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Sure u can join Adweena. there are too many of these super elves around . i want one, down to earth mortal with me on this quest. (no offence, elves, u guys r the best !but just a bit too superhuman). now to get on with my post.

Mormegil, gets up from bed and looks around. he says, "Ah, some warm clothes , u really are a mighty wizard Ethy. time to start moving , oh u fellas got horses too. now thats great. if everything goes well then we should reach the gates of Moria 2 days from now. i will wake Calenia up. My lady, Calenia please wake up , we must start moving * goes and shakes her * "
Calenia stretched and stood up, massaging her legs to warm them up. Groggily she eyed the rest of the group as she chowed down on some dried fruit. She helped everyone clean up and leaped up onto a horse. "If it's alright with the rest of you, let's get a move on. With the horses we should be able to travel even quicker. By the way, what happened to those two dwarves, do they always disappear without warning? Oh, and while I'm at it, call me my lady again Mormegil and I will have to hurt you. Please call me Cal or Calenia, I hate formalities." She turned her horse and trotted out of the clearing.

(btw, I'll be gone next week, I have EFY( a mormon religon 'camp' for youth) just so that I don't appear to disappear without notice like the dwarves. What happened to them anyway?)
Stratkare was the only member not thrilled by the horses.even though he did have the beorning ability to communicate fairly well with them,but being a half beorning he couldnt fluently communicate with them.the reason for his discontent was the fact he was too large for most horses."Perhaps we might find a clydesdale sometime soon."he started,"Do you have one in a stash or in your bag ethy?"he began laughing histerically,much to the elf's annoyance.Stratkare managed to keep up with the others most of the time solely because of his long stride.

(so i guess someone gets there own horse)
(Well Arwen has one, Ayan has one, and me and Icey have one, so i think thats sorted out)

They rided for most of the day on horseback, or walking for Stratakare.(if you have anything to add in the meanwhile between the riding just post it)
(Etharion asked me to join, so here l am Smile Smilie )

After a day riding, the company was tired and they set up a camp. When they prepared their meal, a stranger on horseback stopped near them. The stranger, obviously an Elf, jumped of his horse and walked to the campfire. "So here you are, little thieves," he said, "why have you stolen my horses!? If you wish to use them, you should either buy them, or rent them!"

Mormegil sizes up the newcomer and says, " actually we didnt know these were your horses. hey Ethy where did u get these from. i mean i just saw them grazing happily next to our camp. Btw i am Mormegil and next to me rides Calenia (my gracious lady Very Big Grin Smilie )"
"Yes, I agree with m'lord Mormegil. Where did you get the horses from, Ethy? Btw, what is your name, Newcomer?" Calenia glared at Mormegil. However, she decided that getting her point across to Mormegil could probably not be accomplished through galring at him. "Oh, well," Cal sighed.
Stratkare stood up and the elf seeing his size had a brief moment of shock."can you prove these are your horses,say if i asked them what would they say?"Stratkare was always cautious of anyone he didnt know.the half beorning walked towards the horses and began to speak with them in an odd ramble of noise and motion."Ah,these are the nameless elf's horses and they had assumed we were his friends,which we would be if he wishes so.however,i know three kinds of people friends,enemys,and strangers.Which would you like to be;his hand strayed towards the claymore.
"Well WE thought they were wild so WE catched them. If they are really yours, then i am sorry. Stratakare, there is no need for violence. Put the sword down. Now you my newcomer, where are you from and what do you seek here with us exept your horses?"
"My name is Valruin and beside getting my horses back, l'd also would like to join your company. I've heard your talking when I followed you and I'm heading the same way. You'll find my bow and sword usefull when we meet enemies and, ofcourse, you may use my horse for free. So, what do you say? May I join?"
"Of course you can join us. Do we all agree on that?" Etharion asked the company.
Mormegil says , "sure Valruin, u are welcome to join our Fellowship. we go to the Misty Mountains in search of a great treasure. but first u must take an oath - that u will not abandon this Fellowship (like some of our dwarves have done before). with that we welcome you and i am sure that your bow will be of good use because i guess Moria is still packed wih orcs."

