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Stoney is getting on for being one of our oldest members (if not in age, the time he has been here). He is getting on for being one of the top posters, and will soon pass my own total if I have to spend much more time at sea. He's recently had problems with idiots trying to break into his van.
I spent too much time trying to find some info on Stoney, and Val beat me to the description! By the way, Stoney was born in North Carolina and now lives in Tennessee.

As for Val...he is one of PT's council members and is very knowledgeable about Tolkien. He is especially versed on the Silmarillon! He enjoys some RPG; works in some form of oceanography studying some type of fish and whether they prefer Guiness or soda with their chips (or something like that). He lives in the UK; and is a good sport about answering emails!
Arrgh... Thought I should revive this game, then I lost all I wrote becuase the computer decided I wasn't logged in anymore. Grrr..
Ahh well, I think I remember what I said.

Terri here is married and lives in Iowa. They have silver birches outside their house, so she can look at them and pretend she is is of royal Gondorian heritage. She has been a Tolkien fan for years, but she hasn't been able to convert her family and friends. Good thing she can come here and hang with us then. Smile Smilie She can be spotted in the chatroom now and then. Nice girl.
Ahh Amarie, the Viking princess.. no wait, wrong board.

Her love shares the same name as my hubby's, her cat Blacky looks stunningly the same as one of my (deceased) cats, she lives up north in Norway (so I always know into what direction to wave), many male PT members lost their hearts to her when that sweet picture with that construction hat was passed around. She can be silenced with loads of chocolate (yeah I have the good stuff), a quick student on rpg, fair and honest reviewer of stories (yes still considering to write more on Morgen Steelsheen), she is witty, nuts and often makes my mind plunge into the sewers with some remarks Wink Smilie
Rhapsody has become near and dear to our hearts since she has been here. She is a very patient and gracious person. She is Dutch, but speaks English more eloquently than most native English-speakers. She is passionate about a lot of things, one being delicious chocolate, and she is a very talented writer. She has a wonderful sense of humor, a vast knowledge of Tolkien's works, a humanitarian spirit, and a refreshing sense of honor. Can't tell I like her, can you? She hangs out in the chatroom sometimes and becomes the life there, and she is helpful and encouraging-Hats off to Rhapsody!
Lauren(continues with something) ilmarin has a long name and I've forgotten it. Too bad. Shame on my memory. Anyways, She's an English Lady. Definitely out of her tweens. Seems like Evryone else but me seems to know her. I wish I did too. Have seen many of her posts ere and there. PT's been sprinkled generously with her posts.
LA86 is one of the friendliest members here and is always nice to the newbs, unlike some people who go "fresh blood!" Wink Smilie A talented writer and good with rythmes despite what he thinks. I hope to read more of his writings. Smile Smilie He is also a college student so he doesn't get much time to write or talk with me and post at PT anymore... *hugs* Miss you.
Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I don't know how to pronounce Fea to start with!! Anyways!

She's been here for much longer than myself and apparently she misses the PT members of old. She's from Iowa in the USA. Has 3 sisters and 3 brothers!!! Her sister used to be a PT member and so was her brother. She's very enthusiastic and according to herself, she can't sing!!!


Now, I've been trying to think up something bad to say about her. Apparently I can't Wink Smilie

P.S. Don't ever call her by her name Wink Smilie
Migsy or Mrugesh (hehe) can play the guitar nicely and sing (cute laugh also) despite what he says. Him and I have much in common, but at first didn't think we'd be much good of friends, though *blushes* ..Now he is a dear friend of mine Smile Smilie Migs has a good heart. Hoping to reading one of his stories someday... Can't find anything bad to say about him either - Oh except the fact that he doesn't like my real name *pouts* Wink Smilie !!’
Sincerely, Feeeeeeee
Both thumbs up to Fea, she managed to say my entire name correctly in first attempt!! Dunce Smilie Wink Smilie
Our pal Floydy is Indian!!!! He is ?19? and has a sister. (how lucky of him. Sisters are wonderful things. I am one.)
Loni is our resident pianist. She can play Beethoven with one hand, while typing that she is listening to herself in the "What are you listening to?" thread with the other. She is always doing lots of homework, and gets quite annoyed with her brother.
Valedhelgwath is English. He thought he was an elf till his hair started falling off (or so he says on his website). He works in the marine industry. He's a fun person, very knowledgable about Tolkien and his works. His favourite character from the book is the "Mouth of Sauron". He loves Tolkien's works so much that his son's middle name is Gandalf. I can't remember anything else about him right now so I guess I'll sign off.
Seems to have gone quiet in here of late.....

