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Ice mumbles something under her breath that sounds like an elven curse, and tries to pull her blanket back onto herself. After realizing that its gone, Ice opens her eyes, and stares right into the laughing face of Etharion. "I don't wanna get up..." she whines softly.
Icefangs stands up, picks up her pack, and tries to flatten her hair down. Angry at her short, dark hair, Ice whips a hair brush out of her bag, calms her mane, and shoves the brush back in. She then takes her cloak out of her pack and puts it on. Slipping the straps on her sword's sheath over her back, Ice glances around.
"Good morning to you, too, Sir Elf," Ice says sarcastically to Eth. He replies with an equally sarcastic greeting. Ice shrugs and walks over to Mormegil, where the two begin to discuss how far they should get today.

Ar-37, I don't know how I'm catching up to you in posts, its.......
A MYSTERY!!!! OoooOOOOOoooh......

heheh, hes not there.

Etharion lauged to himself as he walked. "Haha, sir elf....really. So, how much to this tomb? Give me some info."
Ayan's not here, I miss him, but Mormegil still is, remember, Arwen was going to control him, and then control him right to the point where he disappears and is gone, right, Arwen?


Icefangs looks up as Etharion sits beside her. "We are about half a mile from the tomb, Eth, and we should make it all the way there today," Ice says. "So, Mormegil, what about this key were talking about earlier?"

I hope you can answer Ice's question Arwen, 'cause I know I would feel sorta dumb asking a question to someone who ain't there...

lets go back about 12 posts and look at everyone asking about strats story while i was gone,even though i forgot to tell anyone about that...................

After three weeks of travelling as fast as possible Stratkare finally reached the East Gate of Moria,found a stream and made a meagre,almost depressing, camp near its bank under a shelf that was halfway under ground.Fortuneately he had been givin food by some Rohirrim/Gondorian scouts and was prepared to wait several days.
"Theres not much i can do untill i see these doors. Then ill see what we are up against. Yo, Ice, watch out for that hole there." he says pointing at a bottomless chasm a few feet wide just in front of her.
Icefangs looked up upon hearing her name, which wasn't soon enough, unfortunately, and she fell forwards into the hole. She grabbed the other side with her fingers, and nimbly propelled herself up. She pushed her body up, and did a handstand on the edge, then swung one of her feet down onto the ground. Her other foot followed, and she standing up, on the other side of the hole, grinning at her own acrobatic-ness... next minute, she tripped over a rock and fell flat on her face.

She jumped up, shaking her head, then started walking again, her head down, where she had seemingly become interested in cleaning under one of her claws. She started to whistle.

guess whos back, back again tho only for a moment. man i miss u fellas. i am writing from a cafe and i say u guys are on the right track jus that u guys sleep too much. so HURRY UP AND FIND THE KEY !! bye guys, no time
Hehe, i agree Ayan. Nice to hear from you.

Etharion helped Ice up, and at the same moment couldnt stifle his laugh."Sorry. Its just that it looked so ....heheh. Comon. No more playing. Lets get to that treasure!" he said with a odd glint in his eye.
And out popped that stupid, idiotic dwarf again.
"It's THE SPOTTED DAISY!!" she cried. "Don't like that glint you've got there, Eth. And what's so funny? I hate it when I don't get the joke. I'm off." and she disappeared again.
Adweena straps her pack on her aching back " Its wonders what not sleeping on a regular bed does to your back." She walks over to where Ice slipped into the hole and looked down. Thirst came over her throat as she tried to ask if anybody needed help packing up there stuff. She sat down on the ice cold ground and found her bottle, drank her fill, and put it back. "Alright everyone lets go." she said trying to sound enthusiastic.
The company moved quickly along, and by the time they stopped, they were only a half-a -day's journey away from Balin's tomb, which was where Mormegil said they would find the key. Mormegil adivsed the rest of the company to get some rest, there would be no need for a watch here. The company drifted into sleep, exhausted and exhilarated to be so close to the key.

