Lovely gal. Totally bonkers. Love her to bits!
Ahh, Vee - My wee possum!

What can I say about our wee Vee...?!?!?

She's a star!

Vee is a Tolkien freak... No different to the rest of us I suppose! She lives over there in Berks, too far away in my opinion, but what can ya do!?!

Vee is a great PTer - super imagination which is shown in some of the threads.

Vee helped me on the road to 'Looney' - We always have a ball here @ PT with many of the rest of you!

She's a star! Love ya hun. Smile Smilie

Hmm.. Just realised - Maybe a bit wierd me posting here again! Sorry folks - feel free to just copy & paste Vee's one! Just had to do our wee Vee ! Bye x
Well i only saw Legolass once or twice. She is everything V said about her. I dunno anything else.
I don't think I know Etharion... Got The Blues Smilie

I look forward to getting to know you. Smile Smilie
Peredhil is one of the "older" members of the site (meaning he's been around for a long time), and I don't know him that well, but I appreciate his posts, because he knows how to put things the right way. Animated Wink Smilie

(I do hope I got the gender right, I'm a bit *ahem* confused at the moment) Disturbed Smilie
Tommie has been around on PT since the dawn of time. She lives in Belgium, has a good sense of humour and is generally a nice person. Smile Smilie
Well Perdehill is a old member as Tommie said. Dunno anything else mate.
um..... Etharion used to have an avatar. And...... yeah, that's it.
Loni is from New Zealand (i think) goes by the name THE SPOTTED DAISY
and called me a freak obssessd with rocks right when i joined nad im still mad about that(not too mad though)
*Loni is overjoyed that someone actually knows where she lives and knows her secret identity but is cowering under her swivel computer chair cause someone's mad at her!

Ar-edain 47 has a weird name (in a cool way), and is NOT a freak obssessed with rocks, however the person posting this is half that (the freak half) but don't tell anyone.

*Loni is embarrassed that everyone knows about her but she doesn't know about anyone else!

*THE SPOTTED DAISY leaves the Thread.
Loni is mad! She is a happy sort of mad, and she likes to paint the grass blue! Hi loni! How is New Zealand? Did you miss me?
CC is a California girl!!! And who went to NZ without me?!

Oh anyone miss me??? Angel Smilie
Ar-edain37! no one ever gets that number right!(sry im just a little annoyed about that dont take it personally)9next person just describe the person before me.
Lady erbalwen is from Colorado and is Nilgerian's #1 companion, or at least was last time I checked. She is awesome, a brunette, insaine, and a buddy of mine.( I hope...)Her name means one powerful maiden, and she's a-ok in my book!
cc is from Lake Tahoe California, either crazy or insane,thats all i know.(bet no one knows more about me than where im from)
Ar-edain is a relatively old member here. I mean, here was here before I left PT temporarily. And if there was anything else I knew about him, I've forgotten. Maybe I've written it somewhere around this thread. But I've never met him on PT chat.
The Lord is a very kind young man, who left us a while a go, but luckily for us he came back quite soon. We really missed him, so we're all pleased to see him back. Big Smile Smilie
Ummmmmmmmm I never met tommie But he knows vee,plastic and Other Older PT members He seams really cool and has a neat avatar

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

*Wonders what people will say about her and if she knows them*
I am too young in Planet Tolkien to be qualified for this thread, but I've met Tiger in the chat room yesterday and all I can say about him is that he keeps popping in and out!!! I'd like to see him there for a long time
I can tell you quite a bit about floyd-n-milan.... for a start he thinks tiger-eyes is a he but she is a she! He spends a lot of time in the chat room and uses the nick Migsy in there. He wants to talk to people and wants more of you to go in the chatroom so he can talk. He is very chatty and when he and Lass get together....... it really is a chatroom....

He has also posted a few new threads and isn't scared of asking questions. Some interesting discussions have come out of them so far..... I hope other people join in.

What else.... he loves Pink Floyd and AC Milan. He is from India (just like Lord_aragorn86). That's about all.......
Vee is really cool and nice one time i was really drepresssed and she cheered me up. So because of her i am still here annoying people :P

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
OK. Tiger is a she. Tiger is a she. Tiger is a she. Tiger is a she......
Let's see I first thought Migsy was a girl but i'm talking to him right now He's really cool he does'nt know anything about me but i'm talking to him to change that well his favorite song is Shine on you Crazy diamond - Pink Floyd. He gos on yahoo a lot. and thats all i know.

