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Mormegil stands morosely in the centre of the circle with everyone fighting around him. " cmon we must get outta here we cannot fight all of them. anyway i want to fight too. "

(Thanx for saving my @$$ , girls. Ayan winks at Adweena, Cal and Ice )
(sry i havnt been posting im on vacation and just now got my hands on a computer,i might not be able to post for a few days so when i get home ill continue my part of the story,and go ahead and add me to your buddy list)
Adweena backs up and runs into Mormegil. She replies a quick sorry as she dodges a blow. "Your right we do need to get out of here but how there everywhere." the last words are muffled as she slays a zombie. "Well our horses are gone so were not going anywhere soon."Adweena manages to say after being knocked down by anther scathe zombie.


Just to remind everyone tomorrow I'm going up north with my sis. I'm coming back either sunday night or monday morning. So if anyone wants you can keep me included.
The company flees to safety, as the zombies fall farther and farther behind. When they finally stop, Cal checks and rebandages Mormegil's semi-healed wound, which had bleed a little from the sudden movements. As Cal counts heads, she realizes that Ethy is missing now along with Stratkare. The company regroups and settles down to plan the next leg of the journey, without horses. Cal sighed as she wiped her blade clean and checked her whip. At least walking was better than being stuck on a stupid swaying 4-legged beast. Yawning, she moved to go stand the first watch.
I'll be gone next Tues. to Fri. camping, again, and then I'll be gone the next week from Mon. to Wed. on a stupid pioneer trek. I really hope I don't die. Pushing a handcart 8 miles a day acros the middle of nowhere is NOT my idea of fun. Anyway, don't abandon me, and add me wherever you feel like it.
Ice sighed and hopped up into a tree above the remainder of the company. She really missed Etharion, and she wondered where he was. Ice sniffed the air, waiting for his familiar scent to come to her nose, but, it didn't.

Her own wound was healed by now, so she hopped back down with the others and said, "Guys, I know that you are all worried about Strat and Eth, but, we have to keep going. We must reach the treasure, or they would have been lost to us in vain." She cringes as she says these words, but, she didn't smell either of them around, and if she couldn't smell them, she must expect the worst.

"I'm not saying that I think they're de-de-not alive! I just mean, if we want to reach the treasure, then we have to go now, or else the zombies will catch up, and now there are less of us to fight, so, we would be extremely outnumbered. I think we should go ahead into Moria, and maybe we could wait for them there," she said.

I would go looking for them, but, I have the map to the treasure in my book, so I can't leave, she thought sullenly.

Hello hello my friends. Sorry i was gone so long. my stupid computer was broken and i was going crazy. Well i read the posts up to now and i must say everything looks fine. And to all you asking about the pics, well if you dont alreasdy have them on your computer, then yes you need a scaner. But you can scan it at someone elses house and mail it to yourself. You can send it to me by the regular means, that means any kind of e-mail(i guess). Just PM me(private message) and ill send you my e-mail.

What happened with Etharion was unknown to the rest. He was separeted when the attack began. As the company reashed the doors of Moria they found them open. Strange. Entering they saw the signs of old battles and ruin. Depper inside the air was old and musky. Walking down one of the passages they saw a old man sitting on a rock. " Hello wanderers. May i ask of you some food?" he looked at them with his unusually sharp eyes.
Ice shuddered as she stared deeper into the tunnels of Moria. She walked cautiously over to the old man, and nodded. "Of course sir....dear sir, what is your name? I am called Icefangs," Ice said as she reached inside her pack for a piece of fruit. Ice handed the man the fruit, and introduced her companions.

Icefangs nearly jumped out of her skin when a familiar scent reached her nose.

I'll let you guys decide what Ice smelled. Maybe it was Strat, or Ethy, or the zombies, who knows?

"Why tha......nk you !" the voice changed in mid sentence. From a old and tired one to a familiar elfish one. Turning around a smiling face looked back. "Hello my dear friends.I thought i lost you." said Etharion. He droped the old cloack the man wore and revealed his blue robes. The were torn and several bloody parts were seen on his body under bandages. Seeing there looks he said " Its not that bad". he said with a painfull grimace, trying to look normal." There were very powerfull undead creatures there. Iv been.....drained temporarily of a great part of my powers. I wasnt carefull enough. So i couldnt heal. Thats what undead do to you....aahhh" he sat back down as his wounds started aching again.
(id appreciated it if yall would let me carch up myself instead of just typing me back in)

meanwhile stratkare was having a very hard time trying to elude orcs and at the same time find his sword.and began to make a u-turn back north to the orc/zombie camp.

