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"You betcha! Right behind you!!"
"dont forget about me" Bradly runs along side Cal
"And me!" yells the dwarf. "What are we doing again?" and glances at the Sun. "Oh, is that the time? I can't join you after all. I have magic lessons! Be back soon!" and she runs off.
Cal turns and smiles at Bradly.

" So you've decided to continue with us....good."
The company goes on for about four hours through the dark corridors of the abbandoned mines. "Shall be have a short rest now? Tomb experts! How far do we have to go?" he asks the tomb experts.
Ice stands, and looks at her surroundings. A thought suddenly pops into her head. She walks to one of the walls, places her hands on it, and harshly whispers some words in another language; it doesn't even sound like her voice. She whispers a few minutes, with everyone staring at her back, and her fingertips start glow white. She continues the whispering, though not quite as low, and her fingertips glow brighter.

While her hands are still glowing, Ice swipes a design on the wall, and presses her hands against it. The wall retracts andall she is left with is a corridor leading into a huge, lighted chamber. She turns around, nods in the direction of the room, and grins, and runs ahead.

Bradly smiles at Cal."Well yea i guess yall need a man who can call on the animals."He keeps runs after Ice lights the room
(Come talk to meh in the chat, Eth! Like now!!)
"Nice trick Ice. Oh, and before we all go trapizing merrily through there, is there anything that is likely to catch us offguard and attack us? Cuz if so I'd much rather go in knowing it."
"What is this place?"
Bradly stops and turns to the others. "I know this place. I was put down here by my father. This is were he though me barbarian magic. He put a shield up at the end to keep the demons away. I know how to take down the shield but how Icey knows the place is be on me." Bradly turns to Icey and whisapers same words to her that only she may know.
and finds that the dwarf is trying to listen in. She smiles sheepishly. "sooooorry." and darts away, with a great big smiel on her face, cackling manically.
Ice nods in understanding. She looks around the room, with it great, marble walls, and shiny marble floor. She walks to the center of the floor, where the designs meet to form an odd picture.

Ice stands, and begins talking in that same, strange language. She raises her arms, and suddenly wind starts whipping around her. She speaks the words louder, and the wind gets harder. Her cloak flutters around her, and the wind gets so harsh that is is ripped clear from her back.

The ground starts shaking and low moan echoes about the chamber. Suddenly, right where Ice is standing, a pedestal rises from the ground. She hops lightly back out of it's way and continues whispering. When the grinding of old gears suddenly stops, Ice smiles to herself and opens her eyes, surveying her handiwork. Atop the pedastal lies an orb. It's swirling opaque surface never stays the same.

She turns back to the others, saying, "This, my friends, is what we have been searching for," she paused. "It's power can grant one's greatest, most deep, heart's desire, or one's most horrible nightmare," she said ominously, her deep blue eyes glwoing purple. Almost mechanically, Ice walks toward the orb. She lays her hands on it's cold surface, and closes her oddly purple eyes.

As soon as her hands leave the orb, a white light floods the room. An archway appears in front of Ice and sucks her into it.

The archway disappears, and a sound is caught on the wind, "I will return..." the voice says, Ice's voice.

Bradly watches her leave. He turns to the others and says"Ok now Ice is going to see sameone. Who elas wants to try the orb?"
"Um, a little more information first would be more comforting if there is anything that you and Ice haven't told us."
Etharion came closer to the orb and kneeled down. He pulled some instruments out, and then a parchament with some drawing on it. "Ah yes.....Its here.Now...." a sudden screch stoped him from finishing his sentance."Orcs!!! Quick, Bradly shut and bolt the door!" hundreds of shadows were seen on the wall outside the chamber, outlined by the shine of many torches.Etharion layed both his hands on the orb, and a teriblle roar echoed the cavern. It was so....dark.. and demonic. But Etharion was still holding it firmly, while black energy seeped out of the orb.
"Remember when I asked about possible, this woulda been nice to know!"

Cal drew out her whip and cracked it in the air, ready for battle.

