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YAY 201 POSTS!!!!!!!
Someone may die... I don't know, but they could like come back as someone, or, something else... I don't think that anyone should anytime soon, though. That just ruin the newly gathered and barely traveled together companions. Maybe lower the number to say, 30. How does sound to you, Ar? Anyone else?
ill do whatever everyone else thinks good(provided it aint too ridiculous)so thirty works for me but i want to hear everyone elses opinion before i change anything.
i agree thirty works for me
Yeah , thirty is ok.

Etharion saw that noone was coming so he took the reines of Ices horse and they started off. " I really hope that their all ok, but we had to leave. I couldnt fight off so many zombies and you are wounded badly." Etharion walked besides the horse for some while but soon got tired. "I need a rest , you just relax on the horse." they had goten some distance betwen them and the camp by now.
Ice nodded, her eyes still on the forest, and her ears cocked at an odd angle to catch any sounds.
The only sound she got was that of that stupid, idiotic annoying female dwarf of her company who she thought she had got rid of forever splash into a huge mud puddle close by. Too close by. Her outfit was completely muddified.
"haha!" cackled the dwarf. "The Spotted Daisy strikes again! Yes, that's right! I am now the spotted daisy, the one who ruins all the good bits in movies and plays and who turns the light off when you're up to that really tense moment in the book you're reading! The one who laughs at the really sad moments and says 'good job'! Haha! I shall return!"
And she disappeared into the trees.
You have serius problems mate.
I think she has lost her mind, or marbles, or both, heck, maybe she lost everything. I wouldn't know, I thought she wanted to be in the story.
are yall both that new, shes always been crazy when i joined she might have actually been more of a loon,and if you havnt noticed im considered a bit crazy myself,even though i wanna be crazy they say im not because i wanna be but how sane could someone who wants to be insane be?so i really cant tell if im insane,cause i wanna be but that means im not but how sane could an insane wannabe be? anyway it now says THIRTY so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Mormegil with the others run out to their camp and start searching for their things. " Where on Middle Earth is my back pack !! Let it be . Strat u dont have a horse so u will have to run all the way. start now , me and Adweena will be coming on our horses after we gather all that we can. " Strat starts running towards the south as fast as he can. " take all that u can Adweena but leave whatever u think is difficult to carry." Suddenly with a blood curling yell 2 zombies come out in the open. one of them gets shot by Adweena. " Get on the horses quick ", shouts Mormegil. Aweena climbs on her horse and gallops away. Mormegil climbs on his and spurs his horse. but then 5 or 6 zombies come out in the clearing. Mormegil's horse gets into a quick canter, but one keen zombie shoots an arrow at Mormegil, " Aaaargh !!" shouts Mormegil as the black arrow pierces his back. his horse gallops away with him slopping on its back. The zombies are heard cackling behind.

Sorry i didn post for a long time. but its good that u guys took my suggestion. i will be going to India on 15 july (college). so before that if we dont get the treasure i will have to kill my character. or i may try to come back after a few months Gandalf style.btw where is Gildor (Valruin) ??
Excellent question Ayan! Where is Gildor? Another question for all my questmates!!!:

Have you ever heard of Runescape? And, if you have, do you play on there?


Ice shakes her head as she hears the zombies' screech. Another sound comes to her sensitive wolf ears: that of a human's scream. "Etharion! Someone's been hurt by the zombies! We have to do something!" she says to him, jumping off of the horse. She stumbles when she hits the ground, and crings as pain shoots through her body.

She turns to him, her teeth clenched to try and block out the pain, and says, "Come on! What are you waiting for! One of our friends is hurt!" With that, she scrambles up a tree, nearly falls back down, and then disappears into its leaves. She leaps from tree-to-tree, trying to ignore the pain in her hest, and heads toward the sound.
strat kare hears the yell and immediately recognizes the pitch of mormegils voice and turns back.but a very large number of zombies(lets say 40)come towards him from all sides and start attacking he kills at least eight,mostly ones in front of him,and is brought down by the flat of a blade across is head and is dragged towards the zombie camp.and is gone before icey and the others reach the spot, too concerned to notice the signs of struggle. (this is where i fall back as does anyone who attempts rescuing me so figure out an excuse to leave me and/or my rescuer/s behind without seeming selfish or greedy, and take care of what ever happens to mormegil before anyone even notices my characters absence)
I dont know. Ill send him a PM.

