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And then a dwarvish hand slipped out from the bushes. It placed three boxes with 'XX2' printed on the lids, and a note saying: "Enjoy!"

"Well, welcome Lord Bradly. Now that ....King has some food, let's get going before we happen to encounter anymore unpleasant suprises. we've stayed too long already in my opinion. btw, are u joining us Lord Bradly?"

WIth that, Cal coils up her whip, and but keeps the short sword in her hand. with that done, she waits for every1else.

"Mind eh? If you say so. Whats wrong with your eyes? Ahh, you must have caught that recent goblin flu. Or your King is rabid. Just joking. Well i wont nose around your ocular features. Your welcome to join us thought. Just as Cal said." he helped Ice up and took a look at her hand."Hmm, this dosent look good. I need a kind of fungi that we might find down here to make you a poultice for that. It smeels of pine a bit and is barely flourescent. It goes by the name "trindi".Do you know it? Maybe you do Ice?"
Cal's face twists up into a look of confusion.

"got a sketch of it Ethy? might actually be of some help then."
"'Trindi' eh? Yeah, I've heard of it. I"ve even seen a few," Ice said. She pulled her sketchbook out of her bag and flipped through the pages, rather quickly. While she turned the pages, the other members of the group could very accurate sketches of themselves. She finally reached the page with the fungi on it and showed it around. "Isn't this what it looks like, Eth?"

"Thanks Ice, that helps a lot. okay, i'll look over there."

Cal turned and started looking.
Yes i guess i will join, but frist here. Bradly takes out his bag and gives four of the fungesest to Ice.Here i have same. He said that in a deep voice.He hands King same food as will. Will i guess we need to go now?. With that said he sees King turn fast around in warning.He looks down then takes out his sword. We need to go now! he said in a lord voice.
"Okay...or i won't look. thanks Lord Bradley. Well, as soon as ur finished patching Ice up again, let's go."

Cal walks back or to the group and plops down. She wonders about how Stratkare and Mormegil are doing.
btw, where is Ar-37? haven't seen him in ages.
Hears more hounds cameing in the distens.He tells King to pick up Icey so we can move fast.Lets go now! Ill whold off the hounds as long as i can yall just leave now. Bradly takes off his black coat then throws it on King. He shows his tattoo on his right arm it is dragon and a wolf. His tattoo begins to glow a dark red.
Ice leaps off of King, and runs alongside Eth. "Thanks for the offer, Lord Bradly, but I choose to run by myself," she says, her eyes glinting sharply. Ice dashes back and collects her throwing daggers, then sprints back to the group, this time running beside Cal. "Thanks for the short sword, Cal. Do you want it back?" Ice leaps over holes and dips in the craggy ground. She risks a backwards glance; the oddly horizon-like scene of fire glowing at the edge of her vision. More fire hounds are on their way...

As his tattoo glow.He sword begins to glow a dark fire inferno. He holds his sword out in front of him. The hounds start to attack him. He attack them all in one attack by useing a inferno wave. The hounds are died. But more are cameing
(btw,how old are you?)
"We cant go like this anmore! We need more time. You all go onwards. I have to stay a while here.Yes im sure. Just go quickley!" He started sarching in his robes for something as the rest continued on. The glow of more hounds close around the corner but Etharion stood in the middle of the damp corridor and waited.
Sorry i haven't posted for awhile guys. and oh hi Bradley.

Adweena starts breathing harder. She looks around the group Ice with her hand bandaged up, Cal with her sword still out. Adweena realizes she still has her sword out. They are far enough away from Bradley and decide to stop and wait.
"Whew that was a close one." Adweena says as she sheethed her sword. Adweena climbs a large tree to look and see if Ethy and Bradley were ok and if they were coming. Just as Adweena nears the top of the tree she see to faint figures running.
As Bradly is runing he stops then gets Etyl nad throws him to the tree. He turns and sees a orger runing with the hounds. Bradly takes his sword and axe out. He gets ready to attack. As he gets ready his tattoo glows more. The ground under him begins to move. Bradly gets mad as fire gos around him. The orger gos to attack him but dosent hit him for the firer burns the orgers hand. Bradly cuts the orger's head off. Then Bradly opens the ground with his axe and sword. The ground opens under the hounds and they fall. He closes the ground the truns, takes his caot back, and begins to run with them. Still holding his axe and sword. (im 15 just so yall know)
i'm just going to assume u meant Ethy we're, like, all 15 on this site! anway, nice to hear from u Adweena. Smile Smilie Wonder what happened to Ar-37.

Telling Adweena and Ice to stay behind, Cal hurries over to Ethy, now hunched in the tree.

