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WELCOME to PT Turambar Share and Enjoy

Welcome Turambar, to the realm of Middle-Earth.  There is much beauty and magic here, and take it from this dwarf, there is a bit of danger lurking about, but fear not, all of this community will protect and guide  you to the precious.

Welcome Turambar, share and enjoy! Smile Smilie

Welcome all the newest memebers of Planet Tolkien. This is a great place to be.

Hi, Imbartman:


A friend of mine once accepted my challenge that he could pick any sentence out of any of the four books (the Hobbit and the

Trilogy) and I could tell him what book and chapter it came from, and who was in the scene and what was happening at the moment. He finally refused to play anymore when he read the sentence: "They slept." Of course he quit because I was able to tell him all the information I had said I would and had been able to do the same for quite some time regardless of what he read to me. I think he thought he had me on that one.'


This could be a great idea for a new game- from the sentence guess the scene, characters, next words, what happens next.indecision

I know what you think" Another newbie"? New to this Forum, but not to Tolkien and Middle-earth. I consider myself a serious Tolkien Fanatic. Could somebody please tell me where I can post some of my ME poetry or Stories? I Went to Fan Art and looked for a box like the one I am writing in now, but nothing showed up.

Welcome Arwen Legolas! You can post your poems in forum called

Thread: Do you have a poem to share?

or start a journal

Looking forward to your poems and stories

Welcome Arwen Legolas. I  hope you will enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, you can always send me a message. 

Please read the help files and the rules.





Hi there .. it's my first post here in PT .. glad to finally arrive at the inn after a long distance from where I traveled!

It's very nice to know there's such a warm, welcoming, and friendly website to read and share about our beloved books, films, and characters. 

I actually got to get some work done now .. will be back to post more =) Great to know all of you on this planet =)



Welcome Smile Smilie It's a bit late, but well meant.

I'm sure you will make good friends here.

Enjoy your stay,






Yes welcome Amme! There are some great and some very knowledgeable people here. You learn something new every time you log in. And please don't be afraid to say something "wrong" because you're probably far from the only person to think it. Plus then you can be all cool and tell your friends what really happened in ME Wink Smilie

Anyways enjoy your stay and speak your mind!

Welcome to PT Amme Share and Enjoy

Hello, new here.

My father read me the hobbit when i was very young, have read it many times, I therefore dislike the movies, Peter Jackson should have stayed with his 1st movie title for all his Movies. Anyway if not for him and the idiots spouting facts about Middle Earth , I would not have found this site while looking for answers, and finding facts to disprove their uneducated ramblings.

I played D&D for 7years , EQ for 7years(boxed 2 accounts), WoW for 2years. I many of tolkiens writtings and have yet to manage to read the Silmarillion (zzzzz)


Welcome to PT Rimorob


You are very lucky that your father read the Hobbit for you when your were a child .please keep in mind that this is a family site. we don't like insult of other members although we have different opinions on Tolkien's books

Welcome, Amme and Rimorob! Big Smile Smilie

Welcome Amme and Rimorob. It is a bit late,but welcome and stay and wander here awhile.


I'm Yuearian and I'm a long time lurker. I've decided this is an opportune time to step from the shadows and introduce myself. I am a third year university student and am currently taking a course on critical theory. We're reading Plato, Aristotle,Aquinas, Dante, Shelley, etc. and trying to define for ourselves what literature is. I personally love LOTR and The Hobbit so of course I consider them literature. They tell a compelling story that resonates with me. I feel it is something that could stand the test of time, that people will still find value in, in different time periods, in different countries and cultures. What would you define literature as? What does literature have to do to count as such? Do the works of Tolkien count as literature? What would you define his books as? Are his novels on the same level as say The Iliad, The Divine Comedy, The Canterbury Tales, Hamlet, Wuthering Heights, or [insert any great work of fiction here]?

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Yuearian


Share and Enjoy

Welcome to Planet-tolkien. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, just ask.



Hi Kids,


I might as well formerly introduce myself. Although you may find me a very quiet forum member. I joined because I need something translated for me into Quenya, which if anyone can, I will absolutely be your best friend, and you would also see your translation tattooed on me eventually. What could be a better reward? I have found I have received more of a response to my inquiries, and more friendly people wanting to chat than any other forum, go PT!

My name is Cassandra, I am 24, I live in New York State in the US. I live with my husband, our 2 cats and 2 dogs.  I enjoy lots of heavy metal, reading, and Rum.  I attend college part time. I am always notoriously distracted from school work.

If I could live anywhere in MiddleEarth it would either be Rivendell or Rohan. Or you can just find me somewhere in the Prancing Pony.smiley

Anyways, feel free to chat anytime, as we have established, I love distractions from school work.


Take care new friends,


Welcome to PT Cassandria

A very warm welcome to all you newcomers, and I hope you stick around, and enjoy your time on PT!

Hello, I'm new here. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are two of my favorite authors. I'm not much of a computer-ish guy so I actually have no idea what to do, so if anybody can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome Galandir. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, problems, or if you just want to talk send me a message. I'm Arwen. I'm one of the council members(moderators) here. I'm a Dutch girl who loves everything Tolkien related. I like to talk. And I'm always here to help.
Nice to meet you, my lady. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to send a message.
That's no problem. I think the easiest way at the moment is that I send you a message because it's hard to find my name in the list of members. I will send you a message with information, okay?!
Okay, thank you.

wow!!! hello everyone! welcome to PT. You will have fun and learn many things about Tolkien and in case you still have doubts, just ask! There are many members who will help you for sure.

