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Hi everybody,

I've just registered and i wanted to say hello to everyoneSmile Smilie

Well, Tolkien is  one of the most clever writer in the world, i think.when i watch or read LOTR, or read his other fantastic books, i thank god that he made him that ingenius..I live in his 'middle-eath' world everyday.The way of thinking like that makes me feel enthusiasticSmile Smilie

I am kind a dreamer person, as you can understand, this 'dreamer part' of me, made me a bookworm.I really love reading,not only novels but also news, magazines,comics,biographies and so on.I also like watching movies, swimming,singing(but just when im alone,my voice is not that goodSmile Smilie)

Well, i am very happy to be here.Nice to meet all of youSmile Smilie

Hello everyone

Joined up recently, and thought it was time to introduce myself. I,ve been reading Tolkien since I was a kid, and I've never since read anything to compare. When I read his works I just get so involved I'm totally transported into Middle Earth, like this is real and everything else is kind of fake. I've read almost all of HoME volumes and still blown away by the completeness of his vision.

So excited to find a community of like minded people, I've become kinda resigned to peoples eyes glazing over when I talk about ME, its great to have a resource like this.

Peace of the Valar to all!!

Hello precious newcomers, it is thrilling to know that you chose to come to this home away from home to wander through glorious Middle-Earth and all the wonderful inhabitants here. Enjoy yourselves.

I am kind a dreamer person, as you can understand, this 'dreamer part' of me, made me a bookworm.


We are all Dreamers here my friend, one way or the other! And it is a dream we don't want to wake up from!  Welcome to PT! You'll fit in perfectly with us! 


When I read his works I just get so involved I'm totally transported into Middle Earth, like this is real and everything else is kind of fake.

Well, you have come to the right place! We all live in ME here, quite literally! Glad to have someone new to share this with us! Welcome my friend! 

Welcome Aethlas and also you Loeryn, Hope you stay with us!

Thorin and Lady Alyss,you always know the gracious things to say, you remind me of Celeborn and Galadriel, and you perfectly represent this wonderful place.

To all that wander in or come by design, you are the reason we strive hard to make things the way they should be here, one post at a time, one conversation shared at a time. For those now and to come welcome welcome.

Welcome Athelas and Loeryn, it is fantastic to see that this PT family grows... haha.

I hope we can read some of your posts soon and we know you more through them. By the way, Athelas I do the same as you, I sing in loneliness because I am too shy, my voice is not so good but when I sing it makes me feel soooooo fine!! And Loeryn, I love reading too but it depends, there are times when I read one book after the other and there are others when I prefer writing.

Enjoy your time here in PT!!

So many new members joining every month. I am a bit tired to write up proper names, but let me welcome each and everyone of you new members to PT.

Explore, do posts, explore, do more posts. That is a good way to do things. Smile Smilie

I'm Oerath Windsoul, or O.W. - And I'm a writer/poet, bit of a bard and a musician, mainly singer.

Pleased to meet ya. /bow.

Hello, I'm Aragorn son of Arathorn, I'm a massive fan of Tolkien and as you can probably tell my favourite character is Aragorn!!

Hello, I am recently logged on as a new member and was interested in the thread of The Silmarillion being made as a movie/film... I would welcome chat from many others as when the "CHAT"  box is up only one or a mere few names seem to appear for me to see yet it says that currently, as I am writing this,  there is 484 people logged on??? Why can't I see more in the chat rooms??? Your help and advice would be gracious.




I look forward to chatting with you people soon! Thanks!...   ILLUVITAR     :-)

Ah! Welcome peoples! Good to have you all here.

I'm Wen and I hope to be seeing you around.

Good day, friends.


Welcome to PT Illuvitar, hope you stay with us and enjoy it!

