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Bottom of Page    Message Board > Introduce yourself! > New members?   << [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] >>  I am Ancalime....i other words, my name is Mykaela! Like everyone else on this website, I love Lord of the Rings...Best Movies EVER and I love the books as well. My friend, Authiel, who is also obsessed with Middle Earth, and I quote lines all the time and somehow seem to relate everything in life back to Lord of the RIngs. Since I cannot be living in Middle Earth myself, I try to live in a way that people from that world would respect. I try to practice archery and  horseback riding whenever I can and I am working on my swordsmanship. Other than fantasy, I love history and photography. If you wish it, check out my (Sherwood Photography) gallery at the link I posted. I am happy to be a member of this website and look forward to spending more time here!   

welcome alcalime. you are write about how we all love lotr hope you love it here!

Welcome. I hope you will feel free to search the topics and find all that your heart desires in relation to sharing feelings and thought about this great genius JRR Tolkien.

Welcome all who I have missed.Have fun,looking forward to interacting with you all

Mára aurë, mellonornin! I am Áre of Rivendell. I am an avid fan of LOTR and have been for almost five years now. I own many of Tolkien's books (as well as books about him and about his Middle-earth) and spend the majority of my time studying the vast intricacies of his masterpiece. I love to read fantasy (except for Twilight, Harry Potter, or Eragon - I shall not touch those with a ten-foot pole!), write fiction and poetry, and just research Middle-earth in general. Ten out of thirty-six of my internet bookmarks have something to do with Tolkien's world, and those ten I frequent quite often. While some call me "strange" or "obsessive" in regards to my passion for Arda, I consider myself a "highly dedicated enthusiast of Tolkien's literary works". I love to think of myself as a "human Elf", and my dream is to marry my handsome "Dunadan prince" (also a devotee of Middle-earth) and possibly travel one day with him to New Zealand. 

Well...that is me in a glad to be here!   

Welcome Áre, hpe you love it here as much as everyone else, though your some of your opinions i do not agree with...







Hi, beings of middle Earth. My Name is Rob Vale. I am 50 years old, but feel about 16 when I watch the LOTR films. Like you all, I am an avid fan. Most weekends when everyone in my household goes to bed, out come the LOTR dvd`s. But not tonight. Tonight I am in for a real treat. I have been working for an automotive factory, as an Assessor/ Trainer, for 15 years and 2 days ago I was presented with some vouchers for the time served. So Today, I trecked on up to HMV and swapped my vouchers for!!! You guessed it, The extended blu-ray trilogy box set of the LOTR. and tonight I will treat myself to THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. Can`t wait. I have been married for 27 blissfull years to my Darling Wife, Linda. And have 3 sons aged 27,23, and 15.

welcome Rob. hope you enjoy it here as everyone else has. 

Welcome to PT, Baggins20050!!!!! How did you like the Bluray version? Was it like being there? Smile Smilie

I hope that you enjoy your stay with us! 

Hello and welcome all users to our site.  Have a flick through and inevitably, you will never need to go anywhere but PT  kiss....

Westu Hal, all!   I've just discovered this interesting meeting point for exiles from Middle Earth.

I've just retired from active errantry spent far too far from Rohan, and unRohirric paralegal stuff, and too many years preventing the altering and abuse of  Fifth Age government lore.  Nasty lot, the masters of the Fifth Age.  Minds worthy of Saruman at best, the Dark Lord at worst, and served, in my experience, by  people who learned their trade under Grishnakh and Grima Wormtongue.  (Aimee, if you read this, you'll be able to name a few such, too!)  

My shieldmaiden and I  are now  passing most of our time as far as we can from Mordor - sorry, London - and doing altogether nicer things in a corner of a Swedish forest, not too far from a small historic Baltic port.  With  a little luck,  some of you - not just Elves and loremasters, equally glad to hear from Hobbits, other Riders, etc - might share my interest in such areas as the political economy of Middle Earth (where did the Elves' food come from?  Trade or their own agriculture?)   Elvish and Rohirric law,  the cuisine of Middle Earth (look out for another forthcoming  thread on the Recipes of Rohan and Gondor,  Viticulture, Dwarvish Distilling etc) and other such things. 

Unfortunately, I have only a Fifth Age mount - one of the armoured ones with wheels instead of hoofs - but am still quite good with the hand and a half sword and the bow (and its Fifth Age successor).

Hail the Knights of the Mark and the House of Eorl!

  Welcome to PT Eohelm!

  I hope you enjoy yourself here...  I see that you are a keen adventurer...  I suggest that you look at our role-playing section and take a look to see if you can join.  I'm sure that you'll will find some to suit you, but they have died of death lately...  But you can take a peek inside our Khazad-Dumish Inn; you can tell tales and drink a pint of Gimli's Finest!

