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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#5 is it a living being? Yes.
#6 Is it an Elf?
#6 Is it an Elf? No.
#7 Is it a human?
#8 Is (or was) it a building?
#7 Is it a human? Yes.

#8 Is (or was) it a building? No.
#9 Is it Arathorn II ?
#9 Is it Arathorn II ? No

Sorry for the delay... I forgot Got The Blues Smilie
A bit obvious but is it #10 Aragorn son of Arathorn?
#10 Aragorn son of Arathorn? No.

I'm sorry, but I went with a rather obscure one here.
Oh good! I didn't think you would let us down.
Is it Arveleg 1 ?
#11 Is it Arveleg 1 ? No.

Ross, I just hope it's not too obscure.
#12 was he/she a descendant of the Numenorian rulers (Kings/chieftains/stewards)?
#13: Is it Anarion? (brother of Isildur, that's his name right?)

Ok if by any chance that would be the right answer, let Grondy take my turn this time cos I won't be around much. Big Smile Smilie And after all it's gonna be his b-day soon.
#14 Is he/she in LOTR?
#12 was he/she a descendant of the Numenorian rulers (Kings/chieftains/stewards)? YES!

#13: Is it Anarion? No.

#14 Is he/she in LOTR? No... not even mentioned in LotR, as far as I know.

I'm getting a tad concerned that I went a little too far out on this one. There are a lot of "A" names that fit the criteria laid out above Big Laugh Smilie
#15 Were they alive during the second millennium of the Third Age, like from TA 1001-2000.
#15 Were they alive during the second millennium of the Third Age, like from TA 1001-2000. Yes!
#2 Is it an Elf?
Great! Now there were only about ten Heirs of Isildur during that time frame whose name starts with "A". And that is even assuming that Gondor is located in Southern Middle-earth. And we don't even know the gender of the person, and whether and they were also one of these Kings.
Okay, okay, here's a hint... think Arthedain... hmmm, like that helps Big Laugh Smilie

Okay... how's this... last letter is "t" Wink Smilie
#16 Is it Araphant the 14th king of Arthedain
#16 Is it Araphant the 14th king of Arthedain

Yes indeed, Valedhelgwath! And now the helm is yours Big Smile Smilie
Good one, I also think it's the first one of yours I've not won Big Smile Smilie
Finally won one...

Okay here's mine

First Age
Something beginning with E
#1 Is ia a living thing?
#1 Is it a living thing? Yes
#3 is it an ent?
#4 is it an eagle?
#2 Is it an Elf? No
#3 is it an ent? No
is it an eagle? No
#5 Is it human?
#5 Is it human? Yes
is it a woman?
#6 is it a woman? Yes
#7 is it Emeldir?
#8 is it Eilinel?
#7 is it Emeldir?

You've got it Ross Smile Smilie
Wooo hoo, I'm back.

AGE: First
PLACE: beleriand
I spy with my little eye, something beginning with U
#1 Is it a living thing?
#1 yes!

I hope you all have your lucky Guinea Pigs at the ready.
Is it a living "being"? (elf,man,dwarf,ainur,etc.)
What a dumb question, i mean is it Kelvar or Olvar? (plant or being?)
Being that I can only answer yes or no you will have to choose which question you want to ask.
Komosot I notice that you too suffer from havig argument with yourself, no he doesn't, shut it you yes he does! Tongue Smilie
Ross, i've filled up entire threads a mile long with my own inner arguements, lol. People just sit back and watch the pandemonium insue. I should call my Komotose instead. I'd like to go with my second question please. Smoke Smilie

And that is my final answer...

[Edited on 14/2/2003 by Komosot]
I can only answer ys or no so you'll have to choose which one ie. kelvar or olvar!
Heh. Is it Kelvar?
#2 yes!

We got there at last! Big Smile Smilie
Is it female?
#3 No!
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