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We seem to have a good few new people here who haven't introduced themselves. I, for one, like to get to know people so am hoping you'll stop by this little forum and tell us about yourself! You're welcome on PT regardless, this isn't like a certain Inn where you get tossed out if you don't sing a song for the other patrons Smile Smilie , but still we're friendly group and can have more fun if we know who we're talking to and RPing with. There's an ancient thread about where everyone is from too, maybe we can revive that.
good start mate, i am navaneeth, i like to ride bikes and watch movies, the lord of the rings series is the best trilogy ever made by hollywood, i also doubt any movie could beat the lord of the rings trilogy. i think Godfather movie series got a little close.
Glad to see you here!

I love movies too and agree with you about LOTR and The Godfather..
Welcome to PT Navi! Waving Hello Smilie If you need any help you can PM me or used a relevant thread for help. We PTers like to help each other and enjoy and share as much as we can. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
We'll treat this as Navi's greeting thread, I guess.

Welcome to Planet-Tolkien, Navi! Glad that you stumbled upon our little community. Elf Winking Smilie
I hope that you stay here for a long time to come. Take part in one of the games, quizzes, discussions, or RPGs. Post a journal entry, write a story or poem, read over old posts... Do whatever takes your fancy. But above all... Share and Enjoy!
Have Cheesey and Captain Duck introduced themselves?

I'm in my 300th Post, So this is pointless Sian Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie. And I think CaptainDuck decided to Swan off.
Well, time wise you are new. I for one have only 300 posts also and have been here for nearly 4 years.

Anyway, welcome all!
I have been here 5 months. Pretty cool over taking you Orc Grinning Smilie.
Ahhh, but as with anything worthwhile Cheesy, It's not about the quantity but the quality that counts Jumping Flame Smilie
Hi, this is Undomiel. I love books and historical fantasy. Read HP series, Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, Virgil. Love gaming and PT of course.
Undomiel, Navi, Ashwyn and Cheesy (and anyone else I may have forgotten), are you in school? University? Working? ( I stay home and take care of my father-in-law and various animals and cook for a crew of five. And I sew. ) Pardon please if I'm being nosy, I just like to hear about people. And especially people in other places Smile Smilie
thank you all guys for your heart warming welcome, i've just completed my university and have started as a trainee in a computer software company and sian its nice of u to ask about us here.
Hi there Sian. Thanks for the welcome. It is alright to know bout people. Me finished University just a six month back. Got into software comp just now. Me and Navi that is both of us.
High-School [Year 8].
Well I'm not a new member, this is now my third guise in roughly 8 years or so. First I was Rhodry*of*Aberwyn, but I had a wee encounter one day and was banned, anyway things got sorted and I became just plain Rhodry, but after Grep took over and things got so quiet, I met my wife and was kinda busy, then one day I decided to pop in for a look see and my account had been deleted, I guess grep got rid of all in-active accounts, so then I became just plain Rho(which is a Greek numeral I believe?)
Anyway I told you all a bit about myself in that other thread.....I'm a dairy farmer, which I know seems like a strange and unusual thing to do for most of you fullas, but here in NZ it's a very common profession, in fact it's NZs bread and butter as it were.
I keep tropical fish(at the moment 3 tanks, If you would like to see some pics just go here------>, My account name is Carlos & Siran, if you do a search you'll find all our pics and stuff) We've also just made a terrarium, we only have tadpoles in there at the moment, though we're hoping for frogs in a few months.
I play golf, love to read obviously and though I don't do computer games as such I love the Myst series, and similar games. and that's about it....
Well you're an oldie here then, Rho! I'm glad you came back Smile Smilie

We have a lot of cows here too so being a dairy farmer doesn't sound odd at all to me. Colorado cows are mostly for beef, though.

Thank you all for indulging my nosey curiosity and writing about yourselves :-) Navi and Undomiel I'm really glad for you that you have jobs right out of school. My son-in-law is a computer tech but the job market is terrible here and he's been out of a job for nearly a year and this is for the second time. Best wishes for a long and happy employment!

So Cheesy tell me more: do you do sports?
ah Sian, it's no less than I would expect from a sweet person like you to gather all our newbies and welcome them. I am so sorry I have been remiss, but things at home for several months have been well, rather earth shaking on many levels. I will try harder from now on.
And a deep welcome to you all. Thankyou for coming to the most endearing site I have ever had the privelege of being on. Smile Smilie
High-School [Year 8].

I am sorry Cheesy, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me, too. I am not used to 8 years of high school, as I am only required 4. If you don't mind good sir, I would like to know what the above means...... Read Smilie
Sounds right to me mate, our oldest is repeating his first year in high school, is 14 and in year 9, Cheesy is 12 and in year 8, which was form two when I was a kid.
Thanks Leelee and thanks Sian for your wishes. The thing with these software companiees are that you don't know when they might throw you out. Let us hope that what you say would come true.
I appreciate the explanation, Rho; the way things work in other countries is always interesting to me. and Cheesy, you sound much older than 12 Smile Smilie

Leelee, I hope things get better on the home front, I will be thinking of you in that regard! Please email me if I can be of help!

Undomiel, I hope you don't get kicked off, you are a great asset to our games!
There is only around 5 years of high school, it is just that they carried on the year numbering system thingy from primary, so highschool starts @ year 7, and finishes @ year 12. Sian; I like Playing/Watching Rugby, and sometimes football. (I prefer contact sports, and football is pretty dull.)
Well one thing is the same, here high school also ends with year 12, or 12th grade. Football can be dull but not as bad as baseball at least Smile Smilie Baseball season is getting ready to start here and I'm afraid I don't look foreward to it. I will have to see if rugby is ever on tv so I can watch it sometime.

