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There is a myth of an ancient treasure lying deep in the Misty Mountains. It is a powerful treasure, one whose power could perhaps match that of the one ring. Many have sought this strange treasure and that same many have failed, miserably, for their quest has cost them their life. Mystery surrounds this treasure, mystery, and curse. All those who seek it die horribly, though no one knows why. Those very few who survived the trials to reach it, were dead within seconds of being in its prescence. To lay eyes upon it, one must be true of heart, and true of mind. There are inumerable trials that must be overcome to reach it, inumerable beacuse no one has survived to tell the tale.
"Blah, blah, yada, yada, yada... All this ancient mumbo-jumbo crap is getting on my nerves," Icefangs said to herself as she put down her book. Outside her home, the familiar sounds of the night were unusually loud to her sensitive lycan ears. Ice smiled to herself, thinking about tomorrow, considering if she was in her right mind to go chasing after imaginary treasures. She blew out her lantern and curled up under her blankets. Then she put her pillow over her head, and fell asleep.
The next morning she woke up, finding herself lying under the bed, again. Wow, she thought, I must sleep pretty wild. She crawled out from under her bed, standing up slowly. She stretched, gingerly flexing her aching, cramped muscles. Picking up her knapsack that was thrown against the wall, she slung it over her shoulder and prepared to leave. Then taking one last glance over her room in the great city known as Rivendell, she grabbed the book, entitled, ancient myths and legends of Middle Earth, and walked out.
Very nice begining!!! Go on....
I'm just waiting for someone else to post, that's all, like, so maybe I can have a traveling company or something...

Icefangs walked slowly down the dusty road. A few horseriders passed her. She shivered, being scared of horses and all. She just kind of traipsed along, kicking rocks with her boots, idly swinging her tail back and forth. While she walked, she read some more from the book...
The only trial that is currently known about is the first. In this challenge, one must overcome the Diaspawn, strange creatures whose name is derived from Diablo, devil in Spanish.
On a grasy hill by the rode , a elf lies and seems to be reading some scrolls.>Ah,god day , my lady!< He quickley puts them away in one of the numerus pockets on his robes.>How are you today?And where are you going?<
Icefangs bows quietly, saying, "I am called Icefangs, or Icey, for short. I am going, err, treasure-hunting." Icefangs grinned, twitching her ears slightly as a breeze shot by. Then realizing that she had showed her wolfish ears, pulled the hood of her cloak up over head and sat down beside the elf, hoping he wouldn't notice.
"Good day to you!" said a female dwarf from behind whom they hadn't noticed. "Sorry about this, but I'm looking for treasure, and I sort of don't have any experience, and my Dad says come back with treasure, or don't come back at alol, and I can't exactly say no, coz he's the King. Any idea where I could get some treasure? And why are you out here anyway?"
Icey turned and stared at the dwarf with her piercing dark eyes, but instead of acting angry, she smiled. "Well, hello to you, to, miss dwarf. I know where to find some treasure, but, before I reveal any information, what is your name? To answer the question of why I am out here, I am also searching for treasure. What sort of treasure do you seek, for I know alot of good places to find treasure." Icey stood, still smiling, and held out her hand. Another gust of wind came by and blew Icey's hood off of her head, revealing her elvish features and wolflike ears. Ah well, she thought. If these folks are afraid of my wolfish digits, then let them say it and get it over with, so I can know if I have some new friends or not.
The elf looks around a bit mifed because the interuption in what would certainly be a nice talk with the elf girl. >Ah, a dwarf women eh? Well yes im looking for tresure ...again!!!< He then sees the elfs wolflike looks and seems just a little bit anoyed. >Ah, of course. I knew you couldnt be a normal elf, because that just never hapens to me...I mean i had skeleton,pirate,druid,fallen angel,naked cleric friends and they were all ok, but for once i just wish it to be someone normal. No offence against you my lady (he bows) im just remembering a few naging memorys from my past. So where should we go then?<
Icey sighs, "I'm sorry I'm not exactly normal, but for that, you can blame my dad. He actually was a wolf, enchanted to become human, um, used my mother and now here I am, wolfy ears and tail, and senses, too. And the dwarf woman certainly seems normal enough." Icey begins to sit back down, and changes her mind. She stands, saying, "The treasure I am hunting is hidden deep within the Misty Mountains. If you, sir normally normal elf don't mind that I do have a certain uniqueness, then I should say you are welcome to accompany me. And you, young dwarf, may come if you so choose." Icey brushed herself off and put the book she was holding back into her bag. She continues, saying, "Sir elf, what is your name?"
(Heh heh. "normally normal" I crack myself up!)
Oh please, call me Etharion. And i dont mind you being a wolf. Well, the Misty Mountains eh ? Well lets go then, but we must be carefull !
"Careful indeed." - answered a mellifluous, albeit peculiar voice; seemingly out of nowhere.