(icey are you sure scathe zombies fit well in the story,as far as i know Tolkien never used them as middle-earth dwellers.NOT that its a bad idea.

Mormegil looks presently surprised when he sees old Ethy. " good to see ya mate ! i thought it is bad to lose a mage just when we need him the most. at last we are inside Moria. i am feeling quite fine now and i can show u the way to Balin's tomb. we have to get the key first. "

sorry foks cudnt post fer a long time. i was spendin some quality time wid my friends. i will goin in 10 days... so sad... i will miss u folks. and for all the americans here- Happy Independence Day !
Cal gives a mental sigh of relief at Ethy's appearance. One less thing to more about, but they had better see to his wounds before discussing anything else. She leaves the others to go get some medical supplies to dress his wounds.
Happy Independence day to every1. I leave soon so I'll c ya'll in a bit. Sorry about that Stratkare.
yeah im back! i've been going crazy wondering about whats happening with the story. btw Happy Fourth of July to all ya Americans out there! (srry im a little late)


Adweena looks from Cals departing figure to Ethys wounds. She feels a musty breeze from behind them. "Where were the undead, Ethy? Were they close?" She shudders as she looks around. Adweena grabs her aching side as she hears a long moaning sound coming from the passage ahead. "We better get going quick." With that she turns around a heads off to helps Cal get medicine for Ethys wounds.
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Now back to the story.
Stratkare was on the edge of the camp were the orcs had made a small lean-to were they were storing things.Luckily for him it was mid-day and all the orcs were hiding from the sun.He began slowly creeping toward the lean-to, he was about 7 feet away when arrows began whizzing from his right and goblins where rising on all sides of him."good thing orcs cant shoot well!"he thought.the half-beorning dives into the ramshackle makeshift building and sees his claymore on the ground.picking the massive blade up he hurls himself screaming savagely into the orcs busting through them after killing at least three including a chieftan.and sprints west toward the mountains and the abandoned mines of Moria.

Mormegil looks around the musty caverns after helping Ethy to his feet ." ppl we must get moving. i know this part pretty well, we head off down this passageway and we reach Hall number 3 . then we climb for about 3 miles and we come to the 21st floor near the bridge of Khazad-dum which is now broken. i hope we dont meet any goblins. but i am worried about Strat. i bet he doesnt kno anything about moria. ok we will wait for him till its dark outside and then we have to move "

sorry i havent posted for long and the time draws near for Mormegil to depart and for me to embark on a new journey, a new experience. i might not kill Mormegil and i may come back later as help in the dark for my dear friends when its least expected. i will lead u till the bridge and tell u the whereabouts to Balin's tomb for the key and then i must go. i love u all
Adweena comes back with Cal and helps her fix up Ethy. "I agree I really want to wait for Strat but we should really leave at dark." Adweena finds herself pacing the entrance to Moria. Then realizes she will have a long walk possibly at dusk so she sits down and decides to wait as patiently as she possibly can.
"Thank you for your help friends. i think i can walk now." Etharion was feeling better now. All they had to do now is wait for dark. Until then all his powers would be back.

And dont forget to look at the thread i wrote about.
Cal grabs some bandages and sets about wrapping Ethy's wounds up. When she is done, she sits down on the ground next to Moremegil, yawns and decides it might be a good thing to get some rest. After all, who knows what lies waiting for them in Moria.

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Ice grinned as she recognized Etharion. She ran up to him and hugged him tight, then she she stopped when she realized he was hurt. Ice immediately set to work bandaging him up, then Adweena and Calenia began helping her. Her head was lowered so her dark blueish hair would block her eyes. When that was done, she forced him to sit down, to wait a little while for Stratkare.

When it was dark outside, the group set off Balin's Tomb, where Mormegil said they must go.

I couldn't think of an enemy right then, so I consulted my room, found my deck of magic cards, and out of the blue chose scathe zombies. I agree that their not the best monster, because they're not from Middle Earth, but, if there's sometihng wrong the zombies, then there must be sometihng with Etharion, too, because his character is from the Forgotten Realms, too, right?
Love ya Ayan!!! I will miss ya lots an' lots!!! I hope that nobody else leaves!!!! This is fun!!!!

Yes im so sad that Ayan will be leaving. I hope he wont forget us!
Well hes not exactly from the Forgotten Realms, but its something like that so yeah. He is a mage, and there arent any in ME. Hope you survive that trek! And dont you all forgett to look at that thread of mine. (in one of my last posts.)

