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Welcome to our humble abode, David. I look forward to your insights into Tolkien's works. Smile Smilie
G'day Dave and welcome, where you from?
Welcome Dave! Thank you for introducing yourself and joining in! And yes, where are you located?
Welcome to our happy family David. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy.
Bumped for the 2 new people from the KDI to see it.
Hey Guys,
first of all i’ll have to say...your website is brilliant!
*thumbs up*
i’m 13 years old i love LOTR the books and the movies
i have them on blu-ray *lol*
i have al little question:
can you give me the link to the elvish name generator?i cannot find it here
would be great if you send me a PM about this or post an aswer or something

3 New Members in a day? Unusual.
Welcome to the site, Fenluen! Waving Hello Smilie
Here's a good Elvish name generator I found, you just have to sift through the results until you find one you like.
Welcome Fenluen Waving Hello Smilie
I'm Revenwyn, I've been lurking around here for the past day or so. You might see my husband, Shadow, running around a bit as well.

I used to be an active member over at, but when they quit having RPs, I left. RPing is pretty much all I do. I was happy when I saw a fairly active RP here.
Welcome to PT Revenwyn! I'm sure you'll have a nice stay here and if you need anything don't hesitate too look us up. Enjoy and share! Waving Hello Smilie

Thorin Oakenshield
Welcome. There is 4 Fairly active RPGs here. (ADFTN, KDI, EQ and Possibly SOM)
Translation: 'A Dark Threat from the North', 'The Khazad-d’mish Inn', 'Eruheran's Quest', and possibly 'the Scourging of Mordor'. Smile Smilie
I'm full of ideas too, but I won't start one until I become more active and prove my worth. Smile Smilie

Right now I'm busy drawing a picture of Revenwyn, I'll get it scanned in and a link up so you can see what she looks like. At this age she'll have a little more grey hair than she used to, but she's still strong.
Posting that on this thread along with a bio would be good, since it will flesh her character out for us.
Anyway, I hope you and your husband stay on our little planet for a long time! Active RPGers are always welcome. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Revenwyn. see you around the threads. Happy Elf Smilie
A very special welcome to Dave, Fenluen, Revenwyn and Shadow. I look forward to meeting you around the forums. I am afraid that I don't play in the RPG forums but I am sure we will meet in other rooms. Smile Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
Hola to all new comers, Like Nell I don't post in the RPGs but you'll see me lurking around the place, hissing and talking to myself, don't worry, just feed me a raw fish from time to time and we'll get along just fine.
Welcome, welcome! Hope you have a joyful and long visit to our humble site.
Hello and welcome to the PT-family! Waving Hello Smilie
To the members that have recently joined, welcome to our humble Planet. I used to RPG, but now stick to other forums, but welcome anyway Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie.
Welcome to our happy family Fenluen, sorry I missed your post yesterday. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy.
Welcome! I'm glad to see new members on PT (and old ones too!)
Hi! I'm Fjorgyn. I'm new and I guess the best way to describe me is weird (okay, that's probably the only way to describe me) but I think I'm generally pretty easy to get along with. As you may or may not be able to tell from the name, I'm kind of into ancient mythology. . . but if I don't shut up now I probably never will. I look forward to talking to y'all!
Welcome to this gathering place of weird people of all kinds and sorts! I hope you'll find this place the most proper place to be in (as I did for myself some months ago, when I joined). Please share with us all you need, wish and feel like you have to share! I am sure many will appreciate.
Hi Fjorgyn! Welcome! Weird is the only way to be Smile Smilie
Hello Fjorgyn, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

'Share and enjoy!'
Hi everyone, I'm Arann and very new around here. I've been looking around the pages here for the past few days, and I decided to join, since the site seems to have a very nice aura and there are many active members. I'm especially interested by some of the rolepaying guilds.
So, um... a little about me. I live in the UK, I'm going to school right now and I'm working on my GCSEs. i first read the Hobbit when I was 7 years old, and since then I've always loved Tolkien. I finished LOTR about five months ago, and then I saw the films (a friend told me to do it that way), and I was totally blown away by both of them. How one man created this whole world astounds me... Smile Smilie
Anyway, I greet you all again, and I hope that I'll be here for a long time to come.
in fellowship, Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT, Arann! Waving Hello Smilie
You're our first new member in a while, it's good to have fresh blood around (just kidding Big Smile Smilie).
Share and Enjoy!
Hello and welcome to our little planet, Arann! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome Arann to Planet Tolkien Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I'm still exploring around the site and gettin to know how it works and stuff... I love the backgrounds of the Balrog, Gollum and Dol Guldur (i think)! Big Smile Smilie
Hello to everyone. I am an 'old' member who lost touch with PT for about 5 years. I am so glad to have received an email from Taz letting me know the site was still around. Its great to see the names of old friends and many new ones. I've dearly missed PT and am thrilled to be back. As dear Bilbo said, "the road goes ever on". I'm sure our lives have had many changes in the past 5 years. I know mine has! Looking forward to hearing all about everyone!
Welcome to our happy family Arann, hope to see you in the threads.

