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She nods. "It's okay, I understand. I reacted in pretty much the same way. I just can't stand it when people treat me like the damsel in distress, because I am not in distress, nor do I act much like a damsel..." she turned away. "Sorry for venting some steam on you, it just serves a far better purpose when someone comments on it, ya know?" When Eth released her hand, she grabbed his, winced slightly, and smiled at him. She put her other hand up in front of her eyes, trying to see further down the tunnel.

Looking back at Ethy and Ice, Cal rolled her eyes.
" Alright love birds, break it up! Let's get a move on before something else decides to attack us."

Then she turned and followed Strat's retreating back farther into the tunnel.
Bradly already stop looking at the two tunnls that he and king end up at. He turns and looks for the others to came. He makes a fire and sends king back down the tunnl with it to the group.
"Wheres Strat again?" asked Etharion." He just disapeared again. He can find his way after us easily. Hmmm. It seems we will have to do a bit of mountain climbing up ahead." he pointed at the mining site that opened up after the next bend. It seemed as another passage was opened at the top. To get to it they would have to climb a steep and somewhat unstable surface, full of lose stones and garbage.
Bradly turns and yalls back follow King yall he will leand yall to me.
OOh ooh, let me help!" yelled the dwarf, jumping out from behind a thingy. "I've been studying sorcery! Um......... wab!" and a ladder appeared, going up the cliff. "It's quite safe! See?" and she testyed it, but she landed in a heap. "Darn!" and she disappeared.
Ice walked to the bottom of the shaft and peered up inside it. It looked so tall she could barely see a soft glow of light at the top. "Well, Sir Bradly, do you plan to make us another ladder with that large axe of yours, or should everyone suddenly sprout claws like mine and climb up?" Ice said sharply, still miffed at him about earlier. She headed back to where the rest of the group were standing, and waited for a response.

Bradly yells back angerly"IM CAMEING TO MAKE THE LADDER!" Bradly runs back to the others and then turns to the hole. He takes out his axe and hits the wall as hard as he can make a hole and then the rest as he climes.
O.C.C No no. This is not a wall. Its a steep hill-like side of the cave coverd with lose rocks and remains of the mining work. On top is a small doorway that is the goal of our climb. We can only hope to climb carefully up it and not cause a landslide that could block the way we came in from and even burry some of us.

"Hmm. We should spread out so that nobody is under someone else during the climb and start going upwards. Thats the only thing we can do now." he said looking on thoughtfully.
Bradly looks at the steep.Bradly puts his axe up and walks over to the steep. Bradly looks it over. He takes out a rope and says"Here tie this up around yall's wrist and arm so we can clime up and dont loss each other."
Ice snatches the rope, wraps it twice around her waist, ties it in a knot, and tosses the end to Bradly. "Who should go first, to help the others up? Wait, allow me to rephrase that, who is the best climber?" Ice asks, turning to look at the others.

"No need to brag about it Ice. You can go first." he said smiling."Just be carefull. Even you will have some difficulty climbing up. Me and the rest are to big and clumsy so we would cause a landslide. Off you go!"
Glory pops out of the darkness behind Etharion. "Hello sorry I'm late,had some buisness with a hammer weilding hampster and some chocolate puddin I had to deal with."
Bradly ties the rope around his wrist. Then he laughs out lord see king is already at the top.Bradly strats to clime but he is carefor. He moves slowly not to make the rocks move. He is at the top now. He yells back "Ok yall ill pull yall up or i will help yall!"
Ice climbs slowly up the incline. She shoves her lcaws deep into the rock, trying to get some leverage. Every time she does this, small rockslides tumble down behind her. She turns her neck, saying, "Hey guys, Watch out for the raining rocks..."

She clambers to about nine feet form the top (or about three meters, for you metric people) and discovers that the only way to each top is to straddle the walls. Ice slowly gets to the top, scrambles over the edge, and turns around to pull the rope up to help the others.

"Come on, guys, I'm sure how longer that face of the rock will hold up, at least after a dozen holes punched in it.

