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Thread: Describe the person before u!

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Vee is a great Lady whom I'm very glad I met! She is very kind and it's really great to have her here at PT! I really enjoy talking to her and reading her poems; u should all give them a try, they're really good!
I don't know much about Bugy, only that he's very good at solving quizzes. Big Smile Smilie
Tommie is a nice female from B*lgium, and previously used the username TomBombadillo here on PT. She knows a good deal of Russian, and I think her native language is Dutch. She posted a difficult Brainteaser a few months ago, and is currently looking for pics of decent-looking male celebrities Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Well i dont know who you are Arco but you seem ok . You could tell me more about you anyway so i can know for the next time.I pity the person after me Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Etharion pitties me because he knows I cannot describe the person before me! He was on here earlier today, and does not have an avatar, but is an interesting bloke all the same.
Why thank you old chap...or miss , i duno...
Come on people !!! Join in !!!
Etharion is new here on PT. He is a a he. He keeps popping in and out of chat and I keep missing him (sorry!). He is probably a bit sad about noone wanting to talk about him in here. He has joined almost every RGP on this site and is desperatly hoping someone would join him. He plays AD&D. I think he said he was 15 years old. He is from Croatia. He has loads of avatar he wants to share with his fellow Planet Tolkienites (now isn't that nice folks?). He lives in Rivendell just like me! Good choice neighbour! Wink Smilie
Heheh..thats right Amarie. its amaying how you got all the little details Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Awww... come on! You can describe me better than that Etharion! Wink Smilie
Well Amarie is from...somewhere and she is great with the tehnicall stuff like uploading avatars. Shes really cool and helped me a lot. Hope thats enough Amarie, if i knew enything else iv forot it. Very Big Grin Smilie
yeah that'll do for now. Wink Smilie Etharion changes his avatar every 5 minutes it seems. Lots of cool ones!
Amaarie had a birthday yesterday. She is also power mad and edits Lord Aelric at every chance...... Other than that she is a sweetie!


Wiggle Smilie

Whoo hoo!! The line dancers are back!! Very Big Grin Smilie Vee loves to make her little smilies line dance and has some interesting input in the Quest at times. Wink Smilie As of today, her age is still undetermined, but I'll get it out of her eventually, I'm sure. That enough?
Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Happy birthday Amarie !!! I dont know anything about Nil ....sorry
Maybe someone will tell me
Etharion needs to learn how to use the edit button. Two single line posts in a row is actually in violation with the web site rules. They can be found under "website help". Moderator Smilie

But thank you for the birthday greeting. Smile Smilie
Amarie loves editing posts (when that person deserves it, of course. Wink Smilie ), especially Aelric's, it would seem. Very Big Grin Smilie She's got an interesting, almost freaky, avatar now (where'd you get it, by the way?) and will be helping me get a new one if I can ever remember to send it to her. Big Smile Smilie
well the person who posted before me (I'm not even going to try to spell because I'll get it wrong) is part of the crazy gang with Crystle Caves. That's all I know!! I have to get to know you guys better!!
HobbitHomie likes "rainbows" ::snicker::

Here's proof
Lungorthin likes to make fun of me!! just kidding!! It's all cool!! no harsh feelings buddy!!

I love Mike Vogel!!! just thought I'd slip that in there!!
Well it looks like the person before me loves Mike Vogel. Duno who he is
The person above me is ripe for conquest, and will be put to the sword !

( In RP )
the person before me seems to be into action!!