I'm going to be volunteering in a xtreme soccer tournament (my sister is playing in it) so I wouldn't be able to post very much until next week. I also have a friend who is moving to Russia this weekend. Sad Smilie I also posted in the TT/J)
Adweena woke up out of an uneasy sleep. She gazed around at the sleeping forms of her companions. She tried to make out what was around her. The walk the day before had been a blur she can't remember anything that happened then. to her left was a doorway to her left was vast darkness and in front of her about a hundred yards ahead were a couple of pillars. She tried to think of what the "treasure" was. There wasn't much talk of or what it did if anything at all.
In the midst of wondering why in the heck dwarves dug into a mountain side Adweena drifted into sleep. A while later everyone started waking up. Then out of the dark silence Adweena heard a very enthusiastic Mormegil shout c'mon everyone lets get going. Adweena sighed not even the dark was dampening his spirits. Everyone packed up there bedding and started the days hike. Adweena's pack was begining to lighten.
They turned the corner on they're right and stated down the steps. Thank goodness its downhill. The company walked through a long corridor lined with pillars.
By the end of the march they had reached the door to Balins tomb.
"Are you sure that this is it, Mormegil?" asked Adweena. It looked like any old door. It wasn't inscribed or decorated. Mormegil pushed open the door and a streaming light came in. It shone over the tomb of Balin.

Wow my longest post!
Okay, here is Ayan's entry (by me).

Mormegil led the others to Balin's tombstone and signaled for them to stop. He placed his hand on a lever next to it and pulled. To the amazement of the others, Mormegil removes a flat circular disc with a large pearl set in it. He hands it to Icey for safekeeping and the company hurries out, pestering him with questions. As they run, Icey hears sounds of pursuit. The company gets ready to fight. After several tense moments of waiting, a huge bunch of orcs burst out of the darkness, and the fight begins. After fighting without diminishing the eniemies numbers, Icey gives the order to flee. Racing along, they soon began to outdistance the orcs. They come to two tunnels and race down the right one, no one realizing that Mormegil had somehow gone down the other tunnel. they continue until Icey feels that they are far enough away from their enemies. They collapse, breathing heavily.

"Um, guys, where's Mormegil?" Adweena asks.

They look around and realize that somehow, during their retreat, they had lost him.Icey and Cal, both realizing it at the same time, shout, "The tunnels!!!!!"

Ethy, knowing that they couldn't go back, for their own safety and urgency, had them set up camp. Then began the mourning for Mormegil. Cal sat disconsolately by the fire, tears streaming sliently down her face.
Alright guys, I hope this works, if you want me to change anything in it, let me know. Sorry I kinda ran out of time last night, I had piano at 7:00. Anyway, c y'all later!
I think you did a nice job Cal.


Adweena a few feet away from the others curls up on the stone floor. She trys to tell herself it'll all be all right but a tear runs down her face. She starts having a vision of Mormegil fighting the enemys all alone but suddenly snaps out of it.
A cool musty wind shots passed the company. "Burr," Adweena shivers. She rests her head in her hands. This can't be happening this can't be happening. Adweena tells herself.
Etharion sat down and rested a while. He said to the others "Dont worry, he might be lost, but only for now. I sense we shall see him yet." he said seriously.
Not that tired, Adweena sits up and asks Icefangs for the key. She gives it willingly and Adweena walks back sits down and starts to examine it.
"I wonder what its powers are?" asks Adweena aloud to nobody in particular.
Nobody really seemed to notice so she went back to staring at it. She decided she better give her eyes a break, so she walked over and gave it back to Icey without speaking. She walked back over the circle and laid down on her back and looked toward the ceiling. She strained her ears tosee if she could her anything. but the sounds of the orcs died away long ago.
Adweena woke up with a start. She found everybody else still asleep and couldn't decide if it was morning or still at night . She rummaged in her pack for her water found it finally after a few minutes of searching. Adweena drank her fill and put it back.
Etharion waited again untill they were all asleep and then carefully took the key from Icefangs not to wake her up.He got up and walked to the door, sitting down in front of it. He lighted a pipe and fiddled with it. After some time of musing in the dark he chuckled to himself and placed the key in front of himself. He kept looking at the door with rapt attention, and if the others would have seen him they would think he was reading the door. His pipe burned out. He got up and placed the key lightly down where it was and returned to sleep.
Kinda hard to keep from being heard by a wolf, Eth? But, since you're a mage, I guess you cheated! Nah... just kidding!