(Gildor- what i meant by the oath is that please dont stop posting suddenly one day and put your next post on the thread a month later. ok if u have a problem or u going out somewhere then please tell us beforehand - like what Arwen did)

Sorry Cal , dear Winking Smilie
As the Fellowship move on they here the clippety clap of a horses gallop. Everyone looks around in amazment to see what else has come upon them. Then coming around a bunch of trees comes this cloaked figure on a dark brown horse. "Hello," says the figure as it jumps of the horse and looks around at everybody.

(btw where in middle earth are we?)
(i think somewhere betwen Rivendel and the Misty Mountsins)

As they halted to see who the newcomer was Etharion said "Greatings.Please state your name and your intentions. Just so we can speed things up. We are on a important quest to the Misty Mountains, and we canot lose any time." he waited patiently for the woman to reply.
The figure walks closer to Etharion and says"I am Adweena and my family and I were pursed by a small host of orcs. (when I say small I mean like 30) I jumped on my horse and rode away with the rest of my family. They perished two nights ago,when our camp was ambushed by orcs. And I heard from a friend that your company had passed by and she heard of your quest. I was wanting to be part of your company yet I only know that you are heading to the Misty Mountains for some knid of valueable treasure."
Ice nods, "Aye, a valuable treasure indeed. I am Icefangs, and, if no one else has a problem with it, then, I gladly welcome you to our quest!" She hops off of the horse and bows. "Now that all that is settled, shall we get moving, then?"


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, guys and girls. I've been having some family, err, difficulties. Welcome to the quest Gildor! So glad I am that you could join us!(heh heh, 'glad i am' I crack myself up)
"Thank you Icefangs," and with that Adweena jumps back onto her horse and starts guiding it to the end of the company. She starts wondering why Icefangs looks like an elf yet also like a wolf but decides it would be better if she left the matter alone.
(So now are company includes Ice,me,Stratakare,Mormegil,Calenia,Adweena,Valruin. Im not gona mention the dwarfs, cause their never here.)
"Lets go people!!" they started the ride again.

P.S. I think were finnaly getting very clost to the mountains, maybe we should start getting too our goal.

Mormegil looked at Adweena and says, " welcome to our Fellowship Adweena. first we enter the gates of Moria and we shall reach it by day after tomorrow . lets hurry everybody, we have to leave our horses tomorrow and have some climbing to do . so friends, full speed ahead and follow me , i know this place well." with that Mormegil galloped to the forefront and the others spurred their horses and Stratkare started running and his stamina was very great. the company moves at an impressive speed and rides on for about 3 hours with Mormegil in the lead. they cover many miles with brief halts now and then for the horsesand Stratakare to have some rest.

(btw Adweena what is your race in this story ?? (woman, or elf maiden ) )
Calenia staggers off her horse, rubbing her backside. "Does anyone else have a sore butt? I thin that stupid saddle is rubbing me raw." With that said, she starts moving around trying to relieve some of the numbness and soreness she seems to have acquired from that many hours of riding. After about fifteen minutes, she is feeling ready to get on the move again.

(btw, welcome to all the newcomers. Waving Hello Smilie I leave on Monday so I'll be gone for a while but I"ll post again as soon as possible. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I just got out of school yesterday so I've been swamped with finals.)
"No, i never have trouble when riding long." he jumped down from his horse."Lets make camp if wer gona call it a day."He started preparing the camp."Looks like its gona rain tonight, hard! I think ill put the tent up, so everyone can be nice and dry." he started pulling large amounts of equipment out of his cool backpack, and then assembling them into a medium sized tent. It looked very sturdy and safe." So if you will, let us go and rest over a cup of something nice.Dont worry, there is PLEANTY space for everybody."
"Good thing the day is coming to an end I'm getting a little weary from all the riding," says Adweena.
(To answer your question Ayan I'm a woman.)
(ethy you porbably just hit a wrong key the past few times typing my name ,but its stratkare,not stratakare)stratkare sits quietly by the fire eating and drinking,but wandering in deep thought of the conversation several nights ago with calenia and of etharion's reappearance earlier with the cloaks.