Out of a hole in the ground emerged a dwarf of remarkably stunted stature. (Common for one of his ilk)
Burnished midnight strands cascaded down rigid contours in sumptuous disarray, tantalizingly swaying
with great strides of undaunted veneration as he approached the ragtag band of adventurers.
Planting his great axe into the earth he expeditiously brushed off what debris his broad frame had collected
beneath the earth's surface. With a scrutinous eye he now studied his newest patrons; who unbeknownest to them
were not patrons, but trespassers on private property...his in fact! Remembering what lore he could of 'tall folk' however,
(they are a sensitive bunch) he quickly decided to check his dwarfly cynicism and welcome these intruders
in what amiable fashion his nature would allow...lest the ethnic tensions escalate and waists meet the edge of his axe.
(Heck of mess to clean up.) Throwing a casual glance over to the one called "icefangs," he allowed a partly stifled laugh to escape
his lips. Many a wolf's hide had provided him with nicely knit pelts for traveling atop the cold mountain peaks.
Lycanthropic, humanoid, or just plain hairy...he couldn't pass up a potentially warm and fuzzy new coat for traveling.
(However, he decided to keep the notion underwraps.)

"Merry meet brave adventurers! I am Zirgaka Burgeonbrows. I couldn't help but eavesdro..overhear your conversation which leads you hence
into the mountains.::Shudder:: Much uncharted territory lies before you...and dangers of the most remarkable, erm, nastiness.
it would be wise to employ one with knowledge of the area...a guide if you will.
I would be honored to accompany you all and offer my services for a fair share of the treasure.
What say you, most formidable opportunists of all that shines and glitters deep within the earth's crust?" ::salivates, eyes them intently::

(Btw, like the Chobits avatar, Icefang)
(thanks, I wasn't sure if anyone would know it was chobits)

Icefangs stared the new dwarf up and down, sizing him up, if you will. She looked at the broad blade of his axe, her sensitive wolf sense of smell picking the scent of old blood. Well, she thought, we probably do need a guide, though this Zirgaka fellow seems a bit suspicious. She straightened, brushing part of her short blueish hair out of her face, saying, "I am known as Icefangs. This-" she said pointing the normal elf, "is Etharion, and-" she continued, pointing the female dwarf, "this is, well, she hasn't said much of late. When she first popped up out of nowhere, much like yourself, Sir Zirgaka, she seemed a bit like a talker. As for your fair share of the treasure, I know not even what it does, so, I cannot possibly know if whatever it is, is something you could possibly want, sir dwarf," she said, putting her practiced elven etiquette and politeness to good use. She sighed, thinking, I am almost positive we need a guide for the mountainous trek, but I would hope for one not as, peculiar. "If my fellow travelers find no problem with your accompanying us, sir Burgeonbrows, then let us leave your private property, and continue onward towards the mountains," she said, after glancing behind her at the sign Etharion was sitting on. The sign says "DO NOT TRESPASS. PRIVATE PROPERTY." Ah, she thought, what the heck, we need a guide, but I will keep my eye on Sir Zirgaka Burgeonbrows the dwarf.
"Splendid! Just allow me a moment to make a quick mental inventory of what i'll be packing for our arduous mountain trek!"