Welcome back Terrijayne. we have missed you.
I'm new, just discovered this through an email sent to me. How does this thing with 'pieces of mithril' work? is it a barter system, or what?
Welcome back Terrijayne, I'm so pleased you've returned.

Welcome too Lorelei! Mithril is an in-game currency, currently required to send internal messages. Depending on where you live in Planet Tolkien, and where the member lives who you intend to send the message, it will cost different amounts of mithril. See postage rates. The weather also affects the cost of sending messages, see here. You earn mithril each day you login to the website for the first time. Over the next month, more ways to spend and earn mithril will be introduced to the website, as we begin to launch our own RPG.
On the subject of the new RPG, Taz; I wanted to ask: Will this make the current roleplaying threads like the KDI and my own, A Dark Theat from the North redundant, or will it add to them? Because I don't want these to be forgotten as this new system comes in.
Oh my Eru Taz is back! I am sorry, but I just found this e-mail in my inbox and I quickly logged in to see a new lay out... Very shiney! And many other old members have found their way home too! Waving Hello Smilie

I can't promise that I will be back daily, but as a mom of two young kids (Hi Rho, tell me how many elfings do you have now)... I quite have my hands full! Juggling Smilie Never a dull moment here.

I saw that our writers guild is rather quiet, best I saunter over there once a while methinks!
Hi Rhapsody, great to see you again Smile Smilie

Will this make the current roleplaying threads like the KDI and my own, A Dark Theat from the North redundant, or will it add to them?

No and no, it's completely different. No need to panic.
Welcome Lorelei!
And it is good to see you again, Terrijayne and Rhapsody! Smile Smilie
Welcome back Terrijane and Rhapsody Smile Smilie
Welcome all new comers
Wow, been pretty cool watching all the names come and go on chat - guess that email made people curious Wink Smilie It certainly made me wonder....

Welcome back!
Greetings. I'm not sure If I've already introduced myself, so here I go (again?). I am Calminaion. An Elf from Lothlorien. I am 42 years old (in man's age,) I am quiet, intelligent, and would rather find a peaceful resolution to any conflict. If faced with unavoidable combat, my abilities with a bow are unmatched, and if forced to fight close quarters, I can wield any weapon that is at hand. I love music, and have the ability to recall and sing, as well as perform on several instruments, every song I've ever heard. Artistically inclined, sketching memories of battles, friendships, love, and war, my works grace the covers of many a book and manuscript in The Great Library Of Middle Earth. I long to be a bigger part of this wonderful community.
Welcome, Calminaion! We look forward to sharing your insights into the realm of Middle Earth. Smile Smilie
I'm not really a new member but I have been away for a while. Just to let everyone know, I just moved into my dorm at OBU this morning, and I plan on dropping by PT as often as I can.
By all the Valar, I leave you people alone for a short time and next thing I hear that the all seeing eye is piercing our shadows?

Glad to see you again, Rednell and Grondy! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome, Calminaion!
Hello all

Been a member for a while now but only logged on and joined in after a 'From the ashes . . ' email last night.

Love ALL things Tolkien. Had read The Hobbit at school but not thought much about it. Then my Dad brought back from the library (remember them?) FOTR. I was hooked and have been ever since. It struck a chord with me.

It just seemed right.

And still does, 45 years later.

I've been reading it constantly since then - I have about 6 or 7 copies and am always dipping into it now and then. I find comfort and solace there - like some might find in a bible, and although a lifelong atheist, if I HAD to choose a piece of fiction to guide my life I know which I'd choose. In fact I did.

Elen sila lumenn omentielvo

Welcome to PT Ian! You will find everything you need here and have lots of fun Waving Hello Smilie
Hi Ian, thank you for deciding to join us and for such a powerful first post. I hope you find as much solace and comfort in Planet tolkien as you do in J.R.R Tolkien's works. Big welcome Orc Smiling Smilie
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