Ice lay curled under blanket, her head resting on her crossed arms, like a dog would warm up next to a fire. Only her greyish-blue wolf ears could be seen, poking out from a fold in the blanket. She reached over to where she had lain the key, felt something and rolled back over. Honestly, if one were to glance at the bundle of blankets, it would seem as though and animal were curled up under there.
Sensing something moving, Ice opened one eye and watched Etharion walk over to his blanket, near hers, and lay down. He noticed her shining blue eye, adn grinned at her, she winked, and closed her eyes, falling back to sleep. She dreamt of Mormegil, falling back, fighting against endless swarms of orcs and being backed against a wall. She jumped up suddenly, refusing to think about what might happen to Mormegil, all alone in the endless darkness of Moria.
Sighing, as a shimmering tear fell down her cheek, Ice layed back down, her inner sense of time telling her it was not yet time to move out.

That night, Cal had dark dreams of Mormegil and possible fates. What if he died, or was kidnapped and tortured? There were so many possibilities, yet it seemed to Cal that she dreamt about every one. The only thing that kept her sane were Ethy's words, that he had a feeling that they would be seeing him again. She hoped it was soon, but just so long as she got to see him again, it would be alright.

Hey every1! Check out my story, it's called "The Daemon". I would like some input on it so PM me or just put it in the TT/J.
Strat awakens to a noise in the gray morning light,he grabs his clayemore and begins to look around muttering to himself,"if those were orcs then they could easily smell me so i might as well find them and give them some trouble,i would rather have that way than die in that hole!"
The company woke up and started down the tunnel. They couldn't hear any sign of the orc's that chased them the day before. Adweena ran ahead because the looming dark behind her made her uneasy. They walked what seemed like days but in reality only about 2 miles. They stopped to rest when they heard the distant cry of orcs. Oh no, thought Adweena. There coming! Everyone got into a fighting stance and waited for what seemed like hours. Until the cry of their enemys grew louder.


Alright I'll check out your story Cal and PM you. But sorry it'll have to wait until tommorrow. Because its about 11 o'clock here and i've got to get to bed. Sleeping Smilie
Adweena held her bow and shot out into the darkness. Suddenly the cries stopped. Then resumed a second later. Adweena shot a couple more times and unsheathed her sword. You will be needed more than my bow Adweena thought. About a dozen orcs jumped into sight of the company. Adweena started slashing and stabbing while her mind was running wild. The orcs never seemed to stop. Then after a while the company finished off the remaining orcs. Ethy looked tired, Ice looked blank, Cal looked shaken and Adweena looked puzzled. Questions were flying through her head. Where did they come from? Why hadn't they heard them before? and why were there so many. She decided to wait until later to ask.
Ice panted, her ears drooped slightly, and tail hung limp behind her. One of the orcs had taken a swing at her, she had turned around, and got stopped mid-spin, to deal with another orc, while the first chose that time to dismember her tail. It's tip had nearly been hacked off, now hung, bleeding profusely behind her. She ignored the sting and first asked if everyone else was okay. Then ripped off a shard of her shredded cloak, and rapped it tightly around her tail. I think-" she panted, "that the door is about three miles that way." She lifted her arm and pointed it at a blank wall. To the quizzical looks on her friends' faces, Ice plucked the key from her pack, walked to the wall, just stood there in front of it, staring. She ran her fingers along the rough stone, jumped slightly when her hand disappeared through rock, and grinned. She pushed the key into the wall, and the wall lifted open, reealing a passageway.

'Icey, um, you're bleeding rather profusely from your tail. Maybe we should bandage it before we continue on. Otherwise, we all know what will happen after you lose too much blood."
With that said, Cal promptly began ripping some cloths into shreds and wrapping it around Icey's tail to stem the flow of the blood. After she finished, the company continued throught the slightl damp shadowy tunnel.
Etharion was inhurt in the fight luckily. He kept circleing around the others warding off bigger beasts. Later on at the door. " Ah, nice door. I think i have one like that in my privy." and he kept running on.

(Edited by Vee)
Adweena got a few cuts from the battle but nothing major. The company makes their way down the tunnel and is led by Etharion down a staircase. The steps are narrow and very dusty. Adweena slipped once and almost went hurteling down through the eerie blackness. She caught herself just in time. The stairs never seemed to end. Adweena started counting, 100, 101, 102.....
Ok i think we reached the end of the stairs by now. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I agree with Ethy, let's get this show on the road. Btw, where do we go from here? Icey? Any1?
I got sorta lost in Moria. Orc Grinning Smilie Does anybody know where we are and when were going to get out of Moria because I think its time we found and exit.
And then that stupid dwarf butted in again. Everyone sighs.
"'Tis I, the SPOTTED DAISY again! I heard your plight! I know the exit! It's right over..... um...."
The dwarf got out her map.
"Which way is North?" she asked. "Oh yeah! That way. The exit is...."
She scratched her head.
And sure enough, when they had gone over there and moved a stone they all blinked as the sun shone in.
"Heehee. I got some pals to make that exit and a map of it not long ago." said the dwarf. "And yes, I HAVE finally found some pals. The SPOTTED DAISY is gone!"
And she disappeared, tripping over the bits of stone as she went.