"Bring on the orcs, I'm ready."
And the dwarf returned. This time she was not being a pest as usual, or annoying, but she was there to fight the Orcs, and show her true quality as a dwarf-warrior not as a stupid brat who kept messing things up. She had an axe in each hand. The Orcs burst through the door, and the yelled "Khazad-ai-menu!" and promptly killed two Orcs in one double stroke of her axes.
Suddenly, Etharion started to grow dark, his whole form becoming midnight black. His shape growed and expanded still holding some humanoid form. He was now some 7 meters high with dark red eyes and claws of dakness. His voice sounded deep and rumbling with teror" Hmmm..this wasnt what i wanted. But it will do...." and you all had the immpresion he grinned then , except he had novisible mouth to show that. He lifted one foot and brought it down, going towards the door and the orcs, every foot steep a sizzling cloud of smoke and brimstone.
Adweena drew her sword and held it in front of her. Just then an orc ran up to her and within two swipes of her sword it was laying on the ground dead in front of her.She jumped away from it and stole a quick glance at the everybody . When she looked back to the fight, another orc came up to her and stabbed her arm with its sword. She shrieked in pain and hewed off its head with her other arm.
Bradly turns around and looks at the shadows. He pulls his sword out. He yells"YOU SALLY NOT ATTACK THIS PLACE WHEN IM HERE!!" With that said the shadows turn and runs for there lives.
O.C.C. What shadows Bradly??
OOC: Addy, the portal Ice got sucked into disappeared.
sorry Ice must of missed that part I deleted it. Dunce Smilie
It's okay, just thought I'd correct you there, helps the story move along. Happy Elf Smilie

With the Orcs and shadows defeated the dwarf put her axes back in her belt and looked at them all in a serious way. "NOW perhaps you will think of me more highly and maybe repent of your rejecting me earlier on." she said in a deeper voice than usual. "But I can guess your answer - you will not accept me. Think about it, and let me know if you decide otherwise. But i will only come if Ice wills it - when she comes back. For it was she who rejected me. But Eth has some fault in the matter." and she bowed her head and left, leaving them to figure out how to get Ice back.
OOC: I didn't leave you, you just stopped replying to the thread. I was waiting on you to come running up from somewhere while we were still outside Moria. I never wanted you to leave... You make me feel bad. I'm sorry if that's what you thought, but I never meant that I wanted you to leave, so, I guess I'm sorry.
So wheres everyone?
i'm here, just dunno what to post, but will everyone please read my last post on talk/joining?
Bradly drops his sword and falls back to the ground. He is bleed bad through out his body. Blood runs to Cal and Eth's feet.
As Addy puts her sword away she feels the sting run up her arm. She tears a peice of cloth from her weathered cloak and wraps it around her arm to stop the bleeding. She sits down on the ground and sighs as she relaxes her arm in her lap.

(sorry I don't know what to post next or whats supposed to happen.)
OOC: I came running up way after Moria and you ignored me or turned into a demonic creature and blasted me.

"Right, I should like to know about this treasure." said the dwarf. "And what it does. I heard those weird words and should like to know what they mean." and her face dropped its serious look again. "And afterwards, we can have some real fun with it! And I can practise my magic. Watch this!" and she waved her arms. A rock rose up and landed on her foot. "Woops! OWowowowow!!!! I'll be back!! I've just got to get the.... er... MY magic book again and take another look. WRite some things out and bring them with me! See you soon! And perhaps I can find some way to get Ice back!!"
OOC: I was only kidding about blasting you, and that was in another thread anyways. I'm really sorry, Loni, do you forgive me?

I was waiting for the orcs to be finished off before I brought Ice back, so, here she is, now!

Suddenly behind them a white hot light flooded the room. A magical white archway appeared, and it seemed as though it led to another dimention. A shadowed figure was seen limping towards them out of the doorway; it's left arm hung useless at it's side, and it's head hung low.

As the figure drew closer, a magical aura gleamed about it. Though it's face was still in shadow, the figure looked like an elf, but with wolf ears sticking out from the top of its head and it had a tail! The form stumbled out of the archway which disappeared as mysteriously as it had come.

As soon as the figure's feet hit the floor, it collapsed down onto it's knees. It lifted it's bloodied head, and if it were not for the long cut running down it's face, it could be recognized. A long, pained howl escaped the figure's throat. It was Ice!

Cal, watching in horror as her companions were wounded or turned into creepy dark things, began tearing strips off her cloak. She ran to Bradly's side and quickly bandaged as many wounds as she could find then ran to Addy's side to see what she could do when Ice reappeared and gasped in suprise. She looked at Loni, fumbling in the air for something and ran to her.

"alright, any ideas?"
Bradly thanks Cal. Then gets up. He watches Ice
The great black form that was Etharion looked with its black eyes at the rest slowly. Its horned head shifted like shadows in the dusk. He spoke slowly "We...we are alive... thats a miracle enough." he looked at his own hands looking for some signs of his former self.
"Um, not trying to be rude or anything Eth, but what the hell are you? Oh, and it 's no problem Bradly."
Bradly looks at Ice. He then looks around the room for samething.
Course I forgive you, Ice!!!!! Now we're maties. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

alright, any ideas?"