So, to continue, what pets do people have? Rho has fish, I have dogs and bunnies and two zebra finches. Did I read someone has snakes?
I had 2 Kittens, until last Monday when we found out one had cancer, so it was put 2 sleep Orc Sad Smilie. The other one is ok though Smile Smilie

I also have 4 fish; Ackbar, Ant, Dec and one without a name. (Might call it Frodo, Trotter or Strider)
Well, just to clarify my confusion, we don't start high school until 9th grade, so I was slightly confused. But, thanks for the explanation anyway.
Cheesy I'm so sorry to hear about your kitten! Sad Smilie I'm glad at least one is well but i know some of the saddest times in my life have been over losing a pet so I feel for you and your family.

The fish sound cool even tho the kitten is probably more fun Smile Smilie My daughter and her husband have a big gray and white cat that is really entertaining.
Thnx Sian. I forced my mum to let me name the other fish Frodo. (She let me and my sister name teh kittens, but I wasn't allowed Frodo, Aragorn or Sauron.)
Ok the grade thing is kinda confusing me (It's the weekend and I'm tired Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie ) But I am in Grade 8 (so whatever year of high school that is that's me Elf With a Big Grin Smilie ) I have a cat named Diego, I personally wanted to give him a more exotic name but my mom wanted to help me choose and she didn't like anything I suggested so out of frustration I said Diego and she liked it, which seriously figures. But whatever. We also have a Labrador Retriever named Koda (After the little bear in brother bear) As well as two budgies, (Tiki and Phoenix) Several fish tanks (Right now I'm into guppies which are surprisingly easy to take care of.) as well as various amphibians that come and go. As you might be able to tell I am seriously into animals Dunce Smilie I also love reading any book that comes my way though Tolkien's books (especially LOTR) shall forever be first in my heart. Although my intense love for anything that moves (With the exception of most spiders and some monkey's) might be explained by the fact that since I was a baby I've been around cat's and various animals (Mainly frogs, salamanders, squirrel's, birds, dogs etc.) So that's me in a nutshell Big Smile Smilie
The English "Grade" System starts with Reception, then Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, then we move to high school, which starts with Year 7, then 8-11/13.
lol Ok thanks Eruheran.
I will add something to the Pets question again. On monday we got a new cat, and called it Eric. I has the same face as the old cat, and similar fur to the first 2, but the other cat doesn't get on well with it ATM.
Does that make a total of two cats? I hope they learn to get along eventually. Maybe they just need to establish a "pecking order".

Speaking of pecking, I cleaned my finches' cage this morning and I think the male has been most ungentlemanly towards the female. She is losing tail feathers and has a small wound on her neck.
Lol. And it is two cats, yeah.
Breeding perhaps Sian? Google is a good place to start, it could be territory related? I'll ask at the other site if you like as there's a few bird experts there, but I need to know how old they are, have they been together long, how big is their cage, have you changed anything lately? is there anything else you can think of?
I find that cat's can be pretty snobbish. My grandma has two cat's, and the funny thing is that they are mother and daughter but don't get along very well. They sometimes fight, nothing really serious, but my grandma doesn't like it. They're outdoor cats which helps diffuse the fighting but it still isn't the best situation. Sometimes though it just takes a bit. And the best is when you introduce them to each other as kitten's. How old are they?
One is almost a year old and the one we got this week is 15 Months old.
Thank you for your help, Rho Smile Smilie These are two mature zebra finches that have been together happily for over two years. They're in a big cage, about 3 feet by 3 feet by 18" and nothing has changed in all this time. I have another friend with birds and neither of us can think of anything that might cause this so suddenly. The female lays eggs but I throw them out, I've had my share of baby birds and don't want any more.
They hopefully just need to establish who's "in charge".
Thats kinda mean Sian :o

How would you like it if your children were thrown out of your house, or you were abandoned by your parents before you were born!?
Eruheran, I think not allowing the baby birds to develop in the first place is kinder than letting them grow and become unwanted pets and die cruelly of neglect. I can't keep the babies because they start to fight with the parents and will actually peck the mother bird almost to death. Zebra finches are very prolific and can produce five or six young ones every two months, it's just too much.
You could give them to a pet shop or pet adoption place.
When Sian throws them out, as I understand it, they are still undeveloped white blobs inside the eggs with about as little consciousness as a rock. There's nothing to kill, really.
I've given several batches to pet stores but even they can only take so many. And Fornac is right, many aren't really fertile and even if they are they just remain a single cell and don't turn into birds at all. They're like the chicken eggs we scramble and eat only lots smaller. Smile Smilie
Cool. Smile Smilie
I think I see a few more new people online! Iarwain and Beleg by name, or are you oldies that have recently returned? In any case maybe you can introduce yourselves and tell us where you're from and a little about yourselves.
Hello there, and happy greetings to all. I'm very new to this wonderful place, this is indeed my first post, but I can tell you that I already feel right at home.

I'm a second year student at a small college, studying Theatre and Creative Writing. I have loved Tolkien's Middle Earth from the very earliest of my days. My dad used to read it to me before bed. I guess I could sum up my love of fantasy literature by saying that I am a boy still in love with happy endings.

I look forward to exploring more of this site, and conversing with you all!
Welcome Dave. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to the site! Waving Hello Smilie
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