No, i never heard of Runescape. What is it?

Etharion heard the scream too, so he turned the horse and galloped. He was amazed at how much stamina she had, maybe even more than he himself. He saw her swing from the trees but soon she got tired. The wound was obviusly to bad. He was able to catch her as she fell from exaustion. "Listen to me, you must rest. I know you want to help, but i wont let you get hurt anymore" he smiled at her. they galloped some more and soon another horse came towards them. It was Mormegil. He had a arow sticking out of his back. It looked bad. But the screeches of the zombies were heard not to far, so Etharion grabed the reins and they rode of again.

Hey Ice, i didnt want to make you look weak, just more tired from the wound, ok? And i was thinking that everybody else could meet with us in a few days as we team up somewhere near the mountain.

Mormegil is glad to see Icey and Ethy together but he is dazed and in great pain. he is slopping over the horses neck. he opens his eyes for a moment and says in a weak voice " have u seen Adweena, anywhere. she...she saved my life. at least she tried to. d..d..dont worry Ethy i wont die. its j..just an arrow in the back - i have seen worse " he sighs loudly and stops speaking.

( What r u doing Ar, Mormegil will miss your company meet us at the gates of Moria. its not far from where we are )
Adweena rides up beside Mormegil "What happened?" said Adweena looking a little puzzled. "I heard you yell " but she was caught short seeing the arrow in his back "Are you ok, lets stop somewhere to see what we can do to treat it."
I know you weren't trying to make me sound weak, Ethy. It makes more sense for Ice to collapse from being hurt, than for her to keep going, people, elves, humans, or animals, all get tired.
For a way to go to the mountains while leaving Strat, how 'bout, like, maybe the arrow that hit Mormegil was poisoned, and the dwarves in Moria have the antidote?

Runescape is an online RPG, where you can make a character, and talk to people, solve quests and kill monsters, and make money, fake, in-game money, but its still very fun! Its free and if anyone wants to try it out, got to:

Just copy and paste the above. If you DO join, my name is Icefangs on there, so you can add muah to your friend's list. Tell me if any of you guys, and girl, try it, kay?


Ice sits on the horse, behind Etharion, and seems as though she is too tired to speak. Her eyes widen at the sight of Mormegil's wound, and she gasps, her eyes suddenly shooting skyward, and she mouths some strange words. "Are..are you okay?" she gasps, her own wound making it hard for her to speak.
"Adwena, you ride with Mormegil. We cant stop yet, the zombies are to close. lets hurry so we can heal you." They all got ready and started the painfull ride. They rode for some while until they found a nice place to camp. Etharion immediatly started tending the wounded while Adwena helped.
I'm back!!! It feels so good to be back on a computer. Anyway, Ayan, I really hope you don't have to kill yourself. Then there will be no one left to call me "my lady" Sad Smilie Alright here's my post.

Calenia slips silently into the back of the group, her hand resting lightly on the handle of her whip, listening cautiously for any sounds of an attack. She had sustained several bloody scrapes and bruises, but at least she wasn't in as bad of condition as some...(m'lord) Cal wondered what would pop up next.
I'm only posting now to welcome Arwen back!!! WELCOME BACK, mate!!!! Its good to see ya again, or, well, hear, no, read what you say again! Glad to have ya back, fellow elf-maiden!

Etharion and Adweena try to ease Mormegil's pain while they treat him. Mormegil is conscious but still in great pain. he sees Calenia return. " I wont die that easily Cal (my sweet, gentle lady). as a soldier fighting under Lord Aragorn's banner , i have sustained wounds much worse than this. " Ethy has taken out the black arrow and Adweena bathes the wound with some warm water. " thank u my friends " says Mormegil in a low voice.