Lord Aragorn 86 is from India, and occasionally is forced to take sabbaticals away from Planet Tolkien when he loses his internet connection. Fortunately, he seems to be back with us and active at the moment. He's also the newest member of the Planet Tolkien Reading Group.
Valedhelgwath - it's been said before in the thread above from Lord-Aragon86 but also you work in on a fishing boat ? When the weather's bad you take people on trips. You also planted some bulbs the other day and live a little up the country from me, Boston. You're a PT council member and have helped answer loads of questions for me Wiggle Smilie
Maydmarion is an English Lady (married, I hasten to add) who can't spell Aragorn correctly. She works in the position of a receptionist in some or other hospital. She's quite new here and likes to talk in write in Second Person rather than Third Person. Apart from all this, I really don't know anything else except that a few of her posts did manage to amuse me somehow or the other!
LA86 started this thread!!! And is the coolest. And... and... and... and... and... he knows about stuff. AND I NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS SO I DON'T KNOW!!!


(I CAN'T BELIEVE Val knows about me so much. I can't believe people REMEMBER what I say.)
Loni is spontaneous, friendly, and funny. She lights up a thread the minute she enters into it. She lives in New Zealand, but imagines she is living in Britain...every second of every day. I imagine from her postings that she talks a lot, and is rather boisterous, but it could be that she's just a bit more open when she writes. She loves school uniforms too, and has brought us all up to speed on what the word "mufti" means in layman terms. She should, however, listen to some of her fellow PTers, who constantly talk to her about Phantom but get no response. Smile Smilie
Eruwen is constantly friendly and kind, and lived in Arizona for a time, if she still does, I've spaced out, again. She enjoys the RP threads but usually sticks to discussion forums.
Rue is a die hard RPG-er and is involved in about every RPG we have here on PT. So involved in fact that she uses italic-"out of character" text even when she posts in non-rpg threads. Wink Smilie Rue is also good at writing RPG posts that are longer than one sentence. Yey! Real life friend of Hoodie. I probably should know more, but I am a bit stressed at the moment. Sorry! Wiggle Smilie
Amarie is our resident Nordic Goddess/Council Member. She owns a tricksy kitty named Blackie, has a boyfriend named Ray(?) and the neatest website that showcases some of her artwork, which she is very good at. Ama is an amazing linguist, likes The Simpsons t.v. show, has a fantastic sense of humor, and is always genuine and friendly. But fear her wrath! Big Laugh Smilie Only kidding...but seriously, fear her wrath! I like Ama more than I like fresh-baked French bread, and that is saying a lot, my friend...
Okay, I lied...this is my last post until May. Smile Smilie I have to describe Laurel because I think she is wonderful. She is an amazingly talented and witty writer, always making others feel included here at PT. She is from California but lives in Arizona, (we switched places), and loves the views she has of the mountains there. She is married and has children who keep her constantly busy, and has a tattoo dedicated to her daughter on her back. Even though I have never seen her, some people would compare her looks to Snow White or Bettie Page, and I must say if she looks like Bettie Page, then she must be pretty darn hot. Wink Smilie She has such a wonderful and noticeable presence here at PT, so much so, that if she is not here, people start threads asking where she is because they miss her. *Three cheers for Laurel! Hazzah!*
Eruwen is the cOOLEST!!! Apart from me, of course( oh I am so modest and humble). I first saw her post in reply to that Ent thesis thingy... And she was real brainy and I was like "Here's another brainy one" And she's a community supporter and she's cool. And I think... do you write stories or something? Bell rang!! Must go!
Loni is extremly enthusiastic and open with her opinions when writing no matter what thread she's in. It's also wicked that theres someone else here around my age, although the fact that she's in NZ does make a difference with school times. And as she clarified, "One of the coolest here at PT".
(I SAID THAT?) I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I said that? Oh, it must of been one of those moments when I'm like "I'm modest, I"m humble, and I'm the coolest person in the world." I LOVE doing that. It makes me feel... wabbed.
Me matie here has 9 week terms, four times a year. (I think?) And is still in school... and is... an dis... and is cool!!! And is...
Once again I am shamed. Everyone knows me but I don't know them.
Loni is in New Zealand and is out of school and i am still in school, but we have discussed that. She posts alot and is really cool. ummm. otherwise i restate othre people and i dont know much about people.(on second week)
Robbin'wood is a person who got named such due to a brilliantly stupid typographical mistake. He's quite a newbie here. He hasn't been posting much, well, atleast not on the threads I visit most and seems to be more into games and this sorta stuff than intelligent discussions. And hence, I can easily put him into the 15-18 age group. And the rest, I fear, is unknown by me.
Lord_aragorn (c I can spel sumtymes lol), started this thread in January 2004. He livesin Kuwait - my mum has students staying with her from United Emerats, they stay fo 12 to 18 months, sorry useless piece of information. Very Mad Smilie

