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the giant man picked up a bow and quiver and fired an arrow into the last of the men's back."that was the greatest fighting i have ever seen,all of you are great warriors,i would be honored to fight beside you again,tell me though,what do you seek?"

Mormegil says " We are treasure hunters , my friend. we have knowledge of a great treasure hidden in the deeps of the Misty Mountains. My name is Mormegil and i am here with my 2 friends Etharion the mage and Icefangs the wolvish elf maiden. i can lead this company into the halls of the Misty Mountains but after that i cannot guide. earlier i had an ancient map depicting the exact location of the treasure. but i lost it when i lost my best friends before. i will not repeat that story again.but we must hurry out of this place. Come on, this way ..." with that Mormegil starts heading south.
Icey grins, adrenaline still pumping through her veins. As she wipes the blood off of the edge of her sword, she says, "I have to say, I didn't quite expect al of us to fight together so, cooperatively. I mean, we fought together like we had been doing it forever. I must, say I am truly amazed." She carefully places her sword back in its scabbard, then walks through the dead bodies, searching for her five throwing daggers. As she reaches the first one, she turns the dead man over, and yanks her dagger out of his head. Then, moving on, she collects the other four from the men's throats.

Icey stands up, wiping the blood off of her daggers, and then placing them back in their belt. After realizing the other three have walked off without her, she leaps into a tree, and hops from limb to limb, catching up. Once she saw them walking, she jumped down out of the tree, falling in step wordlessly beside Etharion.
"Yes we fought greatly! Im a bit tired, we should camp soon." They walked a little bit further when Etharion noticed Ice had a nasty cut on her back. " Ice are you ok? You have a wound on your back!. We should stop so the wound is tended." They stoped to make camp, and the elf started looking for some herbs. The other two were cleaning their swords. Mormegil was huming sadly while doing it.
Icey nodded, allowing Etharion to fuss over her, and slightly enjoying it. She sat down with the others, and quietly listened to Mormegil's sad humming. While she waited for Ethy to get back, she reached into her bag and grabbed a book, the same book she was reading the night before she set out on this journey.

She went back over the verses she had already read, looking for some clue as to exactly where they should look, once inside Misty Mountain's mysterious caverns.
She looked up to see that Loni, the dwarf everyone had forgotten and ignored from the very start, was looking over her shoulder.

"Forgot me, did you?" said the dwarf. "I followed you. If you don't let me be with your company, I'll carry on doing so. That Etharion kept butting me out. Why did you ignore me and go off with him?"

Mormegil stops humming his tune and looks up at the dwarf sternly. " My dear dwarf, we cannot wait for u for an eternity. u should have come quicker and not tarry on the way. Etharion is blameless in this matter. how is your back Icey ? when u r actually fighting u dont seem to feel the scratches because u r all pumped , up but later it hurts, doesnt it . we r very lucky to have such a wonderful elf like our Etharion on this journey. if u need my help in anything Icey, then dont feel shy to ask me. now i can guide the company into the Misty Mountains and near Balin's tomb to find the key to the treasure. but after that we will have to refer to Icefang's the way , what is your story , my good Beorning ?" says Mormegil while cleaning his sword.
Etharion came back with the herbs. He took Ices leather armor off and fitted the bandage on the wound. Making sure he did it right he saw the dwarf was back. ’ I hope your not mad at me Loni, but we couldnt wait for ever. And as for Ice she just came with us, because we have to find the treausure, she didnt leave you.’ Etharion sitted next to Ice and said ’Thank you for your kind words, and we would all like to hear your story.’ Pulling out some food that looked like lembas, he gave some to Ice, Loni, Mormegil and the Beoring that was about to start talking.
Icey accepted the food from Etharion. She then looked at Loni, and with an apolegetic look on her face, she said, "Young Loni, I am very sorry to have accidently left you behind. But I would also like to congratulate on how well you followed us, for I, myself, did not hear you coming. Perhaps their is more to your story than what you originally told us. But not right now, for I, too would like to hear our good friend the Beorning's story. Oh, and thank you very much Ethy for tending my wound," she finished.

