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Hello everybody.I am Lipomir and Im here because I love all about Tolkien-the books,the movies and always eager for more details-so I cant wait to read through the discussions and the fanart.Also I like nature,photography and craft in many forms.

Welcome to PT Lipomir. Enjoy your stay!

Welcome Lipomir 

Hello everybody.I am Lipomir and Im here because I love all about Tolkien-the books,the movies and always eager for more details-so I cant wait to read through the discussions and the fanart.Also I like nature,photography and craft in many forms.

Welcome to PT Lipomir. Enjoy your stay!

Welcome Lipomir 

Hello Everybody. This is my second post after just joining. I have read a bit of Tolkien - The Hobbit, LOTR when I was 7, many moons ago, re-read it a few times too, then Silmarillion off and on, then Unfinished Tales and finally last year I stumbled upon a couple of volumes of HOME in the library. I'm in the British Army and my favourite character is Gimli.
Hi! I'm new on this site although I have been a fan of LotR an JRR Tolkien in general since a year or so. I'm from Spain and currently learning english so excuse me if I make some mistakes. I love everything that has to do with films, series and theatre. My favourite film is the Lord of the Rings triology and I also love Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hobbit. My favourite actor is Orlando Bloom! I also love reading and playing hockey.
A warm welcome to each of our new members! I hope you'll enjoy of your stay here at Planet Tolkien. I'm Oerath Windsoul, a poet and a writer. Nice to meet you all. Do explore, and if writing should interest anyone, in any form, I'd love to see some fresh posts over the site's poetry thread: Do you have a poem to share.. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> Well, may you tread well along the countless threads. - Oerath.
I'm new...giniabug. I've lost count how many times I've read The Hobbit and LOTR. I have a bookcase full of just Tolkien books. Glad to be here. :P
Welcome to the threads of Planet Tolkien, [color=#FFBF00:18tpxd4w]giniabug[/color:18tpxd4w], amongst which you can enjoy the books even more. Have fun!
Welcome to Giniabug!! :mrgreen: Glad to have new members around!
Hi to you all ! I'm new here, obviously <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />. I'm a big Tolkien fan, especially of The Silmarillion. I'm a big history nerd, so maybe that's why I like it so much <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />. Looking forward to participate in Tolkien debates <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> .
Welcome Basti <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Anyone else from singapore?

Hi back again after long absence. Was a regular poster...stuff happens and then sort of lost contact. Looking forward to hopefully posting again. I'm now a Nana to the most adorable 5 month old baby girl... Sophia Mae... can't wait to introduce her to LOTR😜. But will probably start with smaller books lol....then Harry Potter....then LOTR. Anyway looking forward to re meeting peeps and meeting new peeps xxx

PS... have loads more tattoos 😁

Welcome back Maydmarion. What tattoos do you have?

Fairies, vines, flowers...I have 25  lol

Why is it so quiet here...I facebooked messaged Rednell as had a problem loggin on and she said not many people post here anymore...?


It's been 10 years for me but i honestly thought it was a couple....blame it on the age lol

Since the movies it's been quiet to be honest. I think that and forums in general just aren't as popular as they used to be. It's all Snapchat and IG now etc Smile Smilie

I try to check in regularly. I miss logging in and seeing a bunch of new interesting, funny, happy, clever, and the occasion sad post too. All part of life and all part of this wonderful planet! ;-)

I've been very busy with school and I'll be away for a few days (I'm going to London! So exciting!) But when I get back I'll go through some old threads, trying to dust them off a little and hopefully get some other people to start contributing too when they see others post.

Oh, before I forget, is there a possibility we can have a chat back? I loved to chat to people and it always helped first timers to actually make an account instead of just read through posts.

I'll look into the chat ...

I have spent the last few months completely re-writing PT from PHP in Ruby and hope to launch the new website in a couple of weeks. You won't see any visible difference as it's all the backend code, except for the CSS will now be mobile optimised so when people browse the site, or more importantly the forum and topics, they will be able to do so from their mobile phones. This will hopefully improve usability and the number of new visitors.