I amused him by some things I posted - I wonder what I said. Wary Smilie

I did get a nice welcome from him when I introduced myself (mind you Igot nice welcomes from all). Not sure how old he is or if he's married and have seen quite a few thread replies from him.

(He is 17 and in India Maydmarion) I am 14 Aragorn and by the time I make it to the Intelligent discussions I have to get off or go to some other site because of parents or a friend that needs help plus class ends most of the time. I will try to make time to get there but I have been here for a little over 2 weeks.

Next person describe Maydmarion I was just inserting my opinion and helping maydmarion out
Our dear Maydmarion is one of the pleasant additions to PT this year. She is married and has two daughters; and two cats! She loves to cross-stitch and was working on a picture of Legolas. (Did you ever finish that yet Maydmarion?) When she's done with that one she plans to stitch one of the map of middle earth. (wayyyy to ambitious for me, but still would like to know where she found a pattern for that!) Maydmarion first read the LOTR in 2002 and has since read it at least 4 times.

We really enjoy our lovely Maydmarion as she is a gentle and kind soul to everyone. Plus she has a cool avatar! The world, and PT, is a better place because of her.
Have just finished Legolas - he does look really good - not because of my stitching but because he just looks good. I will be starting the map this weekend as I had a baby sampler, wedding sampler and anniversay sampler to do. The map is really big with 91, 700 stitches, I will e-mail the address of where I got the map. I have sent this to Grondy and a picture of the map.

Sorry I really waffle on when I get onto the topis of Cross sttch and LOTR.