::Lets see. Pickaxe, maps, canteen, kindling, food, knives, an odd leafy substance, thin wrapping paper to enclose the substance of a suggestive and questionable nature around, a book entitled: "A beginner's guide to why dwarves have a pronounced or pathological inability to socialize without said leafy substance", traveler's cap, pastries.::

"Finished! Anyone else have last minute preparations to make?"

"I've just charted our course to the Ephel Duath Mountains, as requested. Am I a great guide or what?" ::Juts out his chest boastfully::
"My name is Loni!" butted in the dwarf again, who was desperate for Icey's attention. "You can trust me. I am the daughter of Foin, the son of Gimli, of the Glittering caves. He is a tyrannical father and king, and he says that I must fin d atreasure. He doesn't say why, but what he says I must do, for he will lock me up if I don't. I'm not experienced. I need help and advice. I've never been on a journey before. Please help!" She looked desperate, and awaited Icey's reply with little puppydog eyes.
>Uum Icey, i think your do...i mean dwarf friend is talking to you. So shall we go now?<
With a wave of his hand a transparent dics apers in midair and he hops on it and sits with his legs crosed. > There is room for you to . < He says to Ice. > Its great fun riding on the disc<
Icey smiles at the small female dwarf, thinking, Do we really need an inexperienced traveller with us? Well, everybody should learn somewhere, she concluded. "Ah, Loni, what very nice name. I think that you can come with us, if you can at least somewhat defend yourself. And as for riding on your disc, Sir Etharion, I would like to know, what exactly is it made of? And, as for you, Sir Burgeonbrows, I do believe that, from my personal experience, you are a great guide, and I do really thank you for agreeing to come with us for a fair share of something you may not even want. As for preparations, I made all of mine this morning, before I left my home. Either of you two-" she says looking at Etharion and Loni, "need to make any more preparations before we leave?"
Seasoned adventurers::

Icefangs:"There is a myth of an ancient treasure lying deep in the Misty Mountains."

Lungorthin:"I've just charted our course to the Ephel Duath Mountains, as requested. Am I a great guide or what?"

(Does anyone else notice a little discrepancy here? Paranoid Smilie )
Yep i noticed, but im not from Middle Earth so i dont even know this region. The disc is made out of force of will. Very simple when you get the hang of it . And a wizards training lasting a couple of years. I have all my gear with me. Iv been traveling for some while(from one world to another). So the dics is perfectly safe .Later if anybody gets tired he can rest on it. (by the way, Icey how old are you, for real?)
I noticed, but I thought maybe you meant Ephel Duath Pass, not mountains, because you, being our guide, must know about the mountains. in real life, i'm 14, how about you, Ethy, can I call ya Ethy? how old are you, Lungorthin, and you, too, Loni? Well, anyway, on to my post...

Icey shrugs. "I would really prefer to walk. I'm not too fond of anything that takes my feet off of the ground. Though later, when I'm tired, I might take you up on that offer," Icefangs said, smiling. She kneeled to pick her pack up off the ground. When she did, her cloak fluttered slightly and a belt covered in throwing daggers was revealed. She stood, smiling at the rest of the company, saying, "Well, if you're all ready, then lets go."
(im 15 years old)
>OK then. Lets go on to the mountains. Ill just speed up a litlle and scout ahead.< He zomes on the disc over the lowest trees, and out of sight
"If everyone else is ready, then, shall we be off, so Sir Etharion does not get too far ahead, and ends up scouting for himself?"
a voice shouts out > Comon you guys, lets go!!! That treasure wont find it self!!!<
Icey glances at the other two, grins, then takes off running, her slightly wolfish body able to run very fast for a long time. She's getting pretty far ahead of the two dwarves, when she glances back at them, to see if they are following. In the process of looking backwards, she runs -SMACK- headfirst into a tree. She stumbles backward, shaking her head, trying to see something other than stars and small birds. Shaking her head once more to clear it, she runs back to the others, choosing to walk with them, instead of running ahead with Etharion.
The company keeps running for about half a mile behind Etharion . by now Icefangs had gained upon Etharion and was running alongside him. Then they saw at a distance a sillhouete of a person sitting by the roadside , head bowed. They ran up to that person and saw that he was a man. his ragged cloak was fluttering in the wind. He was unshaven and had a rugged look and his face though young looked weatherbeaten and sorrowful , as though he had seen some great sorrows in his past. when the company halted in front of him , he looked up at them and says, "By your gear you look like travellers starting for a long ,ardous journey. my name is Mormegil and i was a traveller too. " At these words a shadow passes over his face. he says, "Elves and dwarves on a journey together are hard to comeby. it must be on some high errand or for the search of some great treasure that folks from the two estranged kindred journey together."