"Hurry up, Ethy! Ice and Adweena are just a little farther ahead!"
(yea sorry dont know yalls nicknames.)
Bradlys runs to the tree and helps pull Ethy out. Then runs to the rest of the group.
okay's our nicks:
Stratkare(Ar-37): Strat
Adweena: ?
Mormegil: um, I dunno...
Cal, Ethy, and Bradley reach Ice and Adweena, out of breath w/ their weapons still out.
Bradly is still beathing but not as hard when he gos to say "we need to go more so we can out run the hounds and orgers." Bradly puts his coat back on then puts his weapons away. With King and the others following Bradly leds them to a room were a river is runing through it. "We rest here for the night!" He yells it back to them.(Oh my nickname is Brad ok yall.)
Ok wait a sec....... First i think the whole deal with the ground opening is to much! Thats total godmoding!! And second, WHAT TREE?? We are still in Moria! Then i bealive you meant Ogre not orger. Then, i think you should describe and explain things a bit more than "a room with a river running through", that sounds boring and nearly immposible.You can say a small stream or hand carved cannal.
And finnaly, i say everybody keeps better track of the story and does no more god moding. Example:"Bradley picks up Ethy and throws him in a tree". No more. You have to let others write for themselves. That character was maybe wanting to do something other than the thing you wrote so its not ok for you to decide for them. All clear??
Sorry about that guys but i was just tired of things going on like that. Sorry if i turned out rude.
Hehe, this reminds me when Ethy wanted to add a ship from a parallel dimention in the 'Quest for the straight road'. Ha Ha Ha Smilie An idea can be good even if it doesn't quite fit there and then.
I have to say I have been a little confused on what's been going on lately. And a closer description of things are always good to get the right feeling when you read it. Icey and Ethy are in practically every RPG on this site and I am sure Ethy is as obsessed over "his" stories as I am over "my" 'Quest for the straight road'. Not easy to enter in the middle of something when you don't know the rules, but Brad, you sure have the imagination and enthusiasm needed, you'll get the hang of it soon.
Right, sorry about that Ethy. Sad Smilie Just got a lil carried away....good point about the tree, I didn't think of that.
(yea yall are right im sorry about all that i got carry away)
Bradly walks over to the stream and gets him a drink. It is very cold it must have been teh rocks that keep it cold. As king drinks same. Bradly begins to make a fire by the stream out of wood he has in his bag. (hope i did good on that one yall and sry again i have been playing alot on gamespy arcade so )
(Ice pats Etharion's head, telling him to calm down. But yeah, Bradly, try not to be so freaking strong... You're not a god...)

Ice unwraps the bandages on her hands and gently dips them in the cool water. A soft sigh escapes her lips, and taking her hands out of the water, she slowly and carefully dries them on a tattered edge of her cloak. She picks up the bandages and walks over to where Eth is sitting, recovering from being tossed into a strange, underground tree. "Could you put these bandages back on my hands, Eth?" she asks him.

(ok ok i wont) As Icey walks over to were Elty is King follows her. Bradly makes the fire. Bradly takes off his coat to use it as a pollow. He lays down in a dark coner of the room.
"THE SPOTTED DAISY!!!" said the dwarf, jumping out from behind Eth's tree. "Don't worry about it, Icey, me matey. I'll put those bandages on for ya. Ethy looks a bit stunned. Here ya go." She puts the bandages on as good as any doctor, and off she goes again.
Bradly falls asleep in the coner with his sword by his side. King is laying by Icey.
Ice looks slightly suprised as the large wolf lays down by her. She, almost mechanically, strokes King's head. The wolf nuzzles her hand in response. She looks over her hands, after the random dwarf wrapped them up, and, satisfied, leans back against a wall near Etharion and closes her eyes. King moves back beside her. She pats his head, and sighs.

Bradly is in deep sleep now but his tattoo still glows a little. Bradly is haveing a nightmere of when his family were kill. He wakes up only to find out that it was a dream and the man isnt here that kill his family. He stays aweak in the dark coner.
( You guys can call me Addie if that makes you happy. Yeah I agree, sorry I thought we were out of Moria already.But I think we should be out soon though.)

Adweena curls up in her cloak and rolls over. Its always hard to fall asleep on hard rock floor and tonight was even more diffcult. After rolling over dozens of times Addie resorts to laying on her back looking up thinking.
Adweena wakes up and finds everyone else is stirring so she builds up Bradleys fire from last night.
(yall can stop panickin,for i have returned)

Stratkare peers above the rock he was hiding behind to see the eight "devil hounds"nozing around a hole in the mountain wall.then he sees a strap of clothing from a cloak he knew belonged to etharion hanging from the fiery muzzle of the nearest one.he suddenly realizes this means etharion and maybe all his friends are dead.his rage builds up and standing,then walking towards the dogs he brakes into a sprint,draws his clayemore and yells "Go back to the hell you came from!"the first hound leaps at Strat, only to be cleaved in two by a massive sword.the rest charge him.they are killed one by one.The second to last dog managed to get a good bite on his left went down just shy of the bone.the heat had fused many of the veins together.there was little blood flowing from the wound.Strat cut away the worst burn tissue with a dagger to allow blood to flow in his arm,which was turning white,and bandaged it up with that piece of etharion's cloak.