[wait a moment, i'm not back yet]

And the dwarf came running in again, with the magic book under her arm, running like as if a balrog was after her. She slammed the door. "I'm only borrowing it, there's no need for them to fuss about it!" she said under her breath and saw Ice. "Oh, you got her back. Dunno WHAT we're going to do about that wolf stuff. Ask Eth. He's all magicy. Never did like magic stuff. It's just not natural. But I had o learn it. Self defence, you know. She does NOT look good at all. Oh well, medical stuff we learnt in Lesson One. Hang on, I never really passed Lesson One. I almost did!!! And I hardly looked at my cheat notes at all!!!! They should've noticed them, written on my arms and all. Alright, it WAS invisible ink. But anyway..... " she flicked through the pages of her book. Here we go, wound healing.... that's the hardest spell I'VE seen. "Er... hocus pocus? alakazam? Nup, it's not working." Her face fell, and she looked really worried. "Oh dear. We're in trouble. Eth!!! Eth!!!" and she handed him the book. "I know it's hard to do first try, but could you try this? PLEASE?"


Ice stumbles to her feet, and looks around at the rest of the group. As she lays her dark blue eyes on the beast that is now Etharion, she closes her eyes sadly. "I, I didn't know what would happen to you guys after I left, and for a while, I wasn't even aware that I had left. Something, something just took over me, possessed me, though now I know that it meant no harm... I apologise for any trouble and-" she glanced up at Eth, "unatural transformations this little venture has caused you all," she said softly. She sighs, falling back to the floor, then she sits up, and watches the others.

Etharion started to shrink back to normal once the orcs were driven off. His form slowly returned to normal, and he was just left with a slight headache."Uhhh, i belive im fine now. I ...think that was some weird power surge created by the orb."
"What were you thinking of when you touched it, Eth?" Ice asked, looking at him. "I am glad that you are back to normal, it might have been rather uncomfortable with ahuge demon as a traveling companion, always screaming at you to not squash me... Anyway, come over here and help me up, will you. I can't stand on my own two feet!"

Addy looks from Ethy shrinking form to Ices bloody one and gets up off the floor.
"Well, thats was interesting." she said calmly as she adjusted her arm so it doesn't hurt so much.
"What are we going to do with that orb?" Adweena asks. She looks around the room having never quite been able to take it all in. The marble floor with the design in the middle. The walls pale white. She walks toward the rest of the group to discuss what we should do next.
Etharion was soon back to normal. He made his way over to Ice and helped her up, and then fixed her up a bit. " Here you go. That will do for now. I hope your not hurt seriusly. But before you start telling me what happened with you in there, i will cover the orb." he pulled out a cloth from his pocket and layed it over the gleaming orb. "There. And as for what i was thinking when i touched it, i would say i was just angry thinking about the orcs that had just arived."
"Well, you were angry at the orcs, so the orb allowed you to finish them all off, in it's own, sadistic way. It can serve either great good, or great evil," Ice said softly, leaning on Eth's arm.

She used her right arm to brush some stray strands of her hair behind her ear; her dark blue hair looked longer than it had been, and the ends of it were red. She smiled, saying, "I think the only major wound of mine would be my arm, but that can be easily fixed, and maybe my ankle, but that's not major." As she smiled again, it turned to a grimace, as the cut on her face hurt.

And the dwarf came out of the corner. "You'll be right as rain once I'm done with you!" she said. "I've just remembered LEsson One!!!! And I DId pass Leson One. I hardly looked at my cheat notes. So.... " she picked the magic book she had stolen. "Here we go. " and she waved ehr arms so hard she almost fell over. Ice's cut was healed, and her ankle was too. In fact, she was all better!!! She didn't need to lean on Eth anymore.
"Well, i see you learned the basics in healing Loni. But you have much to learn. See.... you healed the arm wrongly." Ice now seemed to have two left arms. "You need to watch out for that." he then rehealed Ice's hand , and it was normal again.
Addy tried to muffle a giggle as Loni was healing Ice and Addy couldn't control her laughter as Ice sprouted a second left arm.
"Wow Ice, you look nice with a second left arm." she said after her laughing spell was over. "Nice work Loni."
No no Adweena. Her right hand turned into a left one.
"Right arm, left arm, what's the difference?" said the dwarf, irritated that she couldn't even heal a hand. "I meant to do that. Just to see if you would notice. It was deliberate. It was. And WHAT are we going to do with this orb? Seeing as it's real evil as well as really good, why don't we take a leaf out of Frodo's book and destroy it? Just no active volcano climbing, though."
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