Bradly helps Ice pull the rope up for the others.
And finds that Loni, the dwarf, is helping too. "just thought I'd help." she said, and pulls them all up in one heave. "IT's a strength spell. And by the way, you all should be very guilty. I've been helping you all through your adventure, or trying to, and this is after SOME PEOPLE" and she looks at Ice and Eth "kicked me out, or at least excluded me. So thanks. Just thought I would remind you of that." And she goes off with a sombre face.
Etharion followed slowly but steadily up the climb He too had problems with rock slides.
Bradly thanks the dwafer. He feels the ground move. He lets go of the rope and looks down. "Eth hurry up there is samething cameing!!" He yells back to Eth and the others. Bradly jumps down and lands on his feet. He pulls his sword and waits for what ever may be cameing.
Etharion finnaly clombs up and rests a sec before turning to peer into the dark in search of what Bradly was talking about." I still cant see anything, even with my eyes."
Bradly feels the ground move again. He satnds still and waits for what ever may be cameing. Then out of no were cames a graint man eating worm. Bradly cuts at the worm. He then blocks as it gos to attack him.Bradly is knock back and is on the ground his sword and axe are away from him. Then worm has him pin to the ground. He calls for King's help. King jumps down and bites the worm. The worm then kocks King down and eats him. Bradly jumps up and gets his axe and sword. He yells" YOU KILL MY PET MY FRIEND MY FAMILY!!" With that said he gos to attack the worm with all his power and stergnth.
(Ummmm bradly i think you should get rid of those swear words before one of the Administrators see them)
Etharion yells" A purple worm!!! Ice,Cal watch out!!" he draws his bastard sword and staff and charges the great big purple worm that writhed and attacked at him after slashing at Bradly with its huge maw.
Ice cringed as she pulled out her sword, her hands still a bit sore. She jumped back down the hole and slid down the slope, one foot in front of the other, almost like she was snowboarding. She reached the bottom and dashed towards the worm, her head pounding as King's final howl echoed about the place. She held her sword high and leapt into the air. Falling back down, Ice pointed her broken sword downwards and plunged it deep into the huge worms gut. Unfortunately, the worm was so big that the otherwise powerful blow was merely a fleshwound. She snarled, and flung her broken sword at the worm's snout. It hit dead on and the beast screeched in pain. Left defenseless, Ice flung her throwing daggers at the thing, and tried to get back to her sword where it lay in the worm's nose.

Bradly gets his axe and jumps into the air. As the worm fight the others. He cuts the worms head off and begins to cut at it again and agin. Blood gos ever were as he fights it. Bradly gets cut up as will. He yells back to the others"LEAVE NOW I CAN HOLDING IT PLEASE I DONT WANT YALL TO DIE AS WILL!!"
stratkare had been too happy about finding his friends to speak.and at the rubble hill he had found,and climbed an old dwarven stair.he was about to yell to everyone from the top when the worm attacked.strat leapt down the stairs drawing his sword,which is a good half foot longer than any of his companions' swords.when he reached the bottom of the stairs he slashed down the worm's gut(did it half to be something that well..............a worm?)his sword went to the hilt in the worm.then he sees bradly, lying wounded in two dozen places on the ground next to him.
Cal jumps away from the worm, uncoiling her whip, rather miffed at Ethy's unbelief in her ability to take care of herself. By the time she is ready to attack the worm thing, it had already been butchered by Bradly.
"Well, that was sudden. And rather strange looking if u ask me."

um, bradly, I agree w/ Ethy....u really need to get rid of those swear words quick. Nice to have u back Strat. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Where u been?!
(Ok one thing Kings died he cant be back to life and another ok ok there gone.)
Bradly fanilly kills the worm. He is bleeding ever were. "Ok yall lets go."he saids.Bradly puts his axe and sword away.
" I thought we would not meet any worms in Moria. It seems theyr colonies have grown over the years." he says." You know...i really find it odd. We just finish killing something like many times before, and Bradly says "Comon yall lets go" and thats that. I find it rather amazing how we just continue on so simply, dont you say?" he says thoughtfully looking at the mutilated worm that was the size of a few cars.
Bradly turns and looks at the others. "Im sorry for the hounds, ogers, and the others mosture who have frought was becuase of me." Bradly climes to the top again. He then walks off yelling back "I hope yall will be safe!"
After watching Bradly leave, Ice thought about what Eth said. After a pause she said, "You know, I didn't really want to leave those dead fire hounds out in the open, either. Well one reason more important than another, but I sort of felt bad for having to kill them. A same species, family-thing, I guess, but still." She picks her broken sword up off the ground and slides into the now too big sheath.