Stratkare entered the hole.he saw the tunnel he was in and a fire in the distance.As he walked towrads the fire he saw who they were.He ran forward to greet his freshly awakened friends.They saw his shape in the distance and jumped up drawing their weapons.When they saw who it was in the firelight they ran forward to greet him.
"Strat! I'm so glad to see you're alive! Where have you been, buddy?" Ice says, jumping up and running to Strakare. She pats him on the back and says, "I missed you, my friend,"

And then the annoying dwarf popped out from a bush. "Did you miss meeeeeeeee?" she said. "Look, I didn't yell 'spotted daisy' this time. Well? Did you miss me? Didya? Don't answer. I know you didn't miss me. So I won't even bother. But anyway, I broughtya a present. Here ya go. And she gave Ice a great big box. Inside was a mithril sword. "Don't bother thanking me. But do me a favour. Actually miss me this time. SEe ya!" she said, and disappeared.
(back again)
Ethaion took one look at the sword and threw it away."Its made out of tin." He wakes everyone else up and sits next to the small fire. The part of the corridor in which they were camped was not used for a long time, by the signs of it. The only sound was coming from the little stream that ran through the shallow crack in the masonry floor."I wanted to ask my experts on Moria,Ice and who ever else knows anything about this tomb, is it close by?" just as he spoke Strat came pounding down the corridor with a nasty wound on his hand."Strat!! good to see you alive! Rest yourself and we'lltake a look at thar wound. How did you make it here? We were just discousing how much more to the blasted tomb."
Bradly stays seting down in a dark coner only aliey his feet to show. King is seting by him now. Bradly's dark red eyes watch them as they talk.
Ice grinned, "Well, if what I'm thinking is right, it should be just down that corridor," she says, raising her arm and pointing it at hole high up on the wall. "but we made need to sprout wings to reach it..." Ice stands and goes to see if she can jump the distance. She stretches her legs, and hops and down a little to get blood pumping, and jumps!

Ice shrieks as she falls back down, rolling halfway across the room. She jumps up, shaking with embarrassment and runs back to the wall. She howls at the hole and jumps again; this time her fingertips barely brush the opening. "Argh!!!!!" She lands back on her feet. After a few more failed attempts, which result in entertainment for the rest of the group, Ice grumbles and walks back to her spot ont he ground, leaning back against the wall.

Bradly fanilly moves from his coner. He walks to the hole in the wall."Hmmmmm, Lets see if this works."he saids in a deep vico. He takes out his axe and hit the wall hard leaveing a small hole big for a foot. He hits a nother one in the wall above it. Then he climabs makes holes as his climabs with his axe. He yalls back, "he yall came on up!!"
Cal awakens at the sound of Brad yelling, catches sight of Strat and runs toward him.
"STRAT! ur back, finally....where've u been?! What happened to ur hand?"
She jumps on Strat and hugs him, being careful of his hands and turns to Brad.

" What was that Brad, kinda ignored u for a second there."
O.C.C. Sorry Ice i dont understand, is it a hole or a higher place we must climb to?
Ill wait with my post until she answers.
It's like a passageway, with an entrance high up oin the wall...
Bradly saids, "I it be ok."Bradly puts his axe up and waits for the others to clime up
"Here i come." Etharion climbed up after Bradley and waited as well. "Comon people."
Bradly jumps down to carry ice up because of her hand. He watches King jump from stip to stip.
"Now really..." says Etharion jealusly."You dont have to carry her. She is stronger than you think.Iv came to see that many times."
Well her hand is hate so its me being nice
"Break it up you two. Honestly, u'd think boys ur age would learn to behave."
Rolling her eyes, Cal climbed up into the tunnel.

Bradly looks down at Cal. "Women cant love with them live with out them then who will cook are dinner"he says that to Eth. Bradly is all ready at the top again.
"Who will cook their dinner?" came the voice of the Spotted Daisy, I mean.... the dwarf that keeps following them around. "I will! Like... this!" and she dropped a freshly cook chicken down onto Lord Bradly's head.
Ice backed away from Bradly. ’I’ll thank you for the offer, sir Bradly, but I can look after myself, so, carry on up the wall, I’ll climb up myself,’ and she bares her teeth, which now look sort of like fangs, at him. ’Do not lay a finger on me, Sir Bradly, unless I give my direct consent, otherwise, do NOT touch me,’ she says.

Ice walks past him and climbs up the wall, beside his hole-ladder, using her claws, which she elongated and strengthened with her magic. A couple seconds later and she is staring down at him from the passageway, smirking.

Bradly takes the chicken off his head then throws in frout of Icey. He sees it land in frout of her feet. Bradly climes the wall. He walks pass Icy and Elth. He is in a far end of the tunnl now. King is walk beside him now to.
Etharion walks on with Ice. "Im sorry for that. It was..stupid. I was just trying to...How is your hand?" he asks taking it gently."Is the pain less after you put on the bandage?"
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