[That good enough? It was the best I could do in just one post.]
Icey grinned slightly as the dwarf disappeared. "I know where we should go," she said. Ice howled very wolfishly, and snapped her fingers. A light twinkled on the tip of her finger, and grew brighter as she howled once again. She touched her finger to the wall, which opened into a huge chamber.
The walls stretched upward and outward into nothingness. Suddenly another howl was heard on the opposite side of the cavern. At first, everyone thought is was Ice's echo, but, they later found out, when these huge, devilish hounds, flaming bright red, came bounding towards them. The snarling growls grew louder as the creatures approached, adn it seemed as they were excited. There were four of them, razor sharp teeth and claws glowing an odd shade of almost black.
The closest of the hounds pounced on Ice, as she was nearest to the door. The creature howled at her and she howled in response. The remaining hounds came running and engaged in fight with the others.

"Oy you! Yes you, burning puppy. Come here, comehere:" he said in that anoying fashion of owners talking happily to their pets." A little closer..WHACK"Etharion swung his staff so hard that the creature skided of 5 meters. It took a moment to recover and then started to stalk very carefully this time."Watch out there!!" he said happily as he blasted another one away from Adweena with a surge from his staff. he narrowly avoided a jet of flame from the monster as it attacked."Are these friends of yours Ice? What exactly are they?" he said as he circled with one of the beasts.
hi fellas thot i will come pay a visit. u guys r goin pretty well. some nice creative thinkin Ice - keep it up ! an Cal i liked ur message tho i think it cud have been more lucid. i mean its gud but everything is so brief - i think u were in some sort of hurry. but anyway gud work - i am proud of u. ok i think i will put a post of my own after so long ...

After the fierce fight at the fork Mormegil kept running into one of the tunnels without looking back. he must have ran on for quite some distance coz he couldnt hear any familiar orc cries. " ok fellows we r saved for the time being. show us some light Ethy." when his request met with a long silence. " Ethy , where r u ? guys !! Cal, Adweena, Ice - where is everybody ? " then he realised the gravity of the situation. he was lost , lost in one of the labrynthine tunnel systems of Moria. he kept a brave face an took stock of the situation. " ok so i am lost in a tunnel away from my friends. i have rations to last for a month at least if i went easy on it. ok the air doesnt seem wholesome here , so i must be really deep in this maze of tunnels . now i have time an the resources to find my way out but it will be hard. " with that he started retracing his steps slowly in the dark. " so the quest is still on tho i am no more a part of it. now my new quest is to survive an to get out of here. " he remembered the cheerful faces of his compatriots especially the beautiful face of Cal smiling at him . " i hope to c u again Cal , and this hope will drive me .... "
Cal has her short sword out, but her whip seems to be doing a fairly good job of keeping the firey hounds away. She glances around at her comrades, fighting with dogs of their own. A pang of sorrow goes through her heart when she thinks of Mormegil. She hopes that he doesn't encounter a pack of these on his own, he'd never survive. With that thought, Cal suddenly is filled with anger and begins to fight even more ferociously against the dogs.
Etharion is ok on his own, but even then he keeps a eye out for his comorades if they need help.He sees Cal is fighting with great passion, and Ice as well so he sees no trouble yet.
Ah fire hounds ! beautiful touch Icey . fighing away with passion - ery good . u people r really bringing some heroic juice into the story - keep it up Big Smile Smilie . sorry fellas my net tme is running out so no time to put in my post. love ya guys Orc Grinning Smilie
Adweena not to sure what to make of the hounds swats one with her sword. "Geez you are an annoying little b*@@"%," she says to one at the same time knocks it off her.

sorry i will post later i have to go.

(One word edited by Vee. Smile Smilie )
Ice lunges at her hound with her sword. The great mutt dodges it quickly to the right. Ice snarls at the monster; it snarls back. This is one of those odd cases of 'dog eat dog.' As the creature wheels on Cal, Ice lunges once again, and at the expense of her sword, drives it deep into the dog's heart. The creature howls in pain, as it's acid-like blood pours over Ice's hands.

