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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#3 No, it is not a weapon.

#4 No, it is not intrinsically cold (probably dependent on surroundings)
#5: Is it real? (can you hold it in your hands or feel it?)
#6 Is it an area of land
#5 Yes, it is real. (It has substance)

#6 No, it is not an area of land. (It is not geographical)
#7 Can you put it on your head?
#8 Is it Iant Iaur?

another guess as this it a hard one Wink Smilie
#7 Yes, you can put it on your head.

#8 No, it is not the Stone Bridge of Beleriand (which is much to heavy to put on ones head.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
#9: Was it forged by Morgoth?
#9 Yes, it was forged by Morgoth.
Orc Grinning Smilie

Can someone else please post the answer if they know it? I won't have time to check back here for a few days... Thanks!
Okay, according to guesses # 1 through 9: It starts with i, was found in the First Age, was not alive, was something you wear, and was forged by Morgoth. What was it?
*sigh* Oh, all right. Animated Wink Smilie

#10: Could it possibly be the Iron Crown?
You'd be surprised if it wasn't, so I'll have to refrain from surprising you, and say it is your turn Tommie. Happy Elf Smilie

Right, here we go again:

Age: Third
Location: Middle-Earth

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... B.
this game sounds funny!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

#1: is it alive??
#2 Is it geographical in nature?
#1: I think you could call it "alive", yes.
#2: Um. No, I guess. -> Call this a definite no.
#3: Are there more of it or is it unique?
#4 Is it good
#5 Is it sentient?
#3: There are more, but it is kinda unique. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
#4: No.
#5: I think so, yes.

Wish I hadn't picked such a hard one to answer questions about!
#6: is it large and heavy??
#7 Has it been created as in not born
#8 Were I to ask, "Does it have wings?," would I be initiating another endless debate about an indeterminate subject?
#6: No.
#7: It was created. (it doesn't say this clearly anywhere, but I think it must have been)
#8: Big Laugh Smilie No.

(I'm using "it" on purpose so as to not reveal anything, though I may have said too much now. Animated Wink Smilie )
Sorry folks, but I won't be around until Thursday. I hadn't realised that when I posted this thing, days would fly by so soon. Smile Smilie Sorry again... I will try to check my mail somewhere this week though, so if there's anything urgent, mail me. Cheers!
#9 Does it have two legs?
#10 Is it a Balrog
#9: As far as I know, it doesn't have any legs. (just to help you on your way)
#10: Big Laugh Smilie See #8.
#11 Is it a Barrow-wight as you can see I like guessing Wink Smilie
#11: Yes! Nice one, Maydmarion. Your turn.
Just posting again to bring the thread back up the list, maybe Maydmarion sees it then. Haven't seen her around in a while though...
Third age

Middle earth

Beginning with R
#1 Is it a place?
# 2: Just in case it's not a place, might it be alive?
#1 - Sort of, you could say yes

#2 - No
#3 is it a river?
#3 Nope
#4 Is it west of the Misty Mountains?
#4 No
#5 Is it south of Isengard?
#6: Is it the name of a street?
#5 Southish!

#6 No
#7 Is it Rohan?
#7 - No
#8 Is it east of the Anduin River?
#9: Is it a mountain?
#8 No

#9 No
#10 Is it the Ring of Isengard?
#10 - Sorry no
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