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By all the Valar, I leave you people alone for a short time and next thing I hear that the all seeing eye is piercing our shadows?

See what happens when you leave us here alone!? Wary Smilie Glad to see you here again, Allyssa! Orc Grinning Smilie
As I live and breathe, Allyssa!! It has been way too long, my friend!
Allyssa and 42 were the very first people I met at PT when I went searching for a Tolkien Chatroom. And once I took off my shoes and sat back, I decided I liked it here. I will always hold that evening in a special place in my heart. Smile Smilie

HI there, I found this page via Stumble but glad i did.  I have read LOTR 3 times now have have listened to the audio pretty much every night for the past few years.  I also enjoy other books, especially crime fiction, and films.  I hope to speak to some of you soon

Welcome to PT, Tanaviel, I have been here now over a month as active member, found the site long years ago, then I somehow forgot about it all, but just a month-and-bit-to-that ago I found PT again, and I'm very glad I did!

Well, I'm glad id have too, nice to be in a place where everyone loves the same things. hope to make some good friends here

Welcome newbies

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves here.Just jump into the threads,it won't hurtSmile Smilie

Jumping into a thread would hurt if you are allergic to cotton. 


Be nice to the newbies. 

, its been a while, and i haven't put alot of posts (and it shows lol) but now thing are going good and i intend to be a good addition to this wonderful site. 

I should inform that English in not my main language Smile Smilie  t'is french, im from canada, N-B. so im kind of rusty on that part, im using all kinds of dictionary now writing this but ill do my best to enlarge my vocabulary and be a part of the team. indecision

@Cheesy:You are one awful kid.I was just helping them with some fresh linen.

Not a problem dear Tithdaeron,,,just have fun(if you are not allergic to cottton according to the ever thoughtful Mr. Cheeseykiss)

Well it's wonderful to get to know you guys better. Good one Sian.

I am twenty and I am in college in my last year studying economics,math and statistics.Next year I plan to get into an university.But my heart is in poetry and linguistics and all things art.I love sketching and writing poems and singing(awfully) and dancing. Basically I am a very happy person no matter what happens.I love and respect Tolkien's world immensely. I love music and reading too,my favorite author being Gabriel garcia marquez.I adore the HP series and I love Sherlock Holmes.

That was enough of me...bring out your trumpets everyone

Hahaaa, worry not, for cotton is a concern for Rohirrim

I'm 19, and next year it'll be studying to be RCMP (police). I play guitar and its my passion, but i have to say my neighbors don't like my passion very much since my guitar amplifier is HUGE and tears down walls ( not literally ehumm..) I also enjoy hunting. I got to say, my father looks at me weird when i go in the woods with my lothlorien cape and my shotgun hehe, but what can i can, the cape really is good camouflage this time of year where i live Smile Smilie .

I dont have any friends that read Tolkien, but now i do thanks to you all!


I am  newbie here and not sure how forums work.

My self procalimed Geek Fiance got me hooked on the LOTR, I had seen them all before, but he has been reading Tolkien since he was a kid so he OVER explains everything.

Needless to say, I am hooked!!!

I LOVE the elves and the Sindarin Lang.

Trying to learn that, and we do plan our small wedding around Middle Earth and the characters.

I am glad to be here and hope to make some new friends and learn more so i can have a battle of the witz with him...LOL


oh yeah, my name is Omneya<<<Puerto Rican Arab here

I joined today and messed up in the first step Sad Smilie

So im here to intro my self again.

My name is Omneya and im in Mass USA

im 42, Love elves and the Sindarin lang...hope to learn it and be trilingual.

Im half latina and half arab...


Thats about it

We have 2 Estels now... 

So are  Kerila'avain and the new Estel the same person? (The posts look the same!) Welcome to you or both of you whatever the case may be! Tolkien themed wedding sounds awesome.

Welcome EstelSmile Smilie

And all the above who have joined PT, welcome...  We do love new blood here, I mean members, we love new members to maim, I mean make slaves of, I mean make friends with...  