( hey Cal wassup, nice to see u back. u shud have been there in the battle, i missed my dear lady fighting beside me Smile Smilie )
Hey Ice, i just made a character in Runescape. But how the heck am i going to find you?

Etharion made sure the wounds were properly bandaged. "Here Cal, make sure that he feels comfortable. Im going to check on Ice." he went and made Ice a bit more comfortable. "Do you want something?" he asked her.
(runescape sounds like everquest to me,but if its free ill play.i quit everquuest because i didnt like the fighting and transcontinentel traveling systems,but if you like rpgs middle-earthonline comes out next fall and looks awesome,even though i usually dont play rpgs)

stratkare woke with a royal headache and cahained to a treebranch over a lake,undoubtedly so if he escaped his captors could hear the splash,looking around he saw a horde of scathe zombies and some orcs beginning to make a camp of their own next to the zombies.he was in a grim situation and just passed out,no food,no water,no way to escape he couldnt imagine a worse situation.but what worried him most was whether his friends were ok.when he woke again around four in the morning he began to develope a desperate plan of escape only a person of his size could pull off.(this is agreat way for me to avoid having to keep up typing my parts in the story,like after someone says "what do you think startkare?" there arent any dwarves in moria though,remember?so youll have to ask the orcs nicely for the antidote or steal it,whichever you prefer)
Icey i just signed up for runescape,what world are you in?(please answer this soon!)
I usually go to the world that has the fewest people. and Ethy, click on the yellow smiley, and then click add friend, then, type Icefangs, kay? it will tell you if i am on, or not. Tell, what you guy's names on there are, kay?
Oh yeah, whenever any of us do get on a the same time, i can make you guys bronze armour and weapons, kay? and I'll do for free, 'cause you're my friends!!

Ok, im there NOW. My name is Etharion1, and im in the UK world. Tell me in which you are and ill go there. But please tell me NOW.Oh, and is this Runscape really free or what?(cause i dont think ill be able to go there if its not free)
It's really free, unless you want a membership. More quests, mor items, and more areas, but that's it. I usually go to world 7, but I can't get on until around 8:00 pm CST. Or, um, I think its 6:00 am where you're at, I mean, I can get on until 6:00 am, tomorrow.

My dad won't let me, but my mom will. I go to her house today.
"I really hope you are okay Mormegil. Hey Calenia its wonderful that your back.' says Adweena.

(i'll try to go on to that runescape)
my name on runescape is Stratkare,i have a friend (same one thats from Louisiana who plays that he says heyll be able to make iron weapons soon,so ill get him to get yall some stuff)
online game that you get on from its pretty good but i wouldnt play it if it wasnt free
I'll be able to make iron stuff soon, too. If I get there before your friend does, Ar, then I'll make all you guys' armor!

ok guys , i am sorry to say this but i think thats about enough about Runescape. now lets get on with the story folks !
I agree with Ayan Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . Lets get back to the story. Maybe someone can make a thread for Runescape, huh?

Etharion thought that the two wounded friends were going to be alright. He was relived. There was nothing now to do but wait and head on to Moria as soon as posiblle.

(P.S. I wanted to know if maybe any of you have your pictures on your computers. I would like to see what all you guys look like Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . Thats just a idea i had. If you want ill PM you my addres.)
"I think we should start making for Moria soon. Mormegil, are you going to be able to ride bescause if you can't we have a major problem." said Adweena. She starts waking over to her horse and feeds it an apple she found on the ground.