Thank you for the nice words Terrijayne Big Smile Smilie

Thank you Robbin for the help - you and LA86 make me feel really old. Big Smile Smilie
Maydmarion is a very clever girl who knows all the answers to the Wheel of Tolkien before anyone else has a clue what it's about. Animated Wink Smilie
Tommie's been here ages.... not quite the first like her namesake, Tom Bombadil (her first username), but there's not many who've been around quite so long. At one time she was a self-confessed posting freak, and managed to notch up in the region of 3500 posts before disappearing to deepest, darkest Minsk. When she returned, she was a new person, with a new user name, and no posts.
What can I say about Val that ain't already been said, he's a good bloke, though dipares of his thinning head of hair, he once had fantastic flowing locks. He has a Son who's middle name is Gandalf, he has just remairried*how's that going mate?*. He live's in the UK and is a Marine biologist, the love of his life, besides his son and wife, are the cockle beds of the east coat of England. He loves classic rock*a man after mine own heart* and is always interesting to talk to.
Rhodry doesn't know how to use posessive apostrophes properly. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie (Lives, mate, not live's) and I'm SOO glad I'm describing him cause I know about Rhodry!!!
Rhodry is OLD. Member years, not years years. He's a dairy farmer. ANd he's a Kiwi!!!! And he's like "omigosh, I wish Loni would act more normal, so she won't make peole think all Kiwis are weird." Well, actually, that's just what i would think if I was Rhodry. I bet he doesn't. And even if he does, he wouldn't admit it on PT. Would you, Rhodry, old pal, old mate, old buddy, old chum? He lives in Matamata which is where they filmed hobbiton. Great place, Matamata. It's cool. Just outside of Hamilton, my home. And he gets up in the morinig to milk the cows, which I could NEVER do. Cause I'm lazy, as everyone who remembers EVERYTHING I've ever posted would know, but who could be bothered doing that. And omigosh, he was here when I joined, and he's REALLY old, and you don't think it, cause he's not got, like, a million gazillion posts, but that's only cause he's always milking and feeding the cows and all that "I'm a kiwi dairy farmer" type jazz. And he doesn't like people who complain heaps and heaps and heaps about the movies. Haha, I remember that thread ages ago called "Room 101" and what old Rhods posted in it.
Oh dear, i think I'm in a rambling mood. Loni rambles!! Put that in your post, next person, oh great cool member, whoever you are. Cause we're ALL cool. How could you not be? You haven't thrown a virtual chair at me yet for rambling and being annoying and weird so much.
Loni is the resident freak and I think I should say no more than read the above post. She seems to be in the habit of leaving nothing for the next person to say about her. Period.
i dont know any one Sad Smilie
No problem Tauro.

Tauro is new to PT and is one of the smarter more knowledgable members of PT or will be one of them when he becomes more known. That is about all I know about one of our newest members.
Hey Tauro, a tip. If you DON'T know anyone, just say "Whatsisface is the coolest. He's like... real cool. And he posts real brainy things that I just look at and say "woah, brainy" and unfortunately, I don't know much about him." (Oh guys, this doesn't mean whenever I say you post things real brainy, I don't know about you, honestly, you DO post real brainy stuff)

Robin's pretty new, in my books, but he really isn't. (You ARE a he, arent you?) Cause he's got 283 posts, and I see that and I'm like "WOAH!! He ISN'T a newbie like I think of him as" but I only think that because I've been here for over a year. And I remember when he joined, and I was like "What's with all the punctuation in the username?" and he's real cool on the games on The Ivy Bush. And.... I can tell he won't be one of those newbies that turn up and then DISAPPEAR.... cause... he's real cool... and I'm just shut up before I ramble, and I'll just let someone have SOMETHING to say about me by not rambling...
Loni rambles as all of you know and She is really nice and just got out of school and Lives in New Zealand and is lazy, is or was just at camp cant remember if it is over for her yet. Changed places 3 times since i have been here. And remembers that This is my 4th week (congrats on remembering that and no i do not plan on leaving any time soon.-Next year or two) ummmm Loni also posts a lot on game threads and says she doesnt know much on things but has some occasional moments where she is a genious. and I will stop rambling like Loni.Big Smile Smilie
Robbin' Wood i don't know at all, although i've seen this name a couple of times on the forum.

I wonder, though, if he or she is related to Robbina Wood, the anime lass from the google ad on the right. Those things are really annoying.

On another note, posting in tavern threads feels kinda wrong. Forgive me, Eru.
I think he'll forgive you on this one, Vir.

Let's see. Where to begin...Okay, I used to think that Virumor was a grumpy person, but he really does have a fantastic sense of humor...those who do not pick up on the subtleness of his brand of humor should not take anything he says personally. He hasn't been around as much lately as when I first joined PT, but he leaves his mark each time he does post because he is the End-All, Be-All of Tolkien knowledge(just test my theory if you don't buy it) and is very witty-for real, not just the lip-service kind of witty that Loni described last page. Vir is Dutch, I believe, but for a second language, he speaks English with eloquency. I am still a little skeptical of Virumor, as one would be of a nice, shiny palantir if they found it...but all said, good old Virumor is a good guy, so don't let the grumpy facade fool you...