Etharion was starting to get better already for all the girls gave him so much attention. Heh eat your heart out guys Elf Winking Smilie . But yes he was allright now. Now they were coming close to Balins tomb. TIme to be carefull!
Man i will miss u guys a lot too and i dont want to leave jus when things are getting hot. tho there are many comps in my college but still i wont get any time to post and stuff. but that doesnt mean i will forget u guys !! i will be comin back to Kuwait in December and i will surely post then. just that it wud be great if u cud continue this expedition till December. now i will go on with my post.

Mormegil , leads the company towards Balin's tomb. " i have a hunch that we are being watched and tht we are not alone. there cud be some pack of orcs hiding near the Bridge of Khazad-dum, we must be cautious. the company keeps walking ata quick pace for a few hours and then they can see the sillhouete of the ruins of the great bridge. " Now the back door to the chamber of Mazarbul is somewhere to the left from here " Mormegil runs to get a closer look. " yes there is a staircase over here , cmon follow me. " he then runs up the narrow staircase that bends and leads to another small opening in the wall. " the Dwarves told me about this opening to the chamber. the main entrance to the chamber collapsed when Gandalf and the nine walkers came to this place , remember. " with considerable apprehension Mormegil enters the opening in the wall and the company follows him.
(ayan do u realize what chaos ur leaving will cause?mormegil is the most realistic character therefore while we have no main character is the backbone of the story or at least a shin!im gonna mis ya and i think i speak for everyone.why dont u get lost in moria and catch up to the company in december?)meanwhile stratkare was running from the orcs like a mouse from a hungry cat.or in his case more like a cat from a pack of cat eating mice.(sorry i had to type that)he ran for hours until he finally collapsed exhausted at dawn in front of a large eerie lake near the mountains.

I'm sad that Ayans leaving us what will we do without him. Sad Smilie


Adweena walks through the doorway behind the rest of the company. Over there heads she sees a large dimly lit room. Adweena looks around in silent wonder then runs to catch up as the company keeps walking. She pushes a piece of her brown hair out of her face as she tries to regain her breath.
Cal rushes ahead to join Mormegil at the front .
"Are you sure you know the m'lord? Not that I don't trust you, but getting lost in this place is definitely not my idea of fun."
With that said, Cal followed him, seeking security from her companions and the whip coiled at her side
I'll miss all of u while I'm gone on the trek. I love you, Ayan and I'm going to be really sad when u leave us. Sad Smilie
I hate when people have to leave, I'll miss you, Ayan! And you, too, Arwen, while you're gone.

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Me too. But lets get back to the story.

Etharion was in the back of the group guarding their rear. As they passed deeper into the mines, the more were the signs of ruin and orc waste. But there were no orcs to be heard now.Etharion asked Icefangs "We didnt speak much before. I was so worried before i found you. I thought that you might have been lost. But i see that i only worry in vain.Forgive me for doubting you."
Suddenly they all heard a noise. And that stupid, annoying dwarf jumped out of nowhere.
"THE SPOTTED DAISY is here!" she yelled. "just dropped by to see how you were doing. Oh, and btw, Etharion, you had every right to doubt her. YKou should keep doing so. I used to be part of her company. Believe me, I know her better than you. I used to eavesdrop on everything she did."
And the dwarf left, with an annoying dwarvish racket.
I survived!!!!!!! I have never been so digustingly dirty in my entire life. I walked 19 miles, pushing a 200-pound handcart in 6-inch deep sand. I met some new people, and have contracted about 60 mosquito bites and I am really sunburned. But the good news is I made without any incidents. Anyway, Hello, and farewell to Ayan. *sobs at the thought of him leaving.*

After several hours, the company stops for the day. They set up camp, form watches and Cal collapses into a deep sleep.
Before they had stopped, Icefangs had whispered to back to Etharion, "Its no problem, but you should put trust in other's abilities, and not just mages, for everyone has a secret, and it could be powerful." After that slightly cryptic message, Ice had gone back near the front of their group, to talk with Mormegil about the way they were going.

When they stopped, and began discussing the watches, Ice straightened herself and said, "I would like to have to the first watch, if no one else has a problem with that..."

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So they set camp to rest. "Well if you dont mind i would like to stay on watch with you Ice."
Adweena thankful she doesn't have first watch drifts of into a light sleep. She dreams about dark places and evil things then shes in a sword fight with a creature but then suddenly wakes up out of her sleep with her sword in hand. "I'm not getting any more sleep so why don't you guys get some." she say to Ice and Ethy. As she sits on watch she wonders what that dream could of meant.