  Enjoy your time!   

I echo our dear Loss, KIng of cool. You can't go wrong hanging with him in Middle-Earth from time to time. Your thoughts will be most welcome and I hope to learn from you and the maiden you mentioned.

I like this title...  kiss....

Hey im new here and i just came across this forum so i decided to introduce myself,

Im Rithralinde, or Arien, which ever you prefer. indecision I love the LOTR trilogy and well i take it really personal when anyone insults the books or the movies. Im glad i came across this web site its good to know other people who enjoy this marvelous trilogy and admire Tolkien for his fantastic tales. 

welcome op PT 

have a nice time in middle earth

Welcome to Arien hope you have an awesome time here

Hi guys, I am mike from london. currently for london underground. Been a tolkien fan since I was 17 introduced to LOTR through my first gilrfriend I have read LOTR, Silmarilion, Children Of Hurin, The Hobbit and will eventually get through the rest lol. The silmarilion is my favorite of the books so far


I also enjoy playing computer games especially the Total War Series with the Third and Fourth age mods which are top quality. Any thing else you want to know please ask




My name is Sprodo. I love lord of the rings. It's my higher power. This is new to me. What kinds of things do we do here?

Welcome, Sprodo! I hope you enjoy browsing around the site and finding discussions that interest you. We look forward to sharing your thoughts. Smile Smilie

Hello Sprodo welcome to PT. Around here we discuss topics that are related to Tolkien and his works. Hope to see you around.






G'day and welcome to PT, nice to see another Kiwi on board.

I've started a World cup thread if you're of a mind......

I'd like to welcome all of the new members to PT. This is a wonderful site, and though I do not write much on other threads, if you're into writing (poetry, stories etc.), be sure to take a look at the poetry thread (some of you already have), and some other stuff. See you around, folks!

- Oerath Windsoul.

Hello everyone! This is Erúnamë of Rohan, daughter of Cenyon of Gondor (?) xD

I'm from Argentina, in love with The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's world in general since age 11 (almost half my life so far!). After 7 years since the last time I had read a Tolkien book, I picked one up and fell in love again, even more deeply than before.
I've always been very interested in Tolkien's languages. I used to dream of learning Sindarin or Quenya as I read The Silmarillion for the first time, so now that there are more resources available, I'll probably give it a try.

Forth, Eorlingas! Big Smile Smilie

Welcome, Erúnamë
I hope you get a great time in middle earth

greetings Arwen

welcome Erúnamë

Such pagentry of names, welcome one and all, know that we consider it a privelege to welcome you and hope you will stay well...........forever, at least ten ages. Smile Smilie

Hello, I'm new here and I think i will be needing some help around the site. Will someone be my mentor and talk to me about the general things we are able to do on this site??

a arm welcome. Really the best way to start your journey here to my way of thinking is start with forums in the list above. Click on and then you will see many sections. General is a good section to start with. You could join us on do you have a poem and let your creative side flow. The contributers are so kind and nice to talk to and share thoughts with. Or you could scroll down and visit one of the inns or pubs and if you are so inclined, have a drink and sing or just talk and get to know others in a cheerful atmosphere.

You could read several posts in any forum thread of your choice and then perhaps go to chat and talk one on one with some of the members.

If you look way up to where you logged on you will see the word account. It is there you find out how much mithril you have accumulated for posting a thought, and it is there you can message a member or write in your journal. Others then can read it and you could read some of the contributions right now under the heading journals. The more you wander about and just try things out the more relaxed and expert you will become. And if you need help you can contact one of the council members if you like. Loss helped me when I first came, I had a load of trouble with my avy. But all of us would gladly do our best to sort things out.

I wish you happy here and come often.

well hello tristessa99.

Hello = ) I just stumbled upon this site and, naturally, was instantly drawn in by the high levels of enthusiasm for a lot of things that I love (not only LOTR, but also Doctor Who and Tin Tin). You all seem like a nice lot of people and I'm looking forward to talking to you! Not quite sure how all this works yet, but i'll figure it out. 

Folk here are very nice, Aerin. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. Welcome.

welcome aerin hope you enjoy the site

Welcome Aerin 

Hello all!

I am Connor, and I am from Indiana, U.S.A. I am a composer (of music) and a vocalist in my first year of college. I have loved Tolkien since I was very young. It seems to be a common thread in forums like these; people seem to have a connection to epic storytelling from the most creative and imaginative stage of our lives, childhood. I am not, however, a Tolkienite in any form of the "scholarly" label people place on such categorization. I have actually only read The Hobbit and LOTR.

Recently, though, I began researching Tolkienian linguistics and studying Quenya. This came as a result of me needing some "foreign" languages to write text for in the world of musical composition. I was always drawn, during the Peter Jackson movies, to the vast languages Tolkien created. And, I felt like I could do justice to a language like that in music. So, it's just been a little side project I do on my own time for composition exercise.