Shut up before they realize who we really are, Loss. 




Come to think of it  What are WE????


@Cheesy:you are an Uruk(I am quite sure)

A very warm welcome. Please feel free to wander through Middle-Earth and get to know us. You are more than welcome to visit my little corner whenever you feel so inclined, though if you are of the scary type, please bring your own bag lunch!. Smile Smilie

and , Loss dear, what on earth would bring you to speak such un elvish things? Have you been hanging about with the er.. Urikais or such, and why would you., I think I need to make a quick trip to see Lord Elrond. Perhaps it is time for him to have 'speaks' with you or perhaps give you a tonic or something.

Ello ello mates! Name is Sage and i have been a huge fan of LotR since middle school. The main reason i have joined this site is that I am hoping to find someone who can translate english to elvish and then write it also in the elvish script! I know this is a long shot with the script but I am hoping to at least find a translator. The reason I am seeking is that I am drawing the white tree of isildur for a girl I know and was going to border it with a poem in elvish. If there is anyone out there who can help me please drop me a message at, make the subject Tolkien Elvish Translator so I know not to delete as spam. Thank you in advanced if you reply to this.

Welcome Sage...have a good time here and I hope you get what you are looking for.

By the way wonderful idea about the tree and it being surrounded by words in elven...sounds like a good giftSmile Smilie

Hey, just registered here and although i've seen so few yet ive already become interested in some posts here... I'm 17, still growing up, and im in love with cinema since LOTR came out. I came here looking for inspiration so i can write some scripts and get them on camera... Well for that i would have to ask permition of some users here, and i will if necessary, to use their tales about middle earth. Keep writing mates! Many thanks!

Welcome to PT Johantee Waving Hello Smilie You should check out our fan fiction section. There are  a lot of quality stories there Smile Smilie

Welcome Johantee...we have already spoken a bit...hope to become better friendsSmile Smilie

Welcome to PT. Hope you have a wonderful time.blush

and , Loss dear, what on earth would bring you to speak such un elvish things? Have you been hanging about with the er.. Urikais or such, and why would you., I think I need to make a quick trip to see Lord Elrond. Perhaps it is time for him to have 'speaks' with you or perhaps give you a tonic or something.

Well, Leelee, I may stumble on my words previously so I may need a small phial of something to sift my way to good natured ways once more.  And do not worry about the Uruk-Hais, I make them step off my step when they come knocking for me.  Usually for weekly Poker Night...  

Welcome, Johantee, I'm Oerath and I wish you'll enjoy of your time here on PT, I can usually be found from the chat or from the writer's guild, I usually stick to threads that truly have my interest, if you're interested to read, some of my works can be found from journal sections, and the rest from the writer's guild (though there's no connection between my stories and the middle-earth, some influences can be seen clearly). Spend a glorious evening and have fun!

Loss, having seen your beautiful face and read your intelligent words over the past couple of years, I find your comment hysterical. And that smiley, right that fits right in with Middle-Earth and her culture, right?  Smile Smilie Does your elven dog play poker too , perhaps at Haldir's flet friday evenings . what a delightful picture that makes!

We may have to have King Ingwë, Queen Galadriel and Faramir join the game, we could have a Royal Flush...    Awful pun...  Apologies to all.  I should get back to scouting out unruly members...  I mean Yrchs .  They can't watch themselves all the time .

Oh hi, I guess I am new here since my other account seems to have gone *poof*.

Hi everyone, Cousin Bilbo suggested I drop in here for a chat!

I'm in the Isle of Man, the celtic island of myth and magic, giants, fairies and bugganes!

Where should I go next?



