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hello everybody, I'm new members I love Tolkien's books. I'm from Brazil

Hi Folco and welcome...sorry, we were a bit slow in picking you up here....hope you really enjoy the site...look forward to are very welcome,,,I am alana, from England, by the way....

Hello Alana,  don't  worry ... I'm enjoying the site, thank you

Withydillow and Folco,welcome.I love both your countries and would really like to visit someday,perhaps after all my exams are done hahaSmile Smilie

Tell us more about yourselves and as and when you wish to,join in the threads.We are all so excited about The Hobbit movie at the moment.Do join in the funSmile Smilie

you'll like Brazil.
My favorite book is The Silmarillion. I will try to participate in the threads as I can. Also, I'm so excited about The Hobbit movie ... thank you...

Top of the morning fair folk, I be new to the PT and hope to make many new acquaintances along the way!!!

Hello! My first post.

Welcome Frank and Arijuanna...look forward to talking to you....

Thanks for the welcome! So excited to see people of my kin and other origins coming together!

Frank and Arijuana,welcome.We love newcomers and I hope you'll enjoy your stay hereSmile SmilieSo see you around and join in the funSmile Smilie

Hello Withydillow, good to see another kiwi on here (although you didn't say you were from here, I'm just assuming from the Kia ora!)

Perhaps he just likes juice 42 Yeah welcome mate, we're a little out numbered here, hope you enjoy your time here.


Is it just me or are we getting an awful lot of new members that post once and are never seen again?

Hey everyone! I'm American and think that Tolkein did a fantastice job at writing the Lord of the Rings books. Peter Jackson did a good job at the movies but could have been more accurate.

Thank you for the welcome and yes "42" like you I am a Kiwi.   


I am an American who read the Hobbit and the LOTR for the first time in the mid to late 1960's, when precisely I could not say, but I have worn out a couple of sets of the trilogy and a Silmarillion rereading it over the years.  I read this to my children as they grew up as well and find the story as interesting and poignant today as it ever has been and look forward to the opportunity of introducing these works to my grandchildren.

I like the Peter Jackson movie well enough but consider it a different, if parallel, story.  I have great sympathy for the effort it took to do the movie and the imagery is very good but the plot is much less vibrant in the movie both because of what was added and what was left out.

Hello. My name is Bloick and as per my name I do like to eat the odd cake and have two or three breakfasts every day as well as a few tankards. I am secretly a girl under this beard as lets face it you don't get on in dwarvish society without a beard...Im in the UK when Im not in Moria and awaiting the new film with a great deal of excitement. It appears to be very pro dwarf. Many many beards are being grown and much ale will be downed I'm sure in the making of, and celebration of the film.

I work in Customer services and as you can imagine Im not fabulous at it... "Buy something.. I WANT YOUR GOLD!"


Welcome everyone. Hmmmm, a girl under the beard. The imagery is er unsettling to say the least. Smile Smilie

Rho, for the past few days I have been thinking about all the newbies that came when that other sites numbers were added  so many posted and I got to really like and appreciate them. And then nothing. I am worried that the intimacy and closeness and uniqueness they felt on their site is not felt here. And that makes me feel so sad. Sad Smilie

Well really! I thought all Dwarvish females have beards.. or am I thinking about Terri Pratchett dwarves....maybe they cross dress in their "off axing" times ??

Newbies and posting - having been a newbie on a number of forums in the past its a bit like a rush of something new and then the rush of the new fades...I hope to be a bit more around here than I have been with some.

The thing that's unique with this site to me is how old some of the threads are... they can sometime take a while to get though - is it worth archiving some after a period of time .. perhaps someone could monitor them for content relevance to the recent universe.. ( I know its not all about the films) .. never been a "council member " so I don't know what's appropriate to do.

Still havent blown that torch out.. anyone got a spare orc to beat my torch out with?


Sisyphus and Bloick,welcome.I'm glad you guys dropped by and said hello.We would really like you to stay and have fun with us.

Leels and Rho,this is like a bad party.People are entering from the front door and straightaway exiting from the back door.I wish we had more stable members.Not that I contribute much,but it's always fun to peek into PT once in a while and check out the dear site.I get all of us have real lives with jobs and kids but it's a really nice site.I've spent so many hours just searching the threads and reading them.So lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope we have a regular soon.

And wait a minute...a girl under a beard?Sounds fun.

Well you know, I have been made to feel so welcome on this site...and I cannot imagine a site that was friendlier....maybe the people who have disappeared just had things going on in their lives, you know ?...sometimes sad  things happen to people...and if anyone feels like they are in darkness at the moment, please come back to us and talk...yes I know we are not supposed to "chat"'s supposed to be about PT...but, well, you know..we are all human...except me, of course, I am an Elf...but then you all knew that, right? come back & speak to us...we love you...ok I'll shut up now..haha

About the newbies and postings, I am fairly new to the PT site, before this I blogged quite regularly on that "other site" that has come under the Planet Tolkien umbrella using a different screen name. It took me quite a while to register as I  did not feel comfortable at that stage. 

After nosing around your site using the tabs at the top of the page and accepting the fact that the "comments box" on the other site was replaced by Twitter and Facebook(not a fan) I registered and was made to feel quite welcome here.

Hey people, Haldir here. I'm new so let me introduce myself. I love writing and watching the Lord of the rings trilogy. It is most likely the best movie ever to be far!!

Hi are very welcome...I am alana from England...yo are so right about LOTR film...but I think The Hobbit is going to top it....!!! (Warning...not everyone is so optimistic...but I am the glass is completely full person)!!...haha...