(I have a question about Runescape. I've just got an account or whatever you call it, and when it comes to the High detail Low detail thing I click low detail but it won't play or do anything.can anybody help me or tell me whats wrong.)
Hey, Addy, it plays fine for me, when I click low detail. But, maybe you should try high, and see what happens.
Question for my questmates:
How about, instead of the treasure being Mithril, how about its an item, err, thingy, that whoever touches it will obtain their deepest, darkest, heart's desire. Say, for Ice, it would be the ability to be either completely elf, completely wolf, or the mixture of the two she is.
And, another question:
Since the thread is called "Treasures", that once we get the treasure I made up, then another one of us makes up another item and where it is, so the search for treasures continues.
Ice sighs deeply and audibly, so deeply, in fact, that it aggravated her injury. She gasped slightly, the pain had been almost gone, then suddenly reappeared. She breathed slowly evenly, relaxing, and said softly, "I agree with Adweena, we should head off soon. The only question is, will all of us be able to ride? I can, but, " she glanced at Mormegil. "can you?"

Mormegil looks at the concerned faces of his pals and says " yes , i guess i can ride. the ride wont be long coz Moria is just about 2 miles from here. "

( hey Ethy, i wont mind sending u my pic. but its my passport photo and in it i am quite grim and sombre. i have got glasses now Happy Elf Smilie . what do the others feel about sending old Ethy our pics ?? u can PM your email id to me )

( Ice, i dont object to your idea about the treasure. but most probably i wont be their to to touch the treasure. but it will be nice if u cud continue this treasure hunt even after finding this treasure. coz maybe i cud join u guys or sumthing in december )
I dont care about sending Ethy our pics but one question how would I do it. Cause I wouldn't know how to get my pic on the computer. Pretty sad ,eh.

Adweena looks up at the newly risen sun "Ok, well if everybody then agrees to leave if we left here after we eat we should make it there at least by nightfall." Adweena helps Mormegil to his feet and Etharion helps Icefangs. "Lets get packed up and if everybodys hungry we should probably eat before we go." As Adweena finishes talking everyone starts packing up their packs and Adweena pulls some food out of her pack and gives some to everyone.

Oh I should let everyone know on thursday I'm going up north with my sister and I probaly won't be back for two or three days.
I agree with your idea on the treasure Ice. Sorry that this post of mine is so short, ijust have no inspiration now.

They were on the road again. The going was slow for they didnt want to strain the wounded. Soon the great mountain side was before them, and somwhere there were hidden the doors of Moria.
With every step closer the company got to the mountain the more heavier the darkness came on them that they were coming to the end of their quest and the question sprang up on Adweena how will we know where its at. Theres been enough talk about what the treasure is but not where it is thought Adweena.
Ice stared up at the mountainside looming ahead. She rubbed her slightly sore side, it was getting better, with one hand, and shielded her dark blue eyes with the other to see if she could see the top of the closest mountain. Riding on the horse behind Etharion, she became slightly bored, so she reached behind her, to the small the book out of her pack, and began to read.
Surprisingly enough, the book told nothing outright about where the treasure was, it just hinted at ways to find it. It said things like, 'The passageway marked with many crosses is the one you should look for', or, 'The door with the red glow is the one to pay attention to', and even, 'Deep below the bridge and hallways the treasure you seek lies'.

Okay, that's a few of you, but I need to know what everybody thinks, before I put something about what the treasure is.
( assuming i can catch up to the group by then and dont die or wonder aimlessly sure,but when are they going to remember the good ol' half-beorning anyway?)

Stratkare was angry,the tree limb was not as weak as he thought so he couldnt use his weight to get away.meanwhile he had been listening to the orcs and found out that they were trying to prevent them from finding the treasure.the zombies were getting ready to track his he braces himself clenches the branch andlifts himself up slightly and slams down,the branch cracks and repeats the movement.the branch breaks and he hits the water.immidiately the orcs spring into action while the scathes file out of the camp.stratkare paddles away using the tree as cover from arrows and paddles to the southern shore of the lake.
Ice puts away the book, and glances around. Where was Strat? She couldn've sworn she had seen him a moment ago, but, with recent events, a moment could have been hours, or a even a few days. She looked around, sniffing the air for his scent. It was coming faintly from the south of her. She knew she was still too injured to go looking for him by herself, and the others were occupied with trying to get them to Moria.

