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I am sure we all think the same and i'd like to say you have also been brilliant and I thank you for all the commments you have made that encouraged many.sad

Welcome to  PT, Esmeralda!

I nice choice for an elven name! May it be remembered well by all friends!

Enjoy yourself!

Harya alasse!

Gimli, Finrod, Esmerelda, it is an honor to have you come for as much or as little as you find time to join us. If you are fond of reading, then there is a vast amount of knowledge and sharing of that knowledge on this site and you can relax and read thread after thread and delve deep into Middle-Earth and satisfy that longing to hang out with others who feel as you do. Come, enter and be part of our family.

Hi all! I used to be on and read the Forum quite frequently a few years ago; I've decided to remedy the "few years ago" piece of this. I would like to re-introduce myself. Hopefully I'll be chatting with many of you on the Forum.


hello everyone! My name is Monica and I'm from Croatia so please forgive me about my english...
anyway.. I love LOTR although I still haven't read the books (but I'm working on it!  )

I am looking forward to spending a lot of time on this site with you people!


Eriathwynn and Galenhir, we are pleased to have you come to this site and we hope this is the beginning of a long happy friendship.Come and enjoy yourselves, teach us and learn from us, the perfect combination.

Oh my gosh. Oh my oh my oh my gosh. I have not been here in forever! So I'm reintroducing myself. I confess, I'm not sure if I'll stay (being in university and busy) but I am sending everyone over at PT my absolute best regard and wishes. I used to be a huge regular here in the early 00's, and not too much has changed since then. I still got my message that Taz sent me Mithril and looking through some of the older posts, I see many familiar names and council members.

Everyone here is amazing. You guys really are, otherwise PT would not have been this stable for so long.



Well as the newest council member I welcome you and hope, like me that you will feel compelled no matter how whirl wind your existence is to come and be at peace and read the threads of your choice and even share a little. And you can certainly catch up with old friends who will no doubtedly be thrilled to 'hear' your voice once more..

hi im new i like to read tlotr books and stuff.

Namarie Orcrist0925, how kind of you to come and join us. Books , especially good books are truly windows into other worlds and whatever anyone else thinks I think it is healthy at times to immerse one's self in such wondrous literature ad JRR Tolkien's and learn and grow and see how others work out things in the dark as well as good times of their lives.

And if you are interested in swords and sword play , somewhere on these forums is a thread on swords and it is very interesting. I would have to search to find it because I cannot remember it, but you might take a few minutes to look through the threads to find it. At any rate do wander about here in Middle-Earth and please make yourself at home.

Welcome Orcrist0925, i hope you enjoy your stay here and i know you'll find everyone else loves things the same as you.

Hello and well met.  New to this site.  Lotho from Michel Delving, actually am from Florida in the US. Having been into Tolkien for years and years am finally glad to find this site dedicated to him

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Orcrist0925 and Lotho knotwise. I am Oerath, a regular poet of PT.

Do explore and wander about, it's a perfect realm to do so. Smile Smilie

hello Dave, hope you love the site and enjoy yout stay

Lotho welcome welcome. I should like to be in Florida right about now. You are right , this site is truly dedicated to the canon of our beloved professor. We might not seem to be rolling in the aisles with banter and such, mainly because our love of Tolkien's work, his world and his thoughts consume us here. But you will not find a nicer company of persons than here. So welcome and share in Middle-Earth thought and feeling.

Well met, guys.

Welcome to all the new people who I have missed. It's always a joy to see new members and I hope there are more to come.

In the meantime, you should go check out the Wheel of Tolkien thread. Riiiight there, over and up a bit. Yeah, that one. indecision

Oi! I am known in these lands as Mormegil Turambar, I have recently been studying closely the tale of Turin and every time I read it I fall further under it's spell. I look forward to conversing with many like minded Tolkien fans such as myself, learning from them that which I do not know and who knows, maybe passing on some found knowledge of my own, for I have studied much the lore of Middle-Earth as I'm sure we all have. 

Namarie and please share all that is on your heart about this august character. He is rather enchanting . We all love to learn here i am sure and it will be a nice thing to hear a n ew voice.

