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Hello everyone newer than myself!

Rudi, I have to say that I completely agree with you regarding Tolkien's books. What kind of instrument do you play?

Hello Galandir! 

I'm foremost a bass-player but I can manage playing the saxophone even if i don't practice regulary. Do you play anything? 


Welcome to PT Rudi. Enjoy your stay. Wink Smilie I'm Arwen. I'm one of the council members(moderators) of this forum. You can recognize us by the small label under our avatars(picture on the right, next to your username) saying "council member"

Wow! Sweden, such a beautiful country. Wink Smilie I myself live in the Netherlands. And I'm 14 years old.
As you said you're a musician I wanted to give you a link to the musicians guide thread. But I saw you found it already! Good! You might like to have a chat with Otto(Oerath Windsoul), he's a musician as well.(as you may have read in the musicians guide. Wink Smilie )

What you said about the polite tone used on PT is more than true. We are like one big family. And we always like to see more people joining and becoming part of it.

As I already said enjoy your stay. Make friends and have fun. See you around in the threads.

Welcome to PT Rudi   Share and enjoy Smile Smilie

Rudi, I'm currently learning how to play fiddle and guitar, but I'm not good with either, yet.

Thanks everyone for the warm wellcome! 

Galandir - Both are amazing instruments. Practice is everything! By taking small baby-steps you'll soon find yourself being able to play things you never imagined you would. 

Hi guys, I'm Lurtz, I have only just become a member of this golden site yesterday so I am very new to this. I am at work at the moment and the big boss man keeps wondering why he can see a Balrog on my screen... LOTR is too important in my life so he can look all he wants Smile Smilie Nice to meet you all and I am looking forward to having some discussions and talking with you all, have a lovely day

Hello, Lurtz! Enjoy your stay at PT. I'm looking forward to your posts!

Welcome to the forum Lurtz

I hope you will enjoy your stay.

I'm Arwen, one of the council members(moderators) here. So, if you have any questions you can always ask me. Please read the website rules. If you have a question the Help page is also useful.


See you around in the threadsWink Smilie

Hello there!

My name is Rita and I come from a small European country called Portugal. I've always been a fan of Tolkien ever since I can remember but after the last Hobbit movie I've been trying to deepen my knowledge about the wonderful world Tolkien created.

In the non-virtual world I'm in college, currently at the end of the second year of my Design course. Some of my favorite hobbies include drawing, writing, reading and editing videos/animations. I'm a very straight-forward and non-judgemental person who loves a good conversation; I've been lurking in this site for a while before deciding to register, so hopefully I'll be able to contribute for its growth and amazing threads!

Greetings, puny ones! I am Frushkul of Isengard! 

(I am not "new" to Tolkien, but I am also no expert. I've seen the movies, but never read the books Sad Smilie  I play WoW and I've become interested in Orcs as a whole. Anything here on Orcs would be a treasure trove.)

Hello Lurtz, Madame tortilla, and Frushkul, it's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Hello! I'm Draven, and actually very new to PT, but i LOVE it already. I watch the lord of the rings trilogy religiously and i don't think that will ever stop(X I'm in high school and because i don't really know anyone my age that's as big a fan as i am, i set out to find a place where i could babble as much as i wanted about all things LOTR, and have stumbled upon PT!  Though, i really wish i was an elf princess living in Lothlorien and could talk to all of you in real life so very badly <3

Hi, I'm Gothmog ( a Balrog name) and I like to mess around outside , be nerdy about lord of the rings and other so called nerdy stuff, and eat food. I am not new to lord of the rings but I have never heard of planet Tolkien until now.

Hi, I am Alex, I read this forum for months and now decided to join.

I am a medical student and I read Tolkien's books as a form of relaxation between my studies. I read the LOTR trilogy, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and Lost Tales of Numenor.

I want to thank you all for creating such a great forum and I am happy to join.

Welcome to planet-tolkien Alex. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. Wink Smilie

Hello.    I am new, but I hiss some old players that I used to know. 

Aw man. I just realized that there's no sad smiley face in the tab. Oh well.   indecision


Please shoot me messages! I love talking to people, and advice and help is greatly appreciated!

Hey wonderful pipo of middle earth.. am so new to this site. am an addict of EVERTHING TOLKIEN. wud love to chat and interact with all members if possible. hit me with some inboxes.

Hello, I'm new here. Great to finally join a family who understands why i'm afraid to touch my rings too often or too longindecision


  i am new to planet tolkien. i have been a fan of LOTR about my whole life. my favorite LOTR character is GANDALF!  feel free to message me whenever ; i love making new friends. i hope i am here for a long time.blush

hello taz,and friends and fans of tolkien i am Amras,of rivendell

you guys want to know who my favorite character is,always was fingolfin.high king of the Noldo.I just joined today,so awesome.happy holidays

Hey everyone im i guess one of the new ones on this website and i just want to thank everyone who is responsible and manages this website as well as to say to them that im pretty much amazed. ive been reading tolkien since i was a young boy so you could say that my dreams just came true. I have been trying to find a website of tolkien for so long so nobody can blame me for being so excited. Hello again and i hope i can talk to everybody individually over the years Big Smile Smilie

Welcome Thorin the iii Stone helm.I have  been here for nearly two months now.So awesome!Do not worry about being excited.I was jumping for joy when i entered.

Hi I'm new here...not really. Actually I had an old account here years ago but I couldn't remember the password so I'm back here anyway! Its funny I was only a teen then now I'm back and I'm already a Tween. Dern dern dern. What am I expecting? Lots and lots of joooy

I was born and raised at Hobbiton, the place were the easy-going and smiling people live

Greetings, friends of this amazing world!
  My name is Rafael. I am 20, currently going to a Technical University. I am a big fan of Tolkien's world so this is why I registered here. I hope to find some new friends here or people to have nice conversations during the free time (which I am struggling with).

