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Bradlt gets his hat and puts it on. He walks to Cal side. "Well im ready may we go?"He looks at Cal then smiles.
Okay, I'm rather confuzzled... Are we ending Treasures, starting a new thread, continuing w/ this and doing whatever it is that Ar has planned or what? Oh, and I posted Ayan's remarks which I'm assuming u've all prolly already read, but I figured I might as well remind everyone. Anyway...just wondering.

Cal glances at Ice then looks around at the others.
"So, shall we leave this dismal place?"
I finally caught up reading the thread! It wouldn't have done any good to e-mail me about my account being unlocked again anyway, I never check my e-mail. I enjoyed reading the thread, yall do better when I aint around

A very wounded Stratkare runs out of one of the doorways and collapses in the middle his friends.
"I fell behind and was lost in the last hallway.............(Strat glances at the dead orcs) I guess I held enough of them off...................They thought I was dead................." Stratkare takes his last bit of strength and looks into the orb "Is this what we've worked so hard to find?" then he passes out on the stone floor, draws his last breath, and passes into the unknown fate of all men in Middle-Earth.
My lord, how tragic!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
My goodness, that was quite the death there Ar, reminds me of your passing in the POTC thread, from which you magically came back to life after blwoing ur own head are we ending it , are we continuing w/ this thread or what, cuz M'lord come back in a bit and Haldir want to join and I'm so totally confuzzled.
Um, if this is continued, let's start a new thread, with a different name, or just have everyone go their seperate ways.

I agree with Ice.
Yes I also agree, I would very much like to continue with this thread though I think its getting to confusing and un-Middle-earthish. If we do choose to end this thread are we going to stop now or wait till we try to destroy this orby thing?
I say we end it here and make a new one called The new Treasures
But..................thread not ended yet.........must finish thread! Then make new Treasures.

Im thinking about editing the last post so strat lives. Anyone with an opinion GOTO WRITERS TALK! NOW!
hey i am back. i guess this thread is gettin a bit borin but i haven read thru the whole thing. was kinda confusin tho. start somethin new then. but then my word here won have much value coz i aint a active member anymore. start somethin new tho. thats wat i will say
Out of the darkness of another part of the chamber, an old dwarvish looking creature hobbles up to the company. "Heh,heh!" he laughs softly, but it still echoes off the stone walls," Don't any of you fools understand? That orb and the world it leads to are the treasures! Icefangs, did you not notice all the things you saw, how much just seeing it meant to you. The people who sook this treasure did not die. They are merely finishing the quest in another world. Perhaps they have even found what they seek! O perhaps they died in that other world. It was a pity old Gandalf is no longer in Middle-Earth, he would have warned you about traversing through other worlds, all the possible dangers. But, then again, perhaps there is great wealth in that world. Thanks to your friend, you will never know. There was an engraving on that orb saying it would only take someone into the world so many times. Your friend used the last chance for anyone!" The old creature hobbled off, laughing softly, back to the darkness it came out of. The moment he left sight, a light appeared at that end of the chamber, carrying the heavy burden of Stratkare's corpse, they followed it out of the mountains. No one said anything as they buried stratkare on the green slope, a few of them had never been too fond of him. A few were very fond of him. As a gravemark, icey thrust the broken clayemore, they had found it thrust in strat's belt, at the head of the grave.

So the friends wandered from their failed quest back to Rivendell.
This RPG has come to an end and it will be closed according to guideline nr 5.

Once a game has concluded to the satisfaction of players and GM (Game Master) the thread will be locked.

Hope you all had fun playing. Happy Elf Smilie

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