(Btw i am nearly 18 years old and this is a great start Icey Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie )
The two elves decide to stay with the man until the dwarves catch up. > Hello! Yes we are looking for treasure. I am Etharion, and this is my lady Icefang. But why all this sorow in your voice?<
(thanks alot)

Icey looked the young man up down, sensing a sort of aura emanating from him, a sad, remorseful aura. "Greeting, Mormegil. I must ask the same question as my friend here, why are you so sad?"
"OOOY DWARFS!!!" Etharion shouts. "Come on hurry up!!!"
Mormegil says, " I live in Fornost near Lake Evendim. U may not know but there is a great treasure hidden in the depths of the Misty Mountains. So one day , me and 4 other good friends of mine started out on a journey to find this treasure. After a long journey we reached the passes of Eregion. There on one fateful night a company of orcs attacked us. We were caught completely unawares. Three of my friends who were sitting next to the fire were shot . the black orc shafts pierced their bodies and they never saw the light of day again. Me and another friend of mine were standing at a distance and we saw the whole thing happen before our eyes. Without any time for grief we ran for our lives . but 4 orcs who were searching in the nearby trees saw us with their keen eyes and ran after us with angry yells. We hid behind a bush , ambushed them and slew them all. But their yells brought the rest of the pack upon us. Then my friend said, " Mormegil, our quest is not over yet. In u I see hope and the light of your great fathers. U shall not let the blood of our friends go waste, u must find the treasure. So friend, run , save your life and I may die with the hope that someday Gurthang (my sword) will shine in the deep halls of the Misty Mountains. Run ! and I will keep the orcs at bay till I can." With tears in my eyes I looked at him for the last time and ran like I had never ran before." Mormegil, said this with his head bowed and he looked worn out and older than he actually was.

(btw Icey where in M earth are we in now)
Im so sorry for you.
Icey smiled a reassuring smile toward the young man. "That is a very heart wrenching story, sir Mormegil, and if you so wish, and my companions agree, then you may accompany us, toward our mountainous destination. I assure you, we are too unique a group to ambushed. But, one question, what do you know of the treasure you seek? So that if ours' is a common goal, we may travel together."

(I think we're down the road from Rivendell, that's where my character came from.)

(I just read one of Etharion's posts that I missed earlier, LOL, "OOOOY DWARFS!!!!" That cracks me up, Ethy!)
"Sure, you can come with us!!! We share the treasure equaly." Etharion starts to get angry with the dwarfs!!! So Angry Smilie But he calms down because Ice laughs.
"Well, Sir Mormegil, if our dwarf friends would arrive soon, we could introduce you to them," Icey says with a grin.
Mormegil says, " Well i know one thing that if u touch the treasure once u have found it then u will die on the spot. but my lady Icefangs i also know about a key which is hidden somewhere close to Balin's tomb in Moria. if that key is placed in a well defined lock carved in a stone near the treasure then the charm laid on the treasure will be lifted and we can carry the treasure home without any worry. so firstly we have to find the key.