Icefangs looked up at the huge Beorning, and waited.
great story everybody. well done
Thanks! If you wana join, just come up witha good character (not to powerfull) and think of a good way to engage the story.
"the end of my story you know"the half beorning began,"but whay me and my companions were wandering so far form my home near a place called the carrock i will now tell.two dwarves,one from the iron hills and another from erebor,came to my door three months ago begging for food.i let them stay and learned they were journeying to southern ered luin to help construct a tomb for their father.they said a group of goblins on wargs had suddenly shown up there and he tried to defeat them with a much smaller we crossed to ered luin easily and i joined the dwarves in their fight.several rangers came to their aide.i befriended one by the name of orseln,perhaps our present ranger knew him?.we journeyed back to the carrock through the trollshaws and you know what happened then.the dwarf from erebor was named Korf,the other dwarf was named Kili,after the brave dwarf who fell at the battle of five armies.I do not wish to retell what happened to them. you know that beornings often dislike weapons,but this claymore was a gift to honor me and i like the feel, after all i have the size down but being a HALF beorning i cannot go into bear form.(sorry it took me so long to reply)

yea , Ar- edain , if u wanna join get a character who is not so superhuman.we would like to have another character to increase the size of our formidable fellowship. coz there will be a lot many dangers on our road (i mean we will make them Animated Wink Smilie ) . so have fun , my friend and be a part of this story Elf Smilie
Its a nice story. But i dunno.....a beoring is maybe a little to much. I mean wouldnt it be too easy in fights and stuff? What do the others think?
Hey, this sounds like an awesome thread! Mind if I join?I am also an elf so I understand if you don't want me to join.

hey Arwen, wassup ,i dont know if 1 more elf is ok with the others or not. but it will be nice if u can come up with a character of some different race. i mean a shield maiden of Gondor or Rohan will be jus fine (for me at least Animated Wink Smilie )
Well i dont mind, i like elf-maidens Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . No seriusly, if you really want to i dont see why you shouldnt be an elf. Thers only one reall elf here, right Ice? So...lets get back to the story...
Those kind of interruptions are the ones that make people go away for a very long time, look for their own personal treasures, travel far and wide, and after bringing nothing matterial with them, the knowledge accumulated on the journey weighs more than any treasure ever on the world. So don’t! Please DO go on.
i said i was a HALF beorning that makes me HALF human,then other people said beorning so i went along with it,ill go back and edit it all to suit a large man who has a beorning father but cannot go to bear form himself if thats alright with everybody else,is it?besides they said they sinced something BIG when i added Stratkare,so i made him a half beorning to cover the size,and when i first added my character you didnt seem to mind.besides,magic scrolls dont seem like to much lesser an advantage than size and strength,after all i have a plan for my character if the story runs how it has been started that will prove that his size and strength are not always as effective as they are in battle,if he hadnt have been so big maybe it would have been easier for him to sneek through eriador without drawing the attention of hundreds of foes?
No problem mate. Ar-edain, your beoring guy is really cool. I hope you start posting for the story quick now. Ill be expecting it soon. Wer all together here. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
well i have the last actual story post so how about somebody continues the story from there,unless there are more objections towards my character?and just to avoid any misconceptions please always refer to the character as HALF beorning,not just beorning.
Well if anybody else has objections to my being an elf, speak up, otherwise, i think I'm going to stay as an elf. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
"Very well. Even a half beoring shall be much help on our quest. Now i suggest we all go and rest. I shall be the first guard." A minute later, four good sleeping bags came out of Etharions backpack, which seemd to be able to carry more than it told by size. Etharion made himself comfortable after saying good night to everybody. "Rest well, i shall be your eyes."

