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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#5 Yes/No #6 Yes/No

As Frodo said:
Go not to the Elves for counsel for they will say both no and yes.

Do you have a bit of Elven flowing through your veins, Ross?

Would it be the sun?
#11 Is it Hill Trolls?
Congratualtions Prog!!
That was my next guess. Big Smile Smilie
you have found my true nature, I am of the Nandor and I am starting a campaign about hte evils of christmas trees, please use the wood afterwards if only for fuel it's so much better than just dumping them you bunch of tree fellers!
#11 No

Sorry Rednell I couldn't resist it!
Woohoo! I won Big Smile Smilie

My turn then:

AGE: First Age AREA: Northern Beleriand
Eyespy with my little eye something that starts with D
#1 Yes

Please note a bit of a wasted question as I think in eyespy you have to use a noun!

Is it a place?
#1 Is it a place?


Is it a person?
#2 Is it a person?



Does it end in an "R"?

Is it an Elf?
#4 Is it Daeron?
#3 Does it end in an "R"?


#4 Is it an Elf?


#5 Is it Daeron?


Play on! Big Smile Smilie
#6 Is it Dairuin?

is this person a man?

[Edited on 10/12/2002 by Orimono_Shujin]
ok, you said it was not a place, but a person that was not an elf.
#8 is this person a dwarf?

is it a name?
#9 is it Dragluin?
#6 Is it Dairuin?


#7 is this person a man?


#8 is this person a dwarf?


#9 is it Dragluin?

YES Big Smile Smilie

Congrats, Ross!

I know, I know, some of you may say "Draugluin was a werewolf, not a person!" But I based my answer on the fact that he was sentient and intelligent, therefore, more than just a mere thing.
Wayhey I've done it again.

Yet again many thanks to my Guinea Pigs, yadda yadda yaddda. Cheers Proghead.

AGE: Second AREA: Northern Middle Earth
Eye spy with my little eye some thing begining with H

Is it a place?
revised#1 No

#2 No

Is it a body of water?


[Edited on 12/12/2002 by Grondmaster]
#3 No

Stony can you add #3 to your question please?
#4 Is it the name of a creature (other than humanoid).
Is it Hobgoblins?
#9 No
Is it the Hill Men?
#10 No

Half way there

Oh and hello and welcome to the forum Faramir

[Edited on 12/12/2002 by Ross]

Is it Huorns?
#7 No

Good try though

#8 No

is it a weapon of some sort or used as a weapon?
Is it the name of a race of creatures?
#6 Yes
#11 No

#12 No

#13 No

to be fare I said yes to is it a creature and not to if it was other than humanoid as this was in brackets, therefore you could be on the right path with humanoid creatures Wink Smilie

Is it Half-Orcs?
#14 No
Is it the hummerhorn?
Hill Trolls, Hobbits, Hobgoblins and Hill Men were all humanoid, which I was under the impression that the answer is not (see #4)
Glorfidel: "Ents" doesn't start with an "H". Happy Elf Smilie

Ross: I think "humanoid" pertains to any creature that looks human-like in general appearance, and maybe in size even. So you may need to redo your answers if neither #11 or #12 are correct, of course maybe both you and they have interpreted question #4 wrongly or you are all on the correct track in spite of all this. Elf Winking Smilie

Faramir: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie
I would also like to welcome Heorogar to the forum. Oh newbies trying to crack the eyespy

#15 No
Is it the Harfoots?
Is it the Haradrim?

(Sorry about that Ent thing. My brain was partially fried at the time. And really, E and H are so close, after all... heh... Tongue Smilie )
Waving Hello Smilie

#18 Is it the Haladin?
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