(where the hell are Loni and Lungorthin Angry Elf Smilie )
(maybe ther dead)
Aahh!! Ther is magic involved.Let us go then if you know the way. I guees we will have to go and let the dwarfs catch up later.

the three of them start walking with Mormegil in the lead. " first to look for the key , we head southwards to the passes of Eregion then we take the Dimril Stairs near the Redhorn and come near the gates of Moria. but we dont go thru the gates because they will be guarded by many orcs. i know another way though. " says Mormegil with a sly grin on his face. so they walk on for a few miles still in sight of the vale of Rivendell. "i guess we should rest a bit . it should be the third or the fourth hour of noon,and we have a lot of trudging to do in the evening ,before nightfall.and while we rest we can know more about each other. what say u , Etharion?" says Mormegil.
Why of course. I am a mage, and im not from around here...kind of. I exhault in all things to do with magic for i studied for many years and then got much expirence as a adventurer. i am very fond of dear Ice hear .
Icey smiles as Ethy says he is fond her, for she is fond of him as well. "Well, sir Mormegil, since Etharion has already told you about him, let me tell you about me," she says, still smiling. She shakes her head slightly, making her cowl fall back, revealing her elvish face and wolf ears. She then stands up, turning around, and lets her tail fall out of a hole in her cloak.

Still smiling, she says, "You see, sir Mormegil, I am not very normal after all. I was born half-wolf and half-elf. It's a wonder my dear friend Ethy here hasn't said anything about the magic I possess," she continues, with a slight grin. She pulls a chain out of her cloak (it was around her neck) and takes it off. On it is a sparkling onyx jewel that sets off an eerie dark glow.

She smiles as the two look at it questioningly. "It is a sort of neutral magic, not meant for good, but not meant for evil, either. It can lead the way out of dark places into which you get lost, and guide you through dark places into which you must go. So, sir Mormegil, what do you think of the wonders of I, Icefangs?"

"Sweet magic , Icey . i must say i kinda like you too." Mormegil says with a grin." thats kind of odd u being a half wolf but i guess u get the extra benefits like sharper hearing and other keener senses. Btw i am from an ordinary household in Fornost. my father was a Ranger working under Lord Aragorn. he died in glory in the War of the Ring. i am an adventurer though i am mighty in lore. i prefer fighting with my sword Gurthang and i can show u some skills with the blade. Elves from the Blue Mountains come and stay near our city for sometime. they taught me all the lore and the great deeds of men and elves during the War of the Jewels. i bet i will have a great time with u two for company." says Mormegil. Animated Wink Smilie
"Nice history. And Icey i did sense your magic, what do you think this is for?" he puls put a blueish jewel that seems to radiate stronger or weaker, depended on where he pointed it. " And a nice sword you have there Mormegil. I think we should go now so we can cover some road."
Icey grins, saying, "Well, Sir Mormegil, if you are as skilled with that sword as you say you are, then I wouldn't mind sparring with you sometime," she tilted her head slightly, revealing the hilt of a long, straight sword, strapped to her back, under her cloak.

She nodded, saying, "I agree with Ethy, we should be going soon, but I was hoping to wait a little while for our dwarven friends to show up, because one was to be our guide in the mountains. I do hope that they catch up soon..." she finished, turning her head a different way, a distant look in her eyes. All of the sudden Icefangs's ears pricked, she glanced around, sniffing the air.