She sighed, and lifting her eyes toward the heavens. She silently prayed that Strat was okay, and that he could find them eventually. Ice racked her brain, trying to think of some way to make sure Strat was going to be able to follow their trail, then mentally slapped herself in the forehead. Strat was a good tracker; he could find the horses' prints easily.


Right now, Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Mormegil is feeling better after all the looking after he received from his dear friends - especially Adweena and Calenia. He looks sharply at the south and says ," there u can see the entrance to Moria from here. Ice i dont know where old Strat is but he was with me when the zombies came. but he can take care of himself. cmon lets go quick, the gate is just here. "

( Sorry, guys i cudnt post for sometime coz my net wasnt working. i will be goin within 20 days. so guys plz get some pace on it. anyway whats your id Ethy ? )
Ice I like your idea about the treasure but what would we be touching. And would there be more than one for each of us or just one we all touch.


Adweena clutches her cloak around her. A wind was coming from the west. Just as Ice and Etharion led us around some trees there it was, shining in the moonlight the entrance to Moria. It looked so big and beautiful but it had a darkness around it that gave a shiver up Adweena's spine. "Maybe we should make camp inside the woods until morning than aprroach the gate?" asked Adweena. "Because I don't like the look of the place in the dark."


About the pics do we need like a scanner to put it on the computer and send it. And how do we send it to Ethy. I'm so lost!
Hey Ethy, i would be more than happy to send you and anyone else who wants me to a pic. Just send me your PM. Sorry it's been a while, I was stuck going on a family camping trip. btw, even though no one else seems to be answering Icey's question, I will. Sounds great. I also agree with m'lord, let's get the pace for the story going a little quicker.
By nightfall, the small company, minus Stratkare, had set up camp near the entrance to Moria where they sat trying to make a descision about what to do about Strarkare's captitvity.
Ice nodded to Adweena, a shudder racking her own body. The entrance to Moria did indeed look very forboding, but, somehow, beautiful. Ice sighed, her side almost not hurting at all. It would be better by tomorrow, she decided, or at least I'll act like it's better. Part of the group rode their horses back toward Moria's entrance to look it over again.

Ice leaned forward on horse agains Etharion's back as a breeze shot through the mountainous pass. She leaned sideways off the horse as something on the ground caught her eye. It was a piece of metal, it looked rather sharp. Ice hopped off the horse and picked the metal piece up off of the ground. She examined it closer and found out it was a speartip. "Uh, guys?" Ice said quietly to her companions as she held out the speartip for them to see. "We may have a slight problem..."

They walked back to the campsite, where Mormegil and Adweena had stayed behind to keep watch.

Good questions, Adweena. I was thinking that the treasure could be some kind of orb, or crystal-thingy. There's only one that everyone touches, and I have a plan for Icefangs's future, but, it's a secret to everyone but me! Ha ha1 You guys and gals will have to wait and see!

Cal rushes back to the camp with the others, hoping they won't be too late. Her right hand grasps the handle of her whip; the left, her sword. They burst into the camp, sighing in relief when they catch sight of Mormegil and Adweena's startled faces. Icey quickly sums up the situation and the company readies themselves for the fight. As they take up a defensive stance around their camp, the zombies burst into the firelight.
Adweena cries out as the zombies jump into the clearing she grabs her sword just as a few zombies came her way. "Um a slight problem is right, Ice but what have you got in your hand." Adweena calls out to Ice who looked suddenly startled out of a trance. "Whoa, that was close." Adweena says aloud to herself. The horses whinny and run out of the clearing Adweena runs to them but finds out there gone.


Would I send the pic using regular email or the email on PT? (btw, what is a PM)
also would it be okay if I put you guys on my "Buddy List"?
Meanwhile, back at the camp, the others are valiantly fighting the zombies, whose numbers aren't showing any signs of diminishing numbers. They have made a circle around the fire, with Mormegil in the center, not wanting to risk further injury to him. Well, so much for discussing the Stratkare situation, Cal muttered to herself, alternating swings with each hand.

Hey Adweena, I don't mind if you, or anyone else, wants to add me to their BL. Feel free to write me too. Deal Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
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