Welcome to PT Felixcis Smile Smilie I look forward to seeing you around the site 

Hi, Thorin III, Algernon, Sancho and Felixcis - welcome here and enjoy your stay Smile Smilie

Hello everyone! I totally forgot  I had account here so I would just like to say hi... Smile Smilie

Hi my name is Molly im 16 years old and i live in the UK . I love the LOTR trilogy and the mortal instruments,the infernal  devices.I also really like the hunger games. Most of my hobbies are watching movies and hanging out with my friends.

Hi Molly and welcome to PT! Nice to have another person from the UK here Smile Smilie

Hey there Molly Smile Smilie Welcome to PT Share and Enjoy 

Hello everyone! I am from China and I love Tolkien's masterpiece. The Lord of the Ring is bravo while I prefer the history of Middle-earth because I found chronicle is more fascinating to me and I also love the movie series. Tolkien's legendarium is a universe I am obsessed with. Tolkien devised this universe and I think I entered by reading his work and maybe one day I would like to create a world of my own using my imagine.

Tolkien's legendarium

Welcome everyone! Glad to have new faces around

I'm Zanian_art, you can call me Zanian or Zan; I like physical activities like bike riding, taking walks, working out, running, and various other things of that nature. I also enjoy reading, watching anime or other videos with my family, playing chess, drawing, photography and just hanging out with my family.
I love meeting new people. I love the latest LOTR movies by Peter Jackson and I'll be honest, until a year or so ago I'd never read a LOTR book and so far have only read The Fellowship of the Ring, and The Hobbit. I loved them both so much! I am a bit of a critic and honestly a tad disappointed in The Hobbit movie so far though they are wonderful and a good bit of my disappointment probably is just because I read the book. Ok so this is turning more into an autobiography of sorts rather than a simple "Hey I'm new" so I probably aught to end it. Anyway, I'm new and I'd love to get to know you all and get in on some discussions!

Hey, I'm absolutely new here (and I don't even know why I've registrated myself).

I love Tolkien, he was genius!

I'm playing scottish bagpipes, piano and guitare. I'm active in scout organization and I do medieval swordfighting ("Living History"Wink Smilie

Nice to meet you Smile Smilie

Welcome all new members! Hope you have a wonderful and lengthy stay on our homely site, and I hope to see you all around.

A big welcome to: Peregrin took, Legolas olorin, Secondborn, Araglas, Thorin iii stonehelm, Algernon, Sancho loamsdown, Felixcis, Luthien.T., Legolas2345, Xdx24, Zanian_art and Nienna tasartir! I hope you'll all have a wonderful stay at this beautiful planet!



ps. I'm Arwen, one of the council members (moderators). If you have any questions or just wanna talk, drop by in the chat or send me a message.

[Edit: Yes, you almost wouldn't believe it but I'm still there! Keeping an eye over all of you!]

Hello everybody, my name is farin and i am new here.

I like the LOTR movies and i'm also playing the games and if there are any problems than i will help you so much as i can.



G'day, I am Gror Falkbeard, I am a dwarf of Moria,

I come from Australia and I have a strange passion for the short bearded men depicted in the Tolkien works as master smiths and hardy warriors. I love Tolkien and his works, I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 hobbit movies and I love Peter Jackson's interpretation.

p.s I would like to start a thread about a story of dwarfs and a war fought by Dain Ironfoot and Brand of Dale, but for that I need to know how to start a new thread, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Gror

Hello everyone, well met.  I am Burkrandir of Gondor.

Looking forward to friendly discussions of Master Tolkien's works.

Posting this from chilly Canada.  Thanks for letting me join. 

Welcome Rudi! Hope you like the website. Yes, we try to be more polite, or more "reserved" because what you get when you get Tolkien fans on a website! Hope for you to get to know everyone and everything here. 

Hello, I'm Amrod from Rivendell

I live in Argentina. I like listening heavy metal, playing videogames, playing the guitar and the keyboard, watching sci-fi and fantasy movies, and obviously I love Tolkien's work. My favourite book is The Silmarillion, but still I have to read the lotr books. I have read The Hobbit too. I've already watched the Peter Jackson's lotr trilogy, and also both of The Hobbits movies, and I'm waiting for the third one.

 I'm sure I will enjoy my stay on this page, and I hope to make friends, to learn from you, and to have a lot of fun 

Hello, I'm Eva Edensnake, from Mexico, I'm currently studying Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, I'm 24 years old and been quite intense about Tolkien since I was 12. I work as a freelance translator and High school tutor. Besides that I enjoy reading about cosmology, astrophysics, ontology, sociology, economy, mythology, neurology, pop culture and counter culture. I love to sing/dance/perform/draw/write and I'm a bit of a music geek. Greetings. Thanks for reading.

Welcome! Both of you, and yes I love the Sil like you amrod! Have fun, Amras.

Welcome to you Newbies 

Welcome to PT's halls, Amrod and Morwen!! ---

Argentina and Mexico!! Two countries I've always wanted to visit so much!! 

Interesting hobbies you two!! Have fun on here!

Welcome to PT, Amrod and Morwen and all other members too, who I've - in my absence - forgot to greet and welcome.

I'm Oerath Windsoul, but you can just call me Oerath. I've been a poem/story contributor on this site for many, many years and I also moderate a few threads. I moderate the following threads:

For musical interests and a little chatting about music, choose: Musician's Guild.

For poems, stories and lyrics you'd like to share with us and post, choose: Do you have a poem to share..


- Oerath.

Welcome to PT, Anborn. I'm Oerath Windsoul, a writer + contributor on this site and also a moderator of a few certain threads. Do explore and very much enjoy of your stay. Smile Smilie

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