Shaking her head, she continued, "Though I am no mage, I can sense when there is magic at work, as most elves-" she stopped, turning around, her dark eyes following the shadows of the forest. She sniffed the air once again, sensing something was not quite right. She could have sworn there was something there, something big.
"What was that?" Etharion sensed something too. " I think we should leave now! Or perhaps stay and face the danger?" he smiled. Cool Elf Smilie
Icey grins, saying, "I think we should see just how big the danger is, then, if it seems too big, we run. What say you on this Mormegil?" She asked, looking at the man. Icey's conscience screamed at her to run as she leapt up, onto the limb of a tree above, ready to wait it out. She reached inside her cloak, her hand coming back out with three throwing daggers. Icey sat, her eyes cutting across the clearing in which they had stayed.
Then a giant of a man clad in furs chainmail and a great clayemore(large sword that often has a leather grip above the hilt)strapped across his back."I am Stratkare the HALF Beorning.This approaching evil are corrupt men.They pursue me for killing their leader.They planned to attack a village on the Trollshaw borders.For a fortnight i have eluded them.I bid ye run so you may live.I will stay and die by the same blades that slew my companions! Leave or you will die! May your journey be sucessful whatever you seek!" No sooner had he said these words than the men appeared across the field.
"If true it is what you speek then we must help you, but if you lie...beware me. And as for them i have something." the elfs eyes shone as he read a scroll in his hands. Behind the huge man a wall of fire blazed into existance. " There. Now we can prepare for ther arival." his staff ready and another scroll nearby he waited for the next event.
"What are there numbers?" someone asks,keeping a straight mind."thirty strong,"replied Stratkare,drawing his sword and taking a step forward."i warned you of what would befall you if you chose to say!"then the HALF Beorning mumbled some lines to an old song.
Icey grinned, thinking, Now it gets fun! She stayed up in her tree, cutting her eyes back and forth where the men were coming. She then hopped lightly to another tree, closer to the edge of the clearing. She now had three daggers in each of her hands. She waited until the first of them shown their faces, aimed, and quickly threw the daggers, hitting five of them in their throats, another in his forehead.

She leapt back to her companions, hitting the ground with her long sword already drawn. With both of her hands on its hilt, she waited, with firey determination in her eyes. Glancing up for a split second at their new companion, Icey grinned, her eyes alight with excitement as adrenaline rushed through her veins.
( i hope you all dont mind me using some spells from D&D)
Etharion had several scrolls out from his wide sleves. he then threw a few bolts of energy at the stuned men. Following that is a fiery hand that flyes around at his will, hiting and setting to fire to every man it touched. With another wave of his hand he puts to sleep some 15 men, and draws his sword and staff. Geting into the battle he starts slaying the burning or stuned men. Every now and then he would blink out of exsistance and materialize close by, gaing much advantage in the fight. ( i can really use these spells in D&D so there...)
Then the evil men poured out of the forest in great numbers shouting and yelling like savages. Mormegil takes out his blade Gurthang with a flourish and says " Let them come, Gurthang hasnt tasted fresh blood for a long time. Nice spellwork Etharion, and get ready for some hot fighting Icey , this is big. " With that Mormegil runs to meet the onslaught. The black blade comes down hard on its enemies and with one swift stroke 2 men fall headless. His hands are swifter than any other on the battlefield and he slashes and hews at the evil men. The edges of the sword shines with a cold fury and its terror fills the hearts of the enemy and they back off a little. Then Mormegil sees Icefangs surrounded from all sides by her enemies while she fights valiantly. He runs to aid her and drives through the enemy. He drives his sword into a man's back and breaks the ring surrounding Icey. Mormegil is in a fey mood and none can look upon his face without the spears of fear piercing their hearts. The evil men are dismayed by the fierce opposition , though small in number still high in spirit and deadly with their hands and their spells.

( Hey, wassup Ar edain. u have introduced yourself as a new character and u are free to join us in our journey. but i must tell u that u have to keep a tab on this thread and post things related to your topic. i mean , u r free to create a new character but then please dont forget this thread or your character will not go anywhere. Smoke Smilie so long comrade...)
Now the fighting became slower, because many men were dismayed and seeing so many fellows fall dead they thought that a enemy of great numbers was there, and they fleed. Nontheles the valiant Mormegil slashed through the men reciving no wounds. Likewise was Etharion, who using magic was setting to flame all that crosed his path. And the wolf cunning and instinct helped Ice greatly, for she was deadly with blade. The great half-Beoring was crushing his foes with every strike, like grass bending before wind. Staying close, they guarded each other from attack and soon they were victorius!
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