Welcome Mormegil to PT, hope you stay with us

Hi! I'm Aya, and I accidentally stumbled upon this website via StumbleUpon (one of the best inventions for the Internet ever). I looked around for all of two minutes before knowing I wanted to join. I love everything about the Lord of the Rings -- the books, the movies, the movie scores... I am probably the only person I know who frequently listens to the scores when on my way to school or studying or whatever. I've always wanted to have the opportunity to talk more with people who share this passion for Tolkien's masterpiece -- for that is what it is. It constantly astounds me when I hear people say that LotR wasn't a good movie or book. At the very least, it's great; to those who truly appreciate it for what it is, it's the best thing out there. I have yet to find a book or movie (I've always thought it might be easiest to just say "story"Wink Smilie that I like better than LotR, and I have long doubted that I will. I'm very excited to be joining Planet Tolkien!

hello Aya

hope you enjoy your stay and hope you will stay with us

Hello to all. I haven't read a ton of Tolkien, but what I have read, which includes Lotr, the Hobbit, and a couple years ago, the children of Hurin, I fully enjoy. I also have read all the Chronicles of Narnia too many times to count. I'm in 9th grade, I'm 14, and I enjoy reading, writing and drawing in my free time. I'm also a part of a small youth theater group.

Welcome Rukain, hope you enjoy your stay and that you stay with us.

Hello! I'm new. My name is Elbereth and I want to know people from every corner of the Middle Earth. I love reading, travelling, knowing new places and people, etc. I do meditation and reiki... and I'm interested in such things as energy, spirit, etc. I do not believe in any religion but Mother Nature and all we can do with our feelings and thoughts despite it can sound a bit "weird".

Nowadays I'm planning a trip to New Zealand to visit the places where the film was made. I know they are not the places where Tolkien was inspired but I think it can be a huge experience. Personally, I need a long journey as Bilbo, go far even if it's for a short time (as I would go during my holidays).

What more places could you suggest me? I mean, places where a man can feel so tiny and admire all the immensity of Arda?

hello Elbereth, it is brilliant to see that every week so many people join us. you will find here that everyone is similar which makes this site all the better. hope you stay with us!

Hi guys! I have just joined and am very excited about it.

I absolutely love anything Tolkien. I have read a lot of his books, but my favourite is The Silmarillion. Even though it kind of depresses me, because you have all of these valiant and heroic characters, but most of them meet nasty ends which they don't deserve.

I am currently working through the HoMe series - although not in any specific order! I have read The Book of Lost Tales Part 2 and The War of the Jewels, but which is the best?


welcome silivren, hope you stay with us and if you need any help around the site then your welcome to ask



Wow, lotts of new members this month! Welcome to all of you. I hope that you find lots of fellowship and conversation on our wonderful site. Smile Smilie

Glad you introduced yourself, Rukain!

- Wen

Hello to all new members - LOTR old BBC series never fades if you are an audio listening person - long cart journeys esp. Anybody got any old shields or how to make one ? Yours...

Thanks everyone for the welcome! It's a pleasure to find such a lot of nice people in the internet. I hope I stay here for a long time...

I just realized the exactly same thing that Rednell did. We've been getting a lot of new members lately, so I wanted to pass by and throw in some greetings.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien. I am Oerath, a poet/writer and also a musician. So, if any of you are interested in the fine arts of life, I'd recommend a few threads:

'Do you have a poem' and 'Musician's Guild'.

And one last thing: Enjoy of your time in this wonderful realm, and remember to write some posts!

- Oerath Windsoul.

Hey Guys, I am new to planet Tolkien, and stumbled upon this website as I was looking over Tolkien's biography and books. I am a huge fan of his work and think that a website such as this is a great tribute to Tolkien.

An absolute heartfelt welcome to all of you who have just come or recently come to our home. It is always an honor to meet you and our sincere hope is that you will stay and soon call us 'family'. Feel free to wander through the forums and if you need any special assistance you can contact me or any of the council members and we will do our best to see you through. Namarie!

