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"Hmmmm, that acctualy seems like a good idea. Ill think about it." and he looked at the orb musingly.
Ice nodded her head in agreement, still slightly shocked to have had two left arms. She kneeled and reached into her discarded bag. She pulled out a long black ribbon, and pulled her oddly longer and red-tipped hair up with it. Ice closed her eyes, and soft blue light appeared around her. The blue aura grew brighter, and suddenly the light went from -all- around her, to just around her face. The light grew even brighter, and a scar appeared where Ice had just had a long cut on her face. It wasn't a big or easily seen scar, it was just there. She opened her eyes and the blue light disappeared. She smiled as the group looked at her. "Call it a, keep-sake," she said, grinning.

"Call what a keep-sake?" he asked confused. (sorry i dont quite understand)
(Call the scar on her face a keep-sake, because the wound disappeared when you healed her. She wants to keep the scar.)
(Ah thank you)
"Trust me, you don't want to keep every scar as a keepsake." said the dwarf, in one of her more serious moments. "If I kept all of mine, I'd be more scars than skin!!!" (She didn't tell them that the scars weren't from battles, they were from brawls in dwarvish taverns, which are very rough places.)
Ice put her hand up to her face and traced the line of the scar with her finger. "Well, my friend Loni, this one I want to keep," she said, smiling.

"Why on earth would you want to keep that one? It's not like you got it in a proud battle with the King of the Goblins."
"I got from, from a dear friend of mine, who has taught me very much..." she said, smiling.

"Ah. Do i know this friend?" he asked interested.
"You have perhaps heard me speak of him, and you might have met him, but wouldn't have known it at the time," she said, smiling, and tracing the scar again with her finger.

"Well maybe ill remember later. Now we must think of a way to destroy this orb of temptation. I might have a idea, but i want to hear yours first." he said to the rest. (who were suddenly so silent for a long time.......)
(Who stole muy duct tape and used to keep everyone else quiet!
Duct Tape(tm) it has a light and dark side, and it keeps the world together, like the force!)

Calenia stands up suddenly stretching.

"Yes, we definitely need to figure out to do about the mysterious orb thingy. But would someone please tell me wth it is first?!"
Bradly keeps looking at the orb. He listens to what teh oders are saying.
"Yeah, that's what I've been asking all along." said Loni, and looked at Ice, who seemed to know more than she had revealed.

Who stole muy duct tape and used to keep everyone else quiet!

Ow, the memories of Craig using the duct tape that was SUPPOSED to be used for our dancing shoes to tape my mouth shut.... ow, that really hurt taking it off..... So I taped his chips together. Then he spat in my sundae.
Ice backed up, stumbling, as everyone was looking to her for the answer. "I, I know no more than I already told you about that orb," she stammered. She sighed, since that answer did not satisfy anyone.

"Okay, the orb can be used for both good and evil, it was created, though, out of a want for good, but it was corrupted so now it is a neutral jewel of sorts. It was in created tower far from here, far from much of anything. In the tower, a powerful white wizard, who should have known that from experience that magical objects aren't very good things.

"For a magical object to be destroyed, it must be brought back to where it was created, or brought to the one who created it, only by one of those can it be destoyed. I know that the tower this particular orb was created in is not even off this plane, but another, ethereal world, that only a few can get to.

How all of us will get there, is beyond me..." she said, and crossed her arms to hear what everyone else thought of her explanation.

Bradly still looking at the orb stands up. "I think if we all thouch the orb at the sametime and think about going to this place it will take us there."
"That would probably ripp a hole in time and space, and be of no good for Middle Earth. No. I have a strong feeling of something wrong... shouldnt even be here. Not in this world." he said confused, looking at the covered orb.
Hello, everyone! I'm back!

"Well, I think we should try to destroy it, something with the power to do evil shouldn't be here especially in Moria."
"I REALLY shouldn't have carried on following you." said Loni. "This is gettig to magical and weird for lmy liking. I hate magic. I only learnt a little of it to get by in this increasingly magical place. It's terrible." and she shuddered. "Alright, I don't even WANT to go to this ethereal world, or whatever you called it, but I don't want to go to this White guy either!!! Is he related to Gandalf? No, he can't be. Gandalf used magic sparingly, not like this guy. But you said he was good, and--" her eyes lit up-- "was he the one who gave you that scar, Ice? Cause if he is, let's go. I'd like to meet someone magical enough to give YOU a scar, and then run away as fast as I can. Or is he in this weird world of yours?"
(I never about making the person who made the orb the person who gave Ice the scar.... Kewl!)

Ice shook her head. "No, the person who made this orb is not the person who gave me the scar, but he might as well be..." she said. "I know Eth, this orb is not of this world, nor does it belong here. We have to- or at least -I- have to take this (moment and run!) thing and destroy it," she said.

Bradly looks at the orb same more. He gets closer to it trying to see samething. "Hey Ice did you see these words." He trys to read them.
As the others talk excitedly about the orb and returning it, Cal paces back and forth, lost in thought. The prospect of adventure and a new world were so tempting, but he was still here, and she knew he was alive, and that kept her here, in hopes of him catching up to them before they left Moria for good...
Etharion looked at Bradly, who was still looking at the orb. (O.C.C bradly you cant see any letters on the orb, for it is covered)
"Then what do you suggest we do now Ice? Where shall we go now?" he asked. "Id need some studying to do before i could decide on my own."
Ice sighed. She swept up the dark orb and tucked it inside her bag. "If you all feel tired of the fight, then allow me to continue alone. I know where this orb can be destroyed, and it is not, technically speaking, far from Moria. I do not wish to continue on my own, though if you all will do have the will to continue, then I'll now be off," She lowers her head as she mutters the words, and walks slowly toward another doorway of the room.

