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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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Is it a Man Ross!!?
#4 No.
Is it a meta-physical being in the likes of a Valar or Maiar?
I take it when you answered yes to it being Kelvar, you do mean it is animal and not one of the Children of Iluvatar or a Dwarf?

#6 Is it Uruloki?
#5 No

#6 Yes!

Well done Val, by the looks of it nxt time I win I'll have to think of a harder one. Go on Val give us all a toughie!
Okay, let's see if I can get one to go further than six guesses this time.

PLACE: Western Middle Earth
AGE: Third
Begins with an H
#1 Is it a geographical place?
#1 Is it a geographical place?
#3 is it a race?
#4 Is it an object?
#5 Is it a town or village?

[Edited on 18/2/2003 by Namo]
#2 Is it a man? YES
#3 is it a race? YES (if you mean an individual from a race)
#4 Is it an object? NO
#5 Is it a town or village? NO
#7 Is he from Rohan?
#6 Is it a female? No
#7 Is he from Rohan? Yes
#8 is it Helm?
#9 Is it H’ma?
#8 is it Helm? No
#9 Is it H’ma? No
No more attepmts from me as I'm going on holiday But I warn Yee, I'll be back!
#10 Is it Haleth, (son of whoever) No
#11 Is he included in the films? I don't think so.
#12 Is it Harding? Yes.

Tommie's got it, but I think she's requested Elbereth take her go because she won't be around.
H’omer? Very Big Grin Smilie No, kidding.

#12 Is it Harding?

Once again, if by some very strange luck I might be right here, ElberethGilthoniel gets a chance. (right beneath me here, first name I saw, pure luck, no I'm not ignoring the rest of you Tongue Smilie )
#1 Is it a place?
I'll have a wild guess: is it Edhellond?
#3Is it near to the Misty Mountains?
#4 Is it north of Lothl’rien?
Juggling Smilie Wahay! I got it. :evilgrin:

Way to go Elbereth! I'll have a go at this one:

#5 Is it a town or village?

[Edited on 4/3/2003 by TomBombadillo]
#6 is it in the Hobbit?
#7. (Another wild guess) Is it Halifirian
#8 is it Esgaroth?
Is it the blatantly obvious Edoras?
Thats so simple it's quite tricky!
OK then, here's mine. It's quite easy.

Age: Before the Trees, mainly
Place: Central Middle Earth
Begins with A
#2 Is it a place?
#2 yes
#3 is it Almaren?
That's right, go ahead and spoil my fun. Your turn Ross.
Sorry Peredhil, but don't blame me blame my Guinea Pig. He told me the answer!

PLACE: Northern Western Middle Earth
AGE: Third
I spy with my little eye something begining with an E

[Edited on 10/3/2003 by Ross]
#1 Is it a place?
#1 No
#2 Is it a human?
#2 No
#3 Is it an elf?
#4 is it a living (sometime during the Third age) being?
#3 No!

#4 Yes/No it is living but doesn't have sentiance
#5 Is it the flower Elanor?
#5 Is it the flower Elanor?
Yes, I thought I was being quite tricky with that one, well obviously not tricky enough!
PLACE : Beleriand
AGE : First
I spy with my bloodshot and roving eye, something beginning with G
#2 is it a place?
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