(Arwen, you could introduce yourself now or in the morning if you like)
Hey everbody! Didja miss me? So sorry I haven't checked in in a while... but, now, I'm back. Personally, I see no problem whatsoever with anyone else joining, so, come on in, but, like the other's said, do not make your character too powerful...
That night as Etharion stood watch, a hooded and cloaked figure stepped in to the firelight.
"I am Calenia. I am searching for Icefang's party. I have come to join their search for the treasure," the figure stated. She pulled back her hood to reveal her elven features and stepped toward Etharion. She was dressed in dark green and brown. A coiled whip and a short sword hung from her belt. (hope you don't mind my weapon choice.) Etharion told Calenia that she would have to wait until morning to see Icefang. Calenia joined the half-Beorning at the fire and began to tell him about herself.
Icey stirred slightly as the figure approached. She lay quietly, pretending she was still asleep and waited to see what would happen. When Etharion told the elf that she would have to wait until morning to speak to her, she smiled, for she figured that Etharion was worried about her wounded back. Rolling over slightly, she opened one eye and watched the newcomer.
The next morning. As everyone wakes up, a bundle of food is layed in the middle of the sleaping bags. Thers fresh bread,cheese, fruit, butter and wine. Breafast began. Etharion was looking at the newcomer, but stoped when he saw Ices look. "Ice, this is someone that came just last night when i was on watch. She says she wants to talk to you. " He then went to look at the wound on Ices back. He changed the bandage and made it comfortable again. "It will heal in no time. Your very tough, must be the wolf in you." he smiled at her.
Ice looked the elf girl up and down with her dark, piercing blue eyes. She grinned at Ethy when he finished changing her bandage. Icefangs grabbed a particularly juicy looking piece of fruit and stood up, the fruit in one hand, while the other was outstretched for a handshake.

Smiling, she says, "I am Icelia Fandorien, but everyone calls me Icefangs, 'Ice' as a short of my real first name, and '-fangs' because of my heritage. You, my fellow lady elf, may call me Icefangs, or just Icey."

She slipped her cowl back, revealing her wolfish features, and gazing up at the sky, said quietly, "It looks as though today it may rain."
"Yes. Comon people, eat up and then lets hit the road and find some shelter. So why are you here?"he asked the elf maiden. He ate a apple as she spoke. "Yep its definatley going to rain. Hurry up you guys. We talk as we walk."
"I am here to join you in the search for the treasure. I heard about it from those dwarves in your group. I decided to catch up with you and try to join you as I am always looking for an adventure or quest. If it is alright with you, I would become part of your group. I am skilled with the whip and the sword, though I am better with the whip. By the way, thank you for the breakfast. Tonight if there is time and if I am still with you, I will tell you more about myself," said Calenia.
"Well if we dont go soon we shall sprout roots and never be able to leave the spot"Stratkare snorted annoyedly."I vote we take that path over to the left,"he continued,"You see it dont you?Its the one with the three highly armed figures behind those pine trees.Hey! i want all of you in the open with your arms held straight to the sides like a bird with two broken wings,then make five noises like a wolf,then three like a hoarse owl with a liver disease."he swiftly produced the longbow he had taken from the fallen man,it was slightly to short for him,and leveled a shaft at the nearest figure.he was the only one that cooperated with the half-Beornings demands,a few of the group suppressed sniggers while the others became very annoyed and embarrassed.(welcome to the story arwen,great character)
Ice smiled at the newcomer, then amused by the half-beorning's antics, whipped out one of her throwing daggers and aimed it at another of the men, the feigning glare in her dark eyes bidding him to do as the great man said.

As the frightened man did, she turned to Calenia, saying, "Well, my fellow elven maiden, I bid ye welcome to our quest... Though I am not sure if the treasure would be useful divided six ways, or even if it can be..." this last bit she mumbled under her breath.

She smiled once more, a smile that was brought on by the two dancing men, then, she silently wondered if Calenia had even noticed her wolfish traits, or just chose to say nothing of them.


I agree with Ar-edain, that is indeed a great character, Arwen. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Mormegil smiles at Stratkare's antics and looks at Calenia. " Where are u from Calenia ? Btw i am Mormegil, ranger from Fornost at your service, my lady. Ice dear , we have to quicken our pace , this region is not very safe at night. Ethy, what is the state of our rations ? we r coming close to the passes of Eregion and it will be quite cold up there. i wud like to see u, use that whip of yours, Calenia. a good whip in good hands is mighty useful.

