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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#5 Yes it is a habitation (town, city etc).
#6 Is it south of Angmar??
#6 Yes it lies to the south of Angmar.
#7: Is it on the east of Bree-hill?
Shaking Head Smilie #7 No, it lies to the west of Bree.
#8: Is it Crickhollow?
#8 Yes, your turn Arco Smile Smilie
AGE: Third Age
AREA: Southeastern Middle-earth
Starts with: A
#1 Is it a location?
#1: Nope
#2 Is it a sentient being?
#2: Yes
#3 Is it an Elf?
#3: No.
#4 Is it a man (or woman)?
#4: Yes, it's a man.
#5 Was he/she alive at the time of Bilbos eleventy-first birthday party?
#5: I'd have to say NO.
#6 Is he related to Aragorn?
#7 Is he male?
#6: Very, VERY distantly (VERY!!)
#7: Yes, HE's a man.
[I'll tell u their relations AFTER u figure out who he is.]

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#8 Was he a King of Gondor?
#9: Is it Anarion?
#8: No (though he was related to the Kings, as I said)
#9: No
U going to try and narrow it down any further?
#10 Was he Gondorian?

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#10: Um, I think u mean by that 'was he from Gondor?'

Well, um, he had Gondorian blood, but he certainly didn't live in Gondor or... particularly like it, i would assume from his actions.
#11 Did he live east of the Anduin?
#11: Um, that's hard to answer; I'd have to say no (but he wasn't west of it or on it either) because he's more south than the Mouth of the Anduin/
#12 Was he a Corsair of Umbar?
#12: Yes, getting closer. Big Smile Smilie
#13 Angamait’?
Yes, he was both Aragorn II's 5th cousin removed 23 times, and 21st cousin 17 times removed.

Your turn, Grondy.
AGE: Third Age
AREA: Northern middle earth
Eyespy with my little eye... something that starts with... G

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#1: Is this thing alive?
#1 Yes this thing? was alive in the Third Age.
#2 Is it an individual?
#3 Is it human?
#2 Yes he/she/it is an individual Happy Elf Smilie

#3 No he/she/it is not of Mankind (It all depends on your definition of human, are all humane creatures human, i.e. Elves, Dwarves, Men, and Ents, or just Men? My education in the Humanities was very limited, only received 5 out of 140 semester hours in them at Uni; 2 in 'Mythology' and in 3 'Medieval Romances') Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
#4: Is it Grondmaster? (No, just kidding Smile Smilie
I want to know, is this person male?
#5 Yes he is male and as I consider myself as 'of Mankind' he isn't me and I know of no actual character called 'Grondmaster' in Tolkien's books. There probably was someone assigned to that job at the gate of Minith Tirith, other than a Nazgul, but we don't know his name nor who it was that cast the raving wolf head that adorned the battering ram called Grond, though it surely was one of the followers of Aul’. Cool Elf Smilie
#6: Is he from east of the Misty Mtns?
#6 No
#7: A hobbit?
#7 No, he doesn't have hairy feet.
#8 Is he a Teler?
#8 No, I don't think so.
#9: A Dwarf?
#9 No, a Teler was closer. Elf Winking Smilie
Then by a process of elimination he must be a Noldo.
#10 Did he spend any substantial part of his life at Mithlond?
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