Isn't this just the most narcissistic thread ever? I love it!
L lives somewhere in the states. Is married and has 3 kids. She used to frequent the chat room regually but I havn't seen her in there for several months and she is very much missed. She has a slightly wacky sense of humor and is friendly, open and honest.

(Loni, I havn't been in Matamata for over a yr and havn't milked a cow for almost 3 months....sorry Smile Smilie )
I wonder, though, if he or she is related to Robbina Wood, the anime lass from the google ad on the right. Those things are really annoying.

I feel offened at the thought of that vir. as I have explained on the hi thread, Robin hood was my favorite fiction character and instead of robin hood I did robbin wood and the ' was an error with my computer.

write about rhodry because I am explaining something to vir
Rho is my good mate from NZ, he used to live in Matamata as a dairy farmer, but recently changed and now lives not far from Kerikeri, where another mate of mine has emigrated to. Rho now makes furniture.

he's around 29 years old, likes the books of Katherine Kerr - Deverry, Westland cycles as well as those Dragon books (that's where he got his nick from : Rhodry Maelwaedd). He also likes the books of Stephen King, just like me, especially the Dark Tower cycle (a work of pure genius) and Bag of Bones, and is now reading the last book in that series, called the Dark Tower. And he's also a fan of Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean series.

He's also an avid fan of the Myst computer games (just like me), and currently tries to get through the convoluted Myst IV Revelation.

yeh, Rho's OK.
Hmmm. I don't really know much about Virumor. As far as I know, his score in the trivia in bilbos-study was quite high and also he gets a lot of those answers in Trivia: Barad-dur right. He seems to be knowledgable when it comes to Tolkien's works.

Oh, I tell you what, Rho's awesome if he's managed to get an "OK" out of Vir Wink Smilie Oh and most importantly, Vir loves PJ Tongue Smilie Exploding Head Smilie *hides*
Floyd_n_milan (or Migsy as he's more popularly known as to those who frequent the #tolkien chatroom) is the only other Indian (not Native American, mind you!) that I have met on this site. He's quite a good guitar player (or that's what I've managed to understand from his braggings) and he's a Pink Floyd fanatic. He also likes football (or soccer to the Americans) and adores the clubs AC Milan and Manchester United. He also offers himself to be a computer genius and claims to be stuck with some or the other form of Linux OS all the time. I guess I could go on but then I have to stop in case there is another time, I get to describe this fella again.
Migsy's back!!
Anyway... LA86 started this thread!!! He's real cool. HE was in STorygame #2 when I joined (at least I THINK so) and he's real cool. And he just wrote this diary entry which was about biding one's time. He has exams in 3 days, and is biding one's time rather than studying. Which I think is SILLY because he should be STUDYING!!!! And ANYWAY... And I always thought LA86 had a WEIRD username. I mean... 86? Whenever I'M presented with the prospect of having a NUMBER like Loni_34 or something silly, I'm like NO!!!! I shall be Nali!!! Or Frar!!!! And if not... then it's just NOT WORTH IT. But I've only joined two other online communities and I only frequently go to this one. The other.... never been there since. And the other... sometimes. Like.... every now and then. But I'm trying not to!!! Because obsessions are bad. Did you know that? Hey... I"m supposed to be talking about LA86, not me....
Loni is the one and only *spotted daisy*.....I have absolutely no idea what she means by that but there you go. She lights up any thread she posts in, has a great sense of humor and seems a lot brighter than she claims to be. If I remember corectly, she was born in England but immigrated here to NZ with her parents a few yrs ago, she lives in Hamilton and wants to be an Arcioligest?(excuse spelling, too lazy to spell check tonight) She loves NZ but wants to go back home to England one day.
Well Virumor and Loni have already said much that is known about our dear New Zealander named Rho. However I still haven't forgotten the time he mentioned that he answered the door in his boxers one night, to find a very startled young gal wanting directions. Yes Rho...I would have gladly paid a gold dubloon in order to have seen that moment unfold! Rho is a nice fellow and always takes time to say hello to you in the chat room. Keep making those cabinets Rho...NZ needs quality furniture I'm sure.
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