Following that, I want to explore ways to make it easier for people to register, using social media but also a way to one click register to reply to a forum topic – you'll be emailed a password but you'll be able to interact with the forum straight away etc.

I'm welcome to all other suggestions.

Glad to hear there will be a mobile version! I use my phone a lot but always have to use the nice HTML codes like < p > and < br > because somehow just typing an enter doesn't work when using my phone, like now haha.


Would be good to try other methods but I'm a real technophobe....I can't use Twitter etc. My daughter had to set up WhatsApp so I can get regular updates on my adorable granddaughter if 5 months...

Is it acceptable to try and contact members...just a hi and reminder??? I know I wouldn't have minded .    Oh I love these...but still waiting for that fairy one 

Nice to see some activity here, Hola everyone.

Hi! I'm Darry and I really like this website and of course I really like Tolkien's books and Lord of the Rings movies. Thank you for creating this place!Smile Smilie

Well I am amras and it's been awhile since I last logged on...almost two years.

Hello folks, new and old! Hope everyone is doing great and a warm welcome to our new family members!

Hello.. My name is Lolitaeren and i like to play the harp, and walking in the forest..

I'm very happy to be in among a community that has the sames interests as me

Savo 'lass a lalaith (have joy and laughter)


Welcome to PT Lolitaeren!

Enjoy yourself here!

Hi! I'm new... So, yeah. HI!!! I'm new and I am new and ramble when I'm nervous and I'm nervous when I meet new people and did I say that I was new? Sorry, I ramble when I'm nervous. Anyway, I'm new and  write fanfictions for the hobbit fanfiction archive under the pen name MIMIbaggins. I like pizza, live in Engalnd, enjoy fangirling in secret and with other fangirls (outsiders can't know!) and ramble when I'm nervous. My OTP is Johnlock even though I've never whatched Sherlock before, and I ship Fem!Bilo/Thorin as well. And I'm new. Did i say that already? Some people say I sound like Dori. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim! Ciao for now.

Welcome Aramir! :-) 

Helloo and welcome to PT Waving Hello Smilie

Hi! I'm new...again. Several moves and a dead computer later and I once again cannot access my old account. I was Goldfeather last, and Quesselaurie before that, though I'm such a dedicated lurker very few of you will recognize me, haha. I think about this community often, especially when I am lonely or sad, and am so happy to see so many of you still here. Maybe I'll actually participate in more than the taverns this time around Smile Smilie 

(Also I really love the new website banner, that is gorgeous)

Hello. I'm Maedhros, and I just joined today. 

Hi. My name Golweneth. I am an elf from LothLorien. I play the violin, I love to read and write Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fanfics, and I absoluetely love Thranduil, Legolas, and their relationship.

Hi! I'm Gimli 

I like the Silmarillion (a LOT) and the lotR films! Big Smile Smilie ....and I like Ice Cream... My favourite lotR character is (obviously) Gimli Big Smile Smilie


(I'm going to be more active in Weekends)

I know the year of 2018 might be far too late to visit such a cool forum as this repicturing and talking about J.R.R Tolkiens legendarium, seeing as most (correct me if wrong) have probably long since abandoned it, yet I will try to just send a message hoping on a response. Anyways to start off you may call me Durin and of all of Tolkien's work I  love the dwarves out of all. I like reading, writing and a good community to start with, especially those going around about things such as this. I look forward to if people are still here join any conversation there is and to make the best out if it! <3

Welcome my friend! Great to see new people still coming around and the more dwarves the merrier! Orc Grinning Smilie

Hello, I'm new here too. I've been looking at various Tolkien forums, but many of them seem moribund. At least there's some activity here. From my location, you can see I like to hear news and conversation from all parts--- what could be a better place than Bree? As for my experience with Tolkien, I first encountered him long ago, during the first days of of the paperback editions, and have been reading and studying his work ever since. I still have much to learn. . . Edit: Odd. I could have sworn I picked Bree. Well, I said I have a lot to learn!

Hello everyone! I am new

I have read the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit several times and watched the movies even more timesBig Smile Smilie

I am also Crazy about Tolkien!!!!

Welcome to PT Slippery ELm and Menegilda! Waving Hello Smilie

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