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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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You were correct with guess #6. Your turn; if you wish. Happy Elf Smilie
If not, try this one:

AGE: Third
AREA: Middle Earth
Eyespy with my little eye... something that starts with... N
Oops, sorry, I forgot. Hmmmm...

1. Is it in Eriador?
# 1 No, it is not in Eriador.
2. Is it a thing, as opposed to a place or person?
#2 Yes, it is a thing.
3. Was it the primary property of Men?
#3 No it wasn't primarily the property of Men.
4. Did it survive the War of the Ring?
#5 - Di it belong to one person?
#4 Yes, it still existed after the fall of Barad-d’r.

#5 Yes, during the Third Age it was the property of just one person.
6. Did it make its home in a large Mallorn tree?
#6 Yes, though usually on a flet rather than a branch, twig, or leaf.
Would it be Nenya, the Ring of Waters, given by Celebrimbor to Galadriel, and never changing bearers? By the way, that was a great clue, and is what put it in my mind.
Yes that's it Olorin. Happy Elf Smilie

I couldn't remember if Galadriel was the original owner or not and rather than obscurating the fact, I gave more than a simple yes or no.

You may give us another.
Hmmm. I thought it was about time this great game was brought back to life.

Here goes:

AGE: Third, AREA: Middle-Earth

I spy with my little eye, something that starts with... G.
# 1 Is it a living being?
#1: Yes, it is a living being.
#2 Is it an Elf?
#3 - Is it good or bad? (If it's maybe, we know it's Gollum!!)
#2: No.
#3: It is good.
4. Is it Human?
:#5 is it male

Sorry Grondy, Teacher Smilie have corrected my error
NOTE: According to the rules, the questions must require a yes or no answer, not a choice between two possibles.

#6 Is their hair blonde?
#4: No.
#5: Yes.
#6: No.

Wiggle Smilie
#7 Is it a Hobbit?
#8 Is it Gimli
#9 Is it one of the Istari?
#7: No.
#8: No.
#9: No.
is it Grima wormtongue?
#10: No.
#11 Is it Gandalf
Gandalf was an Istari, Grima was human, so #12 Is it Goldberry ?
#11: No.
#12: No.

Wiggle Smilie
So then, #13 was it an Orc?
#13: No.

I never guessed this was such a difficult one!
#14: Was it Gloin?
Was it Glorfindel?
It is a good, non-elf, non-human, non-hobbit, non-istari, non-orc male. We only have five guesses left and I'm going to use one of those.

#16 Was it the descendent of the Woses who can count even better than 'The Count', like stars in sky, leaves on trees, and men in the dark?
All of the posts I made this morning seem to have disappeared, so I'll just post everything again...

#14: No.
#15: No.
#16: (that would be Ghan-buri-Ghan) No.
#17 Was he an eagle?

#17: Yes, Grondy, he was.
I don't suppose there is just the merest hint of the slightest of chances that his name is almost certainly #18 Gwaihir?

#18: By an enormous stroke of luck you might just have guessed it correctly, Grondy! Animated Wink Smilie

Your turn to post a new one...
Okay, try:

Eye Spy with My Little Eye

AGE: First
AREA: Beleriand and its neighbors
Eyespy with my little eye... something that starts with... I
#1 Is it Ladros not sure if it was an I (L) or I (i) just a guess
I'll start off more general:

#2: Is it alive? (as in not a plant, rock, weapon, ...)
#1 No, it is a capital I, not a lower case l, or the numeral 1; though that mixup is one of the drawbacks of the Tahoma font used on this and many websites.

By the way, "Tahoma" is the American Indian name for our Mount Rainier, (pronounced: rain-ear) the 14,000 ft high semi-dormant volcano located in our backyard (about 80 miles to the southwest of me and when we can see it we say 'it is going to rain', because if we can't see it, the rain has already started falling).

#2 No, it has never been alive. (Even though plants are of the vegetable world, they are also alive unless they have been harvested.)
I was actually going to ask "is it a human being?" but then I thought that might be confusing. But thanks, anyway. Animated Wink Smilie And I'll think about the plants... Tongue Smilie

#3: Is it a weapon?
#4 Is it cold
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