(sweet character Arwen, btw whats your age? i am 18, Ice is 14 and Ethy is 15)
"Feel free to deal with them Stratakare. You dont have to worry about supplies or rations, i got it covered. Nice too have you abord Calenia, i hope you are good with the whip. He is right Ice, we shall begin moving faster now. On we go through the woods." he sett of on the trail with Ice.
Without replying, Calenia followed Ice and Etharion down the trail, immersed in her thoughts. She wondered about Ice's wolfish features and her past. Falling back beside Mormegil, She said >I am from Mirkwood though I haven't seen my home there in many years. I perfer wandering to permanent homes. Though, of course, I suppose I might decide to settle down sometime, hopefully not in the near future. And you, why are you on this quest?< When no reply came, Calenia quickened her pace to catch up to Etharion and Ice.

(btw, I'm 15. Jumping Flame Smilie )
Icefangs smiled, saying, "I am on the quest merely for the adventure, the treasure is not the most of my concerns." She grinned, saying, "I have visited Mirkwood before, though, it has been awhile since I've been back." Not comfortable so out in the open, she said, "I shall scout ahead, if no one else wants the job." Not waiting for an answer, she leapt up to a treelimb and disappeared in its foliage.
meanwhile stratkare began chasing off the three men in the path by shooting arrows at their feet to drive them away.then he started collecting the arrows."I wonder where this treasure is hidden"the half-beorning began,"Do we have a map,a clue,does one of us just know?Or are we going to wander at the foot of the Misty Mountains without ever climbing them,waiting for some burst of thought that reveals the location?And where are those dwarves?you would think they would be the first to go after treasure,and they will be very useful once were in the mountains!"
A voice is heard from up ahead, "I have a map! But it's not very good!" Suddenly, Ice jumps down from the tree, landing near Stratkare. Grinning, she continues, "My map only tells us where to go to get to chamber containing the treasure. It has nothing on how to get that far." Glancing around, Icefangs leaps back up into a tree, disappearing from site.
"Well!Now that i know i wont be wandering aimlessly for the rest of my life,like that dizzy goblin i met near the carrock once,quite the odd one he was,a little too much of the consumption.Of course he died from "natural" causes VERY shortly after our meeting.While stratkare was talking him and the rest of the company began to pick up their packs.
"One question before we start again, Ice. What do you mean your map only shows us how to get to the cavern with the treasure?! Does this mean you have no clue where the entrance to it is located? I mean not to be rude or anything or am I right?" Calenia said. She didn't want to waste her time wandering a round aimlessly for the whereabouts of some unknown entrance.

