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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#13 Does it lie south of Isengard?
#13 Nope
#14 Angmar?
#14 No
#15 Is it west of the Great River Anduin?
#15 Is it west of the Great River Anduin? Yes
Okay it is east of the Misty Mountains, west of the River Anduin, and north of Isengard.

#16 Is it south of the River Gladden?
#16 Is it south of the River Gladden? Yes
#17Azanulbizar (Dimrill Dale) ?
#17Azanulbizar (Dimrill Dale) ?

BINGO! Grondy wins!!!

Wow! Narrowing-in really helped on that one. Good question Stonehelm, it was a hard one. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Place: Western ME
Age: 1st
Eyespy with my little eye... something that starts with... the letter: A

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#1 Was/is it living?
Sorry about the delay, I thought I had gone back and checked the email notification box, but apparently I had not.

#1 Yes
#2 No it is not male.
#3 Is it an Elf?
#3 Yes she is an elf.
#4 Does she have children?
#5 Did she die?
#4 Yes, but only the one (I thought about saying no, but haggling over the difference between child and children would be unfair. I suppose I could have just said, 'Yes, she wasn't barren," but then why bother.)

#5 Yes
#6 Aredhel Ar-Feiniel?
That's the lady. Happy Elf Smilie

Your turn Ross. Orc Grinning Smilie
Age Third, area norther middle earth, begins with B?
#1 Is it a living thing?
#1 Yes!
#2 Is it a person's name?
#3 It it an Elf?
#4 Was it male?
#2 Yes

#3 No

#4 Yes
#5 Is it a Dwarf?
#5 No
That rules out Bashful then. Tongue Smilie
#6 Is he human?
#7 Is he an Ent?
#6 No

#7 No

#8 No
#9 Is it Bolg, son of Azog?
#10 Does it have wings?

Oh dear! If it is the Balrog the answer to that will be ambiguous, better try another. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

#11 Does it have four legs?
#9 No

#10 No

#11 No

Oh dear! If it is the Balrog the answer to that will be ambiguous, better try another.
Now this is one of teh threads without argueing on it, we wouldn't want to even try that! Tongue Smilie
#12 Is it Bombadil?
#13 Is it Barrow-Wight??
#14 Have he and his two hungry friends, one of whom is now wearing a bird's nest, been left standing out in the sunny woods.
#12 No

#13 No

#14 Yes
#15 Hmmmm...could it be Bill?
#15 No
#16 Is it Bert???????????????????????
#16 is it Bert??????????????????????? The birthday boy gets it after his mocking private postBody. Congratulations Stony I think you owe Grondy a big thak you.

Ps. if you were in the UK you could have your first legal beer. But as you're in the USA, just nick one of your dads! Wink Smilie
Grondy you can go ahead and do the next one, you are really the winner! Big Smile Smilie

Sorry Rossy, I don't think I'll be drinking beer!
well as long as you have fun!
Third Age (probably second too)
Begins with 'E'

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#1 is it a state/kingdom?
#2 Is it an Elf?
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