Welcome all new members, hope you have a wonderful stay in PT!

I know i haven't posted in a while, but with the semester coming to a close, finals and other tests and projects have been taking up my free time. But i do miss this sight when times like these hit, so i always find some time to check up, if i don't post.

I just finished reading. more like speed reading all the threads on the "introduce yourself" forum. still a bit lost but here is my introduction:

I'm Picins, Im married and have 4 wonderful offspring, Im an RN and I LOVE anything related to JRRT in any way, shape or form. I want to speak at least four different languages by the time im 45 and want to dedicate the last quarter of my life to etymology, a passion of mine resurfaced by Tolkien in my life.

I've joined other forums in the past but to my disappointment always delve in to matters not related to Middle Earth at all..

It looks like it may not be the case here...i hope.



Hi Picins and welcome to the Planet Tolkien.  I am sure there will be many of topics of interest that will capture your attention on PT that keeps in tune with middle earth.

Hi With....

thank you for the welcome. I work third shift so most of my posts will probly be at this time.  Looking forward to posting, i guess.



Welcome Picins and Withydillow!! I look forward to seeing you around the forums.

Hello there Picins Welcome and I hope your enjoy your stay hereSmile Smilie

See youSmile Smilie

hello to picins, i hope you enjoy your stay here!

Hello Everyone

Just joined Planet Tolkien today and it looks like a very interesting place.  Hope to be here a long time.  I've loved the Professor's work for....well I won't say how long but I  first read LOTR when I was 17.  It is the only book that when I finished reading the last line of the last page I turned to the beginning and started again.  Besides reading, I love the cinema. the LOTR Trilogy is my ultimate favorite and I can't wait until the Hobbit films arrive.  I'm also an avid photographer.  Oh and I have a cat and her name is Sami.

Welcome Melianlorien, i  hope your stay

I welcome all of you members, old and new, to enter this hall of eternal glory, to become a part of our large crew.

May thy paths be golden and green, may the gods watch over you, and guard your dreams.

This is the home of sun and earth. Planet Tolkien is the most blessed sanctuary in the whole Middle-Earth!

Wink Smilie

Welcome, Melianlorien to our lovely planet. I hope you enjoy your explorations here. Feel free to freshen up old threads by resurrecting them and adding some new insight. Smile Smilie


Welcome  Melianlorien, we are glad you are come. This is a place of great beauty of thought, good interaction between members and just a feeling of being welcome and HOME. I agree with our resident poet Oerath and one of our sages Rednell. Once you start resurrecting some of the old threads it is like walking through wonderland. Please stay a long while.

Thank you to all who have welcomed me. I guess i can say that I also love the Peter Jackson movies. Many true Tolkien fans do not appreciate the cinematic version, and rightfully so, I guess. But I believe that they have brought Tolkien to a culture that would have never otherwise received him.

I know people who have been curious and started delving into Tolkien only because of the movies. The more Tolkien fans the better world we live in; that's what I say....




My name is Jakub ( Stanespine) and have had a account here already. Im glad to be back.
Im 11 but a huge Tolkien Fan!

I would just like to agree with that pleasant Orwell. I miss the thread of Wisey's Channelings and the other threads of members stories and poems. When the old forum was taken over there were assurances given that this material would appear on here and if it did not it could be requested. Well I have sent Taz messages making such a request and received no reply. Which apart from anything else is just plain rude. Please if you do not think them suitable for this site make them available to the good folk of the hobbitmovieforum so that they can reinstate them there. matt and i cant believe that im just discovering this site now....thanks to my mom ive been a huge Tolkien fan and just a fantasy fiction fan since i was old enough to read...ive read the hobbit and the lotr multiple times along with other great series from authors such as David Eddings and Robert Jordan (just naming my favourites or this would be to long)...but anyways im definately looking forward to spending plenty of time here

Hello Mattentz

Welcome to the Planet and I hope you enjoy your stay here! You will find there is always something to catch your interest. 

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Mattenz. And since I haven't seen you around either, Withydillow, I'd likle to welcome you too. Smile Smilie

Enjoy of your stay and explore as much as you just can! I'll be in the poetic section number one, if anyone happens to need my help. =)

hello mattenz, hoe you like it here

hello to Folco grub

Welcome, Mattentz and welcome back, Jakub!! I hope that you find lots to inform and entertain you on our wee planet.

Welcome to you, too, Orwell. I have been reading your posts and haven't taken the opportunity to say hello. I know nothing of the technical end of how the planet operates and where in the great beyond the missing hobbitmovieforum threads are lurking but I believe Taz is still trying to figure it out.

In the meantime, I have enjoyed some really nice conversations in chat with members from your site. If you see me online, please say hello. Smile Smilie

David Lee Baggins, a very sincere welcome. Your studies seem fascinating and I wish you happiness in the pursuit of them.

I like to think of this site in the words of Gandalf after he freed King Theoden from the evil of Saruman. 'Breathe the fresh air" he said and that is what this home is like to me. The moment I log in I can smell the fresh air , and it is fulfilling in a unique way to listen to others comments, learn and grow and share some of my own. Please stay a long while, I know we will learn much from you.

Welcome to all peeps who I have missed in my absence. Hope you have a wonderful time here at PT. Cheers!

Hi my name is Scott I just joined PT actually I found it by accident. I am looking forward to chatting with everyone. A little about myself I am a disabled Army vet and enjoy riding my motorcycle when I get the chance, I also enjoy playing games on my PS3 and reading. Again looking forward to meeting everyone.

welcome scott!!!! hope you enjoy it here and love it as much as everyone else here!

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