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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#2 No
#3 Is it found in a mountain?
#3 No
#4 Is it a place where Elves live?
#4 No
#5 is it a mountain?
"6 Is it Carn D’m?
#5 No

#6 No
#7 was it built by the Numenoreans?

Is it the Chetwood?
#8 No, but a good guess. Use your narrower downs more.

[Edited on 20/12/2002 by Grondmaster]
#9 No, but it has been improved upon.
#10 Is it near Gondor?

Is it in the Shire?

Is it a city?

Is is Cardolan?
#9 Clarification: it is a work of nature, but has been improved upon slightly to make it more useable.

#10 No Cold but Hot

#11 No Hot but Quite Cool

#12 No Cities are not a work of nature even if made in a natural setting such as a cave or forest.

#13 No Hot but Quite Cool
# 14

is it a forest?
#14 No

Is it west of the Mist Mountains?
#15 No

Is it the Carrock?
Yah! You Betcha! Cool Elf Smilie

'Twas the Carrock: A natural eyot in Anduin, the Great River. It had carved steps all way up to its tower-like top, which according to Gandalf in The Hobbit, were made by Beorn, who often sat there at night in his huge black bear form, watching the Misty Mountains and vowing one day to return to them when the Orcs had finally perished. Teacher Smilie

Glorfinel is the winner and gets to start our next round. :wavingsanta;
I'm back! Waving Hello Smilie And I did guess it was the Carrock. Sad Smilie Too late. Come on, Glorfinel, I wanna win some now. Tongue Smilie
Sorry Tom, but I had tor redeem myself for that horrible ents guess a while back.

Sorry about the delay folks had PC problems. I'm back now.

BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!! Now it's MY TURN, again!!! Tremble in your boots, my fellow Tolkien geeks! I've got a real toughy!

Age: Second
Area: the South-western part of West Middle Earth

I spy with my little eye some thing that starts with 'H'.
#1 Is it a weapon?
#2 Is it a place?
I must apologize. I made an error on the Age. I have no idea why, other than possibly my brain went for a brief stroll after having set the body on imagined-self-aware autopilot.

Anyway... It's Third Age, not Second. Mea culpa. I beg forgivness.

Now the Questions...
#1 Is it a weapon?

Hmmm, perhaps someone senses my pattern... Doh!!!



thought processes...
*kuhchunk-kuhchunk-kuhchunk... kuhchack-click*

Ah, there... that's much better. OK, next one.

#2 Is it a place?

Play on!!!

Is it Herugrim??
#3 Is it Herugrim??


Ok, so it wasn't really that tough, but it's nice to have an easy one every once in a while. I was going to use another much more obscure weapon, but I couldn't remember how to spell it's name and couldn't find it again in the books. My next one will be much more obscure and probably not a weapon.

Good job Stonehelm! It's your turn.

Yessss!!! I have finally won precious!!!

Age: First
Area Eastern Middle-Earth

I spy with my little eye something that starts with H

[Edited on 23/12/2002 by Stonehelm]
#1 Is it a place?

[Edited on 23/12/2002 by Heorogar]

Is it a living thing?
#3 Is it the Helcar Sea?
#1Is it a place?Yes

#2Is it a living thing? No

#3Is it the Helcar Sea? No

Play on! Big Smile Smilie
#4 Is it east of Ered Luin (The Blue Mountains)?

[Edited on 24/12/2002 by Grondmaster]
#5 Is it Himring?
#4 Is it east of Ered Luin (The Blue Mountains)? Yes

#5Is it Himring? No

And the game goes on! Big Smile Smilie
#6 Is it west of the The Great River Anduin?
#7 Is it a lake?

Happy Saturnalius everybody!
Is it a body of water?
#6 I am not sure,most likely No
#7 No
#9 Is it Hith Alglin?
#9 No

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I asked number six trying to see if it could possibly be Hithaeglir (the Misty Mountains) or Hadhodrond (Moria) which are west of the Anduin. But I guess it can't so...

#10 Does it lie east of the Inland Sea of Helcar?
Ok it's not Hithaeglir or Hadhodrond. The question I picked is really obscure and is only mentioned in the books one or twice.

#10 No
#11 Would it be the Harlond?
#11 No

Keep going everyone! Big Smile Smilie
#12 is it's name in elven?
#12 Yes
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