(another new person,you showed a great lack of remorse for your family,they were just killed by orcs)
(sorry just trying to forget about the whole ordeal. It was frightning having to leave your family like that.)

Mormegil is sitting near the tent. he is quite used to long journeys and as an old soldier is used to camping in tents. " whatever happened with u is terrible Adweena, but u r trying to forget the past and thats quite good, because now we have to look towards our future which is very uncertain and full of perils. but it is very hard to try and forget your loved ones. i have lost some of my best friends on this same quest a few years back. being with my new friends here helps me to forget my past. but then i am regularly haunted by nightmares where i see u people meet the same fate as my old friends did.* a shadow of intense pain and anguish comes over his face and he draws away his gaze from Adweena and stares fixedly at the tents *
Ice sits quietly, perched up into a tree, serving as lookout while the others are relaxing. As Etharion is pitching the tent, she hears a scream some ways off in the forest. Her first thought is that some carnivore just got its dinner, but, as the screams continue, high pitched and bloodcurdling, she changes her mind. Suddenly a breeze brings a strange smell to her sensitive nose. Not really strange, but its something she hasn't smelled in a long time.

As the screams quiet down, Ice sifts through her memories, searching for something to match that scent. As she finally reaches her conclusion, a shocked expression overtakes her normally calm features. An image suddenly flashes through her mind, of her companions being ripped apart by the beasts, who were, in fact, on their way here.

Aware that her friends could be in danger if they don't know she's gone, Ice leaps down from her tree, says, "I'm gonna go check out something I just heard, I'll be back soon." As soon as 'soon' passed her lips, Ice had disappeared into the forest so quickly that nothing but a small cloud of dust remained in her wake.

When I said that you guys could be in danger, I meant that no one would be on watch, not that you couldn't take of yourselves. Lord knows I didn't mean that, Ayan's already had to save my hide one time. Anyways, that's I wanted you to know, that I wasn't trying to make you guys sound weak or anything.
(Heheh, ok Ice)
Etharion had finished puting up the tent so he went to sit near the fire. As Ice went away, he wondered what had made her so uncomfortable."So i guess we just have to wait now. But lets get ready just in case."He took his staff and waited.
After Ice slips away Adweena starts walking to where she last saw Ice and looks sharply through the trees trying to figure out whats there. Then decides its best to get ready as Etharion said and grabs her bow from behind her. The wait seems unbearable because she starts getting worried because Ice hasn't came back and walks toward the fire again. "Maybe someone should go se if Ice is okay? She has been gone awhile," suggests Adweena.

Mormegil is concerned about Ice and says " i guess u are right ,Adweena, i will go and check on Icey how she is doin. but she is an old girl and she can take care of herself but i might have to save her skin again (i hope not). u want to come with me Etharion ? "
"Of course! Lets go." they started in the direction she went. As they enterd the forest caution was needed, for god knows what lived in there.
Ice was totally oblivious to the others who came looking for her, mostly because she had been attacked, and knocked out cold. The creatures she had sensed were some sort of zombies, scathe zombies, in fact.

Ice hadn't been surprised when she saw them, and she even managed to kill a few, but then she got overwhelmed; there were just too many! The zombies swarmed over her, actually picked her up, and launched her into the air. She slammed back into a tree, hard. The wind was knocked out of her, and she didn't really know if anything was broken.

The zombies swarmed once again and threw her a second time, into another tree. This time she didn't know anything, for she had been knocked unconscious. Around this time, Ice's friends found her.