ROFLMAO...sorry Ar...
As Ice headed for the door, Cal snapped out of her thoughts.

"Ice, don't leave, I'm coming with you. Not like there's anything better to do...count me in."
LOL, One more from me, but only to laugh at your last post!

Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Okay, I'll wait until you can catch up to post anything else.
O.C.C.-So this thread is over eh? Very well.

Etharion said "Well i do not doubt that we will all meet again. But now i have urgent matters back home. If you wish, find your way to the last homely house on the last days of fall. I shall be there then. Farewell." and he left with a nodd of his head into the darkness of Moria.
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WHAT??? THIS THREAD??? OVER???? NO!!!!!!! WE'VE STILL GOT TO DESTROY THE THING!!!!!! You don't understand. What would happen in TLOTR if it was just..... find the ring, find the ring, find the ring.....found it!!!!! NOw we must destroy it. But we won't. You see? It's not finished! Come on, we've got this far, we can't turn back!!!!!


The dwarf cocked her head to the side, as if thinking. She got a serious look on her face. "Alright, alright...... I"m coming. Just promise me that you'll teach me some better magic to defend myself with on the way. I think I'll need it. What's with the gloomy faces? Let's go!!!! But one question. How? Icey? you know about all this weird parallel universe type stuff, do elaborate."
*still waiting for Ar-37*

Still no sign of him? Well his account is active, maybe he just hasn't noticed. Maybe one of you could e-mail him (if you have his adress)? Never fun to sit around and wait.
I agree Amie. I still haven't gotten a reply back from Ayan yet. Anyway, I have no idea what Ar's e-mail is...anyone else?
I don't know Ar-37's email, either, well, to answer Loni...


Ice smiles at Loni. "The answer to your question, my friend, is that there is not much more to tell about this other-verse. It exists, if that is what your wondering, that's where I was when I disappeared. It's nearly just like this world, only, well, it's mutated, or something. I mean, it's like this world, but, then, it isn't. Hard to explain, you'll just have to see it. Oh, and Loni, before I left, it would have to be Eth who could teach you better magic, but now I can, and if I accidently make you explode, don't worry, I've already learned how to fix that problem..." she says with a grin.

Ice looks around at the others and smiles once more, saying, "If that is all of you that will come with me, then let us take our leave."

Sorry, but i leaft you all in Moria. (turn one page back and read my last post)
Bradly says out from under his hood," Yall dont think yall going to a differt world and kill samething or destory samething with out me are yall."
I guess what homeboy Bradly is saying is: I want to go with you to this other world.
To quote from the Guidelines for playing in a role-playing thread:
9. Remember ’ other players and those reading the threads are from all over the world and our common language on Planet-Tolkien is English. Avoid careless spelling mistakes and typing errors so that others may understand and follow the plot and characters.
So please speak English. Street talk wasn't invented in those days.
I know you left Eth, I just didn't say that. I didn't say when you could teach her better magic. :orcgrin:

The dwarf's face went white. " Maybe you oughtn't be my teacher after all..... PLEASE DON'T BLOW ME UP!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! ANd anyway, how are we going to get to this placey thingy? And how are we going to get BACK? THat's important. How to get BACK!!!!!" She looked very scared.
"Leave? Why is everyone leaving? Where are we going? Where is this other world?" Addy says hurriedly looking a little worried and scared. She walks over and stands next to Loni, "I agree are we going to be able to get back here?"
Adweena turns to look at Eth's departing figure, "Where are you going?"she asks him.
Ice smiles, saying, "I was just kidding about blowing you up, Loni. I would never do that, and I know how not to, okay. I also know how we can got to this world and then get back, okay? It's all figured out."

Bradly looks at Ice," Ice its not all finger out and you know that better then me."
"Well, I know how I am to get there, and I know how the rest of you are to get there. There will be a way back; how else do wraiths escape into this world?" she asked, grinning again.

At Ice's words, Cal pales slightly, then regains her composure.

"Ice, exactly what do you mean? We have to die to return?"
(Hmm, Ice that sound slike a book i read. The Amber Spyglass i think...the stuff about wraiths escaping in our world. Its very similar)

Adweena, sorry but i left this thread. Eth has some stuff to do. Very top secret....mage stuff
Bradly stnads there still thinking of samething. "Well if we do have to die then it well only have to be one of us Cal. But there is the question of what we will meet when we get there.
(Mage stuff, Eth? And I've never heard of that book, but it sounds interesting...)

Ice sighs, she needs to think more before she speaks. She shakes her head, "Well, okay, one of has to pretend to be dead, but I've done it before, so I'll handle that part. I can get all of us there, and I can get us back, and the good part, if there is one, is that if I or someone else dies, all the others can get back safely through the doorway that opens.

"But since most of you guys are all mortal, you should have nothing to worry about. I, on the other hand, do, since I am half spirit creature, and this place could be called the spirit world. But that's going too far, and it's just my da-speculation, anyways..." she says, recalling some memory.

"And as to what we may meet there, no one can tell... but we'll be lucky if we meet my-nevermind... We'll be lucky if we meet someone we know," she continues after a pause.

(I've been watching Danny Phantom...way too much)

"Alright, I am ready to leave, though I had hoped to search for m'lord for a while. However I believe he is perfectly capable of escaping on his own, and hopefully our paths will cross again soon. Shall we go?"

Cal made one last check to make sure she had everything, then waited for the others, a pensive look on her face.
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