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie Does Any lisen to babe loyd???
Hey ,
It's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by "Pink Floyd"
Haven't been in here for a long long while... What do I have to do again.... Oh, yes...

I kind of guessed that Floyd was into Pink Floyd (good man, my favourite band too), but I thought he was from Milan, rather than just supporting some netball team. Now I learn he's from India. I was just going to say he's posted a lot of questions recently which have been really fun to answer, but Vee has already mentioned that. So what can I say that is original?

I think if Floyd decides to stay around here, his questions will be the breath of fresh air this site needs to get the discussions moving once more. Keep it up, mate.
There is so much to say about Val - where to start?

He likes a lot of music that I like and remembers old bands like I do so we must be similar ages (but I'm still not telling!).

He likes to roll around in mud and swallows whole fish.......

He's getting married soon. Pah! Another one bites the dust.......

He's a Council Member and writes good stories but I still don't understand why he had to kill his character off in The Quest just because it got killed in another game....

That'll do for now.

Vee is the newest Council member. She's terribly witty, funny and dangerous. And, most importantly, she's the V-goddess of all things that wiggle. And probably of all those that don't too.

Wiggle Smilie
Oh maaan.... i keep forgeting any usefull information about Tommie. But she is a she...right?
Etharion is a guy from Croatia, neighbour of mine in Rivendell, as I see. I dunno more about him, at the moment; I hope he won't mind.
As for Tommie, yes, she IS a she.
Umm, I don't know that much about you, I hope you don't mind. I know your an elf from Rivendell, like myself and that you were born on the 8th of August 1981, which makes you 23. Sorry that's all i know. Oh and that you liked The Butterfly Effect.
Fox, I believe, is a new member of PT. (Welcome!) He went on a posting spree and has quite a few posts up on his name already. He's a teenager. He has a sister and they together own two necklaces (one for each) which are unique but for each other. And that's his most prized possession.
LA86, my countryman.....!! I've met him on Yahoo and in the chat room a few times and his keyboard is mostly under attack!! He's in IIT (Indian Institue of Technology), so he must be genius. No wonder he loves his life!! When you're in IIT, you can't complain!
Floyd_n_milan, ummm, he is 19, lives in Mumbei, India. He is in love with Pink Floyd. He works on computers and loves it. He has a hard time getting to sleep; dislikes anything except natural things for medicine, doesn't like soda; likes ketchup sandwiches, but not mayo ones, and he likes chocolate mixed w/ sugar and cane juice; he goes by migsy in the chat room and is always in there.
Arwy is 16 or something, from USA. She absolutely LOVES babysitting Wink Smilie *hides under the table*


*looks about after half an hour* OK. All clear. So, as I was saying, she's always "confuzzled" and I find it positively cute. Apparently, she now hates Hot Glue Guns and takes piano lessons. Oh, and how can I forget this, she doesn't know a thing about computers. Well, I thinks it positively cute too!!

P.S. Oh and one thing I missed. She gives me a distinct impression of a 12 year old!!
thanx migs! Big Smile Smilie *hug and kind slap for the loving 12 yr old remark* and I have a very good reason for hating the evil hot glue guns!

okay, here's what I forgot to mention earlier:
-Floyd_n_milan plays the guitar
-he lives on the third floor of the building he lives in
-he had to tell me what a desktop was
-he's 6'4"
-he just shaved all his hair off lol
-he apparently has nothing better to do all day than be annoyed by me
-his fav color is green
and the best yet...
-he can't stay mad for longer than 5 appears to be impossible! :P
I don't know much about arwen except she is fairly new in the chat room. i think she lives in the states, and seems to be friendly with tiger eyes. and as Floyd mention she gets*confuzzled alot
Rhodry is Rho and a cowboy in NZ. He and Silme are the love interest of PT and we are all rooting for when he gets to move to the US of A and be with his love...... (*ahhhh*/*puke* - delete as appropriate).

He is fun - likes U2, spends time in the chatroom flirting when Silme isn't watching, misses his dog, gets up at some ridiculous hour of the morning to milk cows........ er...... and lots of other things I can't remember.

I like Rho.
Ah, my turn.

-Vee is the newest council member on PT.
-She lives in merry old England.
-Is married and has kids.
-Is not fond of Harry Potter
-And is one of our best members!
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