Welcome Thoradoc_Took hope you enjoy your stay

What I love of this site is the comfortable you make me feel. It's like talking with old friends... even if you have to explain yourself a little bit because nobody knows who you are. I love you guys!

Welcome to PT people! It's great to see all of you here Smile Smilie

I'm Elrohir  
I'm the brother of Arwen Undomiel. blush

I like reading Fantasy (who here doesn't like reading?)


P.S. sorry for my bad english, I'm from The Netherlands.

Hello, and welcome to PT Elrohir! If you need any help getting around feel free to message myself or any  Council members around, we'll be happy to help you! Smile Smilie

Welcome Elrohir, enjoy your stay!

Namarie Elrohir, how kind of you to come and see what we are about. Thorin is a very hospitable and kind Middle-Earth fellow and you could not do better than to seek him out for help. And he is correct, any of the council members, i am one as well, would do our very best for you. Come and welcome.

Well, I guess I'm really new, having made one single post! (In the poetry thread of the Writer's Guild.)  I've enjoyed fantasy tales since I was a wee lad.  Devoured Tolkien when LOTR was first printed in the U.S. back in about 1964.  I've been writing a Tolkien-inspired novel series called Helgori's Saga off and on for about 15 years. Heroine is a female dwarf.  I'm getting to toward the end of volume 3.  I live in the Chicago area now. Enjoy playing Dragon Age:Origins on my home-built PC when time permits. Have been a wilderness canoeist  for many years before my back started complaining.  (Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Yukon River, Alagash Wilderness Waterway, Okeefenokee Swamp)

After seeing really bad movie attempts, I hugely admire Peter Jackson's LOTR, although I didn't always agree with his choices.  I'm looking forward very eagerly to the Hobbit movies--I've always felt that The Hobbit was way undervalued by too many folks!

Hello and welcome Gledon, your one post is very thoughtful and intelligently presented, so please, keep them  coming. I love Chicago, only too much good food! Where i live in British Columbia Canada we would have to run day and night to stay in shape if we visited Chicago for only one week! As for your wilderness canoeing it makes me shiver. i am wretched in the wilds and a dreadful canoeist and the only time i was in a kyak I flipped over and found myself under water and unable to flip back up to air and safety for what seemed a hundred years. it still makes me break out in a sweat to think of it.

So, are you more of an Aragorn/ Viggo type of person? I love backpacking and searching for rare flora and fauna, but only for a while and then back to a hot shower, dress for dinner and then read and write and cozy warm blankets and a cuppa. i honestly would have done poorly in the role of my favorite Aeowyn. She would have been wielding her sword and I would have been wielding my towels and special soaps and practicing the Dance in between raids on orcs. That does not mean I don't ride, I do, but I am a weakling to put it mildly in the great outdoors. I am the only person I know to bring knitting and a favorite pillow to a cattle drive. angry So, already I admire you. A lot.

The PT family grows every day, it's so beautiful!

Reading the last posts I have to say that I'm too coward to those kind of sports. It must be great to free your stress going down a river at high speed, wow! You have courage!!!

Well, me, I have tried to manage the sword last weekend and was really funny. Even if it's too heavy for me. I really love it and maybe in the future I take some lessons of medieval fencing (I don't know if that's the right word for this "sport"Wink Smilie.

Hi all,

I have stumbled across this site a few times in my travels and thought it was about time I joined and said hello.

I started reading Tolkien at about the age of 10 with the hobbit and over the years have read most the published works at least several times. Middle earth has become my home away from home at times in my life haha

So, nice to meet you all and I hope I can contribute positively to the site


Welcome Elestar, to PT, hope you stay with us!

Welcome to the PT Family Elestar!!  Glad to have you onboard and we look forward to reading your posts on the boards 

Greetings all Smile Smilie

I've just realised I never actually signed in here and have been around for a couple days now... I guess its not too late yet though, right? Smile Smilie

I am a returning member from a rather long time ago (longer than I care to remember at least), and am happy to say that I still recognise a couple names from around here. If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask and I'll be sure to answer...

So, I guess all that is left to say now is, Hello everyone, and tis a pleasure to meet you all Smile Smilie (Or re-meet as the case may be).

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