On the flipside, it rekindled my interest in the Tolkienian lore and the stories of Middle Earth. So, as of the past few months, I have re-read Hobbit and am currently looking into the histories of ME and what not. As I am sure a lot of Tolkien fans also have, I too possess an obsessive personality that fixates on certain excitements that can hold my attention. It's beautiful, really.

I hope, through my studies of Tolkien's works, that I can really understand an alternative universe like that and see the human themes that are "applicable" to society and life. Smile Smilie

Welcome Connor,

You are in what seems a very exciting stage of your life, so it is a good time to delve as much as possible into the areas of our beloved professors body of work  before the rest of life takes over for a long time and you ca,nnot do such again for a while! We here all have one thing in common, a desire to enter the world of "JRRTolkien and bring something out of the vast amount of words that we can carry in our hearts and minds and even use what we have gleaned  for personal use. Some don't wish to delve deeply but only to be swept away by the pageantry and all the characters and all the things they face.  Some , like the professor himself are more interested in the words, and all the magic of the created languages, and of course some see answers to problems and the world at large and the seeming basic need for freedom , not to do evil but to merely live each in his or her own way, be we Elven, citizens of the Golden City, or those of Rohann, dwarf or Hobbit, it is the universality and man's common struggles that makes these glorious books so readable and so satisfying. I hope you will find time to drop in and let us know how you do, what Middle-Earth things you are able to accomplish or learn, that we too can share in your learning. And by all means get to know the people here, they are noble and intelligent and great fun.  

hello to you Connor! 

Welcome to PT, Melcindómien! May your steps walk the way of light and your deeds remain!


I'm relatively new, seeing as how I've been on PT for about a week. It is awesome! My kind of site!



A word from Oerath to all newcomers: Welcome and enjoy of your stay! Search around, explore, join some threads, re-open some old ones. It's all in your power.

Happy first day of this year.

- O.W.

hello Wen, hope you stay with us on this brilliant site

I'm sure I will!

Hello! My name is Mandy and I live in the Netherlands. I got to know someone on another site and we talked about LOTR. She introduced me to Planet Tolkien! Her name on this site is arwen undómiel.  This is my first day on Planet Tolkien and I love it allready!

I've only seen the movies, but soon I will read the books! I love movies and LOTR is one of them. I love fantasy movies like Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and that kind of movies. I also watch a lot of horror movies.

Gimli and Legolas are my favourite characters in the movies.

 I also like horses a lot!


Hello Mandy and a warm welcome to our world. I invite you to go to the heading forums and look about, read some of the threads and get to know us a tiny bit. It is through reading that you find what you like to talk about and then from that get to know the friendly citizens of Middle-Earth that contribute to the threads of their choice. Happy hunting.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Gimly son of gloin!

May the songs of your kin fill the holes of the greatest mountains for all the time to come!

Greetings Gimli son of Gloin, I am Mim the petty dwarf as you have already seen. I welcome you to this wonderful place and if you are reading the books you should start with the Hobbit and come join the Hobbit discussion group because we could help you if you have any questions about anything. But it is not my decision where you start your journey, it is yours.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the tips!

I'm sure i will have a good time here on Planet Tolkien!

hello, i write from italy and i love Tolkien from many years, when i was a child i had the game The Lord of the Ring and i tried to read the book but the revelation for me came from Peter Jackson's trilogy, wonderful, so i discovered  the other books: first of all The Silmarillion!!

I studied at the Accademy of Beauty Arts and i love deeply the work of Alan Lee, my first book of him was THE MIRRORSTONE of 1984, and it influenced my imaginary and my art. i was so happy when i discovered he would take part in the production of the movies!!  he is the best visionary of the Middle-heart according to me!!

Now i'm very curious about the new  movie The Hobbit, what do you think about? i'm sure PJ will do a great  work!

i'm happy to be here and i hope to discover many and many things about Tolkien and his world from you, thank you!



Welcome Esmerelda

I have only been on this site for a couple of weeks and I want to say Thank You, Thank You.  I was just reading thru this thread and some of the welcomes have brought a smile to my face.  I received a very warm welcome and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and look forward to MANY adventures and discussions about MiddleEarth.  I read The Hobbit in 1982 at twelve years old and have been in love with Master Tolkien's work and world since.  My favorite is The Silmarillion and will honestly say that I did not look forward to the LOTR films.  I had been disappointed by other attempts to bring the work to film but I was VERY happy to see how wrong I was.  Now, after being on this site for a while, I am excited to see all the interest and new travellers to a place that I have lost myself so many times over the years.  I have been rambling, but once again say I am very pleased to be here!

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