Mormegil looks at his companions and grins. " Calenia and Stratkare , i shall answer some of your questions. firstly we enter Moria to find the key to the treasure. the key is a circualr disc of some kind that is hidden near Balin's tomb. we have to enter Moria thru the main gate and it might be guarded by some orcs , so we have to fight our way thru. this key has to be placed in a special place embedded in a rock in the chamber where the treasure is kept. without this key u cannot touch the treasure. i have gathered this knowledge of the key from some of my dwarf friends living in the Blue Mountains. this treasure was placed in its chamber by the dwarves when they fled Moria due to the coming of Durin's Bane. Balin had found the key but he hid it in the chamber of Mazarbul before he died. finding the key is not difficult but to find the treasure chamber we have to rely on Icefang's map. and now i will tell u all something that very few people in Middle Earth know. u may wonder what this treasure is . this treasure is valued above all the treasures of the dwarves. it is something that can change ordinary iron, base, cheap iron into TRUE SILVER or in the elvish tongue - Mithril. if we find the treasure then the problem arises- how do we divide the treasure ? we have to think about that.
"i dont believe a full share of this treasure is what i deserve,"the half beorning saw the the looks on his companions faces and explained."i am half-beorning,i dont see the real value of treasure as well as other races,where i live the treasure is useless,the only beornings who i know that ever bother with precious metals,are the beornings in charge of tolls,and the only things we ever use metals for are to make table knives.of course my claymore is an exeption."Stratkare started walking forward.
"Well if you want so, then its fine with me. I would like my share of the metal, for i have no metal like that and i heard that its value is great. Thus i want some for my smiths to forge into wepons and great tresures." they started to walk the remainder of the day, and made camp under a great oak tree in a clearing. The gently winds moved the grass gracefully and made it look like the distant sea. While the ohers were around the campfire, Etharion was walking close by deep in his thoughts. He would go back home again soon, and be back before sunrise again just like before. They needed warm clothes for it was starting to get cold as they neared the mountains. He was sure that nobody knew about his voyages after dark exept Icefangs.
Icey stood up, stretching slightly, for she had been sitting indian style and her legs were cramped. She walked silently over to Etharion, whispering, "Ethy, where do you go in the night? I know that you do, but where, where does the food come from in the morning? Where do you get all the supplies?" She stood quietly beside him as one more question came to mind: "Can I go with you?"
Etharion looked at Ice carefully."Ice, i.... like you very much, but i dont think i have the right to take you with me. Maybe one day, who knows. I shall think anout it." He took her hand gently smiling to her as the sun went down.
in the morning stratkare sat in the shadows under a tree away from the fire.the sun was only beginning to come up.he began whetting his claymore and humming to himself.then he noticed that etharion's space near the fire was empty.then he remembered that etharion seemed to wake before him every morning and always came back,usually after stratkare had fallen back to sleep from boredom.then he noticed that an elvish shaped shadow was trying to slip by him with a bundle of furs."Where have you gotten those my friend?"he asked.",You wouldnt have had enough time to hunt,skin,tan and put what are those?GOLD brooches on coats?If you have a friend around hear perhaps you could see if i could get some oil for my sword and armor? ive a bit of rust?or maybe you were sneaking around for some reason?An elf of your knowledge should know better than to betray even one who is only half beorning, and my friends are more important than even a former friend.IF i find he has betrayed me?Sorry,im a bit of a sure you were just walking in the woods and brought the furs with you from your pack to make sure they were suitable.i apologize if i offended you."the half-beorning still looked suspicious,and the whetstone grating on the claymore grew louder.
"No not at all my beoring friend. I wasnt sneaking around. I was just bringing supllies. I get them from a ...private stash. I to it by night and come back in the morning. I was just trying to be queit so i dont wake anyone else. Anything more than that i cannot tell you. Those are the buissnises of wizards. I am sorry. Well lets get these sleapyheads up, shall we?" Etharion put down the bundle of clothes and walked to the fire from last night.
hey this is a cool thread can i join to? if it is all right i was thinking of being a shield maiden of Rohan.
Course you can join, Adweena! The more the merrier I always say! Well, maybe not always, but, just now! Anyway, on to my post:


Icey mumbled in her sleep as Etharion gently roused her. She had dreamed sweet, innnocent dreams, that merely involved her and Ethy holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. As she sat up, she yawned and smoothed her unruly dark, dark blue hair down with her hand.

Standing up, she stretched, performing some rather difficult acrobatic manuvers as her morning exercises. (When I say acrobatic, I mean she somersaulted and flipped and cartwheeled all over the place, and tripping up more than once.) Once she managed to jump, twist in midair, and land facing the opposite direction, without falling, she was finished with her stretching.

Seeing that some of the others were still asleep, she rolled up her blanket and stuffed it into her pack, then, she pulled out a book, a quill, and leapt up into a low limb of a tree above her. She leaned back against the trunk of the pine tree, and began sketching her surroundings, including her fellow questmates.;;
"Comeon Stratakare! Lets get these guys up and going. We should start moving again. I lust to see the great snow covered plains up in those mountains." he looked around to see where Ice was. He saw here up in a tree drawing. He smiled at her."Hey Ice. Finish up now. We are going to start the long walk again. As they started again they felt fresh. Coming into a litlle clearing Etharion stoped the others. "Be quiet. Horses are ahead, let us catch them. We shall be much quicker that way." They all grabed a rope and lassoed(spelling??) the horses. They anaged to catch three. "We shall have to share two horses people. But maybe later well be able to catch more. Ice, shall you ride with me?"
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