Ice's slightly higher howl of pain joins the beast's, and together they fill the cavern with the sound of a thousand howling wolves. The hound collapses and Ice retrieves her now much shorter sword. She ignores the stinging in her hands, and the clammy feeling creeping up her arms, and goes to friends' aid by flinging out a throwing dart of her own from time to time, which mostly just glance off the hounds.

Cal watches as Ice howls in pain and rushes to her side as quickly as she can, shoving thoughts of Mormegil aside. She swings at a hound that leaps at Icey from behind, decapitating it. panting, she yells a quick but sincere thank u to Icey.
Ice, with her now near-useless sword, collapses against the wall and watches Adweena and Etharion fight their hounds. Yelping slightly from the pain in her hands, Ice jumps up and flings her second-to-last dagger at one of the hounds. She watches helplessly as her friends combat the remaining hounds.

Etharion was sluging it out with his doggy."Ahh..i have had enough of this. Paralizus!" and the hound is frozen in mid air. Etharion steps forward, girns in the face of the beast and smashes its head in with his rock hard staff. " One down." then he strols over to the hound which Adwenna is fighting and starts hitting its legs from behind.
Seeing that Icey can't defend herself much longer, Cal jumps in front of her, fighting off the hounds. During a spare moment, Cal tosses Icey her shortsword, continuing to snap the hounds' necks with her whip.
Etharion sees Ice is in a tight spot so he hops over and stands guard next to her."Dont worry this will be over soon."
Ice snatches up the shortsword, and helps finish off the hounds. As the last echoing howl of death disappears 'round the cavern, Ice examines her hands. The skin is raw, red in color, and starting to swell. She ignores it again and looks through the book she has had with her throughout this adventure. "Guys, my book doesn't say anything else about the treasure, all it says it that
The only trial that is currently known about is the first. In this challenge, one must overcome the Diaspawn, strange creatures whose name is derived from Diablo, devil in Spanish.

"I guess we already beat those things. But, I wonder what's next..."

While trying to find where I posted that part at, I got caught up reading about our adventure, guys. Pretty sweet stuff. WE ARE ALL EXCELLENT WRITERS!!! Heh, heh...

As Bradly watches the battle. King starts to walk out of the shadows. Bradly looks at what king is looking at. More hounds are cameing. Bradly jumps down from the shadows. As he lands he pulls his sword. He fights the hounds off by useing wolf call. He sees king land in frout of a lady elf.

"Now King battle of the wolf!" yells Bradly. As he yells it King begins to get powerful. He sees King use a wolf claw on the ground opening it under the hounds. The houynds are gone.
And then the annoying dwarf came out from behind a tree again. "THE SPOTTED DAISY returns!!!!" she said. "Just in time to fight some wolves! Darn. They're all gone. Spoil the fun, then! And I didn't know you could do that weird magicy stuff, Eth. Interesting. I shall tell my mateys. And then my master. Yes, my master. And my maties. I have maties now. And I have a master. Well, actually a mistress. And you'd be scared if SHE was YOUR enemy. Anyway. Off I go. Report: Eth can do magicy stuff. Bring three XX2's to the emergency site to fix this problem. Woops. Did I say that out loud? See you later! And could you forget what I just said, please? Thanks." And she disappeared, much to everyone's relief.
Breathing heavily, Cal turns to the mysterious man, lowering her whip, but still keep a tight grip on it.

"Who are you? And why are you here? oh, and thanks for the help. I'm Calenia, the male elf-mage is Etharion, the half-elf, half-wolf is Icefangs, and that's Adweena. We are missing two of our group.. mormegil and Stratkare. thanks for all the help w/ those blasted hounds. "
With that said, Cal extended her free hand.
Ice nods her head in agreement. She grips Cal's shortsword, and smiles at the man and says, "I agree with Cal. Thanks for the help. By what name should I refer to you, good sir?"

"Hello there as well sir. I am Etharion. May i ask how you did that ?" he says reffering to the ground opening moment.(and keep up with the story, we already finished off the hounds.)
Bradly turns and looks at them. "I am Lord Bradly Chsim. You may call me Bradly. This is my pet and go friend King he is a wolf with magic powers. And if you want to know how we did that is by are power of mind. Plus King dose most of the work. It is nice to meet yall. He puts his sword back in his coat. He ties his long black hair, he shows off his dark red eyes as he looks around. King walks around the grounp looking for same food.
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