I'm getting these creatures from my Magic: The Gathering cards, in case you wanted to know.
Etharion was getting worried now.He hurried forward.Hearing voices he gets ready. In a clearing he found her with a dozen hideus zombies.He lighted his staff and ran forward."Begone foul creatures!!" Ice!" he burned a couple of them as he picked Icefangs up. He couldnt see the others, they must have gone some other way. Slaying a couple more he ran. These zombies were tougher than normal. He couldnt fight them with Ice. He didnt even remember the flying disc to carry her, he was to nervous. As he ran some time he sett her down besides a tree. Feeling her pulse he was relived. He tended the wounds and set a charm on her that sent away the cold and dread the undead made. He sat with her on his lap, holding her head. This should do he thought. Now i only have to wait.
as etharion waited more and more zombies came out of mountain foothills until a great mpb had assembled behind they closed stratkare and mormegil,swords drawn charged into them and slashed away.they had run through the trees without even seeing the two elvish persons.but they were eventually overwhelmed and cornered and fought on until the zombies disappeared,exhausted they searched for the trail of the zombies.they had,however,bought ethy and ice some time.
Ice slowly floated back to consciousness. She didn't ache anywhere, as she figured she would. She tried to lift her head, and realized it was resting on something warm. She opened her eyes slightly, and blinked a few times to clear her head. Her world was spinning around and around. As her vision cleared, an elven face appeared above her, a male elven face. She blinked a few more times, looked up at Etharion and smiled.
"Ice your awake!" he was just looking at her wolfish face when she opened her eyes."Thank God. Lets go, we must ge back to camp." He picked her up in his arms and carried her through the forest."Just hold on to me, everything is going to be alright. How do you feel?"
She yawned, having enjoyed the slight bit of rest she got while unconscious. She clutched on to his cloak as he carried her, not quite sure herself if she could walk. "I feel... I feel, alright. Not perfect, but... alright," she said slowly, considering her words before saying them.
"Just you rest. I cant imagine what could have happened if i didnt find you. Please dont ever leave like that without me. Ok? Im sorry. I was just so worried. Now we have to gett back to camp. I hope the others are allright. Do you know exactly what those things were?" He was still carrying her. She was light so it wasnt hard. They were closer to the camp every second.
Ice smiles weakly. "Those zombies were called 'scathe zombies'. They, they usually live in swamps, so I don't know why they were here, in the middly of a non-swampy forest," she explains, enjoying being carried. "Do you think maybe someone's trying to keep us from getting to the treasure?" she asked suddenly. A thought popped into her head, "Hey Ethy, why don't you use your flying saucer-thingy to take us to the campsite?"
Smacks his forehead. "Of course. Why didnt i think of that before? " he putt Ice gently on the ground and summoned the disc.He then liffted her up on it."I think its best you still dont walk. Lets go now." They were now outside the camp.
They arrived back safely. "Where are Mormegil and Stratkare? We had some trouble in the forest. Il putt you in the tent Ice." He picked her from the disc and carryed her inside. She woulld be comfrtable on these blankets."There you go. Rest now. You had a bad night. Are those bruises bad?"he lookes for some bandages.

Mormegil sees Ethy and Ice moving off .he then comes back from behind a bush and shouts to Ethy, " Hey Ethy , me and Stratkare are going after the zombie trails. u take icey back to the campsite. we will see what those zombies are upto coz we didnt kill all the zombies and they have headed back to their base or whatever.we should be back in 1 hour or something, come Stratkare , lets go ." Mormegil, with Strat behind him starts moving on the zombie's trails. the zombie footprints are very soft, still Mormegil can make out the footprints. " stratkare, be careful ok and try to bend down a little because u are too tall and can be seen from afar ". they keeping walking for sometime.
(once again the hieght is a problem)

stratkare walks stooped down feeling very uncomfortable and looks to the sides every now and then while mormegil follows the tracks.
Adweena looks around in the tree where she has been shoting down zombies when she sees Mormegil and Stratkare walking by "Where are you two off to?" she asks. Mormegil replies "To find out where those zombies went." Then they start walking off again. Just as they pass the tree in front of Adweena's she jumps down to join them.