Welcome to PT Illuvatar! Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome on PT! Smile Smilie

Hello Aragorn son of Arathorn and Illuvitar. Welcome to PT! You will enjoy your time here as it seems a huge family Wink Smilie

Hello Middle Earthlings. I have joined your planet to see what I can find out about Tolkien's locations and place names in LOTR. I have loved the books and the recent films and am looking forward to the Hobbit film. I come from Sussex and have recently moved to Wales. I am 52 and have 4 children between 29 and 17, all LOTR fans. I print pictures for artists as a job and for fun I like to write (book length) stories beginning with the locations I know. While going through the process of writing  a new story using my current local area as a setting, I have noticed that I am walking in middle earth. I don't really know if Tolkien lived or stayed here but there are so many coincidences with place names and views that I feel that I am stepping in his footsteps. I checked out the forum Earth as Middle Earth, thinking it would be about geographical locations and left a post waiting for a Tolkien expert's view on this.

Anyway, the forums are interesting, and the film news etc. The name generator gave me such a funny name, made me laugh. I guess the joke is on me.

You might be able to tell, but I am new here, and I love to watch the lord of the rings movies.  I can't wait for the Hobbit to come out.  I have not read any of the books yet because I have been really busy with school, but I may get to start and finish the first book before school starts again.

Welcome to PT Eglantine Longholes 

It is great to have more writers around and we look forward to reading your posts! Big Smile Smilie

I need some help here im not really sure but in all of the lord of the rings movies where do you see Elladan and Elrohir and what do they look like

I can't remember if they appear in the movies, but maybe a wild guess might be when Elrond brings Arwen to Aragorn in the Return of the King.


Oh, and Welcome to PT Iloveelves Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome Iloveelves! I wish you a nice time in Pt. If you let me, I suggest you to read the books when you have time. Me, I did like you did; first I saw the films and watched them thousands of times and later, I have read the books. You will love them! Smile Smilie

Greetings to all.  This is my first time on this lovely Planet, so imagine my exhilaration.  I look forward to sharing my boundless deep love of the Professor and his world, with all of you fellow travelers.

Welcome Marghana, to a the Planet Tolkien. As you soon will experience it is inhabited with real people and we differ in interests from A - Z.  What is most important though, is our shared interest in elves, hobbits, dwarves, ents, in short the amazing world of Tolkien.

Hi everyone!

I've just joined the forum and I thought I'd introduce myself.

Ten years ago, aged 10 I was introduced to Tolkien via: a rapidly worn out Video of the Fellowship of The Ring (I watched it four times in two days) and the reading to me of The Hobbit by my school teacher.

Needless to say I was hooked, I watched the rest of the trilogy in rapid sucession, but once I moved on to The Lord of The Rings books my fandom reached new heights, I was truly blown away and it remains my favorite book, (I'm currently on my Ninth re-read), The Hobbit, Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion soon followed, and I'm currently devouring the HOME. Scarcely a day goes by when I'm not thinking about, reading, or watching something to do with Tolkien.

I've read a great deal about Tolkien and enjoy furthering my knowledge, I've heard nothing but good things about this forum, and couldn't resist sharing my enthusiasm with others, and learning and discussing more about the genius that was JRR Tolkien 

Dear Marghana and Malickfan, welcome!

I am sure you will enjoy this site, not only the forums but also the chat. You will have the opportunity to meet very nice people here.

By the way Rafael, do you know the picture you use makes me remember Hamburg in Germany? I don't know why.. I say it just for you to be informed Smile Smilie

Hi I'm Therian and i love medieval fantasy and science fiction as well all kinds of mythical creatures. I'm still in school and i loved the Lord of the Rings movies since i was very young (although i was too young to understand the plot line but i really enjoyed fighting and war scenes), as well as the video games. I love role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy LARPing (live action role playing) as well. So yeah I'm new to this website. 

Welcome, Therian! Please, stay around a while, and enjoy the good company.

Thanks Rukain i will!

Hey man! Welcome. This is a great place to hang out, relax and enjoy our Professor with other fans.

I'm a young but avid reader too, how old are you? I'm 14.

All ages gather make yourself comfortable.


I'm 13 turning 14 in October 

Welcome, Therian. I'm Oerath Windsoul, more commonly Oerath and I'm a writer and a musician.

Welcome to PT, I hope you'll find here everything you need, and oh, I did read that part where you stated that you enjoy RPG-Games, and I must say that so do I.

I'll look forward to talk with you in the chat box.