I´m Elbereth and even if I am not  "active" here since november... I want to say Hi and welcome!

Hello everyone!


My name is Matthew (Kyelek on here) and I'm pretty much a hopeless Tolkien nerd.  LotR and his works are some of my favorites, although I may be most partial to The Silmarillion.  I'm about to graduate from college with an English degree and I'm always writing stuff.  Anyways, I am going to try to figure out how to submit one of the fan fiction pieces that I just wrote

Welcome kyelek, enjoy your stay! Smile Smilie

Welcome, Kyelek! And it's always great to find another writer! Of course, I have no degree (I'm 15) but I still enjoy jotting down my fantasies. And as to 'a hopeless Tolkien nerd,' around here, aren't we all?

Hope you enjoy the site, and I'd love to read any fan-workings, or any of your other works as well!

Thanks!  I actually posted a fan fiction piece in The Writing Guild called The Blue Wizard, if you want to check it out indecision

can any1 tell me why sauron stays as an eye atop of barad-dur and why he doesn't give himself a new form like he did after the fall of númenor?

Thought I'd quickly introduce myself here before I go posting all over the forum.


I've developed a slight obsession for The Hobbit right now. Dwarves. Fíli's braids.

What else? I'm a little odd in my tastes; I see Sam Gamgee and want to stab him. I adore Eómer more than Aragorn, Faramir and Boromir.  I find Legolas somewhat hideous and would rather give Bofur a kiss. I find Arwen incredibly dull, Eówyn a bit of a selfish cow and Rosie Cotton is my hero (she holds the ale).

... so. Hello, all. Sure I'll see you about.

Welcome to PT Sigrún    

Welcome! Wink Smilie enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Nice to meet everyone (anyone!) and I am excited to discuss anything Tolkien related! I've been a Tolkien fan since 1997 and love anything releated to the histroy of Middle Earth.

I'm from the states, love to read books (mostly non-fiction actually), ride my bicycle, write & record songs, go to concerts, eat pizza, play with my cats, and collect old hard rock and heavy metal cds + 8-bit NES & 16-bit SNES / Genesis games.

Feel free to say hello!

Welcome to PT Maglorhendrix 

Welcome to Planet-tolkien. Feel free to start discussions, make threads and ask questions. Wink Smilie

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to talk about everything Tolkien-related with you all blush I've been a big fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for years, and I recently just finished The Silmarillion and am now working my way through the Unfinished Tales. I love reading (clearly), music, and video games. I'm currently attending university to get a Bachelor's degree in Classics... and should probably get back to work on an essay

This looks like a friendly and welcoming community, and I look forward to participating in it!

WelcomeSmile Smilie Yes, we are a friendly and welcoming community. Just like one big family of people who like Tolkien or fantasy in general.

I'm Arwen one of the council members (moderators) here. If you have any questions just ask. Feel free to start or join a discussion.
A bit about me: I'm a big Tolkien fan. I read a lot! I also really enjoy history. I like making new friends and helping people. I live in the Netherlands. Some other hobbies are LARPing, watching tv series, listening to music and some other stuff.Wink Smilie

I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.



Hi and welcome! yes, this is a friendly community where you can share your knowledge and always learn something new . Not only about Tolkien but about people too, many members from  many different countries and ages. Lovely. By the way, I come from Spain-Portugal but actually living in Germany.


I'm a writer and a Tolkien fan, interested also in gaming. Love a heated argument and hope to have plenty of those on the site!


Hey there Newbies Welcome to PT  SHARE and ENJOY Smile Smilie

Hi, complete newbie here, but not new to Tolkien. I am mostly here because I love exploring canon details but some are better explored with a rousing discussion and the opinion of other fans.

Hy there! I'm a very new newcomer! I'm fourteen years old and I'm a fan since... I think only one year. But when I first started to read lotr - I always wanted to read it because I grew up with the soundtrack from Howard Shore because my father always listened to it - I couldn't stop! It was so amazing! And now I'm one of the biggest fans! But all the people I now are thinking that I'm mad so I desperately search for people who feel exactly like me. And that's the reason why I came here...

Welcome both of you. Enjoy your stay.

I'm Arwen. I'm one of the council members(moderators) here. If you have any questions, just ask. I like to talk, and hope to see you in the chat.

By the way, Shieldmaiden, I'm 14 as well.Wink Smilie If you ever want to talk, doesn't matter about what, just send me a message.

Welcome to both of you! 

A little hullo from Oerath too.

Welcome to all new members.

Enjoy of your stay here at PT.

Hello everyone! 
I'm glad to have find this internet oasis! 

I'm a 21 year old student from Gothenburg, Sweden. For the past year I've been taking courses in Genders Studies and plan too continue in that direction. Other than that I'm a musician, playing in several bands on and off. 

I found this forum as a result to my great interest in Tolkiens works. I don't consider the books as separate novels to the best literature I've consumed but accompanied by each other they make out the most fantastic world I've ever visited. To this point I've read The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and LOTR. Atm I'm reading LOTR for the second time and enjoying it much.

Another thing that caught my interest after lurking here some some months is the extremely polite tone used in this forum, something that i thought was extinct in the modern days internet. 

I'm honored to be finally be a part of this forum and looking forward to getting to know you better!  

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