Mormegil looks keenly at a patch of the ground "look strat the number of prints have increased over here. lets move a bit quickly but cautiously." they keep stalking for some time and they suddenly hear sounds at a distance. " strat u stay here and i will go forward and have a look. " Mormegil goes forward and hides behind a thick bush. Mormegil exclaims " May Earendil save us !! ". there in front of him in a clearing there stood a host of zombies in a sort of camp. the zombies are making quite a ruckus. Mormegil gets up to go back but his foot gets entangled in a vine. he pulls his leg but to his dismay, its a booby trap and his body flies up in the air and he is left hanging by one leg. the zombies see Mormegil and they give a shout. Mormegil shouts back , " HELP ! Stratkare help me ! "
When Adweena hears the zombies shout she runs forward jumps into a tree and starts shoting the zombies that start running after Mormegil. After slaying two she jumps down and unsheathed her sword just as a zombie trys to slay Mormegil.
(sorry I haven't posted in a while my Internet started acting up I couldn't get on.I mean't to write it in my last post but forgot. ) Big Smile Smilie

"Cut the vine Adweena ! " shouts Mormegil. Adweena slays the nearest zombie and then cuts the chord with one swipe of her blade. Mormegil falls down , gets up as quick as lightning and unsheaths his sword. With Adweena by his side he swiftly kills 2 zombies charging towards them. " we cannot fight them Adweena there are too many of them. the main force is coming so we have to run for it. Now ! Adweena, and Stratkare come with me " with that Mormegil runs with Adweena and Strat. Mormegil gets a lead and he runs as fast as he could. "we must warn the others before the zombies attack our camp. " the zombies are some way behind them but they are catching up.

i have noticed in our last battle that we potray ourselves to be invincible like when 4 of us beat an army of 200 men. we must show that we are not gods or Valar. i mean we must bring a level of vulnerability in ourselves. like Ethy , your magic is just too strong and Ice your aim is just too damn good. i mean if we r so strong then this quest will be too easy and it wont be fun anymore. what do the other members of this quest think about this ??
I agree. We shall be weaker from now on. Wow, that sounds wierd. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Etharion took care of Ice and then went out of the tent. nobodz was there anzmore(i think). he did not like this. The others should be there already. "Ice, i think we should pack and go, quickley!" he started to pack the camp and took Ice out of the tent and hastily folded it. They were ready to leave now. " Here Ice, get up on the horse and we will wait a bit for the others." Etharion putt all the fires out so they couldnt see them. if they didnt come soon they would leave. He couldnt risk her fighting in her condition. He didnt even know how bad she was hurt yet.
Ice decided to test how strong she still was, so she jumped up on the horse, and discovered she must have broken a few ribs. She leaned forward on the horse, hiding herself behind its mane and head. Her dark eyes scanned the forest, and her none-bruised arm rested near her dagger belt(she couldn't properly wield her two-handed sword), while the other was clutched to her chest, providing a more comfortable way for her sit with some broken ribs.

I agree with the 'lets all be weaker' thing. That's why Ice got beaten by the zombies, literally.
" I hear them coming, we must run quicker." shouts Adweena from behind Strat and Mormegil. Just then Adweena runs to where she thoungt the camp was and stops to find that Mormegil and Strat had also stopped "I think this is our camp. What happened to the fire."

(I agree on the weaker thing we just seemed to invincible, the battles got kinda boring.)
(we won the first battle because they expected to fight one starving tired person not four seasoned warriors but,if everybody else thinks we should be weaker i agree,so does that meen one of us might die eventually? ill go back and change the number from 200 to 50 or even 20 if yall want)

while mormegil was trapped stratkare had been preventing the zombies from flanking them.(now back to the camp)
"the others must have had trouble,stratkare says,lets get our horses if we can ill run.there is nothing we can do hear.we should sneak back to see if any of our friends are captured."he drew his sword and kept it out in case somthing unexpected happened and walked towards the horses former position to track them.and the three see the rest of the group.(i know it messes up the story but i would like to inform you if yall think its a good idea after the next fight stratkare and maybe if one or two of yall volunteer could fall back behind the group and maybe catch up in moria or maybe something else,like a different route towards the treasure or maybe death if your willing to quit typing in the story,i dont expect anyone will this story has become one of my favorite hobbies and i was just trying to make it realistic or a little more interesting,so far we havent gone more than 25 miles since we added calenia as a character,and ive forgotten the other elf,sorry)
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