And by the way Mike Vogel plays Andy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Eric Rivers in Grind and Heath in the MTV movie Wuthering Heights!! I've only seen Grind but my brother just bought Texas Chainsaw Massacre so I plan to watch that some time!! But I don't know I hate gore and that stuff but I know evry gory thing that happens and I am prepared!! Mike Vogel is so hot and so cute!! I love him!! Just your average crush I suppose!!
hobbit hommie is a cool gal, whom gives good advice, and obviously likes hobbits! Smile Smilie
I dont know anything about EvithianEhtmire , sorry.
Etharion has a username that no one can spell right, he has alot of avatars that he wants to put in a avatar market, and he had no clue who Mike Vogel was and probably still doesn't
Hobbithomie is a girl who loves Mike Vogel and always seems to be very excited about something. Animated Wink Smilie
Tommie is a sheep (boy i think) that knows that Hobithomie.. likes Mike Vogel. Is that enough?
Etharion has a username that no one can spell right, he has a lot of avatars, that are very interestong and fun to stair at for long periods of time, and he had no clue who Mike Vogel was and probably still doesn't. That's ok though, cause neither do I.
CC is baaaack!!!! Whoo-hoo!! What's that? Describe her? Oh! Ummm...ah yes: Crystle Caves is also known as CC (the nickname I gave her after her loud complaining that she was the only one without one Wink Smilie ) and apparantly had an extended break from PT since I haevm't seen her around (and I missed her!!). Okay, now for the real challenge to see if I remember everything correctly. Here goes...she's from California and is wild and psycho and thinks she isn't all that cute (though she really is), is about my age which would be...oh oh oh...ummm...17? 16! And my brain's running on empty... Big Smile Smilie
Ah, so this thread is still alive after all. Great.

I have no clue who Nilgaerien is. But i believe she is member of the Talentless Lazybone Psycho club? To put it differently, a LOTR movie fan. Hmm, think i gonna check out that thread.
Vir has a black avatar, hates the LOTR movies, and is going to check out the Talentless Lazybone Psycho club. He also has a bird nest behind his left ear........ Animated Wink Smilie
Stonehelm has a cool avatar, visits all the great threads a lott, and if i knew where he was from or how old is he....i forgot.
Etharion likes role playing and has also joined us in the story about the Quest. He is youngish..... er....... about 16????

His avatar has one of those birds on top of his head that swings up and down and dips its beak in water.......

Vee is a kind english lady who is rather funny and writes unique poems!!
Its not a bird!!! Its s dragon ornament. HobitHomie is a female who likes that guy from the chainsaw movie very very much.
Etharion has a wondefully drawn dragon for an avatar, and was in the girls only zone a while ago, so....
Crystal-caves is a young lady, who thinks I sleep talk (or should that be types)

Now lets see if you are all truthful in your response?
Ross is an old member of PT from before the rebirth. He lives in England, is a bit weird, and a good friend of mine.
Stoney is a fine young lad, who is about to graduate from high school (right?) and he's from Tenessee. He's a good friend of Ross, and he likes the games in this tavern. Animated Wink Smilie
Tommie's a girl and we are hoping to get enough wool off her this year to knit an Arran Sweater for great aunt Margaret.

Vee likes V-neck sweaters, the planet Veenus, and has Vee-8 juice for lunch. That was pretty stupid of me....
Nessa is a new member with a very cool avatar! Smile Smilie She use's the journal entry option a lot and seems to take a special interest to Legolas. Wink Smilie I don't know much about her but I hope to get the chance.
LadyFeawen is a young lady from t'states Ohio or Utah (one of those back water places Wink Smilie :p ) She has big crushes on most young men and liked to talk to sheryl lots before she diseared. She has an over active imagination (don't we all) and would like to beat the living poo out of her sister everynow and again.

Ross is an old member of PT from before the rebirth. He lives in England, is a bit weird, and a good friend of mine.
Thats the one of the nicest things any one has ever said about me. :d
Ross has been around here for a while now. He loves the LotR films, if only because he can let everyone know just how much he doesn't like them. He's a bit on the stretched side, lives in an untidy batchelor pad, where he can leave his washing up to go mouldy, and I think he's an accountant. He tends to be rather vocal, gets arrested for getting beaten up, but is a big softy really. Generally when he replies to my posts, he's trying to persuade me not to get married.
Val is apart of the council and he has a very "Val" avatar (whatever that means). he knows alot about everyone here and lord of the rings. Or should I just say he is very knowledgable!! yah that's better and he doesn't want me or loni to give out any personal information online!! There you have it!! VAL!!!
I don't know much about HobbitHomie05, 'cept they have an Aragorn avatar! I love Aragorn!!!
Ice is a girl, from somewhere. She likes roleplaying and i dont see her in a lot of other threads. Shes really OK.
Etharion is a person (at least I think so) with a username spelt with an A no an E!!!!
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