Suddenly she wanders over to where the dead wolf, King had been thrown, after the worm's defeat. She knelt by it, whispered some strange words to no one, and then tilted her head skyward, and howled. Long, and haunting, never wavering, until finally, she looked back down, and a tear rolled down her cheek. She stood up, walked back to incline, and simply turned to the others, her face expressionless.

(as for where ive been:ive been wastin away again in Margaritaville,searchin for my lost shaker of salt.they say that theres a woman to blame,but i know,its no one's fault!)(please refer to the post im about to make in writers talk to see my opinion of a few recent changes in the story)

stratkare shoots an angry glance at bradly and starts climbing the stairs again.everyone wonders why they didnt see the staircase and begins to follow him up.

"at the rate we're going we will allbe dead before we step into daylight again.and i dont trust bradly as far as i could have thrown that worm"thought startkare who could easily throw any individual living thing he had come across so far,except the horses and that giant wormthing.

Bradly already on his way back to the others but then he stops and listenes to what they have to say about him. Bradlt thinks to himself,"Just like my village they dont turst me and they want me gone. I guess i will stay gone this time." Bradly looks at the others and throws his sword and axe to there feet and throws his bag down as will. "Yall can have those things" he saids that in a deep and powerful viceo.
"Bradly, you aren't really leaving us are you? Just ignore Strat, he's like this to everyone he doesn't know very well."

Calenia turned and walked over to Strat.

"um, Strat, exactly why don't u trust him?" Cal whispered curiously.
Bradly stops as he hears Cal say that. He smiles to himself. Then thanks"At less she cares for me."
Adweena walks up the staircase in silence. Shes been thinking lately about her lost family and has just been lurking in the shadows beside her friends. She sees Bradleys form ahead of everyone else and runs toward it.
"Are you ok, you got pretty cut up from that worm?"
Bradly looks at her. "Ill be fine just need to heal and rest how are you did you get cut up?"He saids that with a smile.
Etharion and Ice walked on not really caring on the sudden divide in their team.Etharion said to Ice "Bradly says he is a lord from somewhere, but to me he resembles the barbarian lords in the wild. He is so reckless, quick to fight and has some old shamanistic magics. I wonder how much we can trust him.." the dark of the caves took away his words as they passed through the dark.
When the company stops to rest that night, Cal decides to speak up.

"Um, guys, I know this is going to sound a little strange, but i think we should discuss this whole issue together, seeing as we appear to have some different points of view. Maybe we could come to a agreement if we share what we're thinking? I'll even go first unless someone else would rather go."
Bradly all ready has he stuff back. Saids in a deep viceo, "ill go first. You see im a lord of a land of barbarians and magic peolpe. We live together in peace. My family was there with me and one day a king came and kill them in frout of my eyes. I chouldn't do a thing. They tie me up to make sure i dont kill the king. Then they kill my village and burn it to the ground. Im in seach on this king so i can kill him, but i see myself were yall dont turtes me. So i ask of yall we can you really turst? I tursted my fiend King and he died to help me."
Ice turned her head to the ground, ashamed. "I'm sorry, Sir Bradly, for being so rude. You just, honestly offended me when you tried to help me. I don't take to kindly to being treated like some helpless princess who needs rescuing. I can look after myself, and many times I have helped my friends, and they have helped me. You just have to earn my trust, I'm afraid, or I can't allow myself to go through that again..." she paused, obviously reliving some past experiences. She sat down on the ground, and waiting to see what others would say.