Bye to Ayan it makes me so sad that your going t leave us. It sounds like you had a rough trek Arwen. What happen with Loni. She just pops up.
Guess who's uncle just gave them a new laptop (for FREE)? i am so excited. Anyway, Adweena, don't mind Loni, she appears to have acquired a weird habit of randomly popping up with even randomer posts. btw, Sorry I haven't sent u my pic yet Ethy, I'll try to get it to u this weekend.
Hell im the idiot who makes random remarks because he has no idea what the heck is going on because he is 2 lazy 2 read and just wants somthing 2 do so im gonna say GREETINGS before i say somthing stupid ok by the way HI icefangs

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i edited this part in later -if any of yall can find time to visit the writers guild and look at a story i started called a different kind of story i would apreciate it alot
Well, this the second time he cussed, but the first time was four letters and started with an 'F'.... Well, I'm off to read your story Ar-37.

Well i read your story but ill write something when i get the inspiration. I started being a DM for the first time in AD&D and i have alot of stuf to do about it. Its really cool. Let me just say that i dont think we should talk about anything not related to the story here. I think we really need another thread to talk about stuff here, just like the one they have for the thread Another Quest.....
If someone could come up with a cool and easy to remember name for the thread and open it here in the role-playing guild, it would be nice. I would do it but i gotta go right now. See waa tomorow.
Treasures Writers Discussion(going to make thread)
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Etharion moved from Ices side and sits next to Adweena. " I need no rest tonight, thank you. I saw that you slept bad. You were tosing and turning all the time. Tell me what were your dreams and maybe i can help you. Dont worry, we are all friends here." he says holding her shoulder to make her feel more comfortable. " Is it the Dark of Moria that scares you?"
Stratkare woke with a headache,stiff neck,dry mouth,and was extremely hungry.He feared to drink from the dark, forboding waters of the lake he looked.So he began to walk looking for signs of his companions.After a few minutes he decided his friends had not passed by and hung his head fearing the worst.Then his hopes returned as he realized his companions must not have trekked by this gloomy desolation.He remembered the Redhorn Pass he and the dwarves had passed going to Ered Luin and decided to head south for the time being,maybe ask direction from an Ent if he was lucky enough to find one.Strat did know one thing though,he was being tracked by orcs and needed to press on in order to live.The half-beorning was not aware that the lake had gone down in recent years.His friends had gone by the other side of the lake.
Cal, who had had the last watch, woke the others. After a hasty meal, the company set out once again with Mormegil, and Icey leading the way.(question:how far away are we from Balin's tomb?)

Sorry this is a really short post, but I have relatives up. It's Utah's Pioneer Day. I live, unfortunately, and I happen to be Mormon.(actually, my parents force me to go to church, and won't give up and let me go.)
Icey walked ahead with Mormegil, both trying to get their bearings in the dark place. Ice's wolf and elf eyes provided her with slightly better sight, so she could see where they were goiing. When the group stopped to rest after a half-days' trek, they stopped about a mile from Balin's tomb.
Eth made a magical fire in the center of circle where they sat, and slowly, one by one, the members of the company fell asleep, except for Ice, who had claimed the first watch once again, this time for the reason that she could see and hear better than the rest of them.

Etharion waked up after a few hours and saw Ice was still guarding. " Come and rest now Ice. Its safe now." he gestured to the sleeping bag next to him.
Ice shrugged and, after one last glance around them, and the swiveling of her wolf ears, she yawned. Icey moved over beside Etharion, and crawled into the sleeping bag. She yawned again, and rolled on her side, her face facing Eth's who was alos rolled on his side.

Ice smiled at him, mouthed, "Goodnight". and closed her dark blue eyes, with sleep creeping up on her almost instantly.

Adweena awoke to looming darkness. She couldn't tell if it was morning or the middle of the night. She rolled over to see Ethy's face turned toward the fire. She turned to looked around to the rest of the fellowship. Adweena breathed out deeply and layed on her back and looked out into the darkness overhead. She must of fell back asleep because Etharion came and started waking up the fellowship. "We need to hurry," he kept repeating.

Indeed."Ever since we entered these great but dark halls, i have been feeling odd things. We must hurry to our goal and be quick to depart. Comon get up. No Ice, you cant sleep ten more minutes.Get up." he teases her by pulling of her blanket.
Stratkare continues heading south for the next day,finding a much welcomed apple tree twenty miles North of the Gap of Rohan.Taking all the apples he could carry he continues hastening southward.
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