Welcome to Planet Tolkien Otho! I would head to one of the Taverns and make yourself comfortable 

Welcome to PT Otho! Waving Hello Smilie I suggest you drop in the Khazad Dummish Inn which is found in Roleplaying Guilds. Or you might want to visit the Current Games section! Smile Smilie


Enjoy and Share! Big Smile Smilie

Welcome Otho,Bilbo was absolutely right to lead you hereSmile SmilieJoin the threads and have fun and I hope to see you around

Rho, I cannot fathom a situation in which you would be banned. Amazing to me. Do you remember Lord Of all? He used to tangle with others, but he was dear to me.

Here we have day care, kindergarten, primary school-grades one through six inclusive, then middle school,-grades seven to nine, then high school, grades ten to twelve. It all sounds so tiring but one gets through it somehow.

Hello and Welcome Otho, belatedly of course.  *Tips hat*

I would then suggest visiting General Discussion as the other main ones have been taken up Smile Smilie.

Enjoy your time here Pary Smilie

Hi, my name is Jakub and I'm from Slovakia (i doubt you know where that is) and love to read.
My favourite author is Tolkien and thats why I signed up here. What do you do with the mithril pieces?

Actually, If I had to name 20 Countries, Slovakia would be on there. (And I'm 3rd Set Geography.)

Anyway, welcome to PT. First time I've been first to welcome someone here.


Also; Otho, are you a Celtic fan then? 

They are my Scottish team, it annoys my mate who supports Rangers.

Hey Smeagol - great username!

You could throw all the evil mithril into mount doom via eagle post (cause this time we will ask them) Or give it to me for "safe" keeping 

Okay, seriously? It's good for sending messages to other users (check out the weather page) or once you save up enough you can change races/move locations. I believe there are more uses coming, but not too sure what/when that will happen. So for now, keep the pretty, shiny mithril pieces in a safe place, because one day they may be useful

Welcome to PT Smeagol Waving Hello Smilie Nice to have you with us! Very Big Grin Smilie

Welcome Smeagol.  Nice to see we have the nicer version of the once-Hobbit.  But we may see your other half crop up when seeing shiny things like Mithril.  Let's enjoy the better-half for now .


Yes, we will be having a new feature which will suck up all your Mithril rendering you useless in our economy, because of all the tax for posting, which will happily rise everyday .

Vote for us!  

Hii,I'm Eruaphadriel. 

The only thing that i can do every day is: watching "The Lord of the Rings".

The books are even better! I don't have much to say,i don't know (i mean i certenly do,but that would last a bit longer).

I'm just a HUUUUUGEEEEEEEE fan of LOTR! <333

On behalf of Planet Tolkien, welcome to your new abode.  Our old one, but new faces make the site seem newer than we remember Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have a goosey gander around the site and if you want to type our eyes out about your favourites of the Professor, be our guest, it's what the site is for  cheeky

Hello everyone.....

Wanted to introduce myself.  New to the site, but a huge fan of Tolkien for over 25+ years.  Own, and have read (Many several times) all of the literature about Middle Earth. Even though "The Hobbit" is more a children's fable, it the first work of Tolkien I read as a youth, so it has special meeting to me. So I'm very excited about the cinematic debut of "The Hobbit"! Even more so then "The Lord of the Rings" movie. Which I do still enjoy. (Repeatably) I'm looking forward in reading, and participating in Tolkien topics, as well as any movie information or discussion's that are taking place.

Take care.........

Welcome. Frodo's finger!  I hope you enjoy your time here, we have a lot of great people. Big Smile Smilie

Yes a very happy welcome, though you will forgive this elf, but I cannot bring myself to say your name. Sorry but I feel I shall faint!

Hey everyone Big Smile Smilie My name is Catrucus, you can all call me Cat... I'm an Elf of Rivendale. I throw axes and crack bullwhips. I spend time with my girlfriend and watch the LOTR series religiously Big Smile Smilie Its truly the greatest series eva!

Hi Cat,

Welcome to PT. I hope you enjoying exploring the links and forums. There are lots and lots of treasures to be found. Smile Smilie

Rock on Big Smile Smilie Thanks a bunch my friend!

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