"Or, would you all like to hear my life story, since it seems that is what Sir Bradly gave," she said, looking at her group.

Bradly turns around ofter hearing what Ice had to say. With a tear in his eye he prays. He prays for the power to help others and to save them. He also prays for the group to be safe.He turns back around and takes out a book from his bag and begins to read.
Cal nods at Ice.
"if you wouldn't mind Ice. I'll share mine next."

Unbidden, thoughts of Mormegil rise again, and Cal fights back the tears and the worry. She gave a quick prayer to Eru for his safety and then listened to Ice's tale.
Ice smiles, and sighs. "Well, as you should all know, I am half-elven, but I'm also half-wolf. I am a young 73 in human years, but to an elf, I'm barely out of my teens. My father is a spirit wolf; he can change himself into almost anything, at anytime. He met my mother, a beautiful young elf maiden and they got married.

"First born was my older brother, Sheikyn, then me, then my younger sister, Cadin. Over my years, I've learned to master most of my elf and wolf traits, but there are things that my father and brother can do, that I still cannot... I'm not going to sit here and tell you all every little event that has happened to me; some are just too painful," at this, she lowered her head. After a pause she began again, "My real name is Icelia, but long ago I earned the name 'Icefangs'.

"Sometimes I still see my father, or I think it's my father, but, I can never be sure. I'm not on speaking terms with my mother, so I haven't seen her in a while. My brother, Sheikyn is off, searching for our father, and my sister, Cadin, is training to be a mage. That's about all I'm going to say, so your up next, Cal." Ice smiled at the other, and perked her ears to listen to Cal.

" My full name is Calenia Ancalime. I was born and lived most of my life in Mirkwood I'm not much older than you, Ice. I'm only 20 in elf years and much older in human years. I ran away from Mirkwood when my parents sailed for the Grey Lands and I was left with some relatives. I wandered around Middle Earth exploring and learning of the other races. That was when I joined this company, I heard rumors of this expedition during my stay as I traveled and made up my mind to join you. I have a twin brother and a younger one, Arminas and Amrod. I haven't seen either of them since I left Mirkwood, but I believe they have gone to join my parents in teh Grey Havens. Whoever wishes to go next may, I've finished."
Bradly closes his book. He saids"i have lie to yall. The turth is the king did kill my village, family, and ever thing elas. But he did it to get to me. Yall all know of my tattoo on my back and should. It gives me this power that sametimes i wish i never had. It was giving to my by a elf that was closes to my father. You see that tattoo was to give me the power to contoll beases of the world it did but also when i get really mad i turn into a beast myslef. You see im half human and half beast. I wish i never had this done to me but i did. And my real name is Huntyer Breadly Maximeo Chsim."
Adweena looks up as Bradley finishes. She clears her throat and begins her story.
"A week or so before I stumbled upon you (Ethy, Ice...) my parents were killed. " Adweena shudders and looks down to hid the tears in her eyes."I could do nothing to save them so I hid and when they left I mounted my horse and came to you. You guys are like the family I wish I had."
"Thanks Addy....I'm so sorry about your family."

Cal walks over and puts her arms around Addy. The thoughts rose again and she pushed them down.
Etharion was still standing when he saw that everyone was looking at him. "What? You want me to go next? I dont think so. Even to just say that i am older.....older than i can remember, is too much. Ice knows some of my past. She was with me for bit before we all met. I lived in many places, many of which you won't belive. Some of them are Quel Thalas, and another kingdom that has passed from existance." he stod in the middle of the cold passegway in his heavy robes. "I am sorry for are your troubles, but its not my place to help you. I shouldn't even be here."
Ice turned to stare at him, with a look like What are saying? on her face. She stared at him, her dark blue eyes shimmering in the dark. "Well," she said after a pause, "why don't we continue on to the end of our quest? We are nearly to the object we have sought, so let's just stop the chatting and go get it. I'm just as ready as the next person to get out of these damned caves..." she said. She sprung up and dashed off down the tunnel.

"Im ready.Let us be off." he said to Ice."Cal, everyone, you coming?"
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