- O.W.

PS. Your name is very similar to 'Therion', which is swedish symphonic metal band. Smile Smilie

Hello, Therian, Marghana and Malickfan!

Malicfan and Therian a most heart felt welcome. There is a great deal here for those who wish to learn and share knowledge about JRR Tolkien, his work, his thoughts and family and a lot more. Feel free to dig in and read both current and old threads and share your own thoughts with us. Welcom

Welcome Therian! You are so young.... wow, there are people of all ages here in PT. You will fit perfectly.


Yeah Oerath, I have thought in Therion too. Hahaha. Wonderful band!

Welcome to all new! Hope you love it here!

Welcome to all new people. There are people of all ages here. Therian, I'm 13 my birthday was at the 19th of March. So there are more young people here. I hope that you like this place. And that you stay here

This is very true and i urge all of you younger folk to get to know lady Arwen, she is the dearest and the kindest of Middle Earth citizens. to know her is to love and admire her.

Dearest Leelee, Thank you for your kind words. It means so much to me. You're the kindest and loveliest member at whole Planet-tolkien. That really is true. I admire you.
If there is anyone who wants to talk with me. Just send me a PM and I will answer. I like to talk to you.

Hannonlay mellon ami, Thy bless of the Valars be with thou. 

Thankyou for the blessing. And also upon you. What a lovely sounding name. Welcome, welcome.

Greetings to all.

I'm Arwen Elrondiel, its a name I've been RPing under for quite a few years.

I also RP under the name Eámanë Amdíriel Helyanwë.

Welcome to our newest members. Explore, discover things, learn things and so forth.

I like to keep it simple, so that's pretty much it.

My name is Oerath Windsoul, and I'm a writer, often consider myself a poet or a bard in some ways, and I'm also a musician, though I only play drums and sing. Pleased to meet you.


- O.W.

Welcome Suiauthon fenixheart and Arwen Elrondiel. I hope you enjoy your time here in PT and also learn many things by asking and reading some comments. It's a funny way of learning... and knowing new fantastic people!

Best wishes!

Hey peoples, I'm from the Netherlands Smile Smilie. I'm 14 years old, and now Arwen Undómiel gave me a tip about this forum, so here I am! I haven't really RP'd but who knows what'll come Smile Smilie


Nice to see you here, Indalas. Wink Smilie Hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, just ask. And please read the forum rules.
This site isn't only RPG. But at this time we have lots of interesting discussions. So, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Arwen *the little elf*

Welcome to PT Indalas 


Share and Enjoy Smile Smilie

Welcome to PT Eglantine LongholesShare and Enjoy Smile Smilie    

 Welcome to PT Alaenor Celelothiel Share and Enjoy Smile Smilie        

Hallo all, saw the "newbie" thread, thought I'd do my bit whilst waiting for Doctor Who to buffer.  

My name's Alaenor, and I'm apparently from Rivendell, but feel free to read that as Colorado in the United States.  Whichever :P

Erm...right.  Big fan of all things Inklings (Including Williams, though I prefer Lewis and Tolkien), and I much prefer books over movies.  I'm also a bit of a nerd (read: a big nerd) and profess to be a Whovian, a Sherlockian, an Avengerian (that's a thing now?), and a complete bibliophile.  Once upon a time I wrote and spoke Elvish, but, thus far, there hasn't been much of an opportunity to use that particular skill set.  I've been reading since I was knee-high to a grass hopper, and used to read the Hobbit and the LOTR series every year, among other brilliant books.

Other than my literary interests, I'm currently in Grad School (capital letters intended, ha) for Music Therapy, and then intend to merge that with a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy and live and work in Germany (because, let's be real, Germany's downright fantastic).  And I'm ridiculously excited to have found fellows who love literature and Tolkien's Middle Earth as much as I do.

I believe that's all I've got.  Cheers!


Welcome AlaenorWink Smilie I'm a Doctor Who and Sherlock fan as well. I already said it in the chat. But feel free to post were and what you want, and feel free to ask what you want. And of course you can always send me a